Helicopter Accidents


Year 1979 accidents

List of helicopter accidents

Aerospatiale Alouette II 5
Aerospatiale Alouette III 4
Aerospatiale Gazelle 4
Aerospatiale SA330 Puma 5
Agusta AB205 7
Agusta AB206 2
Agusta AB212 1
Bell 204 4
Bell 205 2
Bell 206 3
Bell 209 AH-1 Cobra 3
Bell 212 4
Bell 47 1
Boeing-Vertol 107M H-46 Sea Knight 4
Breda Nardi NH500 1
F+W Emmen SA316B Alouette III 1
Hughes 369 / 500 / H-6 3
IAR 316 1
Kaman Seasprite 2
Mitsubishi S-61 1
Sikorsky S-55 H-19 1
Sikorsky S-58 H-34 1
Sikorsky S-61 H-3 4
Sikorsky S-62 HH-52 2
Sikorsky S-64 CH-54 1
Sikorsky S-65 H-53 5
Sud Aviation SE3210 Super Frelon 1
Westland Lynx 1
Westland Scout 1
Westland Sea King 1
Westland Sioux 5
Westland Wasp 2
Westland Wessex 4

1979 205A-1 30283 Aviacion de Ejercito Argentino AE-430 : Ejercito d/d 22dec78; w/o 06may79 at San Francisco, Cordoba
1979 206a 372 State of Pennsylvania N1443W : Keystone Med-Flight; w/o 14jul79 main drive shaft coupling failed, lubricant lost for unknown reason, damaged beyond repair, Philadelphia, PA, 2 fatalities, 1 injured.
1979 206a 473 N43RC : Bell 206A cn473, ff:?; del US as N43RC, unk; conv Bell 206B-2, unk
N3500M : xfer Island Helicopter as N3500M, unk; w/o ivo Old Westbury, NY 06Oct79
1979 316B 5296 Nepalese Government 9N-RAE : Nepal; w/o 27dec79 at Langtang
1979 369he 89-0106E Fuerza Aerea Argentina H-21 : FAA d/d 03feb70; VIP white cammo; w/o 11jul79 Villa Reynolds, San Luis
1979 369hm 16-0259M Arma Aerea de la Armada Española Z.13-14 : Armada 006-14. 6 escuadrilla. w/o 06dec79
1979 369hm 59-0051M Fuerza Aerea Argentina H-32 : FAA d/d nov69; w/o 22may79 Moron
1979 47g-3 6514 Royal New Zealand Air Force NZ3701 : dd Dec 1965 as 47G-3B-1, to 3 Squadron. Crashed 19 Jan 1979.
1979 ab205a 4004 Ejercito del Aire HD.10A-3 : EdA. ex EC-AYS,EC-SSF, Z.10-3. w/o 24aug79
1979 ab205a 4032 Ejercito del Aire HD.10A-12 : EdA. ex EC-BHE,EC-SSO, Z.10-12. w/o 21apr79
1979 ab205a 4049 Air Force of Zimbabwe 6807 : Zimbabwe airforce d/d Oct78 Rodhesia; w/o 10feb79
1979 ab205a 4051 Air Force of Zimbabwe 6098 : Zimbabwe airforce d/d Oct78 Rodhesia; w/o 03sep79
1979 ab205a 4174 Silāḥ al-Jaww as-Sulṭāniy ‘Umān 710 :
1979 ab205a 4306 Silāḥ al-Jaww as-Sulṭāniy ‘Umān 711 :
1979 ab205a-1 4126 Aviazione dell'Esercito MM80529 : Esercito E.I.277. EM-2 type. 51 Gruppo. w/o 11sep79 at Grotte di Castro , Viterbo
1979 ab206b 8506 Polizei OE-BXU : Polizei; 13sep79 w/o
1979 ab206b-1 9181 Carabinieri MM81027 : Carabinieri CC-63 w/o 9Aug79
