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    Weston-super-Mare, Somerset, England

    United Kingdom

    List of aircraft and events at Weston-super-Mare

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    1018-sep-22 Reserve Collection H-21C FR41
    1955-may-23 RAF Sycamore 4 XG503
    1957-may Bristol Aeroplane Company MK.52 G-18-117
    1957-may Bristol Aeroplane Company MK.52 G-18-122
    1957-jun Bristol Aeroplane Company MK.52 G-18-119
    1957-jun Bristol Aeroplane Company MK.52 G-18-123
    1957-dec DeliveredBristol Aeroplane Company MK.52 G-18-149
    1958-jan DeliveredBristol Aeroplane Company MK.52 G-18-150
    1958-jan DeliveredBristol Aeroplane Company MK.52 G-18-155
    1958-feb DeliveredBristol Aeroplane Company MK.52 G-18-147
    1958-feb DeliveredBristol Aeroplane Company MK.52 G-18-156
    1958-feb-03 BuiltBristol Aeroplane Company MK.52 G-18-148
    1958-mar DeliveredBristol Aeroplane Company MK.52 G-18-159
    1958-mar DeliveredBristol Aeroplane Company MK.52 G-18-160
    1958-apr DeliveredBristol Aeroplane Company MK.52 G-18-166
    1958-jul DeliveredBristol Aeroplane Company MK.52 G-18-162
    1958-jul DeliveredBristol Aeroplane Company MK.52 G-18-161
    1958-aug DeliveredBristol Aeroplane Company MK.52 G-18-163
    1958-sep DeliveredBristol Aeroplane Company MK.52 G-18-168
    1958-dec DeliveredBristol Aeroplane Company MK.52 G-18-157
    1958-dec DeliveredBristol Aeroplane Company MK.52 G-18-158
    1959-jan DeliveredBristol Aeroplane Company MK.52 G-18-132
    1959-feb DeliveredBristol Aeroplane Company MK.52 G-18-151
    1959-feb DeliveredBristol Aeroplane Company MK.52 G-18-131
    1959-mar DeliveredBristol Aeroplane Company MK.52 G-18-152
    1959-jun Visiting 107 N74060
    1960 Conv HAR.10RAF HAR.2 XJ727
    1964 TrialsRAF Type 192 Belvedere XG450
    1964-may Conv HAR.10RAF HCC.8 XN126
    1964-may Conv HAR.10RAF HCC.8 XN127
    1964-oct Conv HAR.9RN HAS7 XN384
    1964-nov Conv to HAR.9RN HAS7 XL839
    1965-may Conv to HAR.9RN HAS7 XN298
    1966-nov-09 Conv HAR.9RN HAS7 XL880
    1975-sep-02 RepairAAC AH.1 XV131
    1975-nov-05 RAF Type 192 Belvedere XG452
    1976 RepairAAC AH.1 XT627
    1976 RepairRAF SA330E XW218
    1976-dec HAS7 XG596
    1977-jul RepairAAC AH1 XZ172
    1977-nov-16 DeliveredWestland AH.1 XZ338
    1978-mar StoredAAC Skeeter 7 XM556
    1978-mar Exhibit Sycamore 4 G-HAPR
    1978-jun Exhibit HAS7 XG596
    1978-jun Exhibit HR.3 G-BRMA
    1978-jun ExhibitRAF Type 192 Belvedere XG452
    1979-may Exhibit Ultralight G-AOUJ
    1979-may-23 DeliveredWestland SA330E ZA934
    1979-jun Exhibit SRS.1 G-ANFH
    1981 Exhibit Rotodyne XE521
    1981-sep-01 RefurbishedWestland Wasp G-17-1
    1981-oct-01 RefurbishedWestland Wasp G-17-4
    1981-dec SRS.3 G-ATKV
    1982-may-04 DeliveredWestland HT.3 ZB625
    1983 Exhibit AH.1 XP165
    1983 ExhibitRN Wasp XS463
    1984-feb-03 DeliveredWestland HT.2 ZB649
    1988 Exhibit C.30 AP506
    1988-jul Bristow MK.60 G-ATBZ
    1989 ExhibitRAF Type 192 Belvedere XG462
    1989-oct-12 Exhibit UH-12C G-ASTP
    1990 Exhibit HR.1 VZ962
    1990-mar Stored B-2 G-ASHD
    1990-mar SRS.1 G-ANJV
