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    Year 1985 accidents

    List of helicopter accidents

    Aerospatiale Alouette II 2
    Aerospatiale AS332 Super Puma 2
    Aerospatiale AS350 Ecureuil 1
    Aerospatiale SA330 Puma 2
    Agusta AB206 1
    Bell 204 2
    Bell 205 2
    Bell 206 4
    Bell 209 AH-1 Cobra 2
    Bell 212 6
    Bell 222 1
    Bell 47 1
    Boeing-Vertol 107M H-46 Sea Knight 2
    Boeing-Vertol CH-47 Chinook 1
    F+W Emmen SA316B Alouette III 1
    Hughes 369 / 500 / H-6 1
    Kaman Seasprite 1
    MBB Bk117 1
    Robinson R22 1
    Sikorsky S-58 H-34 1
    Sikorsky S-61 H-3 6
    Sikorsky S-62 HH-52 1
    Sikorsky S-65 H-53 3
    Sikorsky S-70 H-60 2
    Sikorsky S-80 H-53E 2
    Sud Aviation S-58 1
    Westland Lynx 2
    Westland Scout 1
    Westland Sea King 2
    Westland Sioux 1
    Westland Wessex 1

    1985 206a 366 N1434W : Bell 206A cn366, ff:1969; xfer Ted T Kennedy, Las Vegas, NV, oper by Blue Bird Express Helicopters as N1434W, unk; w/o when suffered hard lndg during attempted auto rotation due to power loss, San Diego, CA 31Mar85, 1 serious injury
    1985 206b-2 1674 US N385EH : ERA Helicopters; w/o 19apr85 at Valdez, AK; canc Nov90
    1985 212 30733 PE FAP-605 : FAP; w/o 03may85
    1985 212 31188 JP JA9567 : Japan coast guard from Dec81, test serial N18092; w/o 30oct85 at Okayama City; canc Mar86
    1985 212 31221 PE FAP-611 : FAP d/d 1982; w/o 09sep85
    1985 212 31251 CO FAC215A : d/d 1984. w/o 21apr85
    1985 222ut 47538 N3149M : del Pumpkin Air as N3149M, unk; w/o when crashed during landing on oil platform, Gulf of Mexico, 24Oct85.
    1985 369 AR PA-33 : PNA. w/o 19jan85 over Rio de la Plata near San Isidro
    1985 47g-3 6812 NZ NZ3710 : RNZAF. w/o 16jul85
    1985 ab206 8004 UK G-AVIG : first JetRanger delivered to the UK in March 1967
    1985 ah-1g 20579 US 157208 : Army AH-1G BuNo 68-15045; to USMC; Back to Army; conv AH-1S; w/o 11mar85
    1985 ah-1j 26074 US 160109 : Exercise off Sardinia: Controlled flight into terrain (water) CFIT. Night amphibious assault from USS Iwo Jima (LPH-2) (Wx: 3K ft overcast, moonless night) Dash 3 in flight of 4 AH-1T, pilot in front seat at controls, lost SA due to limited flight instrumentation and and visual cues impacted water. Back seat pilot survived.
    1985 as332b 2051 FR F-WXFA : Manufacturer test serial; to Spanish Air Force.
    1985 as332L 2060 CA C-GQLS : Universal Helicopters; w/o crashed at St. Johns Airport, Newfoundland
    1985 as350b 1190 G-NOEI : w/o
    1985 bk117a1 7016 DE D-HMUZ : ADAC Luftrettung; w/o 23aug85, Christoph 26 NWK Sanderbusch, destroyed by fire
    1985 ch-136 44058 CA 136258 : The free-wheeling outer race was outside the manufacturer’s specification for roundness. This, over time eventually, resulted in slippage of the spraggs, the end result being the shearing of the stub shaft. This effectively disconnected the engine from the drive train with no indication to the crew of the actual problem and resulted in an out of control condition from which they could not recover.
    1985 CH-46D 2187 US 152565 : IWO JIMA (LPH-2) mishap confirmed. Pilot-in-Command (PIC) had been hot dogging all day. On last lift of retrograde PIC insisted that all VERTREP nets and pendants be strung together resulting in high hover with few visual cues to hold a stable hover. Acft drifted into yard arm and killed sailor on signal bridge. As previously stated fell onto AH-1T of HMM-261 and into forward gun tub.
    1985 CH-46D 2329 US 153978 : 10may83
    1985 ch-47c b-698 AU A15-001 : B.698/E.001. BuNo 73-21970. w/o 04feb85
    1985 ch-53d 65-231 US 157138 : 17 Marines died, 11 from HMH-462, 15 miles south of Yakushima, Japan. Main rotor gearbox failed, ceased mid-air while trying to set a/c in the water due to the mechanical failure emergency
    1985 ch-53e 65-428 US 161256 : US Navy; 1988 HM-14 /BJ-531; 1993 Stricken from US Navy list
    1985 ch-53e 65-476 US 161999 : w/o 07feb85 HMH-465 /YJ-03
    1985 h-34g.i 58-750 US N65526 : xfer Hawaii Leasing as N65526, byJan76; xfer Carson Helicopter as N65526, 27Oct80; NTSB reports: "Gulf of Mexico: Crashed in Gulf, Extensive damage, wreckage recovered, 3 fatalities, 20Apr85."
    1985 hh-52a 62-072 US 1391 : 15jul85 last flown. suffered an inflight emergency while enroute from the Cutter Bear to its home base of CGAS Miami. It autorotated into the ocean at approx 7AM just off shore of Eleuthera Island, Bahamas. The aircraft was eventually returned to the Airstation and decommissioned. I was an aircrewman on that last flight.
    1985 hh-53c 65-185 US 68-10355 : MRB BIM caution light came on enroute to ship. When acft entered a hover over ship, the MRB failed and part of it separated. The ensuing severe out of balance condition caused the acft to shake itself apart and it crashed on the ship. This acft had the old aluminum spar MRBs. Back then you could continue flight with airspeed/time restrictions when a BIM light came on.
    1985 hss-1 SA.146 BE B5 : FAB OT-ZKE w/o 28aug85 no casualities
    1985 hss-2 61-024
    US 148046 : 23jan85 search

