Urban Air Mobility

The future of city air transportation

Urban air mobility is an aviation industry term for on-demand and automated passenger and cargo-carrying air transportation services typically flown without a pilot. Urban air mobility services will bring innovative new ways for people to travel around cities and rural areas while reducing congestion and taking care of the enviroment. Here we list some of the aircraft that could be your next taxi in the near future.

Main Projects in Development

Bell Nexus powered by Safran

Bell Nexus

Airbus CityAirbus by A³


Aurora / Boeing PAV

Boeing Passenger Air Vehicle

Leonardo Project Zero

AgustaWestland Project Zero





Lilium JET

Lilium JET

Honeywell / Pipistrel



Autonomous Landing Capabilities by Honeywell, 30-Jun-20 : #UrbanAirMobility Honeywell Aerospace began flight tests to refine sensor technology that will guide future Urban Air Mobility vehicles to land autonomously

On-Demand Helicopter Launching in Thailand, 28-Jun-20 : Ascent Flights, a booking charter flights website, partnered with helicopter operators Advance Aviation and SFS Aviation to launch an on-demand helicopter service for Bangkok, Chonburi, Rayong, Hua Hin and Pattaya in Thailand

MicroVCS Cooling for Electric Aircraft, 23-Jun-20 : #MicroVCS Honeywell unveils Micro Vapor Cycle System (MicroVCS), a lightweight, low-maintenance and energy-efficient thermal management system that uses advanced technology to generate cold air or liquid to cool cabins, electronic components and batteries for electric aircraft

Honeywell Forms Urban Air Mobility Business Unit, 16-Jun-20 : #UrbanAirMobility Honeywell forms business unit dedicated to Unmanned Aerial Systems (UAS) and Urban Air Mobility (UAM). The all-new organization expands upon existing efforts and investments to accelerate growth in autonomous and eco-friendly flight

Bell’s Journey to Pioneer an Eco-Friendly World, 28-Apr-20 : #EcoFriendly Bell developing electrically-powered aircraft for a more eco-friendly transportation including the Nexus 4EX for urban air mobility, the cargo drone Autonomous Pod Transport (APT) and the Electrically Distributed Anti-Torque (EDAT) system for traditional helicopters

High Voltage at 270 VDC in Fast Helicopters, 14-Mar-20 : #270VDC Airbus RACER, a fast compound helicopter with a cruise speed of 220 knots being developed for the European Clean Sky 2 Fast Rotorcraft Innovative Aircraft Demonstrator Platform, will incorporate a 270 VDC high voltage network from 9eGEN

Mobility Trends at CES 2020, 21-Jan-20 : #CES2020 With urban air mobility soon to be a practical reality, Michael Thacker, Bell’ EVP of Technology and Innovation, shared his perspective on mobility trends at CES 2020

Bell Nexus 4EX at CES 2020, 06-Jan-20 : #CES2020 Bell at CES 2020 in Las Vegas featuring the Nexus 4EX air taxi and the Autonomous Pod Transport (APT) for urban air mobility in the city of the future

CityAirbus eVTOL Moving to Manching Soon, 04-Dec-19 : #CityAirbus CityAirbus, an electric multi-copter for urban air mobility, ready to start free flight program shortly at Manching, Germany

Leonardo and Falcon Partners in Urban Mobility, 19-Nov-19 : #UrbanMobility Falcon Aviation Services, the largest commercial helicopter operator of the Middle East, and Leonardo are launching an urban air mobility terminal new concept at the Dubai Air Show 2019

24-Oct-19 - Volocopter Air Taxi Testing in Singapore #UrbanAirMobility
12-Oct-19 - Porsche and Boeing Partners on Urban Air Mobility #UrbanAirMobility
02-Oct-19 - Airbus and EASA Partners for NextGen VTOL #NextGeneration
26-Sep-19 - Vision Systems’ Composite Unit for Airbus Racer #CleanSky2
14-Sep-19 - EHang Chinese Drone Carrying Passenger #drones
03-Sep-19 - Volocopter Demonstration at Helsinki Airport #UrbanMobility
11-Jul-19 - Rolls-Royce’ Hybrid Electric Research in Germany #HybridElectric
10-Jul-19 - Skyworks and Scaled in Partnership for Vertijet #Vertijet
21-Jun-19 - Airbus and Safran Team Up For Greener Vertical Flight #Horizon2020
18-Jun-19 - Rolls-Royce Acquires Siemens’ Hybrid-Electric Business #HybridElectric
13-Jun-19 - Honeywell and DENSO Partnership #hybrids
13-Jun-19 - Honeywell in the Jaunt Air Mobility eVTOL #UrbanAirMobility
12-Jun-19 - Safran and Uber Unveil Cabin Mockup #UrbanAirMobility
09-Jun-19 - Boeing Invests in UAS Services Provider Robotic Skies #drones
06-Jun-19 - Honeywell And Vertical Aerospace in New Partnership #UrbanAirMobility
04-Jun-19 - Compact Fly-By-Wire System For Urban Air Vehicles #UrbanAirMobilty
30-May-19 - First Air Taxi Volo-Port to be Ready by End 2019 #VoloPort
20-May-19 - Lilium New Air Taxi First Flight #UrbanMobility
03-May-19 - Airbus CityAirbus First Take-Off #CityAirbus
11-Apr-19 - Honeywell and Volocopter Partners in Urban Air Mobility #UrbanAirMobility
03-Apr-19 - Digital Wind Tunnel for Airbus RACER Development #WindTunnel
03-Apr-19 - Leonardo Sign MoU for Urban Security in Brazil #UrbanSecurity
26-Jan-19 - Honeywell and Pipistrel MoU for Urban Air Mobility #UrbanAirMobility
23-Jan-19 - Boeing Autonomous Passenger Air Vehicle First Flight #BoeingPAV
08-Jan-19 - Safran HEPS to Power the Bell Nexus #HEPS
07-Jan-19 - Bell Nexus, The Future Air Taxi, Unveiled at CES 2019 #Nexus
09-Dec-18 - Bell Teaming Moog for Future Air Taxi #AirTaxi
19-Nov-18 - JETcopter 7-Seat Flying Car Engines Tested #JETcopter
29-Oct-18 - Volocopter eVTOL Taxis in Singapore #Volocopter
24-Oct-18 - Bell and Thales on Future Flight Controls #FlightControls
02-Oct-18 - Bell and Garmin Teaming for On-Demand Mobility #OnDemandMobility
20-Sep-18 - JETcopter to Design VTOL Aircraft #JETcopter
24-Jul-18 - Urban Air Mobility by Bell #future
01-Feb-18 - Vahana eVTOL from A³ by Airbus First Flight
19-Dec-17 - CityAirbus Completed Iron Bird Power On
01-Apr-17 - Skyways by A³
07-Apr-16 - Volocopter VC200 First Manned Flight
05-Mar-13 - AW unveils “Project Zero” Tilt Rotor

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