Helicopter Accidents


Year 1998 accidents

List of helicopter accidents

Aerospatiale Alouette III 4
Aerospatiale AS350 Ecureuil 3
Aerospatiale AS355 ecureuil 2 2
Aerospatiale Gazelle 1
Aerospatiale SA360 Dauphin 1
Agusta A109 Hirundo 2
Bell 205 7
Bell 206 10
Bell 212 6
Bell 214 1
Bell 222 3
Bell 47 1
Boeing-Vertol 107-ii 1
Boeing-Vertol 107M H-46 Sea Knight 2
Dornier UH-1D 1
Eurocopter AS350 Ecureuil 1
Eurocopter EC135 1
F+W Emmen SA316B Alouette III 1
Kaman K-MAX 3
MBB Bo105 1
Mil Mi-24 Hind 1
Mil Mi-8/17 Hip (2nd Gen) 2
Mil Mi-8/17 Hip (3rd Gen) 1
Revolution Helicopter mini 500 1
Robinson R22 2
Sikorsky S-64 CH-54 1
Sikorsky S-70 H-60 8
Sikorsky S-76 1
Westland Lynx 3
Westland Sea King 2

1998 206a 08 Bell Helicopter N1369X : Bell 206A, cn8, ff:?; reg Bell Helicopters as N1369X, unk; conv 206B JetRanger II, unk;
C-GQKV : xfer Helico Air Services, Canada as C-GQKV, unk; w/o during post maintenance check flight, near Trenton, NS, 2 fatalities, 31Mar98.
1998 206a 549 Bell Helicopter N8157J : Bell 206A cn549, ff:?; reg Bell Helicopters as N8157J, unk
VH-PMO : xfer Australia as VH-PMO, unk; conv Bell 206B-2, unk
P2-PMO : xfer Papua New Guineu as P2-PMO, unk
VH-PMO : xfer Australia as VH-PMO, unk; w/o 13Feb98
1998 206a 86 TG-JET : Bell 206A cn86, ff:?; del Pinarsa, Guatemala as TG-JET, unk; w/o crashed due to engine fire ivo Rio Hondo, TX during ferry flight, 2 fatalities, 24Mar98.
1998 206b-3 2977 ERA Helicopters N228EH : ERA, noted 1985; w/o 15jun98
1998 206l-3 51286 N500SC : to N500SQ
N500SQ : to N96CW
US Helicopters Inc N96CW : US Helicopters from Apr96; 1998 pictured appear on the U.S. Marshals movie
US Helicopters Inc N96CW : w/o 25may98 adverse weather at Indian Trail, NC. 5 fatalities; canc Jan00
1998 212 30878 British Airways Helicopters G-BFJG : BAH 8-19 Sep78
Irish Helicopters EI-BFH : Irish Helicopters, to Nigeria
Bristow Helicopters Nigeria 5N-AJL : Bristow Nigeria; 30nov96 pictured at Faro, Portugal (ferry?)
Bristow Helicopters Nigeria 5N-AJL : w/o 30jun98 Inbound to Aker base, crashed at the mouth of river Niger after a mechanical failure. 5 of 9 fatalities
1998 212 35072 Policia Nacional de Colombia PNC-187 : Police, test serial C-FTKG; w/o 22mar98
1998 214B 28045 Lufttransport AS LN-OSP : Mørefly from 1980, ex N2757G
I-CODA : Elifly, Italy 1995-1996, lsd
Lufttransport AS LN-OSP : Lufttransport; w/o 05aug98 near Kunna, Meløy. 2 fatalities
1998 222 47087 Bell Helicopter N31764 : Bell 222A cn47087, ff:1983?; reg Bell Helicopters as N31764, 1983
N415J : xfer US as N415J, unk
N462 : xfer US as N462, unk
N213ML : xfer Action Helicopter Service Center as N213ML, unk; Crashed during take-off from Las Vegas Motor Speedway, 04Oct98.
