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  • UK Colossus class

    Aircraft Carrier


        Derivatives / Succeeded by
    UK Majestic class 1948
    UK AO Triumph class 1965


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    13190light (tn)
    18400full load (tn)
    211.80length (m)
    24.40beam (m)
    7.20draught (m)
    12000range (nm)
    25max speed (knots)
    42000power (shp)
    2Naval Engine steam turbines
    32Naval Gun single 20 mm
    1Naval Radar air direction radar Type 277


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        Typical Max
    UK Royal Navy Sikorsky S-55 H-19 60
    AU RAN Westland Wessex 40
    BR Brazilian Navy Sikorsky S-61 H-3 40
    BR Brazilian Navy Bell 206 20
    BR Brazilian Navy SNIA HB350B Esquilo 20
    BR Brazilian Navy SNIA HB355F2 Esquilo 20
    AR Argentine Navy Sikorsky S-55 H-19 40
    AR Argentine Navy Sikorsky S-61 H-3 40
    FR French Navy SA HSS-1 Seabat 00
    FR French Navy Piasecki HUP-2 / UH-25B Retriever 22

    The Max option implies only aircraft of this model onboard    


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    UK Alexander Stephen - 1
    UK Cammell Laird - 1
    UK Harland and Wolff - Belfast2
    UK Hawthorn Leslie - Hebburn1
    UK Kvaerner (Govan) - Govan1
    UK Swan Hunter (Wallsend) - Wallsend1
    UK Vickers-Armstrong - High Walker2

    List of Ships

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        Sorted by Year Filter:     Hide Transfers     Hide deriv.    
    UKRoyal NavyMajestic class HMS PowerfulMKGZ----
    CA Canadian Armed Forces CVL 22 HMCS Bonaventure 19571970
    UKRoyal NavyMajestic class HMS MajesticGKZS----
    AU RAN R21 HMAS Melbourne 19551982
    UKRoyal NavyR49Majestic class HMS HerculesGKZK----
    IN Indian Navy R11 INS Vikrant 19611997
    UKRoyal NavyR93Majestic class HMS Terrible----
    AU RAN R17 HMAS Sydney 19481973
    UKRoyal NavyR15HMS ColossusS19441946
    FR French Navy R95 Arromanches 19461973
    UKRoyal NavyR71HMS VengeanceGGRV - Q19441952
    AU RAN R71 HMAS Vengeance 19521955
    BR Brazilian Navy A11 NAeL Minas Gerais 19602001
    UKRoyal NavyR51HMS PerseusGGSL19451957
    UKRoyal NavyR62HMS GloryGGSN - R19451956
    UKRoyal NavyR63HMS VenerableV19451948
    NL Royal Netherlands Navy R81 Hr. Ms. Karel Doorman 19481968
    AR Argentine Navy V2 ARA Veinticinco de Mayo 19681997
    UKRoyal NavyR68HMS OceanMVNZ - O19451958
    UKRoyal NavyR16HMS TriumphMVRB - P19461965
    Triumph class A108 HMS Triumph 19651980
    CACanadian Armed ForcesR31HMCS WarriorGGDY - W19461948
    UK Royal Navy R31 HMS Warrior 19481958
    AR Argentine Navy V1 ARA Independencia 19591970
    UKRoyal NavyR64HMS TheseusMVQW - T19461956
    UKRoyal NavyMajestic class HMS Magnificent19481948
    CA Canadian Armed Forces CVL 21 HMCS Magnificent 19481956
    UK Royal Navy HMS Magnificent (1957) 19571965

