Helicopter Accidents


Year 1981 accidents

List of helicopter accidents

Aerospatiale Alouette II 3
Aerospatiale Alouette III 2
Aerospatiale Gazelle 2
Aerospatiale SA330 Puma 3
Agusta AB205 2
Agusta AB212 1
Bell 204 4
Bell 206 2
Bell 209 AH-1 Cobra 3
Bell 212 8
Boeing-Vertol 107M H-46 Sea Knight 6
Fuji UH-1H 1
Hughes 369 / 500 / H-6 2
Kawasaki Heavy Industries 369HS 1
Sikorsky S-55 H-19 1
Sikorsky S-58 H-34 1
Sikorsky S-61 H-3 7
Sikorsky S-62 HH-52 3
Sikorsky S-64 CH-54 2
Sikorsky S-65 H-53 4
Westland Sea King 3
Westland Sioux 3
Westland Wasp 1
Westland Wessex 4
Westland Whirlwind 1

1981 206a 255 PT-HBY : Bell 206A cn255, ff:?; del Brazil as PT-HBY, unk; w/o 12Jul81.
1981 206a 270 Bell Helicopter N4717R : Bell 206A cn270, ff:?; reg Bell Helicopters as N4717R, unk; xfer US as N4717R, unk; conv Bell 206B-2, unk; w/o Fruitland, UT, 03Dec81
1981 212 30705 ERA Helicopters N392EH : ERA Helicopters Jun75-Mar91; w/o 23aug81 at Kenai, AK
1981 212 31116 Fuerza Aerea del Peru FAP-687 : FAP d/d 1979; w/o 21feb81
1981 212 31120 Líder Aviação PT-HKW : Lider Taxi Aereo; ex N57485; w/o 22jul81 at Macae/RJ
1981 369hm 51-0208M Flyvevåbnet H-208 : RDAF Esk724; d/d 07sep71; w/o 27may81
1981 369hs 76-0829S N8304F : Hughes Helicopters Mar/Aug 1977
State of California N191BB : Sonoma County Sheriff Office (SCSO), CA from Aug77; w/o 24apr81; May81 canc as destroyed
1981 ab205a-1 4176 Carabinieri MM80778 : CC-34. 4 Nucleo Elicotteri. w/o 16nov81 at Viba Valentina, Catanzaro
1981 ab205a-1 4279 Aviazione dell'Esercito MM80714 : Esercito E.I.343. replaced c/n 4247 given to Morocco. 21 Gruppo. w/o 05sep81 at Monte Limbara, Sassari
1981 ab212 5609 Österreichische Luftstreitkräfte 5D-HM : w/o 03jul81
1981 ah-1j 26071 US Marine Corps 160106 : USMC; conv AH-1T unk; w/o 18sep81
1981 ah-1j 26079 US Marine Corps 160114 : USMC; conv AH-1T unk; w/o 22may81
1981 ah-1t 26086 US Marine Corps 160748 : USMC; HMM-261 w/o 23feb81
US Marine Corps 160748 : Crashed in Spain. The pilot and squadron flight surgeon who was on a fam flight were both killed in the crash.
US Marine Corps 160748 : Class A damage, on recovery crew and CDI for HMLA-269 deployed to HMM-261. All personnel and airframe recovered.
US Marine Corps 160748 : I have the data plate from the airframe after the crash; Manufacturer S/N 26086; Contract Number DAAJ01-77-C-0481; Accepted 4-78; Aircraft Identification Plate No. 00098
1981 CH-46D 2266 US Marine Corps 153370 : BV-107M, c/n 2266, ff?; accepted BWR FR Morton, PA as CH-46D 153370 13Mar67; xfer NARF North Island 27Mar67; xfer HMM-364, YK-19, 07Sep67; xfer HMM-263 13May69; xfer H&MS-36 COSA 10May71; xfer HMM-164 28Oct71; xfer H&MS-36 16May72; xfer HMM-164 28Oct72; xfer HMM-165 24Jul73; xfer H&MS-36 17Oct74; xfer HMM-165 09Apr75; further unit xfers unk; xfer HMM-163, YP-??, unk; w/o 11Jun81.