1998 222B 47150 JA9658 : Bell 222B cn47150, ff:?; del Japan as JA9658, unk
N753JC : xfer US as N753JC, unk
State of California N911RA : xfer Rogers Helicopters as N911RA, unk; crash landed hard and rolled over when lost visual contact with the ground due to dust near Tranquility, CA, 29Jul98. w/o. .
1998 222ut 47545 Air Methods N222UH : Air methods Ambulance Jan86-Jun98; w/o 11jan98 near Sandy, UT. 4 fatalities
1998 47 254 US Army Aviation 51-2516 : US Army H-13D then OH-13D; to N755E
N755E : w/o 28sep98; 27mar99 pictured wreck near Jackson AP, TN
1998 a109a 7186 Carabinieri MM81104 : CC-86. w/o 14dec98 500 miles from Volpiano
1998 a109k2 10006 REGA HB-XWF : REGA from 1993 to w/o 15 July 1998 ; in 2005 seen in Rantoul USA at Dodson International parts
1998 as350 2346 Malawi Army Air Wing MAAW-H09 : Aerospatiale AS350L-1 Ecureuil, cn 2346, ff:?; del Malawi Army Air Wing as MAAW-H09, unk; w/o 08ul91; hulk rtnd France, rebuilt as F-WQEC, unk; to Norway as LN-OPX, unk; w/o 24apr98.
1998 as350b1 2086 F-GIHI : Helifrance; 07may88 pictured at Hannover; w/o 04jan98
1998 as355f1 5326 I-DEDA : to F-GIVX ntu, to G-PASK
G-PASK : Medical Aviation Services Ltd at Gloucestershire Jan/May 1996
UK Air Ambulances G-MASK : Medical Aviation Services Ltd at Gloucestershire May96-Dec98
UK Air Ambulances G-MASK : Kent Air Ambulance; w/o 26jul98 hit power cables near Burham. 3 fatalities
1998 105cbs-4 S-835 N41854 : test serial D-HFCS, to N297EH
ERA Helicopters N297EH : ERA Helicopters from Mar91; w/o 16jul98; canc Nov99
1998 ch-113 305 Royal Canadian Air Force (1945-1968) 10405 : BV-107II-9, cn 305, ff?; del RCAF as CH-113 Labrador 10405, 02Jul64; xfer CAF, reserialled 11305, 1968.
Canadian Armed Forces 11305 : xfer CAF, reserialled 11305, 1968; conv to SARCUP std, unk; suffered in-flight engine fire and crashed near Marsoui, Que, 02Oct98.
1998 CH-46A 2091 US Marine Corps 151941 : BV-107M, c/n 2091, ff?; del USMC 06Aug65 as CH-46A 151941; asgd Boeing FR, Morton, PA; to Navy
US Navy 151941 : xfer NATC Flight Test, NAS Patuxent River 12Aug65; redesig NCH-46A 13Aug65; asgd NATC Service Test; asgd NATC Flight Test 26Aug66; asgd NATC Service Test 31Oct66; asgd NATC Test Pilot School USNTPS 03Apr69; further unit xfers unk; conv CH-46D unk; xfer HC-8 /BR-54, unk; crashed & w/o 19Nov98.
US Navy 151941 : I was Detachment Chief, AECS AW NAC Garrity (RET)
1998 CH-46F 2536 US Marine Corps 156466 : BV-107M, c/n 2536, ff?; accepted BuWepsRep, FR, Morton, PA as CH-46F 156466 31Jul69; xfer HMMT-302 11Aug69; xfer HMM-161 19Jan72; further unit xfers unk; conv CH-46E unk; unit xfers unk; xfer HMM-364, PF-14, unk; wfu Dec89, SOC by Sep98.
1998 ch-54a 64-051 US Army Aviation 68-18449 : Sikorsky S-64A, c/n 64-051, ff?; del US Army as CH-54A 67-18449 unk; stor AMARC as HG000? unk; sold to Heavy Lift helicopters, Ketchikan, AK as N54KL, 1993; rereg N64KL, 1995; w/o in Yucca Valley, CA 18Jul98.
