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ZK-HAB uh-12b
ZK-HAC 2007 ec130b4
ZK-HAE 2002 as350b2 The Helicopter Line Ltd
ZK-HAG r66
ZK-HAH uh-12b
ZK-HAJ 1947 47b
ZK-HAS 369f
ZK-HAW 1983 bk117 Airwork NZ ,HeliLink
ZK-HBB 1968 206a
ZK-HBC A109a
ZK-HBC 1992 md520n
ZK-HBD 206b-3
ZK-HBG 1992 as350ba
ZK-HBH 1976 ht.2
ZK-HBK 212
ZK-HBK bk117b-1
ZK-HBO 206a
ZK-HBQ 1977 206b-3
ZK-HBQ raven II
ZK-HBQ 212 Oceania Aviation Ltd
ZK-HBR as350d The Helicopter Line Ltd
ZK-HBT 1983 as350b
ZK-HBT 2000 as350b3
ZK-HBV as350d
ZK-HBV 1980 as350d
ZK-HBZ 1993 beta
ZK-HCA 206a
ZK-HCB beta II
ZK-HCO 2004 raven II Air Safaris Helicopters
ZK-HCQ 1959 uh-12e
ZK-HCS Cabri G2
ZK-HCW 1962 107-ii
ZK-HDA 1982 412 Helicopters NZ Ltd
ZK-HDK as350b
ZK-HDL 1997 as350ba The Helicopter Line Ltd
ZK-HDM 1989 as350b
ZK-HDP 1989 300c
ZK-HDS Cabri G2
ZK-HDV 1980 as350d
ZK-HDY 412ep
ZK-HEA 2002 ec130b4
ZK-HEA 2006 ec130b4
ZK-HEE 2001 k-max
ZK-HEN bk117b-1
ZK-HEN 1992 md520n Heliventures New Zealand Ltd
ZK-HES 1979 as350d
ZK-HFC 206a
ZK-HFH 1999 as350b2
ZK-HFH bk117b-1
ZK-HFH as350b Helicopters NZ Ltd
ZK-HFL bk117b-1
ZK-HFO 1993 mariner
ZK-HFQ 222
ZK-HFS as355f2
ZK-HGF bk117b-1
ZK-HGH as350b Garden City Helicopters ,New Zealand Rescue Helicopters
ZK-HGU 1991 bk117b1 Airwork NZ ,Garden City Helicopters
ZK-HGW 2005 beta II HELiPRO NZ
ZK-HHL as332L1 Heli Harvest Ltd
ZK-HHV bk117a-4 HeliLink ,Airwork NZ
ZK-HHY 1974 369hs
ZK-HIB 1988 212 Oceania Aviation Ltd
ZK-HIC 1990 bk117b-1
ZK-HID 1978 212
ZK-HIF as350b New Zealand Rescue Helicopters
ZK-HIG as350b
ZK-HIG 1985 222ut
ZK-HII bk117b-1
ZK-HIP 1994 369f
ZK-HIU 1992 ab412sp
ZK-HIU 1989 bk117a-4 Vulcan Helicopters
ZK-HJC bk117b-1 Garden City Helicopters
ZK-HJD 2001 EC120B
ZK-HJG 1959 saro p.531
ZK-HJP 1990 as350b
ZK-HJQ as350d
ZK-HJV as350ba Helicopters NZ Ltd
ZK-HJW 1988 as350b
ZK-HKA bk117b-1
ZK-HKC as350b3 Advanced Flight
ZK-HKE 1976 206b-2 The Helicopter Line Ltd
ZK-HKE 1989 md500e
ZK-HKE 2006 beta II
ZK-HKL 1990 bk117b-1
ZK-HKN FH-1100
ZK-HKQ 1989 as350b
ZK-HKQ 1987 as350b
ZK-HKT 1990 as350b2 Airwork NZ
ZK-HKU 1979 as350d
ZK-HKW 1980 as350d
ZK-HKX 2004 ec130b4 Advanced Flight
ZK-HKX 2008 ec130b4 Advanced Flight
ZK-HKZ 1994 bk117b-1 New Zealand Rescue Helicopters ,Airwork NZ
ZK-HLF bk117b-1 HeliLink
ZK-HLH 2001 EC135P2
ZK-HLH 1977 206b-3
ZK-HLI as355f2
ZK-HLI bk117b-1
ZK-HLI 1990 bk117b-1
ZK-HLJ 1984 alpha
ZK-HLN bk117a-4 New Zealand Rescue Helicopters
ZK-HLN 1999 EC120B
ZK-HLS 1990 md500e
ZK-HLU 1977 206b-3
ZK-HLU bk117a-4
ZK-HLX as350b
ZK-HLY 1973 369hs
ZK-HLZ as350b2
ZK-HMD 1981 369d
ZK-HMT 2001 beta II
ZK-HNB bk117a-4 Airwork NZ
ZK-HND 1982 as350b Helicopters NZ Ltd
ZK-HNG 1973 212 Helicopters NZ Ltd
ZK-HNG 1992 as350b2
