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  • united kingdom Shetland Sumburgh Airport

    Lerwick, Shetland Islands, Scotland

    United Kingdom

    List of aircraft and events at Sumburgh

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    By Date | By Serial

    1985-jan Shetland District S61N.MK2 G-BDOC
    1986-nov-06 Accident, 2.5m from runwayBritish Airways Helicopters 234LR G-BWFC
    1990-jun-26 S61N.MK2 G-BDOC
    2003 Shetland District S61N.MK2 G-BCLC
    2013-aug-23 AccidentCHC Scotia AS332L2 G-WNSB
    2013-sep-09 HM Coastguard S-92A G-MCGC
    2013-oct-22 CHC Scotia AW139 G-FTOM
    2014-apr-03 Bristow S-92A G-CHYG
    2014-apr-09 CHC Scotia AS332L2 G-CHCH
    2014-apr-14 Shetland District S-92A G-MCGC
    2014-apr-18 Bond Aviation Group S-92A G-VING
    2014-apr-21 Bond Aviation Group S-92A G-VINI
    2014-apr-25 Shetland District S-92A G-MCGC
    2015-jan-23 Bond Aviation Group S-92 G-VIND
    2015-mar-23 HM Coastguard S-92A G-MCGC
    2015-jul-13 Bristow S-92A G-CHMJ
    2015-oct-08 Bond Aviation Group S-92A G-VINK
    2015-oct-09 Flyvevåbnet MK90B S-170
    2016-aug-04 Babcock S-92A G-MCSB
    2016-sep-02 Babcock S-92A G-MCSB
    2017-aug-07 CHC Scotia AW139 G-SNSI
    2017-aug-26 Shetland District S-92A G-MCGD
    2017-nov-19 Landhelgisgæsla Íslands AS332L1 TF-SYN
    2018-oct-08 Bel Air Aviation AW189 OY-HLM
    2019-feb-03 Bristow S-92A G-MCGC
    2019-dec-13 Babcock EC175 G-MCSF
    2019-dec-13 CHC Scotia S-92A G-WNSV
    2019-dec-13 Bristow S-92A G-IACA
    2019-dec-13 Bristow S-92A G-IACF
    2019-dec-13 CHC Scotia S-92A G-WNSE
    2019-dec-13 Babcock S-92A G-MCSK
    2019-dec-13 CHC Scotia S-92A G-WNSM
    2019-dec-13 Babcock S-92A G-MCSI
    2020-may Shetland District S-92A G-MCGI
    2020-jul-01 Babcock S-92A G-VINF
    2020-jul-02 Babcock S-92A G-MCSI

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