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propulsion systems

Naval Engine


Combined diesel or gas ( CODOG ) is a type of propulsion system where for every propeller shaft there is one diesel engine for cruising speed and one geared gas turbine for high speed dashes.

Both types of engines are connected to the shaft with clutches, but only one system is driving the ship in contrast to CODAG-systems, which can use the combined power output of both.

  Used by

1965US Hamilton class coast guards W 2
1966DK Peder Skram class frigate FF 2
1968IT Alpino class frigate FF 2
1976BE Wielingen class frigate FF 2
1976BR Niteroi class frigate FF 2
1979DK Niels Juel class corvette FS 2
1979FR F70 ASW class destroyer DD 2
1981KR Ulsan class frigate FF 1
1981JP Ishikari class frigate FF 2
1982IT Maestrale class frigate FF 1
1982DE F 122 Bremen class frigate FF 1
1983JP Yubari class frigate FF 2
1989JP Abukuma class frigate FF 2
1990PT Vasco da Gama class frigate FF 2
1991NL Karel Doorman class frigate FF 1
1992CA City class frigate FF 2
1992GR Hydra class frigate FF 2
1993IT Durand de la Penne class guided-missile destroyer DDG 1
1993IL Sa'ar 5-class corvette FS 1
1994TH Naresuan class guided-missile frigate FFG 2
1994CN Type 052 class guided-missile destroyer DDG 2
1994DE F 123 Brandenburg class frigate FF 2
1995JP Kashima class support ship AO 2
1996AU Anzac class frigate FF 1
1997TH Chakri Narubet class aircraft carrier v stol CVS 2
2002NL De Zeven Provinciën class guided-missile destroyer DDG 2
2003KR Chungmugong Yi Sun Shin (KDX-II) class guided-missile destroyer DDG 2
2003DE F 124 Sachsen class guided-missile destroyer DDG 2
2005CN Type 052C class guided-missile destroyer DDG 1
2005US Sea Fighter class littoral combat ship LCS 2
2008FR Horizon class guided-missile destroyer DDG 2
2010IN Shivalik (Project 17) class frigate FF 2
2013KR Incheon class frigate FF 2
2014CN Type 052D guided-missile destroyer DDG 1
2017AU Hobart class guided-missile destroyer DDG 2

  In Service

BD Bangladesh Navy
US US Coast Guard
VN Vietnam Coast Guard
LK Sri Lanka Navy
NG Nigerian Navy
RP Philippine Navy
DK Royal Danish Navy
IT Italian Navy
BE Belgian Navy
BG Bulgarian Navy
BR Brazilian Navy
FR French Navy
JP Japanese Navy
KR Republic of Korea Navy
DE German Navy
PT Portuguese Navy
NL Royal Netherlands Navy
CL Chilean Navy
GR Hellenic Navy
CA Canadian Armed Forces
IL Israeli Navy
TH Royal Thai Navy
CN 中國人民解放軍海軍
AU Royal Australian Navy
NZ Royal New Zealand Navy
US US Navy
IN Indian Navy

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