Helicopter Accidents


Year 1989 accidents

List of helicopter accidents

Aerospatiale AS332 Super Puma 2
Aerospatiale AS350 Ecureuil 3
Aerospatiale SA330 Puma 5
Aerospatiale SA365 Dauphin 2 1
Agusta ab205 1
Agusta ab412 2
Agusta AS-61 3
Bell 204 2
Bell 205 3
Bell 206 6
Bell 209 ah-1 cobra 2
Bell 212 4
Bell 214 1
Bell 412 2
Boeing-Vertol 107M H-46 Sea Knight 4
Boeing-Vertol CH-47 Chinook 2
Dornier UH-1D 1
Hughes 369 / 500 / H-6 2
Kaman seasprite 2
McDonnell Douglas ah-64 apache 1
Robinson R22 2
Sikorsky S-58 H-34 1
Sikorsky S-61 H-3 7
Sikorsky S-64 CH-54 1
Sikorsky S-65 H-53 1
Sikorsky S-70 H-60 3
Sud Aviation se3210 super frelon 1
Westland Lynx 4
Westland scout 1
Westland sea king 1
Westland sioux 1
Westland wasp 1
Westland wessex 4

1989 206a 167 Bell Helicopter N6201N : Bell 206A cn167 ff:?; reg Bell Helicopters as N6201N, unk; del US as N6201N, unk
N273E : xfer US as N273E, unk; w/o Bedminster, NJ 27Apr89
1989 206a 256 Bell Helicopter N4706R : Bell 206A cn256 ff:?; reg Bell Helicopters as N4706R, 1968; xfer US as N4706R, unk; covn Bell 206B-2, unk
OO-WTC : xfer Belgium as OO-WTC, unk
F-BSTQ : xfer France as F-BSTQ, unk
HB-XNO : xfer Helitrade AGas HB-XNO, 12Nov82; xfer Sauter & Huber AG, 21Jan83; xfer Säntis-Heli / Marquart Jürg, 13Jun83; xfer Heli Business Flights, lsd Marquart Jürg, 28Mar85; xfer Marquart Jürg, 12Jun85; xfer Thur-Heli AG, 20Feb86; crashed at Trin-Schlucht/GER, 18Oct89.
1989 206a 341 N1418W : Bell 206A, cn341, ff:?; del US as N1418W, unk
N131AT : xfer US as N131AT, unk; conv Bell 206B-2, unk; w/o during instructional flight mishap, Corona, CA, 13Mar89
1989 206a 440 CF-HHJ : Bell 206A cn440, ff:?; del Canada as CF-HHJ, unk
C-FHHJ : rereg Canada as C-FHHJ, unk; w/o unk
C-FHHJ : w/o 07sep89 I was in it when it hit the water at the head of Ramsey Arm, west coast British Columbia. Glassy water effect
1989 206b-2 1982 The Helicopter Line Ltd ZK-HKE : The Helicopter Line; w/o 14feb89 at Skippers Canyon, Queenstown, New Zealand. 5 fatalities
1989 206b-3 3168 Fuerza Aerea Guatemalteca 165 : FAG; w/o 04may89
1989 212 31173 ZS-SBB : to N3901B
N3901B : canc May84
Air Greenland OY-HDG : Grønlandsfly/Air Greenland from 1984; w/o 30nov89 at Lake Ferguson
1989 214B-1 28030 Ejercito Ecuatoriano E-451 : Ejercito; w/o 01jun89
1989 369d 101-0764D Fuerza Aerea Argentina H-38 : built by RACA; c/n also as A0764D; w/o 28jun89
1989 369d 81-1050D Fuerza Aerea Argentina H-43 : built by RACA; w/o 08dic89
1989 412 33069 ERA Helicopters N524EH : ERA, noted 1985; w/o 06may89 at Girdwood, AK; canc Dec91
1989 412sp 33127 Fuerza Aerea Hondureña FAH-975 : FAH; w/o 08may89
1989 ab205a 4440 Elliniki Aeroporia Stratou ES656 : xfer air force
Polemiki Aeroporia 4440 : 358 MED. ex ES656. w/o 10may89
1989 ab412 25529 Carabinieri MM81206 : CC-07. w/o 01jun89 mid-air collision over Roma
1989 ab412 25549 Carabinieri MM81314 : CC-10. w/o 01jul89 Roma
1989 ah-1t US Marine Corps 160807 : USMC; HMM-365 w/o 22nov89
US Marine Corps 160807 : This a/c sits at the bottom of the Mediterranean sea about 10 miles off the coast of Spain
1989 ah-1w 26209 US Marine Corps 162540 : USMC; HMLA-169 w/o 20jun89
1989 ah-64a PV359 US Army Aviation 86-8989 : w/o 19oct89 catch fire at Ft Hunter-Ligget, CA. conv to JAH-64A ?
