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    ireland Waypoint Leasing

    2014 to present

    Waypoint Leasing AW139

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    Waypoint Purchase and Lease-Back Heliconia AW139, 01-Mar-18 : Heli-Expo 2018 Waypoint Leasing completed a purchase and lease-back for one AW139 to Heliconia in Morocco to be used in support of the offshore oil and gas sector

    AW139 Medium Utility Helicopter Reconfiguration, 27-Feb-18 : Heli-Expo 2018 Waypoint and Leonardo launched maintenance and training services for the AW139 Medium Utility Helicopter (“MUH”) reconfiguration program

    Helicol in Colombia to Receive AW139, 15-Aug-17 : Waypoint’s signed first lease transaction in Colombia with the leasing of an AW139 helicopter to Helicol to support the offshore oil and gas sector

    Waypoint Leased AW139 to Hevilift Australia, 10-Aug-17 : Waypoint Leasing from Ireland to deliver one AW139 helicopter to Hevilift Group to support offshore oil and gas sector in Australia

    Heliconia Leased Two Additional AW139, 04-Apr-17 : Waypoint Leasing from Ireland placed 2 AW139 with Heliconia in Morocco to be used in support of oil and gas operations in Northwest Africa

    Waypoint and Eagle Introduced AW139 MUH, 30-Mar-17 : Waypoint Leasing in technical partnership with Eagle Copters presented the Waypoint Medium Utility Helicopter (“MUH”) for legacy AW139 variants for use in utility missions as firefighting

    PT Air Born Indonesia Leased Waypoint AW139, 08-Mar-17 : Heli-Expo 2017 Waypoint Leasing Ireland to provide an AW139 helicopter previously operated by CHC to PT Air Born on long-term lease in support of mining operations in Indonesia

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    C/NModBuiltID     In this OrgIn other Org

    31498 2013 Waypoint 2013
    Awan Inspirasi Sdn Bhd 9M-AIW: Awan Ispirasi 2013-2015

    Lloyd Helicopters VH-PWY: Lloyd / CHC Australia Feb16-Feb17

    Australian Helicopters VH-PWY: Babcock Offshore Services Australasia Pty Ltd Feb17-Au+

    Brazilian Helicopter Services Taxi Aereo Ltda PR-CGO: CHC do Brasil Taxi Aereo, lsd TVPX from Aug18

    41005 2007     G-CHCV: Waypoint Asset Co 3 Ltd at Limerick, Ireland from Nov16; W+
    AgustaWestland USA N106AW: AgustaWestland, PA

    CHC Scotia G-CHCV: CHC Scotia Jan08-Nov11

    CHC Scotia May/Nov 2012; sold to Kazakhstan ?

    Euro-Asia Air JSC UP-AW907: Euro-Asia Air JSC; Nov11-Apr12 in Kazakhstan with CHC a+

    12may12 arrived Norwich, UK then transitted to North D+

    11 pictured (pic1) at Norwich, UK

    Eagle Copters C-FMUH: Eagle Copters from 13dec17

    01mar18 pictured (pic3) still with Waypoint Leasing MUH+
    41511 2016     G-CJLB: Waypoint Asset Company Number 1 (Ireland) Ltd Aug/Nov 2018
    AgustaWestland USA N618SS: AgustaWestland, PA Jul/Oct 2016

    Bristow G-CJLB: Bristow Oct16-Aug18

    Omni Taxi Aereo PR-OHX: Omni Taxi Aereo from Dec18

    31295 2010     G-SNSB: Waypoint Asset Co 6 Ltd at Limerick, Ireland Jan/Mar 2018
        OY-HFY: Waypoint Esberg, 16-22 May 2018
    CHC Helicopters Netherlands bv PH-EUD: CHC from Apr/Oct 2010

    Bel Air Aviation PH-EUD: Bel Air Aviation Oct10-Oct11

    CHC Scotia G-SNSB: CHC Scotia Oct11-Jan18

    pictured at Norwich. The tiny yellow helicopter on bac+

    Tropical Arctic Logistics 5N-BVQ: TAL from May18

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