1979 ab212asw 5130 Marina Militare Italiana MM80954 : Marina 7-23. 15nov79 crashed south of Toulon, France
1979 ah-1t US Marine Corps 160746 : USMC; w/o 12aug79
US Marine Corps 160746 : Crashed in Greece. Pilot/Co-pilot did not survive
1979 ah-1t US Marine Corps 160808 : USMC; HMA-169 w/o 09jul79
1979 ah-1t US Marine Corps 160823 : USMC; HMA-269 w/o 24aug79
1979 ch-136 44046 Canadian Armed Forces 136246 : BuNo 71-20911. 430 sqd w/o 18jul79
1979 ch-3e 61-618 US Air Force 67-14716 : USAF; 67 ARRS w/o 18dec79
US Air Force 67-14716 : Aircraft was on rescue mission north of Reykjavik from a crashed Cessna 172. On second trip to crash site the H-3 succumbed to dual compressor stall due to icing. Aircraft was total loss. No fatalities. Pilot in Command Capt Charles K Singleton
1979 CH-46A 2094 US Marine Corps 151944 : BV-107M, c/n 2094, ff?; del USMC 26Aug65 as CH-46A 151944; asgd Boeing FR, Morton, PA; xfer HMM-164 13Sep65; xfer HMM-265 26Feb67; dam 20Jul67; xfer NARF North Island 11Sep67; xfer NAS North Island A&T 12Jul68; xfer HAMRON 16 COSA 13Jul68; xfer HMM-265 22Aug68; xfer HMM-165 10Oct69; xfer LPH-9 USS Guam 03Apr70; xfer MARTD Whidbey Island 04Mar71; stor MASDC as 1J0027 16Dec71; xfer NARF Cherry Point 26Jul74; redesig HH-46A 16Jan75; xfer NAS Point Mugu 10Apr75; xfer PMTC, 12, 02May75; w/o 12Jun79, Point Mugu, CA.
1979 CH-46A 2129 US Marine Corps 152510 : BV-107M, c/n 2129, ff?; del USMC 03mar66 as CH-46A 152510; asgd Boeing FR Morton PA; xfer HMM-265 08Mar66; dam 03Jun66; xfer H&MS-16 28Jun66; xfer HAMRON 16 COSA 02Dec66; xfer HMM-165 01May67; xfer FAWPRA Atsugi 31Jan69; xfer NAS Atsugi A&T 04Jun69; xfer HMM-265 04Jul69; xfer HMM-164 06Mar70; xfer HMM-165 03Jun70; xfer H&MS-36 COSA 11Sep70; xfer MARTD New Orleans, HMM-767, 19Mar71; stor MASDC as 1J0039 31Jan72; xfer NARF Cherry Point 18Apr74; redesig HH-46A unk; xfer NAS Jacksonville, unk; w/o 21Mar79 ivo NAS Jacksonville, FL.
1979 CH-46F 2468 US Marine Corps 154861 : BV-107M, c/n 2468, ff?; accepted BuWepsRep, FR, Morton, PA as CH-46F 154861 19Sep68; xfer HMM-365 26Sep68; xfer HMM-162 29Dec69; xfer H&MS-26 02Oct70; xfer HMM-162 27Jan71; xfer H&MS-26 26Mar71; xfer HMM-161 16Jan72; further unit xfers unk; xfer HMM-163, YP-?, unk; w/o 03Oct79.
1979 CH-46F 2483 US Marine Corps 155314 : BV-107M, c/n 2483, ff?; accepted BuWepsRep, FR, Morton, PA as CH-46F 155314 20Nov68; xfer HMM-162 27Nov68; xfer H&MS-26 03Jun71; xfer H&MS-16 CRAA 08Oct71; xfer HMM-161 17Dec71; further unit xfers unk; xfer NARF Cherry Point, NC unk; w/o 30May79.
