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    Requirements and training for firefighters


    Dart Aerospace Fire Attack® for Firehawk, 14-Oct-21 : #firefighting Canadian DART Aerospace in new partnership with United Rotorcraft, the exclusive completion center for the Firehawk firefighter helicopter, for the development and certification of lightweight Fire Attack® systems

    Aerial Firefighting Training by HM-12, 26-Sep-21 : #firefighting US Navy Helicopter Mine Countermeasures Squadron HM-12 MH-53E Sea Dragon conducted aerial firefighting training with Bambi Bucket at Norfolk, VA

    United Rotorcraft Partnership with PZL Mielec, 14-Sep-21 : #firefighting United Rotorcraft, the maintenance and completion division of Air Methods, expands partnership with Polish PZL Mielec, part of Lockheed-Martin and manufacturer of the Sikorsky S-70i Black Hawk

    S-70i Black Hawk for United Rotorcraft, 26-Aug-21 : #firefighting United Rotorcraft, the maintenance and completion division of Air Methods, ordered 5 new polish-built S-70i Black Hawks in order to quickly deliver these helicopters for aerial firefighting in support of public agencies as needed

    Wisconsin Guards to California and Washington, 22-Aug-21 : #firefighting Wisconsin Army National Guard sent 3 UH-60 Black Hawk helicopters to California and Washington to assist in the wildfires firefighting

