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    Year 1961 accidents

    List of helicopter accidents

    Aerospatiale Alouette II 5
    Agusta AB47 2
    Boeing-Vertol 107-ii 1
    Bristol Type 171 Sycamore 7
    Gyrodyne DSN / QH-50 DASH 1
    Hiller 360 1
    Piasecki H-21 1
    Piasecki PV-18 4
    Saunders Roe Saro P.531 1
    Sikorsky S-55 H-19 4
    Sikorsky S-58 H-34 22
    Sikorsky S-60 1
    Sud Aviation S-58 9
    Westland dragonfly 1
    Westland Scout 1
    Westland Wessex 4
    Westland Westminster 1
    Westland Whirlwind 20

    1961 107-ii 1 US N6671D : BV-107/II-1 prototype, c/n 1, reg N6671D, ff 24Oct60; retained by Boeing Vertol for civilian FAA certification trials; 219 total flight hours when suffered hard landing and burned, 11Nov61; w/o 27Nov61; airframe presumed scrapped.
    1961 ab47g-2 222 DE AS+389 : w/o 24.01.61 collision with AS+390
    1961 ab47g-2 223 DE AS+390 : w/o 24.01.61 Collision with AS+389
    1961 ch-126 58-161 CA 9631 : del RCAF as H-34A 9631, 03Nov55; xfer 448 Sqn; fitted out with VIP interior circa 1957; xfer 111 Communications Unit, 1957; transported Princess Margaret during 1958 Canadian Tour; w/o 17Apr61, [also reported w/o 26Jun61].
    1961 hr.3 wa/h/053 UK WG722 : Eglinton Stn Flt/918-GN by Oct 1958; 705Sq/530 by Sep 1960, w/o after forced landing near Helston 24 May 1961.
    1961 qh-50a DS-1007 US 001007 : Gyrodyne DNS-1 c/n DS-1007, ff?; del USN as DNS-1 001007 Nov60; having served for only 2 months, this aircraft was lost during OPTEVFOR evaluations aboard the USS HAZELWOOD (DD-531) at Key West, Florida on 27Feb61.
    1961 h-21b B-129 US 53-4379 : USAF H-21B; w/o Jul61 during search mission in mountains NW of Denver, CO. Totally destroyed by impact. 55-4218 is preserved as this at the Lowry Heritage Museum/Wings Over the Rockies Air and Space Museum.
    1961 ch-25a 021 US 147589 : xfer to USN 29apr58; w/o 24may61
    1961 ch-25a 030 US 147584 : xfer to USN 28apr58; w/o 6sep61
    1961 ch-25a 032 US 147598 : xfer to USN 24apr58; w/o 12sep61
    1961 ch-25a 034 US 147599 : xfer to USN 24apr58; w/o 11dec61
    1961 H-34A SA.17 FR SA.17 : Sikorsky H-34A c/n 58-567; del as components to Sud Aviation, c/n SA.17, 15May57; del France Armee de lAir as SA.17, 15May57; to Helisa 58 to test sand filters, unk; accident 23May60; destroyed by fire, 27Aug61.
    1961 H-34A SA.28 FR SA.28 : Sikorsky H-34A c/n 58-693; del as components to Sud Aviation, c/n SA.28, 02Oct57; del France Armee de lAir as SA.28, 02Oct57; w/o accident 15Jul61.
    1961 H-34A SA.31 FR SA.31 : Sikorsky H-34A c/n 58-729; del as components to Sud Aviation, c/n SA.31, 15Nov57; del France Armee de lAir as SA.31, 15Nov57; [coded 37.F.1?, unk]; coded GV, unk; w/o accident 20Apr61.
    1961 H-34A SA.61 FR SA.61 : Sud Aviation, H-34A, c/n SA.61; del France Armee de l'Air as SA.61, unk; w/o 24Nov61.
    1961 H-34A SA.77 FR SA.77 : Sud Aviation, H-34A, c/n SA.77; del France Armee de l'Air as SA.71, unk; xfer EH 2/58, unk; w/o 04Mar61.