ZK-HNI 1975 212
ZK-HNI 1989 412sp Helicopters NZ Ltd
ZK-HNM 1982 as350b
ZK-HNO 212 Helicopters NZ Ltd
ZK-HNO 2009 aw139 Helicopters NZ Ltd
ZK-HNP 1983 as350b
ZK-HNP 1984 bk117a1 Airwork NZ
ZK-HNX as350b Helicopters NZ Ltd
ZK-HNY 407
ZK-HNY 1975 sa319b Helicopters NZ Ltd
ZK-HNZ 2007 aw139 Helicopters NZ Ltd
ZK-HON 1989 300c
ZK-HOQ 2014 beta II
ZK-HPE 2007 ec130b4
ZK-HPK 206b-3
ZK-HPV 2007 ec130b4
ZK-HPY 1974 369hs
ZK-HPZ 1981 as355f1 HeliLink
ZK-HQA 2008 II
ZK-HQC 1983 bk117a1 Airwork NZ
ZK-HQD 1985 bk117a3 Airwork NZ
ZK-HQJ bk117a3 Airwork NZ
ZK-HRC 1977 206l-1
ZK-HRD 1982 as350b
ZK-HRI 1989 bk117b-1 Airwork NZ
ZK-HRK 1982 as350b
ZK-HRL 206a
ZK-HRQ 1985 md500e
ZK-HRV 1993 as350b2 The Helicopter Line Ltd
ZK-HRX 412sp Oceania Aviation Ltd
ZK-HSE 1974 369HS
ZK-HSJ 1984 105cbs-2 New Zealand Rescue Helicopters
ZK-HSM as350b2 The Helicopter Line Ltd ,Heli Support NZ
ZK-HSN 2005 as350b2 The Helicopter Line Ltd ,Heli Support NZ
ZK-HSO 1997 as350b2 The Helicopter Line Ltd
ZK-HSP 1982 206b-3
ZK-HSP uh-1d
ZK-HSU 1969 206a
ZK-HSW 2002 ec130b4 Advanced Flight
ZK-HSW 2006 ec130b4 Advanced Flight
ZK-HSX uh-1h
ZK-HTB 1975 ht.2
ZK-HTF 1976 ht.2
ZK-HTK bk117b-1
ZK-HTL 1989 as350b1
ZK-HTN 2000 MD500E
ZK-HTQ Cabri G2
ZK-HTS 206b-2
ZK-HTV 1990 as350b
ZK-HUG as350b Garden City Helicopters
ZK-HUK 1966 ah.1
ZK-HUL 2008 aw139 Helicopters NZ Ltd
ZK-HUN 1973 47g-5
ZK-HUP bk117b-1 Helicopters Otago ,Airwork NZ
ZK-HUQ as355f2
ZK-HUS 1970 206a
ZK-HUV 1991 bk117b-1
ZK-HUV 206a
ZK-HVA 1989 105cbs-4
ZK-HVA 1999 md520n
ZK-HVC 1968 206a
ZK-HVD ah.1
ZK-HVD 2004 raven II
ZK-HVG Cabri G2
ZK-HVH 206a
ZK-HVK 1964 hu.5
ZK-HVK 1969 206a
ZK-HVN 427 HeliLink
ZK-HVQ 2001 EC120B
ZK-HVQ bk117a-4
ZK-HVU as350b Helicopters NZ Ltd
ZK-HVZ 2008 Cabri G2 Frontier Helicopters
ZK-HWA 1980 206b-3
ZK-HWH 2002 md520n
ZK-HWR 1996 beta II
ZK-HWV 1985 as350b
ZK-HXC 2001 beta II
ZK-HXL 1996 astro
ZK-HXW 2002 ec130b4 Advanced Flight
ZK-HXW 2006 ec130b4 Advanced Flight
ZK-HXW 1984 sa365n
ZK-HXW 2010 429 Advanced Flight
ZK-HXW 2013 429 Advanced Flight
ZK-HXX 1980 206b-3
ZK-HYB 1990 bk117b-1
ZK-HYC as350d
ZK-HYF 206a
ZK-HYG 206a
ZK-HYI 206a
ZK-HYK 1965 ch-3c
ZK-HYL 1969 206a
ZK-HYM 1968 se3160 Heliquip International Limited
ZK-HYO bk117a-4 HELiPRO NZ
ZK-HYO 2004 as350b2 The Helicopter Line Ltd
ZK-HYO 1979 as350d HELiPRO NZ
ZK-HYP as350d
ZK-HYS 1978 as350b
ZK-HYS as350b2
ZK-HYT 105cbs-4
ZK-HYX sa365n
ZK-HYY 369d
ZK-HZD 222
ZK-HZD as350d New Zealand Rescue Helicopters
ZK-HZJ bk117b-1
ZK-HZJ as350b
ZK-HZK 1984 as350b
ZK-HZL 1979 as350d
ZK-HZM as350b1 New Zealand Rescue Helicopters
ZK-HZN as350b New Zealand Rescue Helicopters
ZK-HZX uh-1h
ZK-HZZ 1980 as350d
ZK-HZZ as350b
ZK-HZZ 2000 as350b3
ZK-IAG 1989 300c