    1985 hss-2 61-048 US 148976 : USN; conv SH-3H; HS-2 w/o 19oct85
    1985 hss-2 61-144 US 149726 : USN; conv SH-3G ?; conv SH-3H; 18nov85 HS-12 USS Midway ditched at sea South China Sea
    1985 ah1 234 UK XZ671 : AAC; 652 Sqn w/o 24jan85
    1985 mk80 196 DK S-196 : RDN; w/o 14sep85 ditched 8m South of Mon island, Baltic Sea. No casualties
    1985 mh-60g 70-530 US 82-23707 : USAF; UH-60A conv MH-60G; w/o 26jan85
    1985 oh-58a 40145 US 68-16831 : w/o 26mar85 25th Infantry Division
    1985 hp 0338 N8386B : w/o 19May85
    1985 S-65C-3 65-344 IL 247 : Sikorsky S-65C-3, c/n 65-344 ff?; retained by Sikorsky for testing as N4003S; del IDF/AF as S-65C Yasur 247, Jul71; w/o 13Jun85.
    1985 sa315b 01 FR F-BPXS : w/o 23feb85 crashed near Flaine ski resort, Flaine,French Alps
    1985 sa316b 140/1086 CH V-264 : SUI
    1985 sa330b 1220 FR 1220 : ALAT w/o 21nov85
    1985 sa330j 1484 MY 9M-SSG : Bristow; ex G-BFJY; w/o 13dec85
    1985 ah.1 f.9507 UK XP906 : w/o 12mar85, Crest Hill, Sheung Shui, Hong Kong
    1985 se3130 1211 FR F-MJBH : Gendarmerie; JBH; w/o 21jan85 after hard landing on mountains
    1985 has.5 wa 879 UK XZ919 : 27Jun85 Coded -.529 of 826Squadron Crashed after in-flight collision with Hercules XV206. The Hercules lost a part of his port wing but landed safely at Mount Pleasant. 4 killed in XZ919
    1985 has.5 wa 944 UK ZD635 : w/o 21jun85 crashed at Taye, Fyfe. Captain/Pilot killed, 3 others alive; 2013 used as a training aid in Culdrose
    1985 SH-2F 199 US 161649 : w/o 21jan85
    1985 sh-3a 61-318 US 152124 : AK614. I was the first crewman (AW2 Brett Norton) and landed on the Coral Sea to do a refuel and hot crew swap. I had a terrible headache and could not figure out why. The crewmen that relieved us were Maes and Spigner. I told them that something was wrong with the helicopter. I exited the flight deck and heard “Man Overboard, aircraft in the water” over the 1MC. I looked over the side of the ship and saw 614 sinking. They assumed it was tail rotor failure. Maes was trapped in the tail, saw the flares ignite and swam towards them to escape. Spigner had the console come down on his legs and was able to pull it off and get out of the crew window. One pilot somehow went out through the overhead canopy. All crew survived and were rescued by another HS-17 Helo.
    1985 sh-3d 61-838 ES HS.9-13 : Armada 01-513. MAP BuNo 161207. conv SH-3G w/o 14may85
    1985 sh-3d 61-843 ES HS.9-18 : Armada 01-518. MAP BuNo 161212. conv SH-3G w/o 12nov85
    1985 sh-60b 70-387 US 162097 : USN; JA-42/VX-1 w/o 23feb85 ditched North of Bermuda
    1985 Sioux wa408 G-SMRI : Private Reg to Helicrops Ltd, Thruxton until 11Jul86 w/o 24Jul85
    1985 UH-1B 735 US N99676 : Temsco from aug1980? to w/o 11jun1985
    1985 uh-1h 10224 AR H-15 : w/o 10may85 at San Antonio Oeste, Río Negro
    1985 uh-1h 11465 CL H-91 : fach d/d 1969; BuNo 69-15177; w/o 21nov85
    1985 UH-1L 6214 US N70410 : w/o 18sep85 log slinging operations at Grace, ID
    1985 UH-1N 31453 US 160835 : USMC; w/o 12aug85 on USS Iwo Jima (LPH-2)
    1985 UH-1N 31455
    US 160837 : I was there!
    1985 hc.2 wa537 UK XT669 : to 8894M; burnt at Aldergrove
        57 C/N found.

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