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    List of manufacturer airframes test serials

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    List of Aircraft

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    C/NModBuiltID     In this OrgIn other Org

    38 206a 1967 Bell 206A cn38, ff:?; reg Bell Helicopters as N????, 1967;
    - CF-KHP: xfer Canada as CF-KHP, unk; conv Bell 206B JetRanger II+

    - C-FKHP: rereg Canada as C-FKHP, unk; reg canx, unk
    45 206a 1967 Bell 206A cn45, ff:?; reg Bell Helicopters as N?????, 1967
    - CF-WDH: reg Canada as CF-WDH, unk; reg canx unk
    48 206a 1967 Bell 206A cn48, ff:?; reg Bell Helicopters as N?????, 1967
    - PI-C1890: xfer Philippines as PI-C1890, unk

    - PI-C842: rereg Philippines as PI-C842, unk

    - RP-C842: rereg Philippines as RP-C842, unk

    - VH-AJJ: xfer Australia as VH-AJJ, unk; conv Bell 206B JetRanger+

    - P2-AJJ: xfer Papua New Guineu as P2-AJJ, unk

    - PK-OBI: xfer Indonesia as PK-OBI, unk

    - VH-BRQ: xfer Australia as VH-BRQ, unk

    - VH-AAJ: xfer Australia as VH-AAJ, unk
    252 206a Bell 206A cn252, airframe not built
    253 206a Bell 206A cn253, airframe not built
    4282 206b-3 Bell 206B-3 cn4282, airframe not built
    4283 206b-3 Bell 206B-3 cn4283, airframe not built
    320 206a reg Bell Helicopters as N?????, unk
    - C-GGEM: xfer Canada as C-GGEM, unk
    52401 206l-4 2009     N10350: Bell Helicopter Jan/Mar 2010, test serial C-GAJR
    - PP-JFR: pictured at Aeroporto Campo de Marte
    2974 206b-3 1974     N10857: Bell
    Air Logistics N158H: Air Logistics; 1980 rebuilt ?

    Rotorcraft Leasing Company N158H: Rotorcraft Leasing Co Inc Llc at Broussard, LA Nov08-Au+

    - N158H: HLW Aviation Llc at Lumpkin, GA Aug16-Apr19

    State of Louisiana N158H: Meridian Helicopters for sale Nov18, pictured; 20,774 +

    - N158H: Orlando Aircraft Sales Llc at Orlando, FL from Apr19; w+
    4435 206b-3 1996     N1159Q: Bell Oct96-Feb02, test serial C-GLYY
    - HR-ATF: Honduras

    Apr20-Apr21 for sale Bell 206BIII 1996 - 8.591 flight h+
    52182 206l-4 1996     N1188A: Bell, test serial C-GBUK
    State of Utah N413ML: M And M Limited Liability Co at Las Vegas, NV

    Bank Of Utah Trustee Dec10-Sep11

    - CC-APP: Inversiones Santa Francisca, Chile; w/o 31mar15 near Co+
    4455 206b-3 1997     N1208M: Bell 1997, test serial C-GFNK
    Royal Thai Air Force H8-06/40: RTAF 3rd FTS /06; RTAFB Kamphaeng Saen

    State of Nebraska N455SJ: San Juan Aviation at Wilmington, DE Jun/Sep 2011

    Turbines Ltd at West Point, NE Sep11-Apr12

    - B-7605: China 2012

    Jun17-May18 for sale Bell 206 1997
    4449 206b-3     N1214V: Bell Mar97-Apr00, test serial C-GLZM
    Venezuelan National Guard GNB-97111: Guardia Nacional Bolivariana; w/o 05apr19 at Guárico
    03 206a 1966     N1300X: 206b Bell 206A Prototype, cn3, reg Bell as N1300X, 1966; conv 206+
    04 206a     N1351X: Bell 206A, cn4, reg Bell as N1351X, unk; reg canx, unk
    - N1351X: 1976 used in “King Kong” as Petrox Corp transport s+
    52047 206l-4 1993     N135RP: Bell Nov93
    State of Illinois N911YY: City Of Chicago at Chicago, IL Apr03; Chicago Police De+