1989 as332L 2056 Bristow G-TIGN : Bristow d/d Feb83; w/o 22may89 Hong Kong, flew into a hillside in bad weather returning from a offshore oil platform, 3 fatalities
1989 as332m1 2189 al quwwat al-jawwiya al-malakiya al-urduniya 743 : RJAF; w/o 02nov89
1989 as350b 1757 Gendarmerie Nationale F-MJCI : Crashed in 1989
1989 as350b 2071 ERA Helicopters N160EH : ERA Aviation from Apr89; w/o 15jun89 at Puntilla Lake, AK. 1 fatality; Apr92 canc;
1989 as350d 1450 ERA Helicopters N143EH : ERA, noted 1985; w/o 20jul89 Long Beach, CA; Dec89 canc
1989 ash-3d 6051 Comando de Aviacion Naval Argentina 0794 : ARA 2-H-236. 1989 Sunk with polar transport ARA Bahia Paraiso on Antarctica
1989 ash-3d 6052 Comando de Aviacion Naval Argentina 0795 : ARA 2-H-237. 1989 Sunk with polar transport ARA Bahia Paraiso on Antarctica
1989 ash-3d 6054 Força Aeronaval da Marinha do Brasil N-3014 : AS-61D-3 Sea King (SH-3A). accepted marinha 27apr84. w/o 08jan89
1989 ch-124 61-249 Royal Canadian Navy  (1945-1968) 4011 : Sikorsky S-61B, c/n 61-249, del Royal Canadian Navy as CHSS-2, 4011, 1964; to CH-124A as 12411 Oct1968; w/o 19Sep89.
Canadian Armed Forces 12411 : CH-124A. Crashed 19 Sep 1989 into the Atlantic off Bermuda. Recovered and became ground instruction airframe at CFB Shearwater.
1989 ch-135 32028 Canadian Armed Forces 135128 : BuNo 70-15677. MFO. w/o 09dec89
1989 ch-3c 61-543 US Air Force 65-5692 : Sikorsky S-61R, c/n 61-540, ff?; del USAF as CH-3C 65-5692, 10Jan65; conv CH-3E unk; xfer 20th HS, Tab Son Nhut, Vietnam 66-67; xfer703rd SOS, Shaw AFB, SC 14Jan76-79; xfer 302nd SOS, Luke AFB, AZ 10Feb82-87; xfer 71st SOS, DM AFB, AZ 87; crashed & destroyed 12Mar89.
1989 CH-46D 2252 US Marine Corps 153358 : BV-107M, c/n 2252, ff?; accepted BWR FR Morton, PA as CH-46D 153358 13Feb67; xfer HMM-261 22Feb67; xfer HMM-264 05Dec68; xfer HMM-163 30Dec68; xfer H&MS-30 COSA 22Apr69; xfer HMM-364 25Jul69; xfer H&MS-36 COSA 23Feb71; xfer HMM-164 16Mar71; xfer H&MS-36 Subunit Futenma 24Feb71; xfer HMM-164 31Mar71; xfer H&MS-36 Subunit 2, WX-??, 07Jun72; xfer HMM-764, ML-431, unk; crashed 27May89 following collision with another CH-46E of same unit.