    19-Aug-21 - S-70i Firehawk for Colorado #firehawk
    18-Aug-21 - Columbia Model 234 Chinook Firefighters in Turkey #chinook
    16-Jun-21 - Pennsylvania Guards Water Bucket Training #firefighting
    07-Jun-21 - Delivery of Two Firehawk to Ventura County #Firehawk
    21-May-21 - Edison Leasing Firefighting Helicopters #firefighting
    16-May-21 - NY Forest Rangers Training with Guards Black Hawk #firefighting
    06-May-21 - Columbia and Aurora to Enhance Aerial Firefighting #firefighting
    05-May-21 - H215 Super Puma Firefighters in Chile #firefighting
    19-Apr-21 - Firecat Super Puma in USA #firefighting
    05-Apr-21 - Erickson Firefighting in Greece #Greece
    30-Mar-21 - Erickson S-64 and Bell 214 for Firefighting #firefighting
    24-Mar-21 - Columbia Multi-Mission Helicopter Program #Chinook
    23-Mar-21 - Night Approval for Canadian AS365 Firefighter #firefighting
    19-Mar-21 - California Guards Crews Honored by HAI #firefighting
    18-Jan-21 - Kestrel Aviation Against Australia’s Bushfires #firefighting
    25-Nov-20 - New Forest Service Base at Payson Ranger District #firefighting
    14-Nov-20 - SkyLife in the California Wildfires #wildfires
    30-Oct-20 - Firefighting Testing of Mi-8AMT in Indonesia #firefighting
    29-Oct-20 - Kestrel Ready for Australia’s Fire Season #firefighting
    14-Oct-20 - Miami-Dade Firefighters First AW139 #firefighting
    10-Oct-20 - Santa Barbara County New Firehawk #firefighting
    09-Oct-20 - Chinook Firefighter for SCE and Orange County #firefighting
    24-Sep-20 - GHS Forest Fire Training in the Alps #firefighting
    22-Sep-20 - Baden-Wuerttemberg Police Now in Firefighting #firefighting
    02-Sep-20 - RAF Trainer Griffin Now is Firefighter in Canada #firefighting
    30-Aug-20 - Idaho National Guard Against California Wildfires #firefighters
    24-Aug-20 - AFDAU-T1 Tracker for Aerial Firefighters #firefighting
    11-Aug-20 - New Helicopter Express 407HP Firefighter #firefighting
    30-Jul-20 - Volga-Dnepr Delivers Two Mi-8 for Malaysian Firefighters #VolgaDnepr
    13-Jul-20 - Fire Aboard USS Bonhomme Richard #shipfire
    10-Jun-20 - Helinet Adds Black Hawk for California Firefighting #firefighting
    20-May-20 - US Forest Service Contract for K-MAX #wildfires
    14-May-20 - NY Guards Chinook in Water Bucket Training #firefighting
    27-Feb-20 - Aerial Firefighting AFF North America 2020 #firefighting
    28-Jan-20 - Goodrich Rescue Hoist for Firehawk Heli-Expo 2020
    24-Jan-20 - AEM Loudspeaker System for S-70i Firehawk #Loudspeaker
    22-Jan-20 - High-Altitude High-Precision Aerial Firefighting #firefighting
    11-Jan-20 - More Erickson S-64 Air Crane Ordered #firefighting
    10-Jan-20 - Operation Bushfire Assist 2019-2020 #bushfires
    08-Jan-20 - Kiwi NH90 Deployed Against Australia Bushfires #Bushfires
    08-Jan-20 - Singapore Chinooks Joins Australia Bushfires Fight #AustraliaBushfires
    10-Dec-19 - Three New Firehawk Helicopters for California #firefighting
    09-Dec-19 - Helitak FireCat for Austrian Super Puma #firefighting
    02-Dec-19 - 10,000 Flight Hours for Australian EC135 Trainers #FlightHours
    02-Dec-19 - Four AW139 for Miami-Dade Firefighters #MiamiDade
    26-Nov-19 - Erickson Delivered K7 to Korean Forest Service #firefighting
    11-Nov-19 - NPAS Fire and First Aid Training #firefighting
    10-Nov-19 - LA County Firehawk to be Honored at Heli-Expo 2020 Heli-Expo 2020
    04-Nov-19 - Bambi Max and Sling Dragon Firefighting Demo #firefighting
    04-Nov-19 - ADS-B for LA County Firefighting Helicopters #ADSB
    30-Oct-19 - Internal Fire Attack System for Black Hawk #BlackHawk
    16-Oct-19 - Russia Offers Upgrade Ka-32A11M to South Korea #Ka32A11M
    08-Oct-19 - SEI Industries Finalist for BC Export Awards #exporting
    03-Oct-19 - DART Aerospace Acquires Simplex Aerospace #firefighting
    01-Oct-19 - Firefighting in Australia with the Bell 412 #Bell412
    25-Sep-19 - DART Rappel Kit Approved for US Forest Service ELAM #firefighting
    11-Sep-19 - Airbus Foundation Against Amazon Fires #AmazonFires
    07-Sep-19 - 900-Gallon Tank for Commercial Black Hawk Firefighter #BlackHawk
    26-Jul-19 - Three Firefighters Ka-32 Delivered to Turkey’ Kaan Air #firefighting
    23-Jul-19 - UCSD WIFIRE Monitoring on Coulson Firewatch S-76 #WIFIRE
    29-Jun-19 - Bambi Max Firefighting System Demo in Chile #BambiBucket
    07-Jun-19 - Firefighting at the Bristol Royal Infirmary #firefighting
    24-Apr-19 - Navy Firefighting in Southern Guam #firefighting