US Army Aviation 68-18449 : 1969-1976 295th Aviation Company at Finthen, Germany. It was one of ten A models assigned to the unit
Heavy Lift Helicopters N64KL : sold to Heavy Lift helicopters, Ketchikan, AK as N54KL, 1993; rereg N64KL, 1995; w/o in Yucca Valley, CA 18Jul98 during ferry flight. one rotor blade failed and separated in flight, causing explosion and crash, 3 fatalities.
1998 ec135p1 0019 N44NY : Debis Financial Services Inc at Norwalk, CT from Apr98; Aerial Films, electronic news gathering; w/o 03dec98 at Newark, NJ
1998 hb350b 1522 Helibras PT-HLX : Helibras c/n HB1033
YV-569CP : Venezuela, to France
F-GKDP : private; Jun97 noted at Issy-les-Moulineaux, Paris
F-GKDP : Helidan; w/o 29jul98 emergency landing and ditched at Quiberon Bay, Brittany. sunk
1998 hb350ba 2702 Helibras : Helibras c/n HB1171, Marinha UH-12 type
Força Aeronaval da Marinha do Brasil N-7079 : Marinha UH-12 type; w/o 15sep98 struck Rio Negro waters near Novo Airão, AM. 1 fatality
1998 hb355f2 5377 Helibras PT-HNB : Helibras c/n HB3003
PT-HNB : w/o 04jan98
1998 hh-60g 70-1301 US Air Force 88-26105 : USAF; 1994 210th RQS
US Air Force 88-26105 : USAF; 66th RQS w/o 04sep98 collided at night with 91-26359 on Combat Rescue School Nellis
1998 hh-60g 70-1727 US Air Force 91-26359 : USAF; 66th RQS w/o 04sep98 collided at night with 88-26105 on Combat Rescue School Nellis
1998 hh-60h 70-2265 US Navy 165154 : USN; from SH-60F; JA-51/VX-1 w/o 26sep98
1998 k-max A94-0009 HELOG HB-XHJ : Kaman K-1200 K-Max, c/n A94-0009, ff:1995; reg Kaman Aerospace as N161KA, 1995; del Helog AG, Switzerland as HB-XHJ, 16May95; crashed at Hindelang, Germany, 04Sep98; dereg 04Mar99.
1998 k-max A94-0022 N224GM : Kaman K-1200 K-Max, c/n A94-0022, ff: 1997; reg Kaman Aerospace Corp. as N224GM, 10Oct97; del Grizzly Mountain Aviation as N224GM, 03Nov97; w/o at La Grande, OR, 21Apr98.
1998 k-max A94-0023 N135KA : Kaman K-1200 K-Max, c/n A94-0023, ff: 1997; reg Kaman Aerospace Corp. as N135KA, 14Nov97; w/o at Bloomfield, CT, 27Jan98.