    - N135rp: To Rotorcraft Partnerships Ltd
    11 206a     N1366X: Bell 206A, cn11, ff:?; reg Bell Helicopters as N1366X, unk; +
    07 206a     N1368X: Bell 206A, cn7, ff:?; reg Bell Helicopters as N1368X, unk
    08 206a     N1369X: 206b Bell 206A, cn8, ff:?; reg Bell Helicopters as N1369X, unk; c+
    - C-GQKV: xfer Helico Air Services, Canada as C-GQKV, unk; w/o du+
    317 206a     N1414W: reg Bell Helicopters as N1414W, unk
    - CF-DMO: xfer Canada as CF-DMO, unk; conv Bell 206B-2, unk

    - C-FDMO: rereg Canada as C-FDMO, unk; reg canx unk
    376 206a     N1432W: Bell Helicopter, to PK-DBE
    Derazona Helicopters PK-DBE: Derazona, 206B2 type; w/o 07jan88 hit by Bo105 PK-PIW
    377 206a     N1433W: Bell 206A cn377, ff:?; reg Bell Helicopters as N1433W, unk
    - PK-DBF: xfer Indonesia as PK-DBE, unk; reg canx unk
    380 206a     N1435W: Bell 206A, cn380, ff:?; reg Bell Helicopters as N1435W, unk+
    - VH-FFP: xfer Australia as VH-FFP, unk

    - VH-HFF: xfer Australia as VH-HFF, unk; reg canx unk
    382 206a     N1436W: Bell 206A cn382, ff:?; reg Bell Helicopters as N1436W, unk; +
    584 206a     N14427: Bell 206A cn584, ff:?; reg Bell Helicopters as N14427, unk
    - CF-DFU: xfer Canada as CF-DFU, unk; conv Bell 206B-2, unk

    - C-FDFU: xfer Canada as C-FDFU, unk

    - N3760C: xfer US as N3760C, unk

    - N5742Z: xfer US as N5742Z, unk

    - N905SD: xfer US as N905SD, unk

    - C-FTHO: xfer Canada (Bombadier, Inc?) as C-FTHO, 1993?
    378 206a     N1442W: Bell 206A, cn378, ff:?; reg Bell Helicopters as N1442W, unk
    - N1442W: seen carrying the Rolling Stones during the first half +

    - C-GMLS: xfer Standard Ag Helicopters, Canada as C-GMLS, unk; w/+

    19aug89 hijacked by two women, Rebecca Brown and Patric+
    384 206a     N1447W: Bell 206A cn384, ff:?; reg Bell Helicopters as N1447W, unk; +
    - YV-348C: xfer Venezuela as YV-348C, unk
    386 206a     N1448W: 206b-2 Bell 206A cn386, ff:?; reg Bell Helicopters as N1448W, unk; +
    Bell Helicopter Canada C-GSHQ: xfer Bell Helicopters, Canada as C-GSHQ, unk;

    xfer Bell Helicopters, Canada as C-GSHQ, unk;

    pictured (pic1) at Prince George Airport in British Col+

    - C-GKBU: xfer Canada as C-GKBU, unk
    385 206a     N1453W: Bell 206A cn385, ff:?; reg Bell Helicopters as N1453W, unk; +
    - G-AYTF: xfer UK as G-AYTF, unk; conv Bell 206B-2, unk;

    Belonged to Lotus

    - OO-COB: xfer Belgium as OO-COB, unk
    395 206a 1969     N1455W: Bell 1969
    - C-GMRA: Canada, back to USA

    - N28956: USA by Aug82

    - C-GXHC: Cascade Rotors Ltd at High River, AB 1983-Jul85

    Vancouver Helicopters Inc at New Westminster, BC Aug85-+

    Okanagan Helicopters C-GXHC: Okanagan Helicopters Ltd at Richmond, BC May87-Sep89

    Canadian Helicopters Ltd C-GXHC: Canadian Helicopters Ltd Les Cedres, QC Dec00-Oct13; Ju+

    - C-GXHC: Kittyhawk A/C Services Inc at Penticton, BC Jan14-Jul16

    Okanagan Mountain Helicopters FTU Ltd at Kelowna, BC Ja+

    Black Harrier Helicopters Inc at Penticton, BC from Jul+

    Sep19 owned by Northern Compression Services, based in +
    388 206a     N1456W: Bell 206A cn388, ff:?; reg Bell Helicopters as N1456W, unk; +
    - XC-MOR: xfer Mexico as XC-MOR, unk;

    - XA-PRB: xfer Mexico as XA-PRB, unk
    392 206a     N1457W: Bell 206A, cn392, ff:?; reg Bell helicopters as N1457W, unk;+
    406 206a     N1458W: Bell 206A cn406, ff:?; reg Bell helicopters as N1458W, unk
    - VH-UOR: xfer Australia as VH-UOR, unk; conv Bell 206B-2, unk