    14 units


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    1942-mar-25OrderedUK R62 HMS Glory
    1942-mar-25OrderedUK R15 HMS Colossus
    1942-mar-25OrderedUK R51 HMS Perseus
    1942-jun-1Laid downUK R15 HMS Colossus Yard No. 55
    1942-aug-7OrderedUK R64 HMS Theseus
    1942-aug-7OrderedUK R16 HMS Triumph
    1942-aug-7OrderedUK R68 HMS Ocean
    1942-aug-7OrderedUK R71 HMS Vengeance
    1942-aug-7OrderedUK R31 HMS Warrior
    1942-aug-28Laid downUK R62 HMS Glory Yard No. 1191
    1942-nov-8Laid downUK R68 HMS Ocean Yard no. 598
    1942-nov-16Laid downUK R71 HMS Vengeance as Yard No. 1699
    1942-dec-3Laid downUK R63 HMS Venerable Yard No. V.1126
    1942-dec-12Laid downCA R31 HMCS Warrior
    1943-jan-6Laid downUK R64 HMS Theseus when the yard was known as Fairfield. Yard No. 709
    1943-jan-27Laid downUK R16 HMS Triumph Yard No. 662
    1943-jun-1Laid downUK R51 HMS Perseus as HMS Edgar, Yard no. 56
    1943-sep-30LaunchedUK R15 HMS Colossus
    1943-nov-27LaunchedUK R62 HMS Glory
    1943-dec-30LaunchedUK R63 HMS Venerable
    1944-feb-23LaunchedUK R71 HMS Vengeance
    1944-mar-26LaunchedUK R51 HMS Perseus as HMS Perseus and completed as an aviation maintenance carrier, without catapults
    1944-may-20LaunchedCA R31 HMCS Warrior as Yard no. 1224.
    1944-jul-6LaunchedUK R64 HMS Theseus
    1944-jul-8LaunchedUK R68 HMS Ocean
    1944-oct-2LaunchedUK R16 HMS Triumph
    1944-dec-1CommissionedUK R15 HMS Colossus with Deck letter C, then J (1946), then S
    1945-jan-15CommissionedUK R71 HMS Vengeance Decl letter A, then N (by 1946) , then Q
    1945-jan-17CommissionedUK R63 HMS Venerable Deck letter B, then N, T in 1946), then V
    1945-feb-21CommissionedUK R62 HMS Glory with Deck Code L, became R
    1945-aug-8CommissionedUK R68 HMS Ocean
    1945-oct-19CommissionedUK R51 HMS Perseus
    1945-nov-17DeploymentUK R51 HMS Perseus Departed UK to ferry fixed wing aircraft to Australia. Arrived Sydney.22 Dec 1945.
    1945-dec-3AircraftUK R68 HMS Ocean first carrier landing by a jet aircraft. A Sea Vampire flown by Eric Winkle Brown.
    1946-janTrialsUK R68 HMS Ocean in the Mediterranean, as a Nightfighter carrier, completed Apr 1946
    1946-jan-16RefitUK R71 HMS Vengeance short refit in Sydney Garden Island Dockyard, until Mar 1946
    1946-jan-24CommissionedCA R31 HMCS Warrior
    1946-feb-9CommissionedUK R64 HMS Theseus
    1946-marHomeportCA R31 HMCS Warrior departed HMNB Portsmouth for Halifax, NS.
    1946-marPort VisitUK R51 HMS Perseus visit to Melbourne while returning to UK
    1946-may-9CommissionedUK R16 HMS Triumph
    1946-junUK R51 HMS Perseus Into the Reserve fleet.
    1946-augDecommissionedUK R15 HMS Colossus on loan to French Navy as Arromanches
    1946-aug-6CommissionedFR R95 Arromanches ex RN HMS Colossus, for 5 year loan
    1947-junPort VisitUK R71 HMS Vengeance visited Oslo.
    1948DecommissionedCA R31 HMCS Warrior
    1948DecommissionedUK R63 HMS Venerable to Royal Netherlands Navy as HMNLS Karel Doorman
    1948-janRefitUK R62 HMS Glory until c Jun 1949 to allow operations by heavier aircraft
    1948-marFate: transferedCA R31 HMCS Warrior transferred to UK Royal Navy
    1948-mar-23CommissionedUK R31 HMS Warrior ex RCN HMCS Warrior. RN Deck Letter J
    1948-mayDeploymentUK R68 HMS Ocean operating in eastern Mediterranean, to cover withdrawal of British forces from Palestine.