1998 has.2 005 Fleet Air Arm XZ230 : RN d/d 19oct76; conv has.3sgm
Fleet Air Arm XZ230 : 16 Oct 1976: joined 700(L) Sq for service trials
Fleet Air Arm XZ230 : Nov78 as 702Sqn /741 at Yeovilton
Fleet Air Arm XZ230 : 12Oct76 delivered 700L squadron, entered service 19Oct76 coded 741.VL; 03Jan78 702 Squadron coded 741.VL; 06Jan81 815 squadron coded 751.VL, noted as 301.PO 19Oct82
Fleet Air Arm XZ230 : 15Oct84 RNAY Fleetlands for 3 Conversion
Fleet Air Arm XZ230 : 15Jan86 NASU RNAS Yeovilton GM Conversion #1 (First ever - partially started at Fleetlands)
Fleet Air Arm XZ230 : 10Jul86 815 squadron, HMS Nottingham code not noted; 04Mar87 815Squadron, HMS Cardiff coded 335.CF; 14Aug87 829 Squadron, HMS Brazen coded 331.BZ; 14Jan88 829 Squadron; May88 noted RNAY Fleetlands; 27May88 815Squadron, HMS Jupiter coded 331.--, noted coded 443.JP 28Jun88; 10Jan89 AMG RNAS Portland coded 443.JP later 417.NM noted 07Mar89; 03Apr89 815Squadron HMS Nottingham coded 417.NM
Fleet Air Arm XZ230 : 03Sep90 815Squadron, HMS Cardiff coded 335.PO; 6 Kills during Desert Storm
Fleet Air Arm XZ230 : 14Mar91 AMG RNAS Portland coded 335.PO; 19Jul91 815Squadron uncoded
Fleet Air Arm XZ230 : 30Jan92 RNAY Fleetlands HAS3SGM conversion
Fleet Air Arm XZ230 : 29Jul92 829 Squadron, HMS Coventry coded 336 noted 30Nov92 coded 336.CV named "Jessica"; 26Mar93 transferred to 815Squadron HMS Coventry coded 336.CV named "Jessica"; 19May95 AMG RNAS Portland; 06Dec95 815Squadron, HMS Argyll coded 365.AY; 27Nov96 AMG RNAS Portland coded 365.AY; 12Mar97 815 squadron, HMS Westminster coded 462.WM named "Every one a Gem" 25Feb98 815Squadron coded 305.
Fleet Air Arm XZ230 : 02Nov98 Damaged beyond repair on HMS Newcastle when the flight deck was engulfed in sea water; Wreck later sold to Air and Ground Ltd at the dis-used airfield of Hixon-UK. Seen Mar10.
Fleet Air Arm XZ230 : Mar17 at RNAS Yeovilton; forms the core structure for the AW159 Wildcat Avionics Trainer (WAvT) element of the Maintenance Training Equipment (MTE) within the training service based at the Wildcat Training Centre
1998 ah1 155 Army Air Corps XZ610 : AAC; conv AH.7; 669 Sqn w/o 22dec98 near Sarajevo, Bosnia
1998 mk81 215 Westland G-17-31 : Westland toward 282
Marine Luchtvaartdienst 282 : NRN type:SH-14C; 22jun86 860Sqn./IS embarked Hr. Ms. Isaac Sweers F814. participated with Vlootdagen.
Marine Luchtvaartdienst 282 : 18jun89 pictured as /K SH-14C type at Biggin Hill Air Fair, UK
Marine Luchtvaartdienst 282 : 1990 860Sqn./K
Marine Luchtvaartdienst 282 : sep92 860Sqn. type:SH-14B
Marine Luchtvaartdienst 282 : 1994 860Sqn. type:SH-14D
Marine Luchtvaartdienst 282 : 1995 860Sqn.
Marine Luchtvaartdienst 282 : wa215 G-17-31 f/f 09apr81; w/o 10nov98 crashed
1998 mi-17 108M38 Ceskoslovenske VoJenske Letectvo 0838 : Sep91 pictured with 332 Letka Dopravnich Specialnich Vrtulniku at Prerov
Ceskoslovenske VoJenske Letectvo 0838 : CSAF to 1992 toward Czech Republic air force
Vzdušné síly AČR 0838 : CEF from 1993; 1994 51.VRP
Vzdušné síly AČR 0838 : w/o 25oct98 at Western Bosnia during SFOR mission, 3 fatalities
1998 Mi-171 Ejercito Ecuatoriano E-483 : Ejercito; w/o 25apr98

1998 mi-24v 730928 Ceskoslovenske VoJenske Letectvo 0928 : CSAF to dec92 toward Czech Republic air force
Vzdušné síly AČR 0928 : CEF from 1993
Vzdušné síly AČR 0928 : 23may93 11.VRP
Vzdušné síly AČR 0928 : 10nov98 w/o
1998 mi-8mtv-1 Ejercito del Peru EP-657 : Ejercito; w/o 14dec98
1998 mini 500 076 N500GH : w/o 29Nov98
1998 oh-58d 43296 US Army Aviation 92-00582 : US Army type:OH-58D(I) 92-0582; cnvt. from ex OH-58A 72-21061; 11dec98 w/o
1998 oh-58d 48625 US Army Aviation 96-0017 : US Army 96-00017; 17mar98 w/o
1998 r22 Armada Nacional de Colombia ARC-301 : Colombia Navy 301 d/d 1998; w/o 31jul98
1998 beta 2285 Policias Provinciales LQ-BJP : Police Serial B285, Crash 29-sep-98 at Adrogue, one killed.