    18-Apr-19 - Italian Firefighters Received New AW139 #firefighting
    10-Apr-19 - LAFD Plan to Adopt Drones DJI to Save Lives #drones
    07-Apr-19 - Mi-171 with VK-2500-03 Engine Certified in China #VK2500
    26-Mar-19 - Firefighter AW189 at LIMA 2019 LIMA 2019
    21-Mar-19 - Sikorsky Recognizes LACoFD for Battling Woolsey Fire #WoolseyFire
    07-Mar-19 - S-70M Gets FAA Certification for Civilian Use Heli-Expo 2019
    06-Mar-19 - 240 and 260 USG Firefighting Buckets Heli-Expo 2019
    04-Mar-19 - Coulson and Unical in Firefighting Joint Venture Heli-Expo 2019
    26-Feb-19 - Hydrants for Helicopters RASS #firefighting
    25-Jan-19 - ADS-B Out Mandate for Aerial Firefighting #firefighting
    08-Jan-19 - Night Firebombing for the First Time in Australia #firefighting
    16-Dec-18 - Los Angeles Fire Department Orders Fifth AW139 #LosAngeles
    04-Dec-18 - Malaysia Firefighters AW189 Enter Service #Firefighers
    16-Nov-18 - Firefighter Helicopters in the California’ Woolsey Fire #WoolseyFire
    25-Aug-18 - Air Methods to Customize Ventura County Firehawks #firefighting
    01-Aug-18 - Schriever Air Force Base Firefighters #firefighting
    28-Jun-18 - Guardian Tested New DART Firefighting Bucket #firefighting
    06-Jun-18 - STC for Kawak New Chinook Water Tank #firefighting
    25-Apr-18 - Water Tanks for Billings Flying Service Chinooks #firefighting
    06-Apr-18 - Royal Sussex County Hospital Fire Suppression System
    06-Apr-18 - Boise Firefighters Training with the National Guard
    04-Apr-18 - Black Hawk Firefighter Tour in Latin America FIDAE 2018
    15-Mar-18 - Simplex Internal Fire Attack System for Black Hawk
    05-Mar-18 - California Wild Fires 2017
    01-Mar-18 - DART Firefighting Bucket Heli-Expo 2018
    26-Feb-18 - Sikorsky Recognized Los Angeles County Fire Dept Heli-Expo 2018
    22-Feb-18 - Aerial Firefighting North America Conference 2018
    25-Jan-18 - U.S. Aerial Firefighters 2017 Balance
    22-Dec-17 - KAI Tested KUH-1 Surion Firefighter Variant
    18-Dec-17 - Erickson 20th Fire Season in Australia
    06-Dec-17 - Firefighter Chinook Tracking System
    22-Nov-17 - Two Additional H225 for South Korea Firefighters
    16-Oct-17 - Travis County Acquires 3 AW169 with Simplex Tanks
    11-May-17 - Simplex SkyCannon for Chinese AC313
    08-May-17 - Completed Inspections for Korean Firefighters H225
    28-Apr-17 - Wildland Firefighting Exercise 2017 Coming Up
    27-Mar-17 - VNH Mi-172 to Indonesia for Firefighting Service
    12-Mar-17 - Erickson to Build S-64E for Korea Forest Service
    27-Dec-16 - US Army Europe Firefighters
    22-Dec-16 - Kumamoto Firefighters Orders AS365N3+
    16-Nov-16 - Honeywell Engine Redefines Firefighting Helicopters
    17-Aug-16 - Kawak New Fire Bucket Pump Models
    08-Aug-16 - Erickson and Kestrel Extension in Australia
    07-Jun-16 - First Deployment for Firefighter CH-47D Chinook
    26-Apr-16 - JTF-Bravo Trains Central American Firefighters
    22-Apr-16 - JTF-Bravo Support Panama in Fighting Wildfire
    21-Apr-16 - New Thermal Imaging Solutions for Firefighters
    17-Apr-16 - Nevada National Guard Train with California Firefighters
    01-Apr-16 - Fire Attack System for the CH-47D Chinook
    02-Mar-16 - LACoFD Receives Sikorsky Rescue Award Heli-Expo 2016
    12-Feb-16 - Marines Osprey Tilt-Rotor Can Support Cal Fire
    14-Jan-16 - Volo Mission Hosting Helicopter Firefighting Seminar
    23-Nov-15 - Simplex High Rise Firefighting System for the H225
    23-Nov-15 - Firefighting Ka-32A11BC for China
    23-Nov-15 - Two K-MAX for Firefighting in China
    24-Aug-15 - Erickson Secures Turkish Firefighting Contract
    21-Aug-15 - PJ Helicopters Utility Hawk
    28-Jul-15 - Mi-26, Mi-8, and Ka-32 Helps in Firefighting
    17-Jun-15 - Russian helicopters Ka-32 in Europe Firefighting Paris Air Show 2015
    14-Apr-15 - South Carolina National Guard Firefighting Training
    03-Mar-15 - INAER Bell 212 for Ministry of the Environment Firefighting Heli-Expo 2015
    10-Dec-14 - Japan Iwate Prefecture Orders AW139 for Firefighting
    18-Nov-14 - Unmanned K-MAX Demonstrate Firefighting Capability
    23-Jul-14 - INAER flying firecrews combat Spain wildfire season
    15-Nov-13 - Beijing Firefighters Received AW139 Helicopter #firefighting
    21-Feb-13 - The Global Helicopter Firefighting Initiative
    05-Feb-13 - INAER Chile reinforces firefighting fleet
    19-Jun-12 - US Forest Service adds 4 heavy helicopters
    22-Feb-10 - Eurocopter Presents New EC225 Fire-Fighting System