US Marine Corps 153370 : 1969-70 I flew it in Viet nam. It was an incredable aircraft. Took alot of battle damage and still would get me home every time but alas she sits in about 2000ft of water of the coast of one of the japanese islands. One of the blade lost its deicing strips and the crew had to land in the water where I am told it floated for about 45min and then sank. I dont know who the pilots were but the crew chief was Jerry Greer
US Marine Corps 153370 : 1978-1979, I crewed this Bird in Okinawa with HMM-161. She was know as "Carelson's Magic Bus..
1981 CH-46D 2267 US Marine Corps 153371 : BV-107M, c/n 2267, ff?; accepted BWR FR Morton, PA as CH-46D 153371 16Mar67; xfer NARF North Island 27Mar67; xfer HMM-364, YK-05, 20Sep67; xfer HMM-263 13May69; xfer HMM-262 01May71; xfer HC-6 29May72; xfer USS Guam (LPH-9) 06Nov72; xfer HC-6 09Feb73; xfer ? unit unk; xfer HC-6, HW-1, May78; w/o 09Jan81.
US Marine Corps 153371 : Former Cpl. Jr Venhous USMC. Crew chief of 153371 from feb68 to nov68, RSVN, @ Phu Bia
1981 CH-46D 2312 US Marine Corps 153961 : BV-107M, c/n 2312, ff:?; del BWR FR Morton, PA as CH-46D 153961 12Jul67; xfer HMM-261 20Jul67; xfer H&MS-30 COSA 25Sep68; xfer HMMT-302 15Nov68; xfer HMM-262 02Aug69; xfer HMM-161 10Aug70; xfer HMM-165 19Aug70; xfer H&MS-36 COSA 22Nov70; xfer H&MS-36 22Jan71; xfer HMM-164 07May71; xfer HMM-165 21Jan72; xfer HMM-164 21Nov72; further unit xfers unk; xfer HMM-165, YW?? unk; w/o 03Mar81.
US Marine Corps 153961 : w/o 03mar81 as HMM-165 /YW-03 crashed while aboard the USS Belleau Wood (LHA-3). Crew chief was killed, both pilots made in out.
1981 CH-46D 2386 US Marine Corps 154035 : BV-107M, c/n 2386, ff?; accepted BuWepsRep, FR, Morton, PA as CH-46D 154035, 28Dec67; xfer HMM-264 19Jan68; xfer HMM-261 14Mar69; xfer HMMT-402 21Aug69; xfer NAS North Island A&T 19Dec70; xfer HC-3 19Jan71; further unit xfers unk; xfer HC-11, VR-66, unk; w/o abd USS Wichita (AOR-1), 70 west of San Diego, Ca, 21Nov81.
US Navy 154035 : Sept.1981 pictured as UH-46D type with HC-11 /VR-66 at NAS North Island, CA
US Navy 154035 : w/o 21nov81, reported missing from USS Wichita (AOR-1) 70m W of San Diego, CA
US Navy 154035 : Assigned to HC-11 Det 4. All 4 onboard perished. Crashed after taking off at night and flew into water
US Navy 154035 : My name is AECS AW NAC Garrity (Ret). This Was my first off several heart breaks. AMS2 Thomas Bishop Was on that fiight. He was my best friend and room mate. After the mishap, the small amount of reackage was brought back to squadron spaces. The only items of Toms left was his Helmet. The Crew crashed with brutal impact. TOM Rest in peace. I love you brother.
US Navy 154035 : Was on deck that night...had just given up the LSE duties to my backup when the accident happened. Rest in peace my brothers.
1981 CH-46F 2565 US Marine Corps 157666 : BV-107M, c/n 2565, ff?; accepted BuWepsRep, FR, Morton, PA as CH-46F 157666 18Nov69; xfer HMM-264 05Dec69; xfer H&MS-26 19Dec74; xfer HMM-264 31Mar75; further unit xfers unk; xfer HMM-164, YT-??, w/o 10Feb81.
1981 CH-46F 2608 US Marine Corps 157709 : BV-107M, c/n 2608, ff?; accepted BuWepsRep, FR, Morton, PA as CH-46F 157709 24Sep70; xfer HMMT-402 24Sep70; xfer HMT-204 01May72; xfer H&MS-26 17May73; xfer HMM-162 06Nov74; further unit xfers unk; conv CH-46E unk; unit xfers unk; xfer HMM-265, EG-??, unk; w/o 27Jul81.