    1948-may-28CommissionedNL R81 Hr. Ms. Karel Doorman ex RN HMS Venerable
    1948-nov-3TrialsUK R31 HMS Warrior Trials of flexible (rubber) deck Nov to early Dec 1948
    1948-decRefitUK R16 HMS Triumph until c Mar 1949
    1949RefitUK R51 HMS Perseus Refit for newly designed steam catapult until 1950
    1949DeploymentFR R95 Arromanches off French Indo-China (Vietnam) with French Navy
    1949-janTrialsUK R71 HMS Vengeance Arctic trials until early Mar. Included 705 NAS Dragonfly WB220.
    1949-marTrialsUK R31 HMS Warrior Further trials of flexible (rubber) deck Mar 1949
    1949-mar-8RefitUK R71 HMS Vengeance repairs at Rosyth until c Jun, to rectify flight deck cracks and other defects incurred during the Arctic trials.
    1949-junHomeportUK R68 HMS Ocean departed HMNB Devonport to serve with Mediterranean Fleet
    1949-julDeploymentUK R16 HMS Triumph Operation Firedog departed UK for Far East deployment, contributing to air strikes in Malayan jungles.
    1950-jun-29DeploymentUK R16 HMS Triumph while on Far East station, diverted to Kure to re-store for Korea and departed 29 Jun, with CAG-13 embarked.
    1950-jul-2DeploymentUK R16 HMS Triumph reassigned to US Task Group 77.4 (with USS Valley Forge), off east coast of Korean peninsula after N Korea invaded S Korea. Remained with TF 77 until 26 Jul.
    1950-augDeploymentUK R31 HMS Warrior departed UK to ferry aircraft and troops to the Far East.
    1950-aug-18DeploymentUK R64 HMS Theseus departed HMNB Portsmouth for Far East to relieve HMS Triumph in Korean War operations.
    1950-sep-20DeploymentUK R16 HMS Triumph completed mission with Commonwealth Task Force (off Korean west coast) and after being relieved by HMS Theseus on 10 Oct, left theatre for the UK, arriving Portsmouth in Nov.
    1950-oct-10DeploymentUK R64 HMS Theseus Served in Korean War 10 Oct 1950 with CAG-17 embarked relieving HMS Triumph and joing Task Group 95.1, until Apr 1951, when relieved by HMS Glory on 23 Apr.
    1950-decRefitUK R16 HMS Triumph at HMD Portsmouth, until c Apr 1951, as a transport carrier.
    1951-janRefitUK R68 HMS Ocean until c May 1951
    1951-janAircraftUK R64 HMS Theseus towards end of Jan, a USN S-51 was embarked to replace the Sea Otter in the SAR Flight.
    1951-marDeploymentUK R62 HMS Glory departed Malta with CAG-14 embarked, for Korean waters to relieve HMS Theseus and embarking a USN S-51 for her SAR Flight at Sasebo. Relieved by HMAS Sydney 4 Oct 1951.
    1951-may-14DeploymentUK R62 HMS Glory First operational rescue by its Dragonfly SAR Flight while serving in Korean War 1951-1953 with 14th Carrier Air Group and a single planeguard Dragonfly.
    1951-jun-22DeploymentUK R31 HMS Warrior departed UK for Far East, transporting 16 Parachute Brigade to Cyprus and stores and at least Dragonfly HR.1 VZ964 and VZ965. Arrived Singapore towards end of Jul.
    1951-augFate: transferedUK R15 HMS Colossus sold by RN to French Navy, at end of loan period.
    1951-aug-27DeploymentFR R95 Arromanches departed Toulon for Djibouti with air group including S-51 detachment from 58S. Arrived Djibouti 7 Sep.
    1951-octRefitUK R62 HMS Glory at Garden Island, Sydney, until c Jan 1952
    1951-novAircraftUK R31 HMS Warrior assigned Dragonfly HR.1 VX596 for Ship Flight until c Dec, to Far East.
