Helicopter Serials


NZ New Zealand : ZK

ZK-HAB uh-12b
ZK-HAC 2007 ec130b4
ZK-HAE 2002 as350b2 The Helicopter Line Ltd
ZK-HAG r66
ZK-HAH uh-12b
ZK-HAJ 1947 47b
ZK-HAS 369f
ZK-HAW 1983 bk117 Airwork NZ ,HeliLink
ZK-HAY 206b-3
ZK-HBB 1968 206a
ZK-HBC A109a
ZK-HBC 1992 md520n
ZK-HBD 206b-3
ZK-HBG 1992 as350ba
ZK-HBH 1976 ht.2
ZK-HBK 212
ZK-HBK bk117b-1
ZK-HBN as350b1
ZK-HBO 206a
ZK-HBQ 1977 206b-3
ZK-HBQ raven II
ZK-HBQ 212 Oceania Aviation Ltd
ZK-HBR as350d The Helicopter Line Ltd
ZK-HBT 1983 as350b
ZK-HBT 2000 as350b3
ZK-HBV as350d
ZK-HBV 1980 as350d
ZK-HBZ 1993 beta
ZK-HCA 206a
ZK-HCB beta II
ZK-HCO 2004 raven II Air Safaris Helicopters
ZK-HCQ 1959 uh-12e
ZK-HCS Cabri G2
ZK-HCW 1962 107-ii
ZK-HDA 1982 412 Helicopters NZ Ltd
ZK-HDK as350b
ZK-HDL 1997 as350ba The Helicopter Line Ltd
ZK-HDM 1989 as350b
ZK-HDP 1989 300c
ZK-HDS Cabri G2
ZK-HDV 1980 as350d
ZK-HDY 412ep
ZK-HEA 2002 ec130b4
ZK-HEA 2006 ec130b4
ZK-HEE 2001 k-max
ZK-HEN bk117b-1
ZK-HEN 1992 md520n Heliventures New Zealand Ltd
ZK-HES 1979 as350d
ZK-HFC 206a
ZK-HFG 1975 212
ZK-HFH 1999 as350b2
ZK-HFH bk117b-1
ZK-HFH as350b Helicopters NZ Ltd
ZK-HFL bk117b-1
ZK-HFO 1993 mariner
ZK-HFQ 222
ZK-HFS as355f2
ZK-HGF bk117b-1
ZK-HGH as350b Garden City Helicopters ,New Zealand Rescue Helicopters
ZK-HGU 1991 bk117b1 Airwork NZ ,Garden City Helicopters
ZK-HGW 2005 beta II HELiPRO NZ
ZK-HHL as332L1 Heli Harvest Ltd
ZK-HHV bk117a-4 HeliLink ,Airwork NZ
ZK-HHY 1974 369hs
ZK-HIB 1988 212 Oceania Aviation Ltd
ZK-HIC 1990 bk117b-1
ZK-HID 1978 212
ZK-HIF as350b New Zealand Rescue Helicopters
ZK-HIG as350b
ZK-HIG 1985 222ut
ZK-HII bk117b-1
ZK-HIP 1994 369f
ZK-HIU 1992 ab412sp
ZK-HIU 1989 bk117a-4 Vulcan Helicopters
ZK-HJC bk117b-1 Garden City Helicopters
ZK-HJD 2001 EC120B
ZK-HJG 1959 saro p.531
ZK-HJP 1990 as350b
ZK-HJQ as350d
ZK-HJV as350ba Helicopters NZ Ltd
ZK-HJW 1988 as350b
ZK-HKA bk117b-1
ZK-HKC as350b3 Advanced Flight
ZK-HKE 1976 206b-2 The Helicopter Line Ltd
ZK-HKE 1989 md500e
ZK-HKE EC120B Christchurch Helicopters
ZK-HKE 2006 beta II
ZK-HKL 1990 bk117b-1
ZK-HKN FH-1100
ZK-HKQ 1989 as350b
ZK-HKQ 1987 as350b
ZK-HKT 1990 as350b2 Airwork NZ
ZK-HKU 1979 as350d
ZK-HKW 1980 as350d
ZK-HKX 2004 ec130b4 Advanced Flight
ZK-HKX 2008 ec130b4 Advanced Flight
ZK-HKZ 1994 bk117b-1 New Zealand Rescue Helicopters ,Airwork NZ
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