    - VH-RMH: xfer Australia as VH-RMH, unk
    398 206a     N1459W: Bell 206A cn398 ff:?; reg Bell Helicopters as N1459W, unk; d+
    - C-GFAH: xfer Canada as C-GFAH, unk; w/o unk
    393 206a 1969     N1463W: USA 1969-1976
    Niagara Helicopters C-GFXX: Apex Helicopters at Saskatoon, Saskatchewan, canc May82

    Pan-Air Helicopters at Metcalfe, ON May82-Jul84

    Niagara Helicopters Mar85-Aug97
    389 206a     N1465W: Bell 206A cn389, ff:?; reg Bell Helicopters as N1465W, unk; +
    399 206a     N1466W: Bell 206A cn399 ff:?; reg Bell Helicopters as N1466W, unk; d+
    400 206a     N1467W: Bell 206A cn400 ff:?; reg Bell Helicopters as N1467W, unk; d+
    - C-GCXL: xfer Canada as C-GCXL, unk; reg canx unk
    405 206a 1969     N1469W: Bell Helicopters 1969
    - G-AXMM: Court Line, UK 1969-1974

    - G-ROGR: xfer Thamesdown Helicopters as G-ROGR, 1974; dmg Sherdl+

    - G-RODY: xfer UK as G-RODY, unk

    - G-WLLY: xfer UK as G-WLLY, unk

    xfer UK as G-WLLY, unk; w/o 3nm North-east of Coupar An+

    - G-OBHH: xfer UK as G-OBHH, unk; conv Bell 206B-II, unk
    419 206a     N1472W: Bell 206A, cn419, ff:?; reg Bell Helicopters as N1472W, unk;+
    408 206a     N1474W: Bell 206A cn408, ff:?; reg Bell Helicopters as N1474W, unk; +
    - C-GCXN: xfer Canada as C-GCXN, unk

    - N39EA: xfer US as N39EA, unk

    - N725BB: xfer US as N725BB, unk

    - C-FMAD: xfer Lakehead Helicopters Inc. as C-FMAD, unk; xfer Gre+
    394 206a     N1478W: 206b-2 Bell 206A cn394, ff:?; reg Bell Helicopters as N1478W, unk; +
    - C-GWHN: xfer Canada as C-GWHN, unk; wfu unk
    404 206a 1969     N1479W: Bell 206A cn404 ff:?; reg Bell Helicopters as N1479W, 1969; +
    424 206a     N1481W: 206b-2 Bell 206A cn424, ff:; reg Bell Hellicopters as N1481W, unk; +
    - C-GFIV: xfer Canada as C-GFIV, unk
    861 206b-2 1972     N14826: Bell
    State of California N206BG: Stanislaus County Sheriffs Department at Modesto, CA fr+
    412 206a 1969     N1482W: Bell 206A cn412, ff:?; reg Bell Helicopters as N1482W, 1969;+
    441 206a 1969     N1484W: Bell 206A
    - N206NE: New England Helicopter Inc at Washingtonville, NY

    Shamrock Helicopters Llc at Wilmington, DE Sep08-May18

    Jayg Exotics at Lakewood, NJ from May18
    430 206a     N1485W: Bell 206A, cn430, ff:?; reg Bell Helicopters as N1485W, unk;+
    - HC-BFR: xfer Ecuador as HC-BFR, unk; w/o unk
    411 206a 1969     N1491W: Bell 206A cn411, ff:?; reg Bell Helicopters as N1491W, unk; +
    432 206a 1969     N1493W: 206b-2 Bell 206A, cn432, ff:?; reg Bell Helicopters as N1493W, 1969+
    429 206a     N1494W: Bell 206A, cn429, ff:?; reg Bell Helicopters as N1494W, unk;+
    423 206a     N1495W: Bell 206A, cn423, ff:?; reg Bell Helicopters as N1495W, unk;+
    - ZK-HVH: xfer New Zealand as ZK-HVH, unk; w/o 17Oct84
    425 206a     N1498W: Bell 206A cn425, ff:; reg Bell Helicopters as N1498W, unk; d+
    396 206a     N1499W: Bell 206A cn396 ff:?; reg Bell Helicopters as N1499W, unk; d+
    - N99NW: xfer US as N99NW, unk

