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    RN - Royal Navy

    List of Operations of Fleet Air Arm

    11-jun-2113-jun-21 West CornwallG7 Summit 2021
    15-may-2103-jun-21 Outer Hebrides, UKFormidable Shield 2021
    21-sep-2015-oct-20 Scotland and Western IslesExercise Joint Warrior 20-2
    24-feb-20IT Catania - SicilyDynamic Manta 2020
    05-oct-1917-oct-19 Scotland and Western IslesExercise Joint Warrior 19-2
    09-jun-1921-jun-19DE Baltic SeaBALTOPS 19
    30-mar-1911-apr-19 Scotland and Western IslesExercise Joint Warrior 19-1
    26-feb-1908-mar-19IT SicilyDynamic Manta 2019
    21-dec-1822-dec-18 Lower Thames EstuaryOperation Buckthorn
    04-dec-1807-dec-18CL ValparaisoExpoNaval 2018
    10-oct-1803-nov-18OM Duqm Port and Ras MarkazExercise Saif Sareea 3
    23-may-1806-jun-18NL Gilze-Rijen Air BaseAPROC 2018
    06-sep-17AI Caribbean IslandsHurricanes Irma, Jose and Maria Relief Operations
    01-aug-1710-aug-17 Scotland and the Western IslesExercise Saxon Warrior 17
    26-mar-1706-apr-17 Scotland and Western IslesExercise Joint Warrior 17-1
    31-jan-1702-feb-17BH Manama, Persian GulfExercise Unified Trident
    20-jan-1703-feb-17FR LandivisiauOperation Skinners Gold
    09-oct-1621-oct-16 Scotland and Western IslesExercise Joint Warrior 16-2
    20-sep-1624-mar-17 Mediterranean, Red Sea, Gulf of Aden, Arabian Sea, Persian GulfJoint Expeditionary Force (Maritime) 2016
    19-feb-1622-mar-16NO Tr​øndelag, Central NorwayCold Response 2016
    03-oct-1506-nov-15ES Eastern N Atlantic and Northern MediterraneanExercise Trident Juncture 2015
    03-oct-1516-oct-15 Scotland and Western IslesExercise Joint Warrior 15-2
    22-jun-1501-apr-20LY Mediterranean watersOperation Sophia
    05-jun-1520-jun-15PL Poland, Baltic states and the Baltic SeaBALTOPS 15
    04-may-15 Mediterranean between Libya and SicilyOperation Weald
    11-apr-1524-apr-15 Scotland and Western IslesExercise Joint Warrior 15-1
    17-mar-1518-mar-15 Browndown and the SolentStaff College Sea Days 2015
    02-dec-1405-dec-14CL Concon, ValparaisoExponaval 2014
    07-nov-1421-nov-14OM Gulf of Oman, Arabian Sea and Red SeaInternational Mine Counter Measures Exercise 2014
    13-oct-14SL Kerry Town, FreetownOperation Gritrock
    08-oct-1418-oct-14 Scotland and Western IslesExercise Joint Warrior 14-2
    14-sep-14IQ Iraq and SyriaOpération Chammal
    06-jun-1421-jun-14 baltic seaBALTOPS 14
    31-mar-1411-apr-14 Scotland and Western IslesExercise Joint Warrior 14-1
    08-nov-13RP whole archipelagoTyphoon Haiyan relief operations
    07-oct-1317-oct-13 Scotland and Western IslesExercise Joint Warrior 13-2
    03-oct-1311-oct-13AU Sydney, NSWInternational Fleet Review Sydney 2013
    12-aug-13 Gulf, Red Sea and Horn of AfricaCougar 13
    25-may-1327-may-13 LiverpoolBattle of the Atlantic 70th Anniversary
    17-apr-1223-apr-12US New Orleans, USANOLA Navy Week
    25-oct-1128-oct-11 Gosport, UKStaff College Sea Days 2011
    01-jul-1103-jul-11NL Den Helder, Netherlandsnaval days 2011 (marinedagen)
    18-may-1120-may-11SG Changi Exhibition Centre, SingaporeIMDEX Asia 2011
    27-mar-1131-oct-11LY off LIbyaOperation Unified Protector
    22-feb-11LY Benghazi and TripoliOperation Deference
    12-jun-1002-jul-10CA Bedford Basin, Halifax, NSFleet Review: 100th anniversary of Canadian Navy
    08-may-10US Western Atlantic and Eastern USA seaboardExercise Auriga 2010
