Helicopter Accidents


Year 2000 accidents

List of helicopter accidents

Aerospatiale Alouette II 1
Aerospatiale Alouette III 1
Aerospatiale AS332 Super Puma 2
Aerospatiale AS350 Ecureuil 1
Aerospatiale Gazelle 1
Aerospatiale SA330 Puma 1
Aerospatiale SA365 Dauphin 2 1
Agusta A109E Power 1
Agusta AB212 1
Agusta AB412 1
AgustaWestland EH101 1
Bell 204 1
Bell 205 4
Bell 206 8
Bell 209 AH-1 Cobra 1
Bell 212 2
Bell 222 2
Bell 412 2
Bell 430 1
Bell V-22 Osprey 2
Boeing-Vertol 107M H-46 Sea Knight 1
Eurocopter AS350 Ecureuil 2
Eurocopter AS355 Ecureuil 2 1
Eurocopter AS365 Dauphin 2 1
Eurocopter Super Puma/Cougar 1
Fairchild-Hiller FH-1100 1
Fuji 204 1
Hughes 269 1
Hughes 369 / 500 / H-6 1
Kaman K-MAX 1
MBB Bk117 1
MBB Bo105 1
McDonnell Douglas md500 2
Robinson R22 1
Robinson R44 1
Rotorway exec 1
Sikorsky S-55 H-19 1
Sikorsky S-58 H-34 1
Sikorsky S-61 H-3 3
Sikorsky S-70 H-60 1
Sikorsky S-76 1
Sikorsky S-80 H-53E 1
VFW CH-53G 2
Westland Lynx 3
Westland Wasp 1

2000 204 CH36 Shin Nihon Helicopter JA9145 : Fuji-Bell 204B-2
Shin Nihon Helicopter JA9145 : Shin Nihon Helicopter Co Ltd 1993; w/o 27mar00 Katashina Tone-gun, Gunma Prefecture Airfield
2000 205A-1 30135 Fuerza Aerea Colombiana FAC4291 : FAC 291, reser 4291; Escuadron 511 w/o 23nov00
2000 206a 611 Bell Helicopter N7079J : Bell 206A cn611, ff:?: reg Bell Helicopters as N7079J, unk
N156P : xfer US as N156P, unk; conv B206B-2, unk; lsd Mt. Pleasant Corp, as N156P, unk; w/o when a/c crashed while maneuvering near Chascomus, Argentina, 29Apr00, 4 minor injuries.
2000 206b-2 1376 Gobierno de Mexico XC-GUW : Mexico, ex N5450M, to N1PE
G-BOUY : Three Oaks Finance Nov88-Apr90
G-BOUY : Clyde Helicopters Apr90-Feb91
G-GOBP : Clyde Helicopters Feb91-Apr94
Bond Aviation Group G-OBRU : Clyde Helicopters Apr94-Feb96
Bond Aviation Group G-OBRU : Bond Helicopters Feb96-Mar97
Scotia Helicopters G-OBRU : Scotia Helicopters Mar97-Jan99
G-LGRM : Aeromega Ltd from Jan99; w/o 09nov00 crashed on a hillside during pipeline survey in North Wales, no fatalities
2000 206b-2 866 D-HKLI : German private 1973-1981; to HB-XMT
Heli-TV SA HB-XMT : HeliTV 1981-1988; ex D-HKLI; 26jul85 damaged on autorotation near Carena, TI. repaired
Heli Bernina AG HB-XMT : TUI Air nov88 - jul91
Heli Bernina AG HB-XMT : Heli Bernina winter 1997
HB-XMT : Heli Cats jul91 - 1997
HB-XMT : Airport Helicopter Basel d/d 1998; w/o 21apr00 crash mountain at Vorabgletscher. 2 fatalities
2000 206b-3 2371 Maritime Helicopters N301MH : Maritime Helicopters; w/o 01may00. No fatalities
2000 206l-1 45701 Fuerza Aerea Guatemalteca 131 : FAG, ex TG-WOD; w/o 20jul00
2000 206l-3 51017 Papillon Grand Canyon N38903 : Papillon Helicopters; w/o 07jul00 at Logan, UT
2000 212 30625 Canadian Coast Guard C-GCHG : Coast Guard from Jun74; w/o 10may00 Cabot Island Newfoundland, 60m E of Gander. 1 fatality
2000 212 31276 Sri Lanka Air Force CH538 : Sri Lanka Air Force; w/o 18feb00
2000 222 47023 RP-C1724 : Bell 222 cn 47023, ff:?; reg Philippines as RP-C1724, unk.