    1951-dec-31DeploymentUK R51 HMS Perseus departed HMNB Rosyth for Philadelphia to demonstrate the steam catapult to US Navy. Returned to HMNB Portsmouth on 21 Mar 1952
    1952RefitUK R31 HMS Warrior air search radar Type 281 in HMD Devonport for refit until Sep 1953.
    1952TrialsUK R16 HMS Triumph trials conducted with commercial version of Sycamore
    1952-janDeploymentUK R68 HMS Ocean departed Malta, to support Korean War operations in the Far East
    1952-janDeploymentUK R71 HMS Vengeance departed HMNB Portsmouth for Singapore as an aircraft ferry to re-inforce efforts for the Korean War. Returned Mar 1952.
    1952-febTrialsUK R16 HMS Triumph angled flight deck trials (painted 3 deg offset).
    1952-feb-2DeploymentUK R62 HMS Glory relieved HMAS Sydney off Korea. In turn, relieved by HMS Ocean on station, on 1 May.
    1952-aprAircraftUK R62 HMS Glory Assigned Dragonfly HR.1 VZ965 mid Apr as SAR Flt. Transferred to HMS Ocean, when relieved in May.
    1952-may-1DeploymentUK R68 HMS Ocean relieved HMS Glory and transferred Dragonfly HR.1 VZ965 aboard as SAR Flt until c Aug 1952. Korean war service until 30 Oct.
    1952-sepRefitUK R71 HMS Vengeance wear and tear repairs and work in preparation for transfer to RAN.
    1952-novDecommissionedUK R71 HMS Vengeance to RAN as HMAS Vengeance
    1952-novDeploymentUK R68 HMS Ocean relieved as duty Far East carrier by HMAS Sydney.
    1952-nov-10DeploymentUK R62 HMS Glory relieved HMS Ocean off Korea and served until mid May 1953.
    1952-nov-13CommissionedAU R71 HMAS Vengeance ex RN HMS Vengeance
    1952-dec-12DeploymentUK R51 HMS Perseus Operation Firedog departed UK with 10 Whirlwind HAR.21 of 848 NAS embarked to support forces in Borneo. Also ferried Dragonfly HR.3 WG707 and WG721 to Sembawang. Arrived in Singapore on 8 Jan 1953.
    1953RefitUK R16 HMS Triumph became Cadet Training Ship, completed c Aug
    1953-jan-16AircraftAU R71 HMAS Vengeance took delivery of first 3 Sycamore HR.50 for the RAN in the English Channel (XA219, XA220 and XA221) and transported them to Oz, arriving early Mar.
    1953-febDeploymentUK R51 HMS Perseus Departed Sembawang for UK, included ferrying of Dragonfly WG667.
    1953-may-17DeploymentUK R68 HMS Ocean again relieved HMS Glory, on operations during the Korean War, until end of Oct. She returned to Hong Kong, having been relieved in turn by HMAS Sydney.
    1953-jun-15DeploymentUK R64 HMS Theseus Fleet Review: Coronation Review of the Fleet as part of the Home Fleet
    1953-jun-15DeploymentUK R51 HMS Perseus Fleet Review: Coronation Review of the Fleet as part of the Home Fleet - Portsmouth
    1953-julRefitUK R62 HMS Glory at HMD Portsmouth until c Oct 1953.
    1953-sep-7AircraftUK R64 HMS Theseus embarked Dragonfly WG722/902-HF after it had assisted in post-earthquake relief work on Zakynthos and Kefalonia, departed for Malta but diverted to Cyprus
    1953-sep-9DeploymentFR R95 Arromanches departed Toulon with 58S embarked, off French Indo-China (Vietnam). Returned to Toulon 19 Sep 1954.
    1953-sep-28DeploymentUK R51 HMS Perseus Departed Sembawang for UK, included ferrying of Dragonfly HR.3 WG668.
    1953-octPort VisitUK R16 HMS Triumph visited Leningrad
    1953-novRefitUK R64 HMS Theseus until c Jun 1954, conversion to a training carrier, to replace HMS Implacable (R86).
    1953-decHomeportUK R68 HMS Ocean returned to HMNB Devonport