1979 ch-53d 65-209 US Marine Corps 156962 : Sikorsky S-65 c/n 65-209 ff?; accepted by USMC as CH-53D 156962 unk;
US Marine Corps 156962 : w/o 15oct79 with HMM-264
1979 ch-53d 65-213 US Marine Corps 156966 : Sikorsky S-65C, c/n 65-213, ff:?; del USMC as CH-53D 156966, unk
US Marine Corps 156966 : w/o 15dec79 with HMT-204
1979 ch-53d 65-306 US Marine Corps 157730 : Sikorsky S-65C, c/n 65-306, ff:?; del USMC as CH-53D 157730, unk
US Marine Corps 157730 : w/o 2aug79
1979 ch-54a 64-062 US Army Aviation 68-18457 : US Army CH-54A; 295 AvnCo, OHIO ARNG, unk; w/o 29Sep79 crashed and burned out, 4 fatalities; hulk sold to Erickson Air Crane as N176AC (ntu); b/u for parts in S-64E conv.
Erickson - : Erickson 1997; This Airframe 64-062 became 64-1001 the first aircraft produced by Erickson Air-Crane with a zero time airframe
1979 h-19d 55-1186 US Army Aviation 57-1625 : Sikorsky S-55 c/n 55-1186, ff:?; del US Army as H-19D, 57-1625, 24Mar58.
N5755 : sold US as N5755, unk.
N824T : sold US as N824T, unk.
Heliswiss International AG HB-XDS : sold Eisenhut AB as HB-XDS, 1972; leased various operators, most notably HeliSwiss; conv S-55T by Pilatus, unk.
Norrlandsflyg AB SE-HHY : sold Norrlandsflyg AB as SE-HHY, 1977, w/o 15Aug79 while taking off from Sitasjaure (near Ritsem), the aircraft struck a power line and crashed. Five fatalities.
1979 h-34g.III 58-1503 Heeresflieger QC+402 : Sikorsky H-34G.III, c/n 58-1503, ff?; ordered by USN under MDAP as 150737, unk; del W. Ger Heeresflieger as QC+402, unk; recoded QA+475, unk; recoded PZ+468, unk; recoded 80+53, unk; sold USA as N82819, unk; conv S-58T, unk; sold Brazil as PT-HHO, unk; rtnd USA as N12230, unk; reserialed as N12220, unk.
Sikorsky Helicopters N82819 : 1may75
VOTEC Servicios Aereos Regionais PT-HHO : 3oct75
PT-HHO : w/o 16mar79
1979 hh-3f 61-597 US Coast Guard 1432 : Sikorsky S-61R c/n 61-597, ff?; del USCG as HH-3F 1432 unk; crashed while performing a medical evacuation from a Japanese fishing vessel in North Atlantic, 18Feb79. Forced to land in heavy seas, waves overturned the helicopter, and only one of the five crewmembers survived.
US Coast Guard 1432 : 1969 to CGAS New Orleans as first operation unit with HH-3F
US Coast Guard 1432 : I was at CGAS Cape Cod when the 1432 was lost.This was the Second launch by this crew that night.As far as the Board could tell with the surving crewmans help,the aircraft suffered catastropic engine failure due to Ice Ingestion into the Engine and a slow decline of power unnoticed during the slow approch to the Freighter. The Pilot landed correctly into the waves but a huge wave flipped the Aircraft on its back. Canadian Exchange Officer Capt Berge was killed in this incident
US Coast Guard 1432 : The pilot, James Stiles was a friend of mine at CGAS Kodiak. He and I went flying together many times. He was a great guy. He won (his second) Distinguished Flying Cross (Posthumously) for his heroic actions that night which gave his crew a chance to live. Most people do not realize just how dangerous working in the USCG is. They have to go out, but they dont have to come back. That happens too often.
1979 hh-52a 62-054 US Coast Guard 1376 : Sikorsky S-62C c/n 62-054, ff?; del USCG as HH-52A Seaguard 1376 unk; w/o 17Jan79.