N111RS : sold Falcon Helicopters Inc, Lees Summit, MO as N111RS, 23Nov98; w/o unk, reg canx 13Sep00.
2000 222ut 47539 N101UM : Bell 222UT, cn47539, ff:?; del US as N101UM, unk
N101MM : xfer US as N101MM, unk
N101NM : xfer US as N101NM, unk
N96NY : xfer New York State Police as N96NY, unk
N225LL : xfer Air Methods as N225LL, unk; suffered uncontrolled forced landing on a warehouse roof top after mechanical failure. Crew minor injured. w/o 14May00.
2000 269C / 300 90-0041 G-AYLX : First reg 28Oct70; 28apr73 pictured at Denham in Air Gregory markings (registered to Medminster Ltd); 1999 to G-ZAPS
G-ZAPS : reg 26Nov99; w/o 08mar00 at Hare Hatch near Twyford, Berkshire. 3 killed after tail boom detached due to fatigue; canc 19Oct00 as destroyed
2000 369e 0028E State of California N819CE : Southern California Edison (SCE); w/o 17oct00
2000 412 33085 JA9583 : test serial N2101Q
ERA Helicopters N174EH : ERA Aviation from Apr90-Oct02
US Department of Interior N174EH : US Dept Interior; w/o 13aug00 at Cold Springs, NV. 1 fatality
2000 412sp 33132 Fuerza Aerea Hondureña FAH-978 : FAH; w/o 25nov00
2000 430 49015 Bell Helicopter N4579C : Bell
Daily Air Corp B-55531 : Daily Air Corp, Taiwan; w/o 08may00 overturned into water during attempted emergency landing on river bank following wire strike over Da Jia River. One occupant injured
2000 a109e 11036 Sloane Helicopters G-JRSL : Sloane Nov98-Feb99
G-JRSL : Perment Ltd from Feb99; w/o 14jan00 crash at Romney Marsh, Kent
G-JRSL : Cabin only on dump at Kemble airport near Boeing 737 N389DF by Apr16
2000 ab212 5597 Österreichische Luftstreitkräfte 5D-HA : w/o 20mar00 near Kirchdorf
2000 ab412 25551 Carabinieri MM81336 : CC-12. 4 Nucleo Elicotteri. w/o 30oct00 Pisa
2000 ah-1w 26255 US Marine Corps 163930 : USMC; conv c/n 29137; 1994 TV-23/HMLA-167 w/o 31jan00 with HMM-261 det HMLA-167 on USS Bataan (LHD 5)
US Marine Corps 163930 : If Im not mistaken, this cobra went down in Jordan due to a bird strike. 3/6 marines Lima Co secured site. I was in the company and on float with the USS Shreveport (LPD-12) which was part of the USS Bataan group
US Marine Corps 163930 : Yes, the Cobra impacted the ground in Jordan, injuring the pilot and was later reclaimed and spent the majority of or the rest of the cruise on the USS Bataan, LHD-5, of which I was deployed as an H-53 Crew Chief.
2000 as332b 2260 Fuerzas Aeromóviles del Ejército de Tierra HT.21-18 : CASA. ET-516. BHELMA IV w/o 04mar00
2000 as332m1 2274 flygvapnet 10404 : Hkp10 code 94
Försvarsmakten 10404 : SAF from 1998 type:Hkp10
Försvarsmakten 10404 : w/o 11aug00, H(elge)94 crashed during a rescue mission in the Swedish mountains. One of its rotor blades came, for unknown reason, against the mountain wall causing the machine to crash and explode. All three crewmen died instantly and the recovery of the machine took almost a year. Only 70 percent was recoved. The swedish commission of inquiry was unable to determine what had caused the blades to hit the mountain. One of the possible reasons that was brought up, was the major reorganization that the Armed forces did just previous to the accident and its impact on the staff. This machine was stationed in Boden
2000 as350b2 2432 Heli Bernina AG HB-XXL : HeliBernina from 1990
Heli Bernina AG HB-XXL : Heli Bernina w/o 28aug00. Pilot killed
2000 as350b2 2622 N351HW : to N851HW
State of Tennessee N851HW : Hospital Wing Memphis; 30mar99 pictured at Le Bonheur Medical Center Heliport, Memphis, TN
N851HW : w/o 11may00 during flight instruction at Mesa-Falcon Field, AZ
2000 as355f2 5489 American Eurocopter N6065B : American Eurocopter, to N355DU
State of North Carolina N355DU : Duke University Health System (DUHS) at Durham, NC from Jan93; Duke Life Flight HEMS; w/o 16oct00 East of 2613 Churchill Drive, Burlington, North Carolina. 1 fatality
2000 as365n2 6441 Taiwan National Police AP018 : w/o 06sep00
2000 as532m 2491 Al Quwwat al Jawwiya al Malakiah as Sa'udiya 9907 : RSauAF; 99 Sqd; w/o 19nov00
2000 bk117a3 7088 State of Pennsylvania N428MB : USA from Sep86, test serial D-HBPI
State of Pennsylvania N428MB : WPAHS AHN LifeFlight
State of Utah N428MB : Rocky Mountain Helicopters; air ambulance; w/o 25apr00 near St. Petersburg , FL
2000 105cbs-4 S-876 Fuerza Aerea de Chile H-68 : fach unk; to CC-45
Armada de Chile 45 : Naval UH-05 type; HU-1; w/o 15jun00 destroyed by fire at Zanartu
2000 ch-124 61-288 Royal Canadian Navy  (1945-1968) 4022 : Sikorsky S-61B, c/n 61-288, del Royal Canadian Navy as CHSS-2, 4022, 1965; to CH-124A as 12422 Oct1968; w/o 23Jun00.