ZK-IAJ 1972 205A-1
ZK-IAL s-76a New Zealand Rescue Helicopters
ZK-IAT beta North Shore Helicopter Training
ZK-IAX 1994 as350b2
ZK-IAZ 1990 as350b
ZK-IBC 2006 as350b2
ZK-IBG 1992 as350ba
ZK-IBK bk117b-1
ZK-IBM 206b-2
ZK-IBO 1989 105cbs-4
ZK-IBP 1989 105cbs-4
ZK-IBQ 1987 as350b HELiPRO NZ
ZK-IBT 1982 as350b
ZK-IBT ec135p2+ Advanced Flight
ZK-IBT 2004 as350b2
ZK-IBX ec130b4 Advanced Flight
ZK-ICD 1988 as350b1
ZK-ICT as355np Advanced Flight
ZK-IDE as350b3 Southern Lakes Helicopters
ZK-IDF as350b3
ZK-IDF 2004 as350b2
ZK-IDI 2007 as350b2 Heli Tours Ltd
ZK-IEA 2006 ec130b4
ZK-IEC 2010 ec130b4 Tasman helicopters
ZK-IED 1985 bk117a1
ZK-IEP 1994 as350b2 Heli Tours Ltd
ZK-IER 2003 as350b2 Heliventures New Zealand Ltd
ZK-IFB 1991 bk117b-1
ZK-IFR 2002 EC120B
ZK-IFX 1989 as350b Southern Lakes Helicopters
ZK-IFZ 2000 EC120B
ZK-IGG 2001 beta II
ZK-IGL EC135P2 North Shore Helicopter Training
ZK-IGM 2004 ec130b4
ZK-IGT 2007 ec145
ZK-IHE 2008 EC120B
ZK-IHJ ab139 Helicopters NZ Ltd
ZK-IHK aw139 Helicopters NZ Ltd
ZK-IHP 2008 aw139 Helicopters NZ Ltd
ZK-IHU r66
ZK-IIB 2013 Cabri G2 Frontier Helicopters
ZK-IIH Cabri G2
ZK-III 1999 md520n
ZK-IIJ ab212
ZK-IIJ Cabri G2
ZK-IIR 1990 bk117b1
ZK-IJH 1992 206l-3
ZK-IKA 1992 412hp Oceania Aviation Ltd
ZK-IKK 1984 105cbs-2
ZK-IKM 1980 s-76a New Zealand Rescue Helicopters
ZK-ILN 1990 as355f2
ZK-ILT 206l-3
ZK-IMB 206b-3
ZK-IMD 1995 md500e
ZK-IME bk117b-1 Helicopters Otago
ZK-IMG 2001 beta II
ZK-IMG 1984 alpha
ZK-IMJ as350b2 The Helicopter Line Ltd
ZK-IMO 1982 105cbs-2
ZK-IMS 2012 Cabri G2 Frontier Helicopters
ZK-IMX bk117b-1 Southern Lakes Helicopters
ZK-IMZ Cabri G2
ZK-ING 1964 269B
ZK-INI 1988 bk117b1 Airwork NZ
ZK-IPT bk117b-2 New Zealand Rescue Helicopters
ZK-IQL 1988 bk117b1 Airwork NZ
ZK-IRG 1998 beta II
ZK-IRH Safari
ZK-IRP 2009 427
ZK-IRS md520n
ZK-IRU 1995 bk117b-2 New Zealand Rescue Helicopters
ZK-ISJ s-76a New Zealand Rescue Helicopters
ZK-ISR 2008 aw119ke
ZK-ITF 2007 ec145
ZK-ITF h145 Advanced Flight
ZK-ITJ md500e
ZK-ITR 2006 aw119 HeliLink
ZK-ITW as350d Heli Support NZ
ZK-ITX 1995 md520n Oceania Aviation Ltd ,Rangitikei Helicopters
ZK-IUE 1968 UH-1E
ZK-IUL 2010 429 Advanced Flight
ZK-IUS 1974 369HS
ZK-IVB bk117a3 Airwork NZ ,Garden City Helicopters
ZK-IWG bk117b-2 Airwork NZ ,Helicopters Otago
ZK-IWI 1989 as350b2
ZK-IWI 2002 as350b3
ZK-IWI 1998 as350b3
ZK-IWL 1990 bk117b1 Helicopters Otago
ZK-IWL raven II
ZK-IXL ch-136
ZK-IXW 2010 429 Advanced Flight
ZK-IZD Cabri G2
ZK-IZG 1999 EC120B Advanced Flight
ZK-IZR 2014 Cabri G2 Tailwind Helicopters
ZK-IZU raven II Garden City Helicopters
ZK-IZZ as350b
ZK-RBB Dominator Single
ZK-RCE Dominator Tandem

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