    20-apr-1021-apr-10 Santander to PortsmouthOperation Cunningham
    31-dec-0931-dec-09 c 25 nm S of Isles of ScillyRescue from Trawler Trevessa
    05-oct-0923-oct-09 Scotland and Western IslesExercise Joint Warrior 09-2
    01-jan-09SO Horn of Africa and east coast of SomaliaCombined Task Force 151
    04-oct-0817-oct-08 Scotland and Western IslesExercise Joint Warrior 08-2
    07-sep-0825-sep-08 TurksHurricane Ike relief operations
    26-jun-0827-jun-08DE KielSAR Meet 2008
    04-jun-0715-jun-07 baltic seaBALTOPS 07
    18-jan-0718-jan-07 c 40nm SE of the LizardMSC Napoli rescue
    11-oct-0605-nov-06SL Sierra LeoneOperation Vela (Green Eagle)
    15-jul-0622-jul-06LB Beirut, LebanonOperation Highbrow
    01-jun-0602-jun-06NG Lagos, NigeriaFleet Review: 50th Anniversary of Nigerian Navy
    24-jun-0528-jun-05 Spithead, PortsmouthFleet Review: Trafalgar 200
    20-jun-0525-jun-05DE Kiel-Holtenau, GermanySAR meet 2005
    01-jan-05 Mediterranean SeaSNMG2
    01-jan-05 Eastern North AtlanticSNMG1
    12-nov-0413-nov-04CI AbidjanOperation Phillis
    18-aug-0418-aug-04 Lochhearnhead, ScotlandGlen Ogle (A85) landslide
    16-aug-0416-aug-04 Boscastle / Kastel BotrelBoscastle Flood Disaster
    19-mar-0330-apr-09IQ IraqOperation Telic
    05-may-02SO Gulf of Aden / Horn of Africa / east coast SomaliaCombined Task Force 150
    07-oct-0131-dec-14AF Kabul and Helmand ProvinceOperation Herrick
    24-aug-0127-aug-01 PortsmouthInternational Festival of Sea 2001
    03-jul-0017-jul-00MY Malaysia, Signapore and South China SeaExercise Flying Fish 2000
    07-may-0015-jun-00SL Sierra LeoneOperation Palliser
    15-sep-9915-dec-99 East Timor / Timor LesteOperation Langar
    24-oct-9801-nov-98HN Honduras and Nicaragua and adjoining areasOperation Tellar
    05-oct-9809-oct-98 Irish Sea / Cardigan BayExercise Lemon Shark
    28-aug-9831-aug-98 PortsmouthInternational Festival of Sea
    14-feb-9820-mar-98SL FreetownOperation Resilient
    01-may-9729-aug-97MS PlymouthOperation Caxton
    14-mar-9708-apr-97AL off DurresOperation Helvin
    21-dec-9602-dec-04BA Bosnia-HerzegovinaSFOR (stabilisation force)
    20-dec-9520-dec-96BA Bosnia-HerzegovinaIFOR (implementation force)
    09-aug-9531-aug-95MS PlymouthOperation Harlech
    04-oct-9406-oct-94NL Leeuwarden NetherlandsSAR meet 1994
    04-jun-9405-jun-94 Lee-on-SolentD-Day 50th Anniversary Flypast
    01-sep-9230-sep-92 Indian OceanOrient 92 deployment
    21-mar-9220-dec-95BA Bosnia-HerzegovinaUNPROFOR
    18-dec-9119-dec-91 Off IslayRescue from fishing ship Kartli
    29-apr-91BD Bay of BengalBangladesh Cyclone relief
    18-apr-9115-jul-91IQ Northern IraqOperation Haven
    16-aug-9010-mar-91IQ IraqOperation Desert Shield/Storm
    28-oct-8928-oct-89 25nm SE of Start PointRescue from mv Muree
    26-sep-8804-oct-88AU SydneyFleet Review: Australia Bi-centennial Naval Salute
    04-oct-8605-oct-86AU Port Jackson, Sydney, AustraliaFleet Review: 75th anniversary of RAN
    21-jun-8622-jun-86NL Den Helder, NetherlandsFleet days 1986
    17-apr-8602-may-86GI GibraltarOperation Clover
    22-jan-8630-jul-86 Turks and Caicos IslandsOperation Eschew
    17-jan-8624-jan-86YE Democratic Republic of South YemenOperation Balsac
    09-dec-8309-dec-83 off Larne, NIRescue from mv Antrim Princess
    05-nov-8326-mar-84LB BeirutOperation Offcut