US Marine Corps 157709 : Jul81 as EG-10/HMM-263 flipped over on the flight deck while turning and burning. Salt water was poured on it and the aircraft was not taken to Cherry Point until HMM-263 returned to CONUS in Nov81. The aircraft was written off due to corrosion
US Marine Corps 157709 : Greg Boyle was the Crew Chief. The Navy Director (Yellow Shirt) was knocked off the deck most likely by a disintegrated rotor blade. I don't believe his body was recovered.
1981 ch-53a 65-105 US Marine Corps 153719 : Sikorsky S-65A, c/n 65-105, ff:?; del USMC as CH-53A 153719, unk
US Marine Corps 153719 : w/o 19jul81 HMH-772 /MT-407
US Marine Corps 153719 : During CQ hit another Squadron helicopter chained down on deck but running
1981 ch-53a 65-113 US Marine Corps 153727 : USMC CH-53A
US Marine Corps 153727 : w/o 10feb81 HMH-462 /YF-
1981 ch-53d 65-307 US Marine Corps 157731 : Sikorsky S-65C, c/n 65-307, ff:?; del USMC as CH-53D 157731, unk
US Marine Corps 157731 : w/o 17sep81 with HMM-263
1981 ch-54a 64-021 US Army Aviation 67-18419 : Sikorsky S-64A, c/n 64-021, ff?; del US Army as CH-54A 67-18419 unk; w/o 16Aug81.
1981 hh-3e 61-628 US Air Force 68-8282 : USAF; 38 ARRS w/o 1981
1981 hh-52a 62-022 US Coast Guard 1353 : Sikorsky S-62C c/n 62-022, ff?; del USCG as HH-52A Seaguard 1353, Salem, OR, 16Jan63; xfer North Bend, OR unk; soc when engine stall resulted in one fatality, 14Nov81.
US Coast Guard 1353 : w/o at Coos Bay, OR. Aircraft capsized
US Coast Guard 1353 : I was the air crewman the night this aircraft went down.
1981 hh-52a 62-115 US Coast Guard 1427 : USCG HH-52A; w/o 22oct81.
US Coast Guard 1427 : 19jun67 entered service at CGAS Houston; 10apr70 to CGAS Kodiak
US Coast Guard 1427 : w/o 22oct81 crashed during a training flight near Bates Field (which is now Mobile Regional Airport and Aviation Training Center ATC Mobile). All four crew members on board the helicopter were killed.
US Coast Guard 1427 : rotor blades separated from head during normal flight; Names of personnel killed in the incident: LT Raymond T. Brooks LTJG Robert E. Winter AD3 Mark C. Johnson AD3 Joe A. Hinton; Air Station assigned to: AIRSTA Mobile; Location of the incident: Bates Field; Description of the incident: During a night instrument flight the crew experienced a catastrophic failure of a major flight control. There was an instantaneous breakup of the aircraft.
US Coast Guard 1427 : It was determined that a pitch change control rod broke while in flight.
1981 HH-53B 65-090 US Air Force 66-14435 : USAF; 1550th ATTW w/o 23sep81
US Air Force 66-14435 : 1551st CCTW, Kirkland AFB; w/o 29sep81, aircraft and crew lost on during a night time combat training mission on Mt. Taylor near Grant, NM.
1981 hss-2 61-039 US Navy 148967 : USN; conv SH-3H; HS-4 w/o 19jun81 ditched Indian Ocean
US Navy 148967 : I was in it when it was ditched and lost at sea. Never recovered
1981 hss-2 61-051 US Navy 148979 : USN; conv SH-3G; pictured (top) as HC-1 /UP-727
US Navy 148979 : HC-1 /UP-727, when disbanded all helos went to HS-74
US Navy 148979 : pictured (bot) on amphibious transport dock USS Plymouth Rock (LSD-29) as HS-74 /AW-455 unknown date ( wrongly reported as 1988 due LSD-29 decom in 1983 )
US Navy 148979 : w/o 27apr81 with HC-1 Det 2
US Navy 148979 : crashed on a small island in the pacific during a radiological survey of bikini atoll. Hi speed shaft bolts failed causing fire in flight. Crew survived !!! Ask Lt. Hall....