    1954-janRefitUK R68 HMS Ocean at HMD Devonport until c Jun, to become a training carrier, to replace HMS Indefatigable (R10).
    1954-jan-20TrialsUK R51 HMS Perseus embarked Whirlwind HAS.22 of 706 NAS for anti-submarine trials.
    1954-marRefitUK R62 HMS Glory until c Jul 1954, as an aircraft and equipment transporter between UK and the Far East
    1954-apr-21DeploymentUK R51 HMS Perseus Embarked 845 Squadron to transport it to Malta. Returned to UK Jul 1954
    1954-may-12DeploymentUK R31 HMS Warrior relieved HMAS Sydney, off Korean peninsula.
    1954-aug-31DeploymentUK R31 HMS Warrior departed Hong Kong after rapid fit of extra accommodation, to evacuate civilians from Vietnam, until mid Sep 1954.
    1954-dec-14RefitUK R31 HMS Warrior carrier controlled approach radar Type 961 at HMD Devonport., which included fitting of a 5° angled deck, a mirror landing sight and strengthening the flight deck.
    1955RefitNL R81 Hr. Ms. Karel Doorman until 1958 with angled flight deck, mirror landing sight and new radar
    1955UK R16 HMS Triumph into Reserve, anticipating the Admiralty decision in 1956 for Frigates to take over training duties.
    1955RefitUK R51 HMS Perseus towed to Belfast for conversion to fleet maintenance ship, but cancelled by 1957 Defence White Paper and towed to Gareloch for the Reserve.
    1955-jan-24DeploymentUK R62 HMS Glory Operation Snowdrop Helicopter support ship in Loch Eriboll (deep water anchorage), near Durness, N Scotland during severe winter, for Operation Snowdrop.
    1955-junDeploymentAU R71 HMAS Vengeance departed Sydney for return to UK. Her Ships Company would take over HMAS Melbourne after hand-over in the UK.
    1955-aug-13DecommissionedAU R71 HMAS Vengeance returned to RN, until sold to Brazil on 13 Dec 1956.
    1956-junDecommissionedUK R62 HMS Glory
    1956-junAircraftUK R68 HMS Ocean 845 Squadron Whirlwind HAS.22 embarked. In mid Oct 1956, the unit then embarked on HMS Theseus
    1956-junAircraftUK R64 HMS Theseus Initially, an 845 Squadron detachment of Whirlwind HAS.22 embarked, followed in Nov by whole unit after it had departed HMS Ocean, until Dec 1956
    1956-aug-5DeploymentUK R68 HMS Ocean with HMS Theseus, transported 16 Parachute Brigade to Cyprus, during preparations for Operation Musketeer.
    1956-aug-5DeploymentUK R64 HMS Theseus with HMS Ocean, transported 16 Parachute Brigade to Cyprus, during preparations for Operation Musketeer, returning to UK later that month.
    1956-sep-30AircraftUK R64 HMS Theseus embarked Whirlwinds and Sycamore of JEHU for pre-Suez work up. Transferred to HMS Ocean on 14 Oct.
    1956-oct-14DeploymentUK R64 HMS Theseus Departed UK for Malta, with 845 Squadron Whirlwinds embarked.
    1956-oct-19DeploymentUK R68 HMS Ocean Departed UK for Malta, with JEHU embarked.
    1956-oct-23DeploymentFR R95 Arromanches Arrived in Bizerte, covertly preparing for Op Mousquetaire. SAR Flt equipped with 2x HUP-2, detached from 23S (including 23S-7).
    1956-oct-31DeploymentUK R64 HMS Theseus Operation Musketeer Participated in Suez Canal rotary wing operations off Suez Canal Zone, until 6 Nov 1956. JEHU embarked. Returned to HMNB Portsmouth on 21 Dec.
    1956-novAircraftUK R31 HMS Warrior assigned Whirlwind HAR.3 XG579 / 993-J, XG584 / 994-J and XG588 / 995-J until Oct 1957.
    1956-nov-1DeploymentUK R68 HMS Ocean Operation Musketeer Participated in Suez Canal rotary wing operations.