US Coast Guard 1376 : CGAS Miami; w/o 17jan79 at Opa Locka Airport, Florida midair collison with Bell 47G N2873B during landing descent in a takeoff climb. Both aircraft had been cleared by tower along parallel flight paths, but were not advised of each other. 5 fatalities (4 USCG)
1979 HH-53C 65-266 US Air Force 69-5787 : USAF; 33 ARRS w/o 26feb79 crashed into sea during aerial refueling
US Air Force 69-5787 : This unfortunate accident occurred as a result of a retiring high-ranking officer flying his last helicopter flight. His inexperience led him to pull-up towards the HC-130 refueling chute to abruptly, hitting the chute with one or two of the HH-53 rotor blades. Instead of ditching the Jolley Green into the South China Sea for subsequent rescue of the airmen on board, the officer instead attempted to be a hero and fly the vibrating beast back to land. The tragic outcome is the result of his arrogance!
US Air Force 69-5787 : This is bs. the Major flying was in upgrade training to Flight Evaluator. The accident occured and the aircraft subswquently crashed. I was the one who survived the accident.
1979 HSS-2A M61-077 Japan Maritime Self-Defense Force 8070 : Mitsubishi HSS-2A c/n M61-077, ff?; del JMSDF as 8070 unk; w/o 24May79.
1979 ah1 079 Army Air Corps XZ189 : AAC AH.1 d/d 14sep78; BAOR 1 Regt w/o 05jul79 at Hildesheim, Germany. 2 fatalities
1979 NH500MC 31-0284M Guardia di Finanza MM81054 : GdiF-96. w/o 08jun79 at Roma Centocelle
1979 s-62a 62-107 Sikorsky Helicopters N59227 : Sikorsky S-62A c/n 62-107, ff?; registered Sikorsky as N59227 1967; reg to Freeport Sulfur 1967; sold to Petroleum Helicopters as N59227, Oct71; sold Cyprus Airways as 5B-CBU 04Oct73; sold Gulf Helicopters as A7-HAE Apr75; sold Rob Air, Swaziland as 3D-HAB ~1978; w/o in Algoa Bay, 08Aug79.
PHI Inc N59227 : Sikorsky S-62A c/n 62-107, ff?; registered Sikorsky as N59227 1967; reg to Freeport Sulfur 1967; sold to Petroleum Helicopters as N59227, Oct71; sold Cyprus Airways as 5B-CBU 04Oct73; sold Gulf Helicopters as A7-HAE Apr75; sold Rob Air, Swaziland as 3D-HAB ~1978; w/o in Algoa Bay, 08Aug79.
Cyprus Airways 5B-CBU : Sikorsky S-62A c/n 62-107, ff?; registered Sikorsky as N59227 1967; reg to Freeport Sulfur 1967; sold to Petroleum Helicopters as N59227, Oct71; sold Cyprus Airways as 5B-CBU 04Oct73; sold Gulf Helicopters as A7-HAE Apr75; sold Rob Air, Swaziland as 3D-HAB ~1978; w/o in Algoa Bay, 08Aug79.
Gulf Helicopters A7-HAE : Sikorsky S-62A c/n 62-107, ff?; registered Sikorsky as N59227 1967; reg to Freeport Sulfur 1967; sold to Petroleum Helicopters as N59227, Oct71; sold Cyprus Airways as 5B-CBU 04Oct73; sold Gulf Helicopters as A7-HAE Apr75; sold Rob Air, Swaziland as 3D-HAB ~1978; w/o in Algoa Bay, 08Aug79.
Rob Air 3D-HAB : Sikorsky S-62A c/n 62-107, ff?; registered Sikorsky as N59227 1967; reg to Freeport Sulfur 1967; sold to Petroleum Helicopters as N59227, Oct71; sold Cyprus Airways as 5B-CBU 04Oct73; sold Gulf Helicopters as A7-HAE Apr75; sold Rob Air, Swaziland as 3D-HAB ~1978; w/o in Algoa Bay, 08Aug79.
1979 S-65C-3 65-395 Heil Ha'Avir 534 : Sikorsky S-65C-3, c/n 65-395 ff?; retained by Sikorsky for testing as N4009S; del IDF/AF as S-65C Yasur 534, May75; crashed, crew killed, 16Jul79.