    - N62969: xfer US as N62969, unk

    - N3RL: xfer US as N3RL
    52495 206l-4 2017     N165AE: Bell from Nov18
    Bell Helicopter Canada C-FURS: Bell Canada Feb17-Nov18
    52496 206l-4     N166AE: Bell Helicopter Textron Inc at Fort Worth, TX Nov18
    45088 206l 1977     N16782: Bell May77
    helicopter service wasserthal ltd D-HIBY: Helicopter-Service Wasserthal; 1980s seen on Patrick Pa+

    w/o 23may84 hit water in fog 28nm NW of Helgoland, Nort+
    2282 206b-3 1977     N16911: Bell Aug77; N101HL Nov77 ntu
    - N112RF: to N5TC

    State of Georgia N5TC: City Of Atlanta, at Atlanta, GA from May87; Atlanta Po+

    at Atlanta Hartsfield-Jackson Intl Airport
    414 206a     N18091: Bell 206A cn414 ff:?; reg Bell Helicopters as N18091, unk
    - XA-DOB: xfer Mexico as XA-DOB, unk

    - XB-GOT: xfer Mexico as XB-GOT, unk

    - YV-C-GAM: xfer Venezuela as YV-C-GAM, unk

    - YV-106C: xfer Venezuela as YV-106C, unk

    - YV1480: xfer Venezuela as YV1480, unk
    2545 206b-3 1978     N18096: Bell Helicopter 1978
    - G-WOSP: 1978-81 Western Air, Scotland; 1981-84 Burnthills Plant+

    heliswiss iberica sa EC-GCN: Heliswiss Iberica May95, ex EC-938

    osterman helikopter SE-JIP: Osterman Helicopter from 2006; pictured at Linkoping-M+

    - N815PC: private at Henderson, NV Apr16-May17

    - N206JT: Private at Birch Run, MI from May17
    52366 206l-4 2007     N1821: Bell Oct07, test serial C-GADH
    GM Leasing N1821: Gm Leasing Co Llc at Broussard, LA from Dec07
    51127 206l-3 1985     N185BH: Bell
    - N256SN: to N65PJ

    PJ Helicopters N65PJ: P J Helicopters Inc at Red Bluff, CA from Dec95

    PG&E, op by PJ Helicopters; w/o north of Fairfield, So+

    02jun20 PG, op by PJ
    51157 206l-3 1985     N185SP: Bell Nov85
    - N97SP: to N8163R

    - N8163R: to N12WW

    - N12WW: Worldwind Helicopters Inc at Renton, WA Feb00-Mar06

    - C-GWRH: Riverside Helicopters Ltd at Langey, BC Mar/Apr 2006

    Heli Dynamics Ltd C-GWRH: Heli Dynamics Ltd at Whitehorse, YK Apr06-Jan08

    - C-GHDV: Heli Dynamics Ltd at Whitehorse, YK from Jan08

    Jun/Sep 2019 for sale Longranger 206L-3 1985; $585,000 +
    52344 206l-4 2006     N193AL: Bell Helicopter Dec06, test serial C-GLZE
    Air Logistics N193AL: Air Logistics Mar07--Jan10

    Bristow US N193AL: Bristow US Feb10-Jan14

    State of Utah N193AL: Bank of Utah Trustee from Feb14

    HNZ Group N193AL: Heliwelders Canada Ltd, an HNZ Company at Langley, BC b+
    577 206a     N2027J: 206b-2 Bell 206A cn577, ff:?; reg Bell Helicopters as N7027J, unk; +
    - C-GSHO: xfer Canada as C-GSHO, unk
    52123 206l-4 1995     N2036F: Bell Helicopter Textron Inc at Fort Worth, TX Jan11
    3300 206b-3     N2039S: Bell 206B-3 cn3300, ff:?; reg Bell Helicopters as N2039S, un+
    Columbia Helicopters N207CH: xfer Columbia Helicopters as N207CH, [ntu]

    - N2039S: xfer US as N2039S, unk

    - JA9384: xfer Japan as JA9384, unk

    - VH-FZV: xfer Australia as VH-FZV, unk
    45638 206l-1 1981     N2040D: Bell, to N668MC
    - N668MC: to N668KC

    - N668KC: to N601GM

    - N601GM: Vista Helicopter Services Inc at North Las Vegas, NV

    State of Oregon N601GM: Fly High Llc at Bend, OR Jul08-Apr14; Leading Edge Avia+
    52346 206l-4 2007     N206AH: Bell, test serial C-FLZJ
    - V3-AHB: Belize 2007?-2011