    1961 H-34A SA.82 FR SA.82 : Sud Aviation, H-34A, c/n SA.82; del France Armee de l'Air as SA.82, unk; w/o 07Aug61.
    1961 H-34A SA.87 FR SA.87 : Sud Aviation, H-34A, c/n SA.87; del France Armee de l'Air as SA.87, unk; xfer EH 1/58, 58-LR, unk; w/o 10Mar61.
    1961 H-34A SA.94 FR SA.94 : Sud Aviation, H-34A, c/n SA.94; del France Armee de l'Air as SA.94, unk; xfer EH 1/58, 58-LI, unk; w/o 30Jun61.
    1961 h-34a 58-398 FR SKY.398 : Sikorsky H-34A c/n 58-398; del France Armee de lAir as SKY.398, 08Jan57; w/o accident 18Sep61.
    1961 h-34g.i 58-583 DE AS+342 : Sikorsky H-34G.I, c/n 58-532, ff?; del W. Ger Luftwaffe as AS+342, 24Jul57, w/o 19Jan61.
    1961 h-34g.i 58-854 DE PB+??? : w/o 18feb61
    1961 HO4S-1 55-009 US 5509 : USCG; ex 125509; w/o 29jun61 MA all killed
    1961 HO4S-2 55-320 CA 55320 : HO4S-2; RCN d/d 19dec52; 1955 conv to HO4S-3; w/o 10jul61 ditched off the South Carolina coast. Crew recued by USS Van Vooris (DE 1028)
    1961 HO4S-3 55-746 US 1310 : w/o 25apr61
    1961 HO4S-3 55-886 CA 55886 : HO4S-3; RCN d/d 25aug55; w/o 22sep61 crashed into trees near Aspen Cove, Newfoundland while ferrying fire fighters
    1961 hss-1 58-203 US 140138 : From Flight Logbook of Ltjg Phillip W. Wolfe, pilot, HS-2: "DITCHED AT SEA DUE TO ENGINE FAILURE" Flight was a routine ferry mission to an aircraft carrier at sea. Engine shutdown at altitude. Autorotate to suface. Aircraft lost. 2 pilots, 1 crew chief, 1 pax (Navy doctor) safely rescued.
    1961 hss-1 58-445 FR 445 : w/o 17jan61
    1961 hss-1 58-611 AR 0407 : Sikorsky HSS-1, c/n 58-611, ff?; del Argentina Navy as 0407, 15Oct57; coded 2-HT-10; officially placed in service as 2-HP-1, 19Dec58; recoded 2-HP-406, crashed during rescue flight, 05Jun59; repaired & recoded 2-H-10, 1960; recoded 2-HT-21, unk; destroyed in pre-flight fire, 25Apr61.
    1961 hss-1 58-874 US 145672 : w/o 18apr61 at NAWS China Lake. HSS-1N type
    1961 hss-1 SA.131 FR SA.131 : Sud Aviation HSS-1 c/n SA.131, ff?; del France Aeronavale as SA.131, 131, unk; xfer 32F, unk; w/o 06Jun61.
    1961 hss-1n 58-1374 NL 139 : Map BuNo 149132. w/o Moray Firth 25oct61
    1961 hus-1 58-1176 US 148063 : Sikorsky HUS-1, cn 58-1176, ff:? del USMC as HUS-1, 148063, unk; redesig UH-34D, Oct62; xfer US Army as 55-5247, unk; xfer Air America as H-G, umnk; w/o Laos, 30May61.
    1961 hus-1 58-459 US H-D : xfer Air America as H-D, 20Dec60; lost in Laos 22Jan61.
    1961 hus-1 58-489 US H-C : xfer Air America as H-C, 20Dec60; lost in Laos, 21Oct61.
    1961 hus-1 58-490 US H-H : xfer Air America as H-H, 29Mar61; lost in Laos, 27Jul61.
    1961 hus-1 58-492 US H-I : xfer Air America as H-I, 29Mar61; lost in Laos, 19Apr61.
    1961 hus-1 58-517 US H-K : xfer Air America as H-K, 29Mar61; lost in Laos 15May61.
    1961 hus-1 58-713 US H-P : xfer Air America as H-P, 29Mar61; lost in Laos, 09Aug61.
    1961 hus-1 58-731 US H-Q : xfer Air America as H-Q, 29Mar61; lost in Laos, 05Apr61.