    1956-nov-1DeploymentFR R95 Arromanches Operation Musketeer Participated in Suez Canal rotary wing operations.
    1957UK R64 HMS Theseus into reserve, moored in Fareham Creek.
    1957RefitFR R95 Arromanches until 1958, with a 4° angled deck and mirror landing sight
    1957-jan-10AircraftUK R68 HMS Ocean embarked Whirlwind HAS.22 WV199/T of 845 Sq ditched and sank off Malta
    1957-febDeploymentUK R31 HMS Warrior Operation Grapple In Pacific Ocean for H Bomb test as part of Operation Grapple. Whirlwinds were used for an air sampling programme during the Grapple tests.
    1957-may-27DeploymentUK R68 HMS Ocean Took part in the Royal Review of the Home Fleet in the Cromarty Firth.
    1957-junRefitBR A11 NAeL Minas Gerais until Dec 1960 in Rotterdam (NL): reconstruction for Brazilian service
    1957-decRefitUK R16 HMS Triumph Conversion to Heavy Repair Ship commenced (as the major work on HMS Victorious finished), to be suspended between 1960/62 and completed c Aug 1964
    1958-febDecommissionedUK R31 HMS Warrior
    1958-marDecommissionedUK R68 HMS Ocean
    1958-may-6Fate: scrappedUK R51 HMS Perseus Sold for scrap at Port Glasgow
    1958-nov-11Fate: transferedUK R31 HMS Warrior transferred to Argentina in a ceremony at HMNB Portsmouth, as ARA Independencia
    1958-decDeploymentAR V1 ARA Independencia Sailed from HMNB Portsmouth on delivery voyage to Argentina.
    1959-jul-8CommissionedAR V1 ARA Independencia
    1960RefitFR R95 Arromanches became a training carrier
    1960-febStruckUK R68 HMS Ocean sold for scrap
    1960-dec-6CommissionedBR A11 NAeL Minas Gerais ex RN HMS Vengeance (from reserve)
    1961-aug-23Fate: scrappedUK R62 HMS Glory at Inverkeithing. Scrapping completed by 1962.
    1961-nov-29Fate: scrappedUK R64 HMS Theseus sold for scrapping, later towed from Portsmouth to be scrapped at Inverkeithing.
    1962AircraftFR R95 Arromanches Took on assault role. HSS-1 of 33F embarked.
    1962-mar-27Port VisitNL R81 Hr. Ms. Karel Doorman 27mar to 2apr
    1962-apr-18NL R81 Hr. Ms. Karel Doorman arrived
    1962-mayFate: scrappedUK R68 HMS Ocean scrapped at Faslane
    1968RefitFR R95 Arromanches became anti-submarine carrier, helicopter complement increased to 24.
    1968-jan-23NL R81 Hr. Ms. Karel Doorman departure
    1968-feb-9Port VisitNL R81 Hr. Ms. Karel Doorman 9-12 feb
    1968-mar-15NL R81 Hr. Ms. Karel Doorman arrived
    1968-apr-29DecommissionedNL R81 Hr. Ms. Karel Doorman
    1968-oct-15Fate: transferedNL R81 Hr. Ms. Karel Doorman to Argentina as ARA Veinticinco de Mayo
    1968-oct-15CommissionedAR V2 ARA Veinticinco de Mayo ex HMNLS Karel Doorman
    1970DecommissionedAR V1 ARA Independencia
    1971-marFate: scrappedAR V1 ARA Independencia
    1971-nov-8UK R16 HMS Triumph Sailed from Singapore 08 Nov 1971 - Brought back 2 x Wasp Helicopters
    1973-novDecommissionedFR R95 Arromanches
    1976RefitBR A11 NAeL Minas Gerais Service Life Extension Programme until 1981
    1978Fate: scrappedFR R95 Arromanches at Toulon
    1997DecommissionedAR V2 ARA Veinticinco de Mayo
    2000Fate: scrappedAR V2 ARA Veinticinco de Mayo sold for scrap to India
    2001-oct-16DecommissionedBR A11 NAeL Minas Gerais
    2004-aprFate: scrappedBR A11 NAeL Minas Gerais towed to Alang, India and scrapped.

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