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    Requirements and training for firefighters


    Pennsylvania Guards Water Bucket Training, 16-Jun-21 : #firefighting Pennsylvania Army National Guard Black Hawk and Chinook helicopters completed firefighting water bambi bucket training at Fort Indiantown Gap

    Delivery of Two Firehawk to Ventura County, 07-Jun-21 : #Firehawk United Rotorcraft, part of Air Methods, delivered to California Ventura County 2 ex-army HH-60L Black Hawk helicopters customized in Firehawk configuration with 1,000-gallon water tank

    Edison Leasing Firefighting Helicopters, 21-May-21 : #firefighting Electricity supply company Southern California Edison (SCE) contributing $18M to lease 3 Coulson-Unical CH-47 Chinook Helitanker firefighter helicopters

    NY Forest Rangers Training with Guards Black Hawk, 16-May-21 : #firefighting New York and Connecticut Army National Guard Black Hawk aircrews teamed up with New York Department of Environmental Conservation Forest Rangers for helicopter wildfire fighting training

    Columbia and Aurora to Enhance Aerial Firefighting, 06-May-21 : #firefighting Columbia Helicopters and Aurora Flight Sciences (Boeing) signed memorandum of understanding (MoU) to design an enhanced pilot situational awareness (EPSA) degraded visual environment (DVE) flight capability for aerial firefighting