1979 sa315b 2275 Ejercito Ecuatoriano IGM-275 : Instituto Geografico Militar; w/o 27mar79
1979 sa316b 1624 Comando de Aviacion Naval Argentina 0643 : accepted ARA 31oct69 as 4-H-23. Then 4-H-3, 2-H-3, 3-H-3 and 3-H-103. Crash 04mar79 during SAR mission on Smith Island (Antarctica). Two fatalities: TC Rusconi and CP Lecese.

1979 sa318c 2179 F-WKQI : to Togo Army in 1970
Force Aerienne Togolaise 5V-MAF : transferred from Army on 1 Jul 1973.
Force Aerienne Togolaise 5V-MAF : crashed 6 Mar 1979 and re-manufactured as a SA315B Lama
LN-OCE : remanufactured by Aerospatiale as SA315B Lama
1979 sa319b 2048 Fuerzas Aeromóviles del Ejército de Tierra Z.16-3 : ex EC-STG. to air force as HD.16-3
Ejercito del Aire HD.16-3 : ex Z.16-3. w/o 18nov79
1979 sa321g 149 Aéronautique Navale 149 : FN d/d 1970; 32F; w/o 16feb79 crash in Iroise Sea
Aéronautique Navale 149 : crashed after main rotor blade attachment rupture
1979 sa330e 1183 Royal Air Force XW228 : RAF Puma HC.1; w/o 27dec79
Royal Air Force XW228 : ff 15 May 1972. 230 Sq/DP by Jul 1974, struck telegraph pole in Mtoko, Rhodesia while with 33 Sq and w/o 27 Dec 1979.
1979 sa330f 1202 Ejercito de Chile H254 : Ejercito; w/o 22mar75, repaired; w/o 22feb79
1979 sa330j 1487 Heli-Union F-GBDI : Heli Union w/o 11May79
1979 sa330j 1575 Fuerza Aerea Mexicana TPH-02 : FAM w/o 22may79
1979 sa330l 1445 Suid-Afrikaanse Lugmag 164 : SAAF; w/o 04sep79
Suid-Afrikaanse Lugmag 164 : Shot down by ground fire during Operation Uric over Mozambique killing all on board
1979 ah.1 1002 Army Air Corps XW842 : AAC AH.1; 663 Sqn w/o 06aug79
1979 ah.1 1469 Army Air Corps XX458 : AAC Gazelle AH.1 built by Westland; 1sep79 w/o
1979 ah.1 1472 Army Air Corps XX459 : AAC Gazelle AH.1 built by Westland; 25may79 w/o
1979 ah.1 1503 Army Air Corps XZ293 : AAC Gazelle AH.1 built by Westland; 24aug79 w/o
1979 ah.1 f.9523 Army Air Corps XR601 : w/o 26 Aug 1979 after tail rotor severed by main rotor following heavy landing with BATUS at Suffield in Canada;
Army Air Corps XR601 : G.I. SEAE Arborfield until Sep 2009
Army Air Corps XR601 : To Whittington Barracks as Gate Guard 10 Sep 2009, gone by Apr 2016
1979 se3130 1169 marinen 02032 : 1169/C61 Hkp2 type, Marinen 2HD /32; w/o 10dec79
1979 se3130 1244 F-OBMV : Helicop Air; 19jul59 pictured at Biggin Hill, UK
Schreiner Airways PH-HEM : Schreiner Aero Contractor 1959-1968, to PK-TPZ
PK-TPZ : w/o 11oct79
1979 se3130 1405 Heeresflieger 75+54 : PF-133; PF-201; HFB6; HFS7; w/o 29.11.1979 Luedinghausen
1979 se3160 1016 Air Force of Zimbabwe RRAF501 : Aerospatiale SA.316 Alouette III cn1016, ff:? del Royal Rhodesian AF as RRAF501, 27Mar62
Air Force of Zimbabwe 5701 : reserialled Rhodesian Air Force as 5701, unk; w/o 04Jan79
1979 se3160 1131 Air Force of Zimbabwe RRAF505 : Aerospatiale SA.316 Alouette III cn1131, ff:?; del RRAF as RRAF505, 21Aug63
Air Force of Zimbabwe 5705 : reserialled RhAF as 5075, unk; w/o 27Sep79
1979 se3160 1505 Air Force of Zimbabwe 5170 : Aerospatiale SA.316 Alouette III cn1505, ff:?; del RhAF as 5170, 22Jul68; w/o 02Jan79.