1998 s-70a-28 70-1896 Türk Jandarma Teskilati J-1896 : Jandarma, type to be conf; w/o 27nov98
1998 s-70a-36 70-2396 Comando de Aviação do Exército EB-3004 : EB d/d 97 as HM-2 Black Hawk. w/o 13sep98
1998 s-76c 760419 Kaijō Hoan-chō JA6733 : Coast Guard from Feb95; w/o 20feb98 37km off Cape Esan, Kameda. 3 fatalities
1998 sa316b 152/1098 Schweizer Luftwaffe V-276 : Swiss Air Force
Schweizerische Eidgenossenschaft HB-XZM : Schweiz Eidgenossenschaft BAZL Jun/Sep 1993 during HB-XDE overhaul
Schweizer Luftwaffe V-276 : w/o 14May98
1998 sa316b 1717 Schweizerische Eidgenossenschaft HB-XDE : Schweiz Eidgenossenschaft from Oct70; BAZL from Feb80; w/o 13oct98
1998 sa341g 1225 N31PA : Savine Bussines Mach reg Feb75
N895SC : BT Equipment Leasing Inc reg Dec77
N31PA : General Air Transport Corp reg Feb78; May78 serial N7605B allocated but not taken; Oct82 pictured unk location
Coulson Aircrane C-FBRM : Coulson Aircrane Ltd reg Jun89; ; serial F-GHGO allocated but order cancelled and sold in Monaco as 3A-MPR
3A-MPR : P. Ravarino reg Apr93 w/o 07apr98 crashed after roll over whilst attempting to land in mountainous terrain in La Briguenv (near Nice)
1998 sa360 1006 N49505 : Island Helicopter Inc at Dover, DE Jan81-Apr92
F-GIHL : Héli Inter; w/o 23jan98 at Chantelle
1998 se3160 1165 Royal Australian Air Force A5-165 : RAAF 1 Air Trials Unit (1ATU) 1964-1967
VH-UPN : Australia Department of Supply 1967-1980, op by Shorts
Roberts Aircraft Company N605RA : Roberts Aircraft at Casa Grande, AZ Jul80
CC-CJR : Chile, rtn to N605RA
Roberts Aircraft Company N605RA : w/o 27aug98 firefighting
1998 se3160 1176 Aviation Légère de l'Armée de Terre 1176 : ALAT 6.GHL w/o 13may98
1998 se3160 1501 al quwwat al-jawwiya al-malakiya al-urduniya 315 : to austria as 3E-LB
Österreichische Luftstreitkräfte 3E-LB : Bundesheer; ex Jordanian 315; w/o 01jul98
1998 has.5 wa 897 Fleet Air Arm ZA136 : RN f/f 17jun81, d/d 05aug81
Fleet Air Arm ZA136 : noted as 826Sq/140 on 11mar82, en route Portsmouth
Fleet Air Arm ZA136 : HAS.5 826 Sq / 524 by Sep84; 814 Sq / 264 by Oct85; NASU CU by Feb87
Fleet Air Arm ZA136 : to RNAY Fleetlands Jun87 for HAS.6 conversion
Fleet Air Arm ZA136 : HAS.6 824 NAS / 253 by Apr88; 819 NAS / 706 by May89, 819 NAS / 706-PW by Aug90; 820 NAS / 015-L by Nov93; 706 NAS / (5)86 by Nov97; 820 NAS / 018-L by Dec 97
Fleet Air Arm ZA136 : 04sep98 ditched 13.5nm N of Sherringham after fire in rear cabin; Airframe recovered to Grimsby and then to Yeovilton; Cockpit section held at Yeovilton main fuselage to AESS at Gosport by Sep00