US Marine Corps 153358 : w/o 27may89 HMM-764 Fallon NV, cut in half by its own blades in midair, 2 passenger female marines fatalities. Actually dead-stick auto-rotated front half of airframe to single wheel landing
1989 CH-46D 2286 US Marine Corps 153388 : BV-107M, c/n 2286, ff?; accepted BWR FR Morton, PA as CH-46D 153388 01May67; xfer HMM-365 20May67; xfer HMM-161 06Nov67; xfer HMM-165 16Aug70; xfer H&MS-36 11May71; xfer H&MS-56 COSA 23Apr71; xfer HMM-161 12Oct71; xfer MASDC DMAFB as 1J0026 15Dec71; xfer NARF CHerrry Point 12Jan83; further unit xfers unk; xfer HMM-161, YR-??; w/o 17Mar89.
1989 CH-46F 2455 US Marine Corps 154848 : BV-107M, c/n 2455, ff?; accepted BuWepsRep, FR, Morton, PA as CH-46F 154848 12Aug68; NATC Wpn Sys Test, Patuxent River, MD 15Aug68; xfer HMM-162 25Nov68; xfer HMM-365 16Sep69; xfer HMM-162 20Jan70; xfer H&MS-26 27Oct72; xfer HMM-162 23Jan73; noted HMM-265, EP-?? crashed 29May89 in operations off Okinawa, Japan. 14 of 22 onboard missing. The helicopter was taking part in a routine amphibious training excrcies when it pitched over to the right and went into the water upside down.
1989 CH-46F 2611 US Marine Corps 157712 : BV-107M, c/n 2611, ff?; accepted BuWepsRep, FR, Morton, PA as CH-46F 157712 16Oct70; xfer HMM-365 27Oct70; xfer H&MS-26 16Feb71; xfer H&MS-16 CRAA 05Oct71; xfer HMM-161 06Jun72; further unit xfers unk; conv CH-46E unk; unit xfers unk; xfer HMM-764, ML-??, unk; w/o 12Feb89.
1989 ch-47c b-825 Boeing Helicopters N37023 : Boeing Vertol toward ZA678
Royal Air Force ZA678 : RAF Chinook HC1/MA009 d/d 18mar81; w/o 27apr89 during tests at RAF Odiham; to ground instruction as /9229M
Royal Air Force ZA678 : 16Sep93 noted RNAY Fleetlands stored in derelict condition;
1989 ch-47c b-848 Boeing Helicopters N37056 : Boeing Vertol toward ZA717
Royal Air Force ZA717 : RAF Chinook HC1 MA029 d/d 23feb82
Royal Air Force ZA717 : 20may82 as 18Sq /BK landed on mv Contender Bezant in Plymouth Sound for South Atlantic after a night stop over at HMS Drake
Royal Air Force ZA717 : Fleetlands by Mar 1982; 18 Sq/BK May 1982; Chin Det until Mar 1983; 1310 Flt/B by 1986; 7Sq /EM by Jun 1987; w/o 25jul89 following gearbox failure in Falklands as 78 Sq /ET; to 9238M Cranwell
Royal Air Force ZA717 : 1994 fuselage at Fleetlands
Royal Air Force ZA717 : Used as loadmaster training aid at RAF Cranwell
ZA717 : Feb18 fuselage acquired by the Newark Air Museum
1989 ch-53d 65-233 US Marine Corps 157140 : USMC; HMH-363 w/o 20mar89 at Pohang, South Korea. 19 fatalities, 15 survivors
1989 ch-54a 64-024 US Army Aviation 67-18422 : Sikorsky S-64A, c/n 64-024, ff?; del US Army as CH-54A 67-18422 unk; w/o 01Sep89.
1989 h-34g.ii 58-1104 Heeresflieger PB+207 : Sikorsky H-34G.II, c/n 58-1104, ff?; reg N949 by Sikorsky, 1959; del W. Ger Heeresflieger as PB+207, unk; recoded PF+205, unk; recoded QA+474, unk; recoded PH+220, unk; recoded PH+264, unk; recoded PL+332, unk; recoded 80+39, unk; sold USA as N82814, unk; conv S-58T, unk; sold UK as G-BCRW, unk; sold South Africa as ZS-HHV, unk; rtnd USA as N24CH, unk; sold Universal Air Flight, South Korea as HL9239, unk; w/o when crashed into the sea off Ullung Do, South Korea, 13 pax killed, 27Jul89.