Canadian Armed Forces 12422 : CAF; ex 4022; w/o 23Jun00
2000 ch-3c 61-558 US Air Force 65-12783 : Sikorsky S-61R c/n 61-558 ff?; del USAF as CH-3C 65-12783 unk; conv HH-3E unk; stor AMARC unk; sold US as N650DC unk; sold NZ as ZK-HYK unk; w/o Feb 2000 while log lifting. Fuselage stored at Palmerton North Airport, NZ.
US Air Force 65-12783 : 1980 HH-3E type pictured with 106 ARRG / 102nd ARRS, New York Air National Guard at Suffolk County AFB (now Francis S. Gabreski ANGB )
N650DC : private Wilmington, DE; 1995-1999
ZK-HYK : w/o Feb00 during log lifting; Fuselage stored at Palmerston North International airport, New Zealand
2000 CH-46F 2530 US Marine Corps 156460 : BV-107M, c/n 2530, ff?; accepted BuWepsRep, FR, Morton, PA as CH-46F 156460 15Jul69; xfer HMMT-302 13Aug69; xfer H&MS-30 02Oct71; xfer HMMT-302 16Dec71; xfer HMM-161 23Mar72; further unit xfers unk; conv CH-46E unk; unit xfers unk; xfer HMM-265, EP-06, unk; SOC 11Aug00.
US Marine Corps 156460 : 1988-1991 HMM-165; 17jan91 Conducted first Medevac of Desert Storm

2000 CH-53G V65-006 Heeresflieger 84+08 : HEER CH-53G
Heeresflieger 84+08 : 06jul75 asg HFR-35 at RAF Wildenrath
Heeresflieger 84+08 : conv to CH-53GS; w/o 24jan00 asg HFWS
2000 CH-53G V65-091 Heeresflieger 84+93 : VFW-Fokker CH-53G c/n V65-091, ff?; del Heeresgeflieger as 84+93 unk; units unk; status unk.
Heeresflieger 84+93 : HEER; Jan00 HFR35
Heeresflieger 84+93 : w/o 14feb00 crashed at Mendig
2000 162f Armada de Mexico EX-05 : Naval Aviation School ; w/o 11dec00
2000 FH-1100 162 N550F : to N1NJ
State of New Jersey N1NJ : New Jersey State Police (NJSP); to N88860
N250AD : 1990s, worked on by Rick Naylor at Clearwater Helicopters
N250AD : Floating Czech Inc at Valparaiso, IN from Aug98; w/o 19aug00
2000 h-34a 58-531 US Army Aviation 55-4497 : del US ARMY as H-34A, 55-4497, 07May57; to H-34C by Jan62; soc Atlanta Army Depot, Jan71; xfer Oklahoma National Guard, Feb71; soc Feb72;
St Louis Helicopter, Inc N97AR : sold Pacfic Crown Aviation as S-58J, N97AR, unk; sold Edward J Chopot, unk; NTSB: 22Jan80: Kingston, ID. Loss of power due to slush blocking fuel filter. Damage substantial.; sold St Louis Helicopter, 18Apr84; FAA reports cancelled destroyed 08Jun00.