    05-May-21 - H215 Super Puma Firefighters in Chile #firefighting
    19-Apr-21 - Firecat Super Puma in USA #firefighting
    05-Apr-21 - Erickson Firefighting in Greece #Greece
    30-Mar-21 - Erickson S-64 and Bell 214 for Firefighting #firefighting
    24-Mar-21 - Columbia Multi-Mission Helicopter Program #Chinook
    23-Mar-21 - Night Approval for Canadian AS365 Firefighter #firefighting
    19-Mar-21 - California Guards Crews Honored by HAI #firefighting
    18-Jan-21 - Kestrel Aviation Against Australia’s Bushfires #firefighting
    25-Nov-20 - New Forest Service Base at Payson Ranger District #firefighting
    14-Nov-20 - SkyLife in the California Wildfires #wildfires
    30-Oct-20 - Firefighting Testing of Mi-8AMT in Indonesia #firefighting
    29-Oct-20 - Kestrel Ready for Australia’s Fire Season #firefighting
    14-Oct-20 - Miami-Dade Firefighters First AW139 #firefighting
    10-Oct-20 - Santa Barbara County New Firehawk #firefighting
    09-Oct-20 - Chinook Firefighter for SCE and Orange County #firefighting
    24-Sep-20 - GHS Forest Fire Training in the Alps #firefighting
    22-Sep-20 - Baden-Wuerttemberg Police Now in Firefighting #firefighting
    02-Sep-20 - RAF Trainer Griffin Now is Firefighter in Canada #firefighting
    30-Aug-20 - Idaho National Guard Against California Wildfires #firefighters
    24-Aug-20 - AFDAU-T1 Tracker for Aerial Firefighters #firefighting
    11-Aug-20 - New Helicopter Express 407HP Firefighter #firefighting
    30-Jul-20 - Volga-Dnepr Delivers Two Mi-8 for Malaysian Firefighters #VolgaDnepr
    13-Jul-20 - Fire Aboard USS Bonhomme Richard #shipfire
    10-Jun-20 - Helinet Adds Black Hawk for California Firefighting #firefighting
    20-May-20 - US Forest Service Contract for K-MAX #wildfires
    14-May-20 - NY Guards Chinook in Water Bucket Training #firefighting
    27-Feb-20 - Aerial Firefighting AFF North America 2020 #firefighting
    28-Jan-20 - Goodrich Rescue Hoist for Firehawk Heli-Expo 2020
    24-Jan-20 - AEM Loudspeaker System for S-70i Firehawk #Loudspeaker
    22-Jan-20 - High-Altitude High-Precision Aerial Firefighting #firefighting
    11-Jan-20 - More Erickson S-64 Air Crane Ordered #firefighting
    10-Jan-20 - Operation Bushfire Assist 2019-2020 #bushfires
    08-Jan-20 - Kiwi NH90 Deployed Against Australia Bushfires #Bushfires
    08-Jan-20 - Singapore Chinooks Joins Australia Bushfires Fight #AustraliaBushfires
    10-Dec-19 - Three New Firehawk Helicopters for California #firefighting
    09-Dec-19 - Helitak FireCat for Austrian Super Puma #firefighting
    02-Dec-19 - 10,000 Flight Hours for Australian EC135 Trainers #FlightHours
    02-Dec-19 - Four AW139 for Miami-Dade Firefighters #MiamiDade
    26-Nov-19 - Erickson Delivered K7 to Korean Forest Service #firefighting
    11-Nov-19 - NPAS Fire and First Aid Training #firefighting
    10-Nov-19 - LA County Firehawk to be Honored at Heli-Expo 2020 Heli-Expo 2020
    04-Nov-19 - Bambi Max and Sling Dragon Firefighting Demo #firefighting
    04-Nov-19 - ADS-B for LA County Firefighting Helicopters #ADSB
    30-Oct-19 - Internal Fire Attack System for Black Hawk #BlackHawk
    16-Oct-19 - Russia Offers Upgrade Ka-32A11M to South Korea #Ka32A11M
    08-Oct-19 - SEI Industries Finalist for BC Export Awards #exporting
    03-Oct-19 - DART Aerospace Acquires Simplex Aerospace #firefighting
    01-Oct-19 - Firefighting in Australia with the Bell 412 #Bell412
    25-Sep-19 - DART Rappel Kit Approved for US Forest Service ELAM #firefighting
    11-Sep-19 - Airbus Foundation Against Amazon Fires #AmazonFires
    07-Sep-19 - 900-Gallon Tank for Commercial Black Hawk Firefighter #BlackHawk
    26-Jul-19 - Three Firefighters Ka-32 Delivered to Turkey’ Kaan Air #firefighting
    23-Jul-19 - UCSD WIFIRE Monitoring on Coulson Firewatch S-76 #WIFIRE
    29-Jun-19 - Bambi Max Firefighting System Demo in Chile #BambiBucket
    07-Jun-19 - Firefighting at the Bristol Royal Infirmary #firefighting
    24-Apr-19 - Navy Firefighting in Southern Guam #firefighting
    18-Apr-19 - Italian Firefighters Received New AW139 #firefighting
    10-Apr-19 - LAFD Plan to Adopt Drones DJI to Save Lives #drones
    07-Apr-19 - Mi-171 with VK-2500-03 Engine Certified in China #VK2500
    26-Mar-19 - Firefighter AW189 at LIMA 2019 LIMA 2019