    - C-GTHZ: Pilot Ventures Ltd / Trinity Helicopters at Yellowkni+

    Ledcor Helicopters / Summit Helicopters at Yellowknife,+

    State of Virginia N346BF: Summit Helicopters at Salem, VA from Apr19
    220 206a 1968     N206BH: Bell Helicopter from May11
    State of Tennessee N206BH: Edwards & Assoc, 206B-3 type; Oct04 pictured with 37.00+
    4346 206b-3 1995     N206DP: Bell Jun95, test serial C-GADP
    - N206DP: Gilliam Aviation at Odessa, TX by 2007

    State of New Jersey N206DP: Middlesex County Mosquito Extermination Commission at E+
    4216 206b-3     N206NT: th-67a Bell Helicopters, NTH program demonstrator for TH-67
    - HC-BYE: Nirsa Ecuador
    4217 206b-3 1991     N206TH: th-67a Bell Helicopters, NTH program demonstrator for TH-67
    - N206TH: Richmond Transport at Midlothian, VA from Jun06; Speedb+

    - N888LB: Speedbird Inc at Cincinnati, OH from Sep07; N307TV llc +

    - N988LB: N307TV llc at Cincinnati, OH from Apr09; WPC Holdings a+

    pictured at Hicks airfield, TX

    At the Cliffs in Graford, TX
    4565 206b-3 2002     N2080A: Bell Helicopter
    Bell Helicopter Canada C-GZPU: Bell Canada Oct02

    State of California N601CC: Contra Costa County Sheriff Office (CoCo) Feb03-Apr17

    City of Los Angeles from Apr17
    52355 206l-4 2007     N208CP: Bell Jun07, test serial C-FNXK
    State of Louisiana N208CP: Southern Helicopters Jul07-Jun17

    - ZT-RCP: South Africa from Jun17

    13dec19 Chikopokopo Helicopters Victoria Falls, Zimbabw+
    52339 206l-4 2006     N209CP: Bell Oct06, test serial C-GADQ
    State of Louisiana N209CP: Southern Helicopters Inc at Sunshine, LA from Jan07

    03mar17 on display by Meridian Helicopters at Heli-Expo+

    52226 206l-4 1999     N21200: Bell Dec99, test serial C-GLZA
    Mexico Government XC-LFD: Mexico Gov 2000-2005

    Great Slave Helicopters C-GSHQ: Superior Helicopters Canada Inc at Longlac, ON May05-O+

    GSH from Oct07

    - : Jan/Jun 2017 for sale Bell 206 1999; currently complet+

    State of Louisiana N217MH: Meridian Helicopters Llc at Broussard, LA May17
    51324 206l-3 1989     N21300: Bell May90
    - RP-C1774: Philippines 1990

    - VH-NDI: Australia Mar00-?

    - P2-HFY: Helifix Operations Ltd Jan08-Apr17

    - VH-ZUY: Southern Cross Aircraft Engineering Services Pty Ltd fr+

    pictured (pic1) at Tumut Airport

    pictured (pic2) at Wagga Wagga Airport as Firebird 295+
    52068 206l-4 1994     N2137P: Bell Feb/Mar 1994, test serial C-FEXW
    Alfa Helicopter OK-YIP: Alfa Helicopter Apr94-Jul05

    INAER EC-JKG: INAER from 2005

    Rotorsun EC-JKG: with RTS Rotorsun pictured during sling load at Águila+
    4063 206b-3     N2152J: Bell, test serial C-FGBP
    EDIC A6-FTJ: Horizon International Flight Academy, ex AGAW-11
    4065 206b-3     N2152X: Bell, test serial C-FGBB
    EDIC A6-FTH: Horizon International Flight Academy, ex AGAW-113
    52035 206l-4     N2154T: Bell, test serial C-GTHE
    - HK-4484: Helifly Colombia; w/o 15apr18 trying to sling load anot+
    4300 206b-3 1994     N2155K: Bell, test serial C-GFNP
    - N206AJ: USA, reser N743BT

    - N743BT: IJB & Associates Llc at Roscoe, NY 6-19 Jan05

    - G-OPEN: Gazelle Aviation Llp at Wetherby from Jan05

    w/o 30may18 near Aldborough, Boroughbridge, North Yorks+
    3481 206b-3 1981     N2156Z: Bell Helicopter
    - N215BG: Helicopter Aviation Services at Mt.Pleasant, PA Nov93-M+