1979 mk50 wa 787 Fleet Air Arm (RAN) N16-098 : ff 30 Jun 1974, dd 2 Mar 1975 Ex G-17-1. First RAN Sea King delivered. On board HMAS Melbourne with HS-817 for the Silver Jubilee deployment during summer 1977. Ditched in sea 23 May 79 following tail rotor failure.
1979 sh-3a 61-321 US Navy 152127 : USN; HS-84 w/o 08apr79
US Navy 152127 : Scrapped, damage beyond repair due to fatal crash outside Tucson, Arizona
1979 sh-3d 61-401 US Navy 154111 : USN; HS-8 w/o 21feb79
1979 Sioux wa319 Army Air Corps XT160 : AAC Sioux AH.1; to G-BGAM
G-BGAM : Bell 47G-3B-1 Sioux AH.1 c/n wan10; private from Oct78; w/o 26May79
G-BGAM : w/o 26May79
1979 Sioux wa413 Army Air Corps XT501 : AAC Sioux AH.1 1966-Oct76
British Executive Air Services G-BEHO : BEAS Oct76-Feb78
PDG Helicopters G-BEHO : Dollar Air Services, Coventry from Sep78; w/o 23Jun79
1979 Sioux wa607 Army Air Corps XT845 : AAC Sioux AH.1 d/d 30jan68, w/o 25nov79
1979 Sioux wa699 Army Air Corps XW179 : AAC Sioux AH.1 d/d 05nov68, w/o 28aug79, to A2711, parts to XT242
1979 Sioux wa703 Army Air Corps XW183 : AAC Sioux AH.1 Unk to D-HMNI
D-HMNI : Private w/o 26jul79
1979 UH-1B 606 Luftforsvaret 086 : BuNo 62-2086. w/o 03feb79
1979 uh-1d 5786 US Army Aviation 66-16092 : US Army; cnvt. to UH-1H
US Army Aviation 66-16092 : 14mar79 aircraft was totally destroyed at Fort Bragg, NC
1979 UH-1E 6005 US Marine Corps 151270 : HT-18 w/o 28aug79
US Marine Corps 151270 : Mast bumping, All aboard were killed. Left HT-18 for a training flight with one pilot and 3 student pilots. Rotor blades cut the tail boom off in three swipes and crashed at alt of 300ft.
1979 UH-1E 6165 US Marine Corps 154943 : USMC; to US Navy HT-18 w/o 11jan79
1979 UH-1E 6183 US Marine Corps 154961 : USMC; w/o 03oct79
US Marine Corps 154961 : Sitting behind the US Army Sapper School on Fort Leonard Wood, Missouri
1979 UH-1N 31410 US Marine Corps 158239 : USMC, conv to HH-1N
US Navy 158239 : USN, VXE-6 /XD-16 w/o 21jan79
1979 UH-1N 31412 US Marine Corps 158241 : USMC, conv to HH-1N
US Navy 158241 : USN, VXE-6 /XE, w/o 17feb79
1979 UH-1N 31418 US Marine Corps 158247 : to Navy
US Navy 158247 : conv to HH-1N type; Asg Guam SAR unit; w/o 30jul79, sustained strike damage in a crash caused by a tail rotor yoke failure. The last time I saw it was at NAS Agana, Guam being used for crash crew training
1979 UH-1N 31614 US Marine Corps 158273 : conv to HH-1N; US Navy, NAWS China Lake, w/o 10aug79
1979 UH-2A 32 US Navy 149028 : Kaman K-20 Seasprite, c/n 32, ff?; del USN as UH2K-1, 149028 unk; redesig UH-2A in 1962; redesig HH-2D, unk; xfer HSL-30 unk; w/o 20May79.