1981 hss-2 61-066 US Navy 148992 : USN; conv SH-3H; HS-8 w/o 16mar81
1981 hss-2 61-110 US Navy 149696 : USN; conv SH-3G; HS-3 w/o 13sep81
1981 hss-2 61-127 US Navy 149710 : USN; conv SH-3G; HC-1 w/o 10apr81
US Navy 149710 : my recall of the events
1981 hss-2 61-154 US Navy 149736 : USN; conv SH-3H; HS-12 w/o 19sep81 tail rotor failure
1981 OH-6J 6312 Japan Ground Self-Defense Force 31012 : Kawasaki 369E, c/n 6312, ff?; del JGSDF as OH-6J, 31012 unk; unit xfers unk; w/o 05Sep81.
1981 S-55B 55-1004 Chicago Helicopter Airways N874 : Sikorsky S-55B c/n 55-1004, ff:?; del Chicago Helicopter Airways as N874, 18Sep56; sold Loma Linda University, converted to aerial ambulance, unk; w/o near Beaumont, CA, 29May81.

1981 s-58b 58-807 Sikorsky Helicopters N422A : Sikorsky S-58B, cn 58-807, ff:?; del US as S-58B, N422A, 28Mar58
PHI Inc N422A : xfer Petroleum Helicopters as N422A, 1958
PHI Inc N4247 : rereg Petroleum Helicopters as N4247, by Jan64; NTSB report: "Robinson Creek KY. Damage - substantial. Engine failure. 28Jul68."
Carson Helicopters N4247 : xfer Carson helicopter as S-58, N4247, by Jul68; NTSB report: "Salem, NJ. Damage - none. Ground crew maneuvered sling load cable into contact with live power line. 08Jul70."; xfer Summit Timber as N4247 by Jan76; xfer Queen City Helicopter, 11May76; NTSB report: "Bellevue, WA. Damage - destroyed. Fire in flight due to FOD. 07Aug81"; FAA reports Undel Tri.
1981 s-62a 62-060 Sikorsky Helicopters N92863 : Sikorsky S-62A c/n 62-060, ff ~1964; registered Sikorsky as N92863; del California Company as N92863, Mar65; w/o when fire in main rotor gearbox caused a lndg in a swamp near Venice, LA, 10Nov81; reg canx Apr86.
1981 S-64B 64-060 ERA Helicopters N6965R : Sikorsky S-64E c/n 64-060, ff 1969; del ERA Aviation Inc as N6965R unk; dam when Cowdrey, CO 13Dec76, repaired & returned to service; w/o during logging operations near Kitsault Village, BC, Canada, 05Jun81, 2 fatalities.
1981 sa315b 2267 Fuerza Aerea Argentina H-61 : FAA d/d 13dec72; w/o 01feb81
1981 sa316b Fuerza Aerea Salvadoreña 21 : FAS, w/o 1981
1981 sa316b Fuerza Aerea Salvadoreña 24 : FAS, w/o 1981
1981 sa318c 2230 Olympic Airways SX-HAI : Olympic Airways; w/o 13jun81
1981 sa330f 1308 al-Quwwat al-Jawwiya al-Kuwaitiya 560 : Kuwait air force; w/o 10jun81
1981 sa330h 1380 Armée de l'Air Sénégalaise 6W-SHK : Senegal airforce d/d 1977; w/o 1981
1981 sa330l 1433 Suid-Afrikaanse Lugmag 174 : SAAF; w/o 29sep81
Suid-Afrikaanse Lugmag 174 : 29sep81 crashed at Oshakati during a brown out, 6 people on board were killed, the pilot survived. I was researching the three medical staff killed on this casevac flight for a Ops medic / Doctor Book
1981 ht.3 1314 Royal Air Force XX396 : RAF HT.3; w/o 30jun81; to 8718M Cranwell /N Airframe Technology Flt by 2004
Royal Air Force XX396 : 13+14jun92 traveling exhibit./N
Royal Air Force XX396 : to Defence Explosive Ordnance Disposal, Munitions and Search School by Jun 2017.
1981 sa342k 1325 al-Quwwat al-Jawwiya al-Kuwaitiya 509 : SA342K del KAF as 509, unk; asgd 33/34 Sqn; w/o 11Apr81; noted dumped at Ali Al Salem AB, Feb12.