1989 hss-2 61-180 US Navy 149910 : USN; conv SH-3H; HS-6 w/o 23feb89
1989 has.2 064 Fleet Air Arm XZ244 : ff May 1978, dd Jun 1978 to Yeovilton. 702 Sq HQ Flt/743 by Jul 1978, 702 Sq Ardent Flt/340-AD by Nov 1978, 702 Sq HQ Flt/744 by Apr 1982, 702 Sq HQ Flt/644-PO by Aug 1982. 815Sq Andromeda Flt/472-AM by Apr 1984. To NASU VL for HAS.3 conv Oct 1985.
Fleet Air Arm XZ244 : RN noted 15Nov78 HAS.2 type as 815Sqn /AD-340 at HMS Heron RNAS Yeovilton asg HMS Ardent Flt (F184)
Fleet Air Arm XZ244 : 702Sq Ardent Flt /340-AD, noted at HMS Drake 14 Jun 1979
Fleet Air Arm XZ244 : 815Sq Andromeda Flt/472-AM by Jan 1986, 815Sq Charybdis Flt/431 (loan, not marked ?) by Apr 1987, 815Sq Andromeda Flt/472-AM by May 1987, to RNAY Fleetlands for HAS.3GMS conv by Jan 1988.
Fleet Air Arm XZ244 : 815Sq Beaver Flt/374-VB by Mar 1988 until c Oct 1988, 829 Sq Brilliant Flt/343 by Dec 1988
Fleet Air Arm XZ244 : HAS.3SGM type; w/o 14may89 asgn HMS Brilliant crashed after port cabin door detached in flight and hit tail rotor at Vipingo, near Mombasa, Keynia. 9 fatalities
Fleet Air Arm XZ244 : RIP: BANKS-POPPLE, Simon K, Chief Petty Officer (M), D153280A, FESSEY, Christopher H, Lieutenant Commander (P), C0236662Q, JAMES, Paul F, Chief Petty Officer Marine Engineering Artificer, D174284B, POTTER, Mark S, Chief Petty Officer C.Y., D125690T, ROY, Colin L, Leading Seaman (M), D192354U, SAVAGE, John T P, Able Seaman, D200738V, SIMPSON, Colin McL, Chief Petty Officer Weapon Engineering Artificer, D186024U, STEVENSON, Philip K, Leading Regulator (R.E.G.), D188510T, WILLIAMS, Jonathan P, Lieutenant (O), C031063C,
1989 mk21 062 Força Aeronaval da Marinha do Brasil N-3028 : SAH-11. 16may89 hit mountain during night flight near Casimiro de Abreu, found 30may. 6 fatalities
1989 ah7 321 Army Air Corps ZE377 : AAC; 657 Sqn w/o 01aug89
1989 mk89 312 Nigerian Navy 02-F89 : Nigerian Navy d/d 84; ex G-BLFG,G-17-15; w/o 18dec89
1989 beta 0749 Bristow G-BOEV : Bristow helicopters w/o 7Sep89
1989 hp 0249 ZS-HLS : w/o 02jan89
1989 s-61a-4 61-784 Tentara Udara Diraja Malaysia M23-17 : w/o 14nov89 between Gunung Gerah and Gunung Bilah near the Kelantan-Perak border. 21 fatalities
1989 s-61a-4 61-786 Tentara Udara Diraja Malaysia M23-19 : w/o 18dec89 at Lundu, Sarawak. 16 fatalities
1989 s-61a-4 61-792 Tentara Udara Diraja Malaysia FM-1729 : Sikorsky S-61A-4 Nuri, c/n 61-792, ff:?; del RMAF as FM-1729, 12Feb78; recoded M23-25, unk; w/o 09Nov89.
Tentara Udara Diraja Malaysia M23-25 : recoded M23-25, unk; w/o 09Nov89.
1989 sa330b 1354 Armée de l'Air 1354 : w/o 20aug89
1989 sa330b 1518 Aviation Légère de l'Armée de Terre 1518 : ALAT w/o 26aug89
1989 sa330c 1230 Ejercito del Aire HT.19-1 : EdA 402-01. EC-STH. Escuadron 402. w/o 02mar89
1989 sa330j 1529 tentara nasional indonesia angkatan udara H-3303 : TNI-AU 8Sku; w/o 29dec89
1989 sa330j 1618 N3601U : 1980-1989, tmp to HC-BPD
HC-BPD : Ecuador, rtn to N3601U
Air Zermatt AG HB-XUB : Air Zermatt d/d Jun89; canc Oct89, w/o ?