    1961 hus-1 58-770 US H-W : xfer Air America as H-W, 25May61; w/o in Laos, 18Jun61.
    1961 hus-1 58-837 US H-U : xfer Air America as H-U, 29Mar61; lost in Thailand, 03Oct61.
    1961 hus-1a 58-511 US 144656 : Sikorsky HUS-1A, cn 58-511, ff:1957; del US Navy as HUS-1A, 144656, 25Jun57; xfer USMC, HMX-1 for testing, unk; xfer HU-1 at NAAS Ream Field, CA, unk; w/o 27Jun61

    1961 s-58b 58-470 CA CF-LWC : Okanagan Helicopters; w/o 03apr61 went missing between Hopedale and Goose Bay with the pilot and six passengers on board. After the long search was called off and quite a while later a local Inuit trapper noticed a coloured item just below the surface of a lake. This was the S-58, it had had a sudden engine failure and had gone in with no survivors
    1961 s-58c 58-363 BE OO-SHK : Sikorsky S-58C, c/n 58-363, ff?; del to Sabena NV at the Sikorsky Aircraft Corp. plant, Bridgeport, CT, 10Oct56?; del to Sabena NV, Brussels, 24Oct56?; arrived at Brussel-Melsbroek, 07Nov56?; registered OO-SHK, Sabena NV, Brussels, 26Nov56?; w/o in service 05May61.
    1961 S-60 60-001 N807 : being restored by the Connecticut Air and Space Center in Stratford, CT
    1961 Saro P.531 s2/5267 UK XN333 : to Arbroath (A2519) by May 1962; Lee by Jan 1964; Middle Wallop fire dump.
    1961 ah.1 S2/8440 UK XP188 : w/o 19may61
    1961 se3130 1254 SE 02105 : 1254/C102 Hkp2 type, Marinen 2HD /105; w/o 31aug61
    1961 se3130 1423 BE A07 : Belgian Army c/n 1423/C196; 09jun61 w/o
    1961 se3130 1446 DE PJ-333 : PA-139; w/o 28.05.1961
    1961 se3130 1447 DE PJ-331 : w/o 14.04.1961 Heuberg/Stetten
    1961 se3130 1574 DE PG-133 : w/o 12.07.1961 Kassel
    1961 Sycamore 4 13146 AU XD654 : Ditched alongside RN HMS Hermes while operating from HMAS Sydney near the Cocos Islands and w/o 4 March 1961.
    1961 Sycamore 4 13224 UK XE322 : w/o 20 Mar 1961, crashed in river in Malaya after aborted take off, while with 110 Sq
    1961 Sycamore 4 13245 UK XG500 : Tail rotor failure on landing 14 Dec 1961, a/c abandoned in place nr Bender LZ, Somalia while with 225 Squadron.
    1961 Sycamore 4 13375 UK XG521 : w/o 13 Oct 1961, crashed at RAF Aldergrove, while serving with 118 Squadron (replaced temporarily by XG544).
    1961 Sycamore 4 13376 UK XG522 : w/o 4 Apr 1961, crashed in Pahang State, Peninsular Malaysia, while attempting jungle take off, with 110 Sq.
    1961 mk.52 13458 DE AS+319 : 17 Mar 1961 w/o during flight between Celle and Faßberg, crashed nr Hermannsburg.
    1961 mk.52 13467 DE SC+210 : ex WGAF, to SNS / SC+210; w/o 25 May 1961
    1961 uh-12b 546 UK XB517 : w/o 01jun61
    1961 has.1 wa 16 UK XM835 : to Arbroath (A2516) from c , still Jul 1968 and scrapped 1970.
    1961 has.1 wa 20 UK XM839 : 700Sq(H)Sq/512 by Mar 1961, ditched and sank off Falmouth 22 Sep 1961, recovered to Lee for AIU. soc Oct 1961. Fleetlands dump by Aug 1965.
    1961 has.1 wa 35 UK XM876 : ditched in N Atlantic during night exercise while temporarily embarked on USS Essex (CVS-9), with 819 Sq/321 on 27 Nov 1961.
    1961 has.1 wa 36 UK XM915 : 700Sq(H) Sq IFTU/512 by Oct 1961 briefly, 819 Sq/321 by Oct 1961. Ditched and sank 10 Oct 1961.