    Helisul Taxi Aereo PT-YAP: Helisul

    Brazilian Military Police PT-YAP: Policia Militar de Minas Gerais (PMMG) Mar08; 2014 stil+
    51339 206l-3 1990     N21723: Bell 1990
    - N550CR: USA Apr90

    US Helicopters Inc N155TV: U S Helicopters Inc at Marshville, NC from Jul03
    51332 206l-3 1990     N21921: Bell 1990, test serial C-FHHZ
    - N105PS: USA unk 1991-1997

    - HB-XNM: Prudential SA Dec97-Aug04

    - N39RJ: Butler Aviation at Macon, GA 2004-2011

    FMB Leasing Llc at Little Rock, AR from Apr11
    52219 206l-4 2000     N219L: Bell Helicopters May99-Jan00
    - TG-TEY: Guatemala, 2000-2012

    Yellowhead Helicopters C-GYLR: Yellowhead Helicopters from May12
    52380 206l-4 2008     N21BK: Bell, test serial C-GADH
    Air Logistics N196AL: Air Logistics at New Iberia, LA Jul09-Feb10

    Bristow US N196AL: Bristow Gulf Feb10-Mar14

    State of Utah N196AL: Bank of Utah Trustee May14-Dec15; N33LV ntu

    State of New Jersey N13NN: Air Sansone Llc at Linden, NJ from Feb16; Dec18 in Las +
    431 206a 1969     N2203W: 206b-2 Bell 206A, cn431, ff:?; reg Bell Helicopters as N2203W, 1969+
    - N206PH: xfer US as N206PH, unk; oper Triple J Aviation, Ft. Col+
    436 206a     N2209W: 206b-2 Bell 206A, cn436, ff:?; reg Bell Helicopters as N2209W, unk;+
    - C-GDNN: xfer Canada as C-GDNN, unk; wfu unk
    443 206a 1969     N2224W: Bell 206A, cn443, ff:?; reg Bell Helicopters as N2224W, unk;+
    - C-GGJJ: xfer Canada as C-GGJJ, unk; conv Bell 206B-2, unk

    - N2162L: xfer US as N2162L, unk

    - C-GGOZ: xfer Delta-Helicopters as C-GGOZ, unk; w/o ivo Calling +
    444 206a 1969     N2225W: 206b-2 Bell 206A, cn444, ff:?; reg Bell Helicopters as N2225W, 1969+
    Chilean Navy 35: d/d 1979. ex E-151
    439 206a     N2228W: Bell 206A cn439, ff:?; reg Bell Helicopters as N2228W, unk
    Evergreen Helicopters N2228W: del Evergreen Helicopters as N2228W, unk; conv Bell 206+
    448 206a 1969     N2229W: Bell 206A cn448, ff:?; reg Bell Helicopters as N2229W, unk; +
    - G-BAWH: xfer UK as G-BAWH, unk

    - F-BXPC: xfer France as F-BXPC, unk
    474 206a 1969     N2230W: Bell 206A cn474, ff:?; reg Bell Helicopters as N2230W, 1969
    ANSETT-ANA VH-AND: Ansett Airlines of Australia Jan70, ex N2230W; conv 206+

    - VH-FVT: xfer Australia as VH-FVT, unk

    - VH-ABD: xfer Australia as VH-ABD, unk

    - VH-AND: Jun82 to Austarama Television (Channel 10), Melbourne; +

    - N195SJ: San Juan Aviation Llc at Wilmington, Delaware from Mar+
    447 206a 1969     N2230W: 206b-2 Bell 206A, cn447, ff:?; reg Bell Helicopters as N2230W, 1969+
    - C-GWGS: xfer Canada as C-GWGS, 10Nov80
    427 206a     N2233W: 206b Bell 206A cn427, ff:?; reg Bell Helicopters as N2233W, unk; +
    - N83TA: xfer US as N83TA, unk

    - C-FGSD: xfer Canada as C-FGSD, unk
    446 206a 1969     N2234W: Bell Helicopters
    - C-GNJI: Crowsnest Helicopters at Blairmore, AB 1980-1988, 206B +

    Heli Dynamics Ltd GNJI: Heli Dynamics Ltd at Whitehorse, YK Oct88-Jan92

    - C-GNJI: Starmans Helicopter Auction KFFZ 31 by Light Horse Lega+
    52083 206l-4 1994     N2235W: Bell, test serial C-FOEP
    State of Florida N404MP: Metro Dade Police Dept at Miami, FL (MDPD) 1994-2011

    GM Leasing N404MP: GM Leasing Co Llc at Broussard, LA from Dec11

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