1981 se3130 1311 Heeresflieger 75+29 : PD-135; PH-239; PH-208; HFB8; HFB200; HFS10; w/o 17.09.1981 Strassberg
1981 has.5 wa 875 Fleet Air Arm XZ915 : Ex XV915, f/f 07feb79, d/d 30mar79, w/o 06mar81
Fleet Air Arm XZ915 : 07Jun80 noted RNAS Lee-on-Solent coded 015.N of 820 squadron HMS Invincible; Crashed 06Mar81 after hitting XZ917 off of Lee-on-Solent in fog and ditching
Fleet Air Arm XZ915 : w/o 06mar81 collided with Sea King XZ917 during approach HMS Invincible in fog, ditched 5m S of Catherine Point, Isle of Wight. 5 fatalities
Fleet Air Arm XZ915 : wreck of main fuselage at Arbroath dump/015-N by 1983
Fleet Air Arm XZ915 : noted at RNAS Culdrose Airday 25jul79 uncoded with 706NAS
1981 has.5 wa 877 Fleet Air Arm XZ917 : Ex XV917, f/f 01/03/1979, d/d 05/04/1979, w/o 06/03/1981.
Fleet Air Arm XZ917 : 06Mar81 coded N.016 of 820Squadron, HMS Invincible collided with XZ915 whilst flying in fog. Ditched off of Lee-on-Solent; 11Mar81 wreck recovered to RNAS Lee-on-Solent
Fleet Air Arm XZ917 : noted at RNAS Culdrose Airday 25jul79 uncoded with 706NAS
1981 mk42 wa 735 Bharatiya Nau Sena IN503 : Westland Sea King Mk.42, cn WA735, ff?; del Indian Navy as IN503, unk; w/o 01feb81.
Bharatiya Nau Sena IN503 : ditched at sea
1981 Sioux wa312 Army Air Corps XT153 : AAC Sioux AH.1
Army Air Corps XT153 : 1967-1969, I worked on and flew in XT153 based at Larkhill, and attached to firstly 25 Field Regt. Royal Artillery, and later to 49 Light Regt. royal Artillery.
D-HOFD : Germany unk, to ZS-HJB
ZS-HJB : South Africa; w/o 07dec81
1981 Sioux wa371 Army Air Corps XT212 : AAC Sioux AH.1 unk to Germany D-HAFG
D-HAFG : Private , w/o 15Jul81
1981 Sioux wa434/wap148 Army Air Corps XT545 : AAC Sioux AH.1 10Apr79 to G-BGOZ as Westland Bell 47G-3B-1
G-BGOZ : Private w/o 18Jun81, wreck Chilbolton
1981 UH-1B 1023 Royal Australian Air Force A2-1023 : RAAF d/d 1964; BuNo 63-13591; w/o 19aug81 Williamtown NSW due tail rotor failure
1981 UH-1B 3103 Fleet Air Arm (RAN) N9-3103 : RAN d/d 1965; BuNo 64-17623; w/o 26mar81 at Nowra; preserved Australia Museum of Flight Nowra
1981 UH-1B 513 Luftforsvaret 993 : BuNo 62-1993. w/o 24apr81
1981 UH-1E 6077 US Marine Corps 151883 : HML-776 QL-400 w/o 06feb81
1981 UH-1H 1H08 Japan Ground Self-Defense Force 41608 : Fuji-Bell 205B, c/n 1H08, ff:?; del JGSDF as UH-1H 41608 unk; unit xfers unk; w/o 03Mar81.
1981 UH-1N 31057 US Air Force 69-6651 : USAF
US Air Force 69-6651 : w/o 1981~ crashed at Kirtland AFB
1981 UH-1N 31449 US Marine Corps 160831 : USMC; w/o 29sep81 on USS Inchon (LPH-12)
1981 UH-1N 31655 US Marine Corps 158779 : USMC; HML-770 /MN; w/o 02feb81 near NAS Whidbey Island, WA
US Marine Corps 158779 : Two souls lost. Squadron Operations Officer (Major) and Crew Chief (Sergeant). Crashed in Redbluff area of Northern California while in transit from NAS Whidbey Island to Yuma Arizona
US Marine Corps 158779 : w/o 28jan80 crashed and burned
1981 UH-1N 31656 US Marine Corps 158780 : USS Guam (LPH-9) w/o 19jul81
1981 UH-1N US Marine Corps 159703 : USMC; HML-367 /VT w/o 03feb81
1981 Wasp f.9588 Fleet Air Arm XT418 : d/d 4 Dec 1964. 829 Sq Argonaut Flt/466-AT by Jun 1968 still Mar 1970; RNAY Fleetlands by Jun 1970 marked as /452 by Sep 1970 but not released to Galatea Flt (?); 829 Sq HQ Flt/501 by Jan 1971; transferred to 703 Sq/501 Jan 1972, ditched off Portland and recovered by Sea King XV668; RNAY Fleetlands by Oct 1972, RNAY Wroughton by Mar 1974, NASU Culdrose by May 1974 still Feb 1975, RNAY Wroughton by 11 Mar 1975 and /637 code applied; temporarily issued as 829 Sq Scylla Flt/432 until Apr 1976; at RNAY Wroughton by Mar 1977 as /637; 829 Sq Arethusa Flt/426 by Jul 1977 still Sep 1977; 829 Sq Endurance Flt/435-E by Jun 1978.