    18-jun-8220-jun-82 South Thule, South Sandwich IslandsOperation Keyhole
    14-jun-82 South AtlanticAtlantic Patrol Task (South)
    14-apr-8226-apr-82 South GeorgiaOperation Paraquat
    02-apr-8217-jun-82 South AtlanticOperation Corporate
    19-dec-8120-dec-81 off Cornish coastUnion Star and the Penlee Lifeboat tragedy
    01-oct-80 Persian Gulf and Gulf of OmanArmilla Patrol
    30-aug-79DO Dominican RepublicHurricane David relief operations
    13-aug-7914-aug-79IE FastnetRescue from Fastnet Yacht Race
    20-feb-78NO Northern NorwayExercise Arctic Express 78
    25-nov-7719-dec-77 South AtlanticOperation Journeyman
    27-jun-7728-jun-77 Spithead, PortsmouthFleet Review: Silver Jubilee of HM The Queen
    29-mar-7526-apr-75VN South VietnamOperation Stella
    06-feb-7514-feb-75CY CyprusSeparation of Cypriot states
    25-jan-7525-jan-75 c 25nm SW of The Lizardmv Lovat rescue
    20-jul-7430-sep-74CY CyprusPartition of Cyprus
    16-jan-7416-jan-74 c 30 nm S of PlymouthRescue from ss Merc Enterprise
    07-jul-7212-jul-72 RNAS Lee-on-Solent, UK6th International Helicopter SAR Competition
    23-nov-7117-dec-71 Bay of BengalIndo-Pakistan war contingency
    31-oct-7131-oct-71MT RAF LuqaRAF Luqa tornado
    16-jun-7118-jun-71 RAF West Raynham, Norfolk5th International Helicopter SAR Competition
    19-nov-7011-dec-70BD East Pakistan cyclone reliefOperation Burlap
    02-nov-7015-nov-70MT Ph 1 off Malta, Ph2 off CyprusExercise Lime Jug
    14-may-7015-may-70 Little Sole BankRescue from tanker Tiskeri
    14-apr-7017-apr-70 South Pacific, Rio, MauritiusApollo XIII splashdown recovery
    01-aug-6931-jul-07 Northern IrelandOperation Banner
    26-jul-6929-jul-69 TorbayFleet Review: Ships of the Western Fleet
    04-may-6911-may-69 London Daily Mail Atlantic Air Race
    17-mar-69AI AnguillaOperation Sheepskin
    08-oct-6814-oct-68GI GibraltarOperation Diogenes
    20-sep-6813-oct-68AU Solomon Sea, Coral Sea and Shoalwater BayExercise Coral Sands
    25-oct-6627-oct-66 Arabian SeaOperation Fate
    01-mar-6625-jun-75 Mozambique ChannelBeira Patrol
    15-mar-6525-mar-65SG Andaman SeaExercise FOTEX 65
    06-aug-64GY Mahaicony CreekOperation White Horse
    23-jul-6423-jul-64 Central LondonTercentenary of the Royal Marines
    29-apr-6411-jun-64YE Aden / RadfanOperation Flamingo
    12-jan-6419-mar-64 Kenya, Tanzania, UgandaEast African Mutinies
    01-jan-6431-jan-64YE Aden / RadfanOperation Nutcracker
    08-dec-6211-aug-66MY North Borneo, Sarawak, Brunei and SabahKonfrontasi
    24-jul-6226-jul-62 South China SeaExercise FOTEX 62
    15-sep-6131-jan-62KE KenyaMombasa Flood Relief Operations
    01-jun-6131-aug-61KW KuwaitOperation Vantage
    08-jun-5717-jun-57US Hampton Roads, VAInternational Fleet Review, Virginia 1957
    01-may-5730-sep-58AU Christmas Island, Pacific OceanOperation Grapple
    31-oct-5606-nov-56EG Suez Canal ZoneOperation Musketeer
    15-jan-55 Northern Scotland and Orkney IslesOperation Snowdrop
    09-aug-53GR Ionian IslandsGreat Kefalonia Earthquake relief
    08-jun-5316-jun-53 Spithead, PortsmouthFleet Review: Coronation Review of the Fleet
    01-feb-5317-feb-53NL NetherlandsOperation WaNo
    03-oct-5203-oct-52AU Montebello Islands, off Western AustraliaOperation Hurricane
    01-jul-4831-jul-60MY Malay peninsulaOperation Firedog

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