Fleet Air Arm ZA136 : Fuselage joined to forward section of 776 (?) at unknown date
Mayhem Paintball ZA136 : Mayhem Paintball, Essex; Fuselage (marked ZA136 / 18) mated to new forward section ; 15jun18 pictured
1998 mk41 wa 763 Marineflieger 89+59 : 89+59 was dropped into the north sea by a CH-53G due to problems during a transportation from Helgoland to Kiel w/o
1998 sh-60b 70-369 US Navy 161558 : USN; w/o 06mar98 near Crestline Monument Peak, California. 5 fatalities
US Navy 161558 : w/o 06mar98 with HSL-47, crashed near Crestline Monument Peak in California due to icing. The five occupants LT Mackey, LT Lee, LTJG Hillegas, LTJG Koontz and AW3 Daniel Garber were killed
1998 sh-60b 70-398 US Navy 162108 : USN; HSL-48 w/o 08aug98
1998 sh-60f 70-1587 US Navy 164102 : USN HS-7 /AC-615; w/o 29may98 crashed at NAS Fallon, Nevada. 1 fatality
1998 th-57b 3899 US Navy 163329 : USN E-172; w/o 03sep98
1998 th-57c 3711 US Navy 162032 : USN; w/o 01sep98
1998 th-57c 3717 US Navy 162037 : USN; w/o 01sep98
1998 UH-1D 8500 Heeresflieger 73+80 : HFR10 Somalia; w/o 02feb98 night flight exercise near Fassberg crashed into the Oerreler forest. 2 fatalities
1998 uh-1d 5030 US Army Aviation 65-09986 : US Army cnvt. to UH-1H toward N4590
Westwind Helicopters N4590 : Westwind Helicopters ex 65-9986, w/o 23Dec98
1998 uh-1d Fuerza Aerea de Chile H-75 : BuNo 65-09764 c/n 4808
Fuerza Aerea de Chile H-75 : fach d/d 1966; w/o nov98 Iraq
1998 uh-1d Fuerza Aerea de Chile H-78 : fach d/d 1993; w/o nov98 Iraq
1998 uh-1h 10064 Fuerza Aerea de Chile H-82 : fach d/d 1967; 67-18561; w/o nov98 Iraq
1998 uh-1h 12962 Fuerza Aerea de Venezuela 1686 : FAV d/d 1974; BuNo 71-20138; w/o 17jul98 at Cuturi, Apure
1998 uh-1h 18015 Fuerza Aerea Paraguaya H-030 : Paraguay d/d Oct96, ex Taiwan; w/o 01apr98
1998 uh-1h 9432 Fuerza Aerea de Chile H-79 : fach d/d 1993; BuNo 67-17234; w/o nov98 Iraq
1998 UH-1N 31022 US Air Force 69-6616 : 36 RQF (Rescue Flight) w/o 05jun98
1998 UH-1N 31439 US Marine Corps 158770 : conv to HH-1N; US Navy; SAR NAWS China Lake NWC, California as /018; w/o 18feb98 struck a wire and crashed at California Sequoia National Forest. 5 fatalities
1998 UH-1N 31689 US Marine Corps 159682 : HMM-262 HMLA-367 ET-40. w/o 23jul98 USS Belleau Wood (LHA-3). c/n not confirmed
1998 UH-1N 31733 US Marine Corps 160441 : USMC; YX-632/HMM-166 w/o 16sep98
    74 C/N found.

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