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STARS Air Ambulance List of helicopters

C/N VersionBuiltIn this Org In other Org
21024 h145d3 2021 C-FDRP : STARS
Airbus Helicopters Canada C-FDRP
41314 aw139 2012 C-FGJS : STARS at Calgary, AB Dec12-Jan23
AgustaWestland USA N497SM
Australia Air Ambulances VH-YUD
21025 h145d3 2021 C-FIFP : D-HTMO ntu; STARS, test serial D-HBTE
7106 bk117a3 1986 C-FIOM : STARS from Jun93
Eurocopter Canada C-FIOM
Canadian Armed Forces 143106
heliflyg SE-JBK
7002 bk117a1 1983 C-FKCM : Stars Aviation from Dec05, B-2D type
: STARS from Mar11; pictured
MBB Helicopter Corp N39180
State of Pennsylvania N122LF
20234 h145d2 2018 C-FLCI : STARS Air Ambulance from Ap19, pictured (pic1)
: at STARS Calgary Base
Airbus Helicopters Canada C-FLCI
21127 h145d3 2022 C-FLNK : STARS Jan23
Airbus Helicopters Canada C-FLNK
20334 h145d2 2020 C-FMBQ : Shock Trauma Air Rescue Service from Feb21; STARS Air Ambulance
: to enter service at Winnipeg base
Airbus Helicopters Canada C-FMBQ
7234 bk117b1 1991 C-FMBU : STARS from Mar12, B2 type
Air Methods N136AE
21008 h145d3 2020 C-FNPT : STARS, pictured
: new base at Grande Prairie, AB
: Edmonton, in ceremony for Sturgeon County
: STARS first ever helicopter neonatal intensive care transport in Saskatche+
Airbus Helicopters Canada C-FNPT
7168 bk117b1 C-FRSK : STARS from Jul12, pictured
- N911LT
Air Evac Lifeteam N911LK
State of Ohio N117KC
7222 bk117b1 1990 C-FSKG : STARS from Jul11, B2 type
- N71570
- N212AE
- N296GL
7020 bk117a1 C-GBNH : Stars Aviation from Dec99
: STARS from Apr11; pictured
- N3928U
- N271
- N789JW
Eurocopter Canada C-GBNH
7028 bk117a1 1983 C-GCPH : Stars Aviation Canada from Nov01, B-2D type
: STARS from May11; pictured
- N3926D
heli transair.com D-HHTA
7218 bk117b1 C-GDGP : Stars Aviation from Jan91, B-1D type
: Stars Aviation; May04, conv to B-2D type
: STARS from Apr11
- N71579
20333 h145d2 2020 C-GFRG : Shock Trauma Air Rescue Service from Mar21; STARS Air Ambulance
Airbus Helicopters Canada C-GFRG
20230 h145d2 2018 C-GKLY : STARS Air Ambulance unveiled at Calgary base, pictured
Airbus Helicopters Canada C-GKLY
20248 h145d2 2019 C-GLLS : Shock Trauma Air Rescue Service from Jul19; STARS Air Ambulance
: pictured arriving at official presentation at homebase Saskatoon
: pictured (pic2)
Airbus Helicopters Canada C-GLLS
31277 aw139 2010 C-GLPI : Stars Aviation Jan11-Dec12
: STARS at Calgary, AB Dec12-Dec20, pictured
AgustaWestland USA N215YS
Eagle Copters Australasia VH-YXR
Babcock Australia VH-YXR
Australia Air Ambulances VH-YXR
41007 aw139 2008 C-GLPI : STARS May08-Nov10; pictured
AgustaWestland USA N126AW
AgustaWestland USA N480SM
Government of Australia VH-EZJ
Australia Air Ambulances VH-EZJ
41323 aw139 2012 C-GPCO : STARS at Calgary, AB from Jan13
AgustaWestland USA N503SM
21006 h145d3 2021 C-GWRC : STARS Aug21
Airbus Helicopters Canada C-GWRC

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