US Navy 149028 : UH-2A type gear up landing in Thailand with HC-7
1979 UH-2A 57 US Navy 149755 : Kaman K-20 Seasprite, c/n 57, ff?; del USN as UH2K-1, 149755 unk; redesig UH-2A in 1962; redesig SH-2F unk; noted HSL-32, HV-??, unk; w/o 10Jun79.
US Navy 149755 : 1968/70 UH-2C type HC-1
1979 Wasp f.9611 Fleet Air Arm XT441 : d/d 28 Mar 1966. to Fleetlands; to Lee by Jul 1969; 829 NAS Euryalus Flt/433 Sep 1971 to Dec 1971; w/o 4 Feb 1979 with 829 Sqdn operating from HMS Sheffield/337, ditched in sea off Gibraltar following engine fire, recovered; to instructional airframe A2703. Scrapped at Predannack, Jul 1991.
1979 Wasp f.9756 Suid-Afrikaanse Lugmag 94 : w/o 5 Dec 1979, off Cape Point.
1979 has.1 wa109 Fleet Air Arm XS150 : Westland Wessex HAS.1, c/n WA109, f/f:?; del Royal Navy as XS150, 21/10/1963; w/o 02mar79 Fall off jack during maintenance at RNAS Culdrose; to instructional airframe
1979 hc.2 wa125 Royal Air Force XR500 : Westland Wessex HC.2, c/n WA125, f/f: 19jul63; del Royal Air Force as XR500, 19aug63; w/o 19apr79
Royal Air Force XR500 : Wessex Training Unit; 72 Sq
Royal Air Force XR500 : 9 Oct 1967, visited newly commissioned RFA Stromness, off Aden while operating with 78 Squadron.
Royal Air Force XR500 : Flew her 28Sqn at Kai Tak 2nd and 4th April 1974. I was with 38Grp STANU, jamesl.cheetham
Royal Air Force XR500 : w/o 19apr79, crashed into sea off Hong Kong, crew OK
Royal Air Force XR500 : Sek Kong dump by Mar 1986
1979 hu.5 wa287 Fleet Air Arm XT465 : Westland Wessex HU.5, c/n WA287, f/f:?; del Royal Navy as XT465, 05/10/1965; w/o 06/03/1979.
Fleet Air Arm XT465 : 845 Sq/B-B by Feb 1966 still Jul 1969, 845 Sq/B-A by Mar 1970, 845Sq/B-B by May 1971
Fleet Air Arm XT465 : 845 Sq/B-B by May 1971. Damaged during tornado at RAF Luqa on 31 Oct 1971.
Fleet Air Arm XT465 : 845 Sq/B-H by Sep 1973 until c Aug 1975, 845 Sq/X-H by Jan 1976 to c Apr 1976, 846 Sq/VR-VL by Oct 1976 until c Feb 1977, 845 Sq/X-VL by Aug 1977 to c Mar 1978, 846 Sq/VU-B by Sep 1978
Fleet Air Arm XT465 : w/o 6 Mar 1979 as 846Sq/VU-B after hitting cables near Andoya, Norway.
Fleet Air Arm XT465 : A wire in Skarsteindalen area, 4 Nautical Miles South South West of the Runway at Andoya Air station. The cable went from Skarsteindalen to a Communication site on a nearby mountain
Fleet Air Arm XT465 : R.I.P Leading ACMN Lyall Bradbury RN D07514K, Lt Bernard Brunsden RN C021261L and S/Lt Herbert Clarke RN C024444C
1979 mk.54 wa695 Angkatan Tentara Udara Diraja Brunei AMDB-101 : Royal Brunei Air Force Wessex Mk.54
Angkatan Tentara Udara Diraja Brunei AMDB-101 : Replaced Whirlwind of the same serial
Bristow Bermuda VR-BEB : Bristow Bermuda from 1971
PK-HBW : Indonesia, to G-BBCE
Bristow G-BBCE : Bristow Jul73-Jun76
Bristow Helicopters Nigeria 5N-AJK : w/o 20apr79 ear Soku, Nigeria
    87 C/N found.

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