Fleet Air Arm XT418 : 22jul79 829Sqn coded 435 Endurance Flt
Fleet Air Arm XT418 : w/o 13 Dec 1981 while operating from HMS Endurance Flt/435-E, rolled over following beach landing on South Georgia. Stripped of parts and abandoned in place.
1981 has.1 wa 31 Fleet Air Arm XM872 : Westland Wessex HAS.1, c/n WA031, f/f:?; del Royal Navy as XM872, 17/07/1961; conv HAS.3, unk; w/o 11/03/1981.
Fleet Air Arm XM872 : 819 Sq/320 by Jan 1962, still 1965.
Fleet Air Arm XM872 : noted 22jul79 at HMS Osprey RNAS Portland coded 662-PO
Fleet Air Arm XM872 : To Westland early 1966 for conv to HAS.3, completed mid 1967. 706Sq/569-CU by summer 1967, RNAY Wroughton by Feb 1973, 737 Sq/662-PO by Jan 1976, w/o 11 Mar 1981 with 737 Sq when ditched off Portland, following an engine fire.
1981 has.1 wa 69 Fleet Air Arm XP118 : Westland Wessex HAS.1 del Royal Navy 07jul62; conv HAS.3, unk; w/o 15jul81 ditch 15m S of Portland; scr Predannack
Fleet Air Arm XP118 : noted 22jul79 at HMS Osprey RNAS Portland coded 664-PO
Fleet Air Arm XP118 : noted on a lorry in Plymouth 22 Jun 1982, heading for Predannack (?)
1981 hu.5 wa270 Fleet Air Arm XT448 : Westland Wessex HU.5, c/n WA270, f/f: 17/02/1965; del Royal Navy as XT448, 05/03/1965; w/o 07/10/1981.
Fleet Air Arm XT448 : On a flight between NAS Jacksonville and Camp Lejeune while with 845Sq /S on HMS Hermes, a section of tail rotor failed and the airframe ditched and sank.
1981 mk.60 wa199 Westland G-17-1 : ff 21 Jul 1965, registered G-ASWI by Sep 1965.
Bristow G-ASWI : Wessex 60, ex G-17-1, to G-ASWI /H.84, to VR-BDS, to G-ASWI, to VR-BDS, to G-ASWI, UK C of A expired 27 Oct 1981.
VR-BDS : Westland Wessex Mk.60, c/n WA199, first delivered to Bristow Helicopters Ltd. in England as G-ASWI, 1964; displayed as H.84 at Paris Air Show, Le Bourget, 01Jun67; lsd Helicopter Rentals, Bermuda as VR-BDS, unk; rtnd Bristow as G-ASWI, unk; CofA canx, 1981.
Bristow G-ASWI : Crashed 12 miles ENE of Bacton, Norfolk on 13 August 1981. All 2 crew and 11 passengers were killed
Bristow G-ASWI : Following this accident on 13 Aug 1981 while returning from the Leman field to Bacton and the earlier one to G-ATCA, led to the withdrawl of the type from service with Bristow.
1981 har10 wa363 Royal Air Force XP347 : Westland Whirlwind HAR.10, c/n WA363, ff: 08Feb62; del Royal Air Force as XP347, 06Mar62; w/o 03Jun81; wfu as 8688M, unk; scr Gutersloh, Germany, 1985.
Royal Air Force XP347 : noted in operational use at RAF Lossiemouth 22aug78
Royal Air Force XP347 : 202 Sq, regular visitor to RAF station during Jul 1979
Royal Air Force XP347 : Forced landing following tail rotor failure at Koksijde, while en route RAF Gutersloh.
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