2000 hb350ba 2660 Helibras PT-HYK : Helibras c/n HB1161
Policia Militar do Brasil PP-EOG : Policia Militar de Sao Paulo (PMSP); w/o 18jan00
2000 hh-1k 6322 US Navy 157198 : US Navy HAL-4 /NW-206; wfu 1989, to civ as N6166S
US Navy 157198 : 16mar93 pictured at AMARC as 7H195
N896RP : from 1996 ex 157198, N6166S; w/o 29jun00
2000 hh-3f 61-634 US Coast Guard 1472 : USCG HH-3F; 1969 delivered from Sikorsky to CGAS Salem
US Coast Guard 1472 : 1972-1980 asg CGAS Sitka, Alaska. PO2 Collins, USCG aircrewman on many SAR missions in this aircraft
US Coast Guard 1472 : 22Mar93 wfu & stor AMARC as 440030
N500XL : Cinema Aircraft Restoration at Las Vegas, NV from Mar99; w/o 10jun00 collided with trees during forced landing near Wellington, NV. 2 injured; canc Apr05
2000 HRS-2 55-238 US Marine Corps 130168 : Sikorsky S-55 c/n 55-238, ff:?; del USMC as HRS-2, 130168, 05Sep52; w/o crop spraying, New Zealand, 29Aug00
US Marine Corps 130168 : Feb53 pictured with HMR-161 during Operation Haylift II
US Marine Corps 130168 : 20may55
N17754 : ZK-HSC
2000 k-max A94-0017 Kaman N311KA : Kaman K-1200 K-Max, c/n A94-0017, ff:1996; reg Kaman Aerospace as N311KA, 24May96; del Superior Leasing LLC as N311KA, 12Aug96; w/o at Cusick, WA, 11Jul00.
State of Oregon N311KA : Superior Leasing Llc from 12Aug96; Swanson Group Aviation; w/o 11jul00 at Cusick, WA
2000 ah1 115 Army Air Corps XZ207 : AAC; conv AH.7; w/o 17apr00; seen at SEAE ( School of Electrical and Aeronautical Engineering at Aborfield, Reading, England )
2000 ah1 214 Army Air Corps XZ662 : AAC; 1991 652Sqn
Army Air Corps XZ662 : 655 Sq by Sep 1997
Army Air Corps XZ662 : AAC; conv AH7; w/o 02mar00
2000 mk88 327 Marineflieger 83+14 : MFG; 13aug95 MGF3 Flugtag im Nordholz
Marineflieger 83+14 : w/o 16feb00 crashed into the Caribbean Sea, 32km W off Curacao, Netherlands Antilles, and sank. The helicopter was based on frigate Niedersachsen
2000 md500e 0158E Fuerza Aerea Salvadoreña 36 : FAS; w/o 05dec00
2000 369f 0063FF Ejercito de Chile H185 : w/o 21sep00
2000 hm.1 50101 Fleet Air Arm ZH844 : 50101/RN24. Crashed on an 824Sqn Observer instructor training sortie at RNASCuldrose (N50 05.05 W005 15.50) on Tuesday 30 March 2003 after failureof the tail rotor assembly.  Impacted ground at the edge of main runway with a high rate of yaw from 5 metre hover. No fatalities,1 major injury. Cat 5 damage to aircraft & engines (Beyondcost-effective repair)
Fleet Air Arm ZH844 : this aircraft did not crash at RNAS Culdrose, this one ditched in the Inner Sound between Applecross in Wester Ross and the island of Raasay, near Skye. its was ZH859 that had a heavy landing on the hardstanding outside 824Sqn, RNAS Culdrose
Fleet Air Arm ZH844 : w/o 27 Oct 2000 off Raasay while conducting sonar trials with 700Sq(M) Sq. Wreck recovered in several pieces, to Yeovilton by Dec 2000.
Fleet Air Arm ZH844 : 2008 wreck at FSAIU (Yeovilton)
2000 mh-53e 65-615 US Navy 164772 : US Navy; 1996 HM-15 /TB-02
US Navy 164772 : w/o 10aug00 HM-15 /TB-02
2000 mv-22b D0014 US Marine Corps 165436 : Bell-Boeing MV-22B, c/n D0014, ff?; del USMC as MV-22B, 165436, 17Jan00; w/o 18apr00 crashed Marana Northwest Regional Airport, AZ
US Marine Corps 165436 : Crash news
2000 mv-22b D0018 US Marine Corps 165440 : Bell-Boeing MV-22B, c/n D0018, ff?; del USMC as MV-22B, 165440, 21Aug00; xfer HMMT-204 unk; crashed, w/o MCAS New River, NC 11Dec00.