Air Zermatt AG HB-XUB : w/o 11sep89 crashed during an external load mission. The helicopter was operated over its limits which caused both engines to catch fire. Swiss AAIB report 1444 contains details. However, the report is not available on the AAIB interntet site, since the pilot was a well recognized professional.
1989 sa365n 6255 Pawan Hans VT-ELO : Pawan Hans (PHE); w/o 15dec89 crashed into river Ganges. 7 fatalities
1989 ah.1 f.9511 Army Air Corps XP910 : AAC d/d 06dec63; w/o 13sep89; Museum of Army Flying
1989 super frelon 06 Aéronautique Navale 06 : FN d/d 1965; 1985 on Clemenceau aircraft carrier; w/o 19oct89 sea landing in Corsica
1989 has.2 wa 850 Fleet Air Arm XZ582 : Westland Seaking HAS.2 f/f 13jul77, d/d 01sep77; conv HAS.5, unk; w/o 27oct89
Fleet Air Arm XZ582 : After a bearing seal failure tha a/c ditched and sank south of Bermuda crew all escaped
1989 SH-2F 198 US Navy 161648 : HSL-34. w/o 3mar89
1989 SH-2F 237 US Navy 162586 : Kaman Model 20 Seasprite, c/n 237, ff?; del USN as SH-2F 162586 unk; xfer HSL-34 unk; crashed & w/o Mayport, Fl, 14Mar89.
US Navy 162586 : US Navy; 1988 SH-2F type HSL-36./HY-341
1989 sh-3d 61-359 Arma Aerea de la Armada Española HS.9-03 : Armada 01-503 Z.9-3 MAP BuNo 153534; conv SH-3G; w/o 19jul89
1989 sh-60b 70-403 US Navy 162113 : USN; w/o 02aug89
1989 sh-60b 70-592 US Navy 163236 : USN; HSL-45 w/o 20-30jun89
1989 sioux wa442 Army Air Corps XT553 : AAC Sioux AH.1 Unk to Switzerland HB-XLX
HB-XLX : Private w/o 09Sep89 crashed Las Mignacles
1989 UH-1B 1091 Luftforsvaret 967 : BuNo 64-13967. w/o 13sep89
1989 UH-1B Fuerza Aerea Hondureña FAH-925 : FAH, w/o 1989
1989 UH-1D 8127 Luftwaffe 70+67 : HTG 64, w/o 04.05.89 Stollberg
Luftwaffe 70+67 : Luftwaffe; 1984 HTG64
1989 uh-1d 8584 US Army Aviation 66-16390 : US Army cnvt. to UH-1H toward FAS 246
Fuerza Aerea Salvadoreña 246 : FAS Guardian 1st batch del.1981 ex 66-16390 w/o 12Oct89
1989 uh-1h 12429 Fuerzas Aeromóviles del Ejército de Tierra HU.10-15 : ET-252. w/o 18Jan89
1989 uh-1h 13592 Fuerzas Aeromóviles del Ejército de Tierra HU.10-61 : ET-231. w/o 10aug89
1989 UH-1N 31446 US Marine Corps 160828 : US Navy; USS Peleliu (LHA-5) ship flight; w/o 10sep89
US Marine Corps 160828 : Killed were: one pilot, one crewman and the soon-to-be-assigned AIMD (Maintenance) Officer. Survivors were: one pilot, one crewman and the current AIMD Officer. The accident ocurred off the SOCAL (Southern California) coast and was attributed to a gearbox failure and inoperative chip detector
US Marine Corps 160828 : Mid-1978 picked up new from Bell by USS Okinawa (LPH-3) flight crew. Became ships helo nicknamed Oki 3
1989 UH-1N 31750 US Marine Corps 160458 : USMC; HMM-162 /YS- w/o 03may89
US Marine Corps 160458 : Hit power wires during night flight training near Camp De Canjurres, France. 5 fatalities
1989 uh-60a 70-691 US Army Aviation 83-23866 : US Army; B Co,2/2 AVN w/o 06jul89 crashed after hit power lines during night training 8 m East of Seoul, South Korea. 2 injuries
1989 wasp f.9576 Fleet Air Arm XS565 : dd 26 May 1964 to RN. 829 Sq Dido Flt/473 before Jan 1971, RNAY Fleetlands /473 by Jun 1970, 829 Sq Rothesay Flt/462-RO by Jan 1971 to at least Nov 1971, 829 Sq Brighton Flt/461 by May 1972 still Sep 1974, 829 Sq Plymouth Flt/445 Nov 1974 to Sep 1978, RAE Farnborough /445 by 1985. Scrapped PEE Foulness Island 1989.