    1961 Westminster wa1 UK G-APLE : ff 15 Jun 1958, registered as G-APLE 27 Feb 1959. De-registered 29 Sep 1960 and scrapped by Coley.
    1961 har.1 wa 7 UK XA867 : to Protector Flt/940 by Aug 1961, until crashed and w/o, on Greenwich Island 14 Dec 1961.
    1961 har.2 wa 96 UK XJ725 : Westland Whirlwind HAR.2, c/n WA96, ff:19Dec55; del Royal Air Force as XJ723, 03Jan56; w/o 11Oct61.
    1961 har.2 wa108 UK XJ762 : On load to de Havilland to be re-engined with single prototype Gnome H.1000 and ff as such during Mar 1959.
    1961 har.2 wa111 UK XJ765 : JEHU/8 by 1956, JHU/8 by Oct 1956, Suez assault 6 Nov 1956
    1961 har.2 wa152 UK XL113 : Westland Whirlwind HAR.2, c/n WA152, ff: 16Nov56; del Royal Air Force as XL113, 10Dec56; w/o 05Aug61.
    1961 har3 wa 67 UK XG572 : Westland Whirlwind HAR.3, c/n WA67, ff: 09Sep55; del Royal Navy FAA as XG572, 14Sep55; w/o 28Nov61; scr Culdrose, UK, unk.
    1961 har3 wa 73 UK XG578 : Westland Whirlwind HAR.3, c/n WA73, ff: 29Mar56; del Royal Navy FAA as XG576, 16Apr56; w/o 07Dec61; b/u for spares, unk.
    1961 har3 wa 75 UK XG580 : Westland Whirlwind HAR.3, c/n WA75, ff: 24Oct55; del Royal Navy FAA as XG580, 02Nov55; w/o 27Apr61.
    1961 has7 wa216 UK XL854 : Westland Whirlwind HAS.7, c/n WA216, ff: 17Apr58; del Royal Navy Fleet Air Arm as XL854, 30Apr58; w/o 05Sep61.
    1961 has7 wa223 UK XL873 : Westland Whirlwind HAS.7, c/n WA223, ff: 23May58; del Royal Navy Fleet Air Arm as XL873, 03Jun58; w/o 31Jul61.
    1961 has7 wa226 UK XL876 : Westland Whirlwind HAS.7, c/n WA226, ff: 26Jun58; del Royal Navy Fleet Air Arm as XL876, 03Jul58; w/o 20Mar61.
    1961 has7 wa229 UK XL879 : wreckage to RNEC Manadon. Burnt during at an Open Day.
    1961 has7 wa261 UK XM683 : Jan 1960 to 848 Sq / T-B at Sembawang; ditched off HMS Bulwark while operating off Borneo 26 May 1961
    1961 has7 wa272 UK XN260 : Westland Whirlwind HAS.7, c/n WA272, ff: 24Aug59; del Royal Navy Fleet Air Arm as XN260, 21Sep59; w/o 01May61.
    1961 has7 wa281 UK XN301 : Jan 1960 to 848 Sq / M-B; 21 Nov 1961 ditched off HMS Bulwark during a formation landing, whilst in Hong Kong Harbour
    1961 has7 wa283 UK XN303 : HAS.7 824Sqn/333-R Feb 1960, replacing XL849 on unit strength, /333-C from Apr 1961 until ditched and sank off Malta while operating from HMS Centaur on 20 Apr 1961.
    1961 has7 wa292 UK XN312 : 814Sq/281-H by Apr 1960. Ditched and sank during approach to HMS Hermes, S of Hong Kong on 3 Feb 1961
    1961 has7 wa303 UK XN357 : HAS.7 May 1960 to 719 Sq / 626, until ditched and sank c 12nm ESE of Torr Head, NI on 7 Feb 1961
    1961 has7 wa313 UK XN383 : Westland Whirlwind HAS.7, c/n WA313, ff: 10Jun60; del Royal Navy Fleet Air Arm as XN383, 27Jun60; w/o 16Jan61.
    1961 srs.1 wa 32 LN-ORL : del Hvalfangstselskapet Globus Norway as LN-ORL, 1954?; w/o 01Jan61.
        86 C/N found.

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