US Marine Corps 165440 : Crash news
2000 oh-58a 40093 US Army Aviation 68-16779 : US Army
US Army Aviation 68-16779 : Served with 120th Avn Co in Vietnam
State of Georgia N913SP : Georgia State Police GSP; w/o 20jun00 crash at Rome, Georgia
2000 oh-58a 42029 US Army Aviation 72-21363 : US Army toward N901SF
State of California N901SF : SFPD ex 72-21363 from Jan97 to w/o 11Jan00
2000 beta 0680 G-BNUZ : w/o 2Dec00
2000 astro 0195 OY-HFW ?: flying from Roskilde w/o 13oct00
2000 s-76a 760071 UAE Government A6-HRD : UAE Gvt. toward DU-111
Dubai Air Wing DU-111 : Dubai Air Wing ex A6-HRD toward VH-XHP
VH-XHP : ex DU-111 toward PK-PUK
Pelita Air Service PK-PUK : Pelita Air Service ex VH-XHP w/o 8mar00
2000 sa330l 1587 Prefectura Naval Argentina PA-11 : PNA d/d 20oct80 ex F-WFFJ; 12jan97 badly damaged during storm in Mar del Plata airshow Aerplata 97 when hit a P-3B Orion (both aircraft parked); Sent to France to be repaired and return in 1999; w/o 20mar00 ditch ocean during evacuation of shipping boat Fueguino 200 miles off coast, was rescue days later; salvage spare parts cannibalized; tail preserved at Prefectura Museum
2000 ah.1 1933 Army Air Corps ZB666 : AAC Gazelle AH.1 built by Westland; 24feb00 w/o
Army Air Corps ZB666 : ARWS/G by 1983, 670Sq/G by Jul 1988 still May 1989, Blue Eagles by Sep 1994, 670Sq/G by Jun 1996. 664Sq/G by 2000. w/o 24 Feb 2000 in Kenya.
Everett Aero ZB666 : Everett Aero Sproughton by Mar 2003 (pod only, /G) still Feb 2004
2000 sa365n1 6282 N6010Y : to N89SM
N89SM : Debis Financial Services at Norwalk, CT from Feb99; Corporate Jets Inc; w/o 18dec00 at West Mifflin, PA
2000 se3130 1902 Schweizer Luftwaffe V-56 : Swiss AF Feb64-Dec92
F-GJIE : Jet Systems Helicopters Services SA Jun96; SARL HelicopAir Jun96-Jun97; SARL Pes 2 Puy Helicopteres Jul97-Sep99
F-GJIE : Helicos Legers Service SARL from Oct99; w/o 05aug00 hit wires during agricultural tasks at Finca Casanova, T.M. de pals, Gerona, Spain
2000 se3160 1412 Fuerza Aerea de Venezuela 1677 : FAV. w/o 01jul00
Fuerza Aerea de Venezuela 1677 : mechanical failure, tail rotor total loss
2000 uh-1d 5975 US Army Aviation 66-16281 : US Army, conv to UH-1H
US Army Aviation 66-16281 : Jul69-Jul70, I flew this during most of my tour in Vietnam with the 119th Assault Helicopter Company (119 AHC) in AnKhe and Pleiku. It was substantially damaged in a crash in the spring or early summer of 1970. I dont know if it was rebuilt after the crash. It had been converted from a D model to an H model prior to my arrival in Vietnam. I would be interested to know where it is now located. David Maib
US Army Aviation 66-16281 : 5-158th AVN, 12th CAB; w/o 01mar00
2000 uh-1h 11533 US Army Aviation 69-15245 :
Comando de Aviacion Naval Argentina 0878 : ARA 3-H-308 never fly; ex 69-15245; w/o 24nov00 being unloading from ship when the crane cable broke at Buenos Aires port; Used for training marines at Baterias camp
2000 uh-1h 13267 Força Aérea Brasileira 8700 : FAB. d/d 1997. w/o 14feb00
Força Aérea Brasileira 8700 : 2011 being restored to serve as a platform for training in launching and rappel paratroopers of the Patrulha Civil Resgate e salvamento (Civilian rescue patrol) at Rio de Janeiro
8700 : Oct13 pictured finished with Patrulha Civil Resgate e salvamento, Rio Janeiro
2000 uh-60l Aviacion del Ejercito de Colombia EJC-152 : Ejercito d/d 1997. BuNo 96-26733
Aviacion del Ejercito de Colombia EJC-152 : This chopper was lost on 19oct00 in Dabeiba (Antioqia)
2000 Wasp f.9724 Fleet Air Arm XV629 : FAA - Displayed at the Farnborough Airshow 1968
Fleet Air Arm XV629 : dd 16 Apr 1969, 703 Sq, RNAY Wroughton, transferred to Army AAC Middle Wallop (May 1994 - Apr 2000), scrapped.
Fleet Air Arm XV629 : during ground move at Portland on 24 Jun 1969, main rotor struck tail rotor of XS544.
Fleet Air Arm XV629 : 21oct78 confirmed noted RNAY Wroughton
    67 C/N found.

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