Helicopter Serials


SE Sweden : SE

SE-HAJ 2000 s-76c Norrlandsflyg AB
SE-HAV 1991 s-76c Norrlandsflyg AB
SE-HBA 1954 S-55 osterman helikopter
SE-HBB 1955 S-55 osterman helikopter
SE-HBE 1957 47h
SE-HBN 206a
SE-HCC 1959 47g-2
SE-HDM 1970 ka-26
SE-HDN 1957 se3130
SE-HEJ 2005 s-76c Norrlandsflyg AB
SE-HEP 1968 ab206a
SE-HFE 369hs
SE-HGE 1975 205A-1
SE-HGH 1968 206a osterman helikopter
SE-HGU ab206b-2
SE-HGX 1977 ab206b Patria Helicopters AB
SE-HGZ 1958 h-19d Norrlandsflyg AB
SE-HHY 1958 h-19d Norrlandsflyg AB
SE-HIA 1978 as350b
SE-HIF 1966 sioux
SE-HIM 1978 206b-3 osterman helikopter ,Rikspolisstyrelsen
SE-HJG 2008 as350b3 Scandinavian Helicopter Group
SE-HJJ 1985 206b-3
SE-HJK as350b2
SE-HJN 2008 as350b2
SE-HJR Cabri G2 northern helicopters
SE-HJS 2009 as350b2
SE-HJT 2008 EC120B
SE-HJY as350b2
SE-HKC 206l-1
SE-HKK 1980 ab206b osterman helikopter ,arctic air ab
SE-HLE 214B osterman helikopter
SE-HLT 1969 205A-1
SE-HMS 1977 205A-1
SE-HMT 1975 205A-1
SE-HMU 1969 sioux
SE-HNO 1979 369d
SE-HNS as350b
SE-HNU 1952 uh-12b
SE-HNZ 1985 md500e
SE-HOJ 2005 s-76c Norrlandsflyg AB
SE-HOL 206l
SE-HOM 1977 206b-3
SE-HON 1975 206b-2 osterman helikopter
SE-HOO 1976 280c osterman helikopter
SE-HOT 1968 ab206a
SE-HOU 1986 222ut osterman helikopter
SE-HOV 1986 222ut osterman helikopter
SE-HPG 47g-5 Rikspolisstyrelsen
SE-HPH 1973 206b-2 osterman helikopter ,Rikspolisstyrelsen
SE-HPI 1973 206b-2 osterman helikopter ,Rikspolisstyrelsen
SE-HPJ 1986 105cbs-4 SWT Aero AB
SE-HPK 1973 206b-2 osterman helikopter ,Rikspolisstyrelsen
SE-HPM 1980 206l-1 Rikspolisstyrelsen ,SWT Aero AB
SE-HPR 2001 EC135P2 Rikspolisstyrelsen
SE-HPS 2001 EC135P2 Rikspolisstyrelsen
SE-HPT 2001 EC135P2 Rikspolisstyrelsen
SE-HPU 2002 EC135P2 Rikspolisstyrelsen
SE-HPV EC135P2 Rikspolisstyrelsen
SE-HPX 2002 EC135P2 Rikspolisstyrelsen
SE-HPY 2002 EC135P2 Rikspolisstyrelsen
SE-HPZ 2003 EC135P2 Rikspolisstyrelsen
SE-HRA 1959 se3130
SE-HRB md500e
SE-HRO 1981 as350
SE-HRS 1987 as350b1
SE-HRV 1964 se3160
SE-HSA 1977 206l helikopter assistance ab
SE-HSC 300c
SE-HSF 222
SE-HSP sa315b
SE-HSV 1977 206l
SE-HTN 222
SE-HUA 1993 astro helikopter assistance ab
SE-HUF 1990 206l-3
SE-HUN 1974 sa341g
SE-HUO as350b
SE-HUS 1989 as350b1
SE-HUT 1986 as350b1
SE-HVH 1979 206l-1
SE-HVJ 1988 206l-3
SE-HVL 1983 412 osterman helikopter
SE-HVT 1979 205A-1
SE-HVX 1990 beta
SE-JAC 1986 as350b1 osterman helikopter
SE-JAE 1991 as365n2 helikopterservice ab
SE-JAG 1986 as350b1
SE-JAL 1991 mariner
SE-JAY 1985 300c
SE-JAZ as350b2
SE-JBC 1992 bk117b1 heliflyg ,osterman helikopter
SE-JBF md520n
SE-JBK 1986 bk117a3 heliflyg
SE-JBL 412sp
SE-JBS 1983 105cbs-2 SOS Helikoptern Gotland
SE-JBX as350b2
SE-JBY 1977 212
SE-JBZ bk117b-1
SE-JCB 1992 as350b2 Cassel Aero
SE-JCF 1973 212 osterman helikopter
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