Fleet Air Arm XS565 : recognised as the smoothest RN Wasp airframe whilst on Plymouth Flight. Even after having the Cabin reconstructed by the Flight at Portland in 1976
Fleet Air Arm XS565 : 21sep76, Certainly was the smoothest Wasp as stated, We also had to replace the Main Rotor Gearbox after an emergency (very Loud BANG) whilst night flying from HMS Plymouth in the Portland Areas. Taff Guest (Senior Maintenance Officer) and The Boys did another marvelous job and 445 was still as smooth as a 'Baby's Bum' when we departed to take up Gibraltar Guardship duties a month later. I was the LACMN on the flight from March 1975 until April 1977. We farewelled Flt Commander (David) Flatman in Gib in November! Giving him the send-off such a Non Team member deserved? (The Wanker).
1989 has.31 wa202 Fleet Air Arm (RAN) N7-202 : Westland Wessex HAS.31A, c/n WA202, f/f:31/08/62; del RAN as N7-202, 882, 29Sep62; recoded 812, unk; ditched 8/8/89 due to ground resonance from HMAS Success during Kangaroo 89; Lt(P) White RAN, Lt(P)Lister RAN & LSA Knolls; Crew rescued, Helo recovered; To Darwin Aviation Museum 11/89.
Fleet Air Arm (RAN) N7-202 : took part in relief operations as HS-817/812, from HMAS Melbourne.
N7-202 : to Darwin Aviation Museum as one of the founding exhibits, in Navy colours as N7-202/(8)12. After a a major restoration project in 2006, still there by Mar 2008.
1989 has.31 wa214 Fleet Air Arm (RAN) N7-214 : Westland Wessex Mk.31A, c/n WA214, f/f:18/02/63; de; RAN as N7-214, 824, 18Mar63; Damaged 19/11/74, aircraft retired, 31Dec89.; Now at RAAF Williamtown as a training aid.
N7-214 : Nov17 at Caboolture, QLD stored outside
1989 has.31 wa218 Fleet Air Arm (RAN) N7-218 : Westland Wessex Mk.31A, c/n WA218, f/f:09/04/63; del RAN as N7-218, 828, 27Apr63; LEUT Reyne (P) RAN, aircraft made a forced landing, 4 miles West of Moruya, NSW after a loud bang was heard and vibration felt, 1986.; Aircraft returned to NAS Nowra underslung on RAAF Chinook, unk.; Ditched 180 Nautical miles NW of Surabaja from HMAS Stalwart in South China Sea, 30/10/89. LEUT(P) Lister, RAN and crew recovered by HMAS Stalwart.; Noted at Bomb Dump, Nowra, 1997. Destroyed at RANAS Nowra fireground, unk.
1989 has.31 wa220 Fleet Air Arm (RAN) N7-220 : Westland Wessex Mk.31A, c/n WA220, f/f:09/05/63; del RAN as N7-220, 830, 20May63; During May 1985, while on the ground at Sydney, this aircraft failed to start, another Wessex which was to return with 830 to Nowra had a door open in flight at Sydney and its door was swapped with that of 830 to allow one aircraft and crew to return to Nowra. This aircraft was later repaired and returned to Nowra, 03Nov85.; While conducting a winching demonstration at the annual Shoalhaven Spring Festival, the aircraft suffered an engine failure and made a heavy forced landing into a paddock at Shoalhaven Heads, 7nm from RANAS Nowra. Crew Lt(P) G. Sydney, RAN, POACM Culley & LSATWL Fields; Fields injured in crash. Withdrawn, 31/12/89. Stored at Nowra and scrapped.
    77 C/N found.

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