    21-Mar-19 - Sikorsky Recognizes LACoFD for Battling Woolsey Fire #WoolseyFire
    07-Mar-19 - S-70M Gets FAA Certification for Civilian Use Heli-Expo 2019
    06-Mar-19 - 240 and 260 USG Firefighting Buckets Heli-Expo 2019
    04-Mar-19 - Coulson and Unical in Firefighting Joint Venture Heli-Expo 2019
    26-Feb-19 - Hydrants for Helicopters RASS #firefighting
    25-Jan-19 - ADS-B Out Mandate for Aerial Firefighting #firefighting
    08-Jan-19 - Night Firebombing for the First Time in Australia #firefighting
    16-Dec-18 - Los Angeles Fire Department Orders Fifth AW139 #LosAngeles
    04-Dec-18 - Malaysia Firefighters AW189 Enter Service #Firefighers
    16-Nov-18 - Firefighter Helicopters in the California’ Woolsey Fire #WoolseyFire
    25-Aug-18 - Air Methods to Customize Ventura County Firehawks #firefighting
    01-Aug-18 - Schriever Air Force Base Firefighters #firefighting
    28-Jun-18 - Guardian Tested New DART Firefighting Bucket #firefighting
    06-Jun-18 - STC for Kawak New Chinook Water Tank #firefighting
    25-Apr-18 - Water Tanks for Billings Flying Service Chinooks #firefighting
    06-Apr-18 - Royal Sussex County Hospital Fire Suppression System
    06-Apr-18 - Boise Firefighters Training with the National Guard
    04-Apr-18 - Black Hawk Firefighter Tour in Latin America FIDAE 2018
    15-Mar-18 - Simplex Internal Fire Attack System for Black Hawk
    05-Mar-18 - California Wild Fires 2017
    01-Mar-18 - DART Firefighting Bucket Heli-Expo 2018
    26-Feb-18 - Sikorsky Recognized Los Angeles County Fire Dept Heli-Expo 2018
    22-Feb-18 - Aerial Firefighting North America Conference 2018
    25-Jan-18 - U.S. Aerial Firefighters 2017 Balance
    22-Dec-17 - KAI Tested KUH-1 Surion Firefighter Variant
    18-Dec-17 - Erickson 20th Fire Season in Australia
    06-Dec-17 - Firefighter Chinook Tracking System
    22-Nov-17 - Two Additional H225 for South Korea Firefighters
    16-Oct-17 - Travis County Acquires 3 AW169 with Simplex Tanks
    11-May-17 - Simplex SkyCannon for Chinese AC313
    08-May-17 - Completed Inspections for Korean Firefighters H225
    28-Apr-17 - Wildland Firefighting Exercise 2017 Coming Up
    27-Mar-17 - VNH Mi-172 to Indonesia for Firefighting Service
    12-Mar-17 - Erickson to Build S-64E for Korea Forest Service
    27-Dec-16 - US Army Europe Firefighters
    22-Dec-16 - Kumamoto Firefighters Orders AS365N3+
    16-Nov-16 - Honeywell Engine Redefines Firefighting Helicopters
    17-Aug-16 - Kawak New Fire Bucket Pump Models
    08-Aug-16 - Erickson and Kestrel Extension in Australia
    07-Jun-16 - First Deployment for Firefighter CH-47D Chinook
    26-Apr-16 - JTF-Bravo Trains Central American Firefighters
    22-Apr-16 - JTF-Bravo Support Panama in Fighting Wildfire
    21-Apr-16 - New Thermal Imaging Solutions for Firefighters
    17-Apr-16 - Nevada National Guard Train with California Firefighters
    01-Apr-16 - Fire Attack System for the CH-47D Chinook
    02-Mar-16 - LACoFD Receives Sikorsky Rescue Award Heli-Expo 2016
    12-Feb-16 - Marines Osprey Tilt-Rotor Can Support Cal Fire
    14-Jan-16 - Volo Mission Hosting Helicopter Firefighting Seminar
    23-Nov-15 - Simplex High Rise Firefighting System for the H225
    23-Nov-15 - Firefighting Ka-32A11BC for China
    23-Nov-15 - Two K-MAX for Firefighting in China
    24-Aug-15 - Erickson Secures Turkish Firefighting Contract
    21-Aug-15 - PJ Helicopters Utility Hawk
    28-Jul-15 - Mi-26, Mi-8, and Ka-32 Helps in Firefighting
    17-Jun-15 - Russian helicopters Ka-32 in Europe Firefighting Paris Air Show 2015
    14-Apr-15 - South Carolina National Guard Firefighting Training
    03-Mar-15 - INAER Bell 212 for Ministry of the Environment Firefighting Heli-Expo 2015
    10-Dec-14 - Japan Iwate Prefecture Orders AW139 for Firefighting
    18-Nov-14 - Unmanned K-MAX Demonstrate Firefighting Capability
    23-Jul-14 - INAER flying firecrews combat Spain wildfire season
    15-Nov-13 - Beijing Firefighters Received AW139 Helicopter #firefighting
    21-Feb-13 - The Global Helicopter Firefighting Initiative
    05-Feb-13 - INAER Chile reinforces firefighting fleet
    19-Jun-12 - US Forest Service adds 4 heavy helicopters
    22-Feb-10 - Eurocopter Presents New EC225 Fire-Fighting System