    1991-apr Exhibit HAR.4 XD163
    1992-sep Exhibit Skeeter 7 XL811
    1993 CH-25A 51-16622
    1993-jul-01 Lynx ZE477
    1993-jul-01 MK.60 G-ATBZ
    1993-jul-01 MK.60 G-AZBY / EM-16
    1993-jul-01 SA321F F-BTRP
    1993-jul-01 Type 192 Belvedere XG452
    1993-jul-01 WG.30 G-BGHF
    1993-jul-24 47H G-AZYB
    1993-jul-24 ExhibitBristow MK.60 G-ATBZ
    1993-jul-24 SA321F F-BTRP
    1993-jul-24 UH-1D 66-16579
    1993-jul-24 ExhibitRN Wasp XT431
    1993-aug-07 SRS.1 G-AODA
    1993-aug-29 RN HAR.1 XA862
    1993-aug-29 RAF HAR10 XP404
    1994-feb Stored HAR3 G-AYNP
    1994-may-16 Exhibit HAS.1 XM330
    1994-aug-13 Type 192 Belvedere XG452
    1995-jan Exhibit Wasp XT443
    1995-jul-01 HH-60G 89-26206 / IS
    1995-jul-01 HT.2 XW853
    1996-jan Exhibit Lynx XW839
    1997-may-01 HAR.4 XD163 / X
    1997-may-01 HU.5 XT472 / XC
    1997-may-01 Lynx ZE477
    1997-may-01 Lynx XW839
    1997-may-01 MK.60 G-ATBZ
    1997-may-01 MK.60 G-AVNE
    1997-may-01 SA321F F-BTRP
    1997-may-01 Type 192 Belvedere XG452
    1997-may-01 Wasp XS463
    1999-nov-26 ExhibitWestland EH101 G-EHIL
    2000-jul DecommissionedWestland EH101 ZF649
    2000-sep-01 30-100-60 N116WG
    2000-oct-07 EH101 ZH647
    2000-oct-07 HCC.12 XR486
    2000-oct-07 Lynx ZB500
    2000-oct-07 SRS.1 G-AODA
    2000-dec ExhibitRN HAS.2 XX910
    2001 Westland SA330L ZE449
    2001-sep-09 HAS.2 XX910
    2001-sep-09 Lynx ZB500
    2001-nov-15 Exhibit HCC.4 XV733
    2002-mar-30 30-100-60 N114WG
    2002-mar-30 HCC.4 XV733
    2002-mar-30 MK.60 G-ATBZ
    2002-jul-26 AMI AB212ICO MM81213
    2002-sep-29 HCC.12 XR486
    2003-jul-25 MK88 8304
    2003-jul-25 MK88A 8304
    2003-jul-27 AB212 MM81073
    2004-mar-26 HAS.2 XX910
    2004-mar-26 SA365N F-WQAP
    2004-mar-26 Wasp XT443 / 422
    2004-may-12 30-100 G-ELEC
    2004-may-12 30-100-60 N114WG
    2004-may-12 30-300 G-HAUL
    2004-may-12 47H OO-SHW
    2004-may-12 EH101 ZH647
    2004-may-12 HAS7 XK940
    2004-may-12 HCC.12 XR486
    2004-may-12 HCC.4 XV733
    2004-may-12 Lynx ZB500
    2004-may-12 Lynx ZE477
    2004-may-12 MK.60 G-ATBZ
    2004-may-12 MK.60 G-AVNE
    2004-may-12 WG.30 G-BGHF
    2004-jul-25 105P 8808
    2004-jul-25 412EP ZJ239 / R
    2004-jul-25 A109BA H25
    2004-jul-25 AB212 MM81211 / 4-66
    2004-jul-25 AB412SP R-02
    2004-jul-25 AS350BB ZJ269
    2004-jul-25 RNLAF CH-47D D-665
    2004-jul-25 CH-53G 8482
    2004-aug Exhibit B-2 G-ATFG
    2005-apr-30 30-300 G-HAUL
    2005-apr-30 47H OO-SHW
    2005-apr-30 CH-25A 51-16622
    2005-apr-30 HU.5 XS486 / 524
    2005-apr-30 UH-1D 66-16579
    2005-jul-01 AB212ICO MM81145 / 51-72
    2005-jul-01 HAS.2 XZ733 / 302
    2005-jul-30 30-100-60 N114WG
    2005-jul-30 A109BA H20
    2005-jul-30 AMI AB212ICO MM81145
    2005-jul-31 105P 8626
    2005-jul-31 MK43B 330
    2006-jun-22 AS355N G-STON
    2006-jul-09 HU.5 XS486 / 524
    2006-jul-20 MK.60 G-ATBZ
    2006-jul-30 105P 8651
    2007 30-100 G-BKGD
    2007-jul-20 MK88A 83+21
    2007-jul-28 AH.1 XT626 / Q
    2007-jul-28 AS-61R MM80975 / 15-02
    2007-jul-28 HT.2 G-CBGZ
    2007-jul-28 MK41 8957
    2007-jul-28 SE3130 XR379
    2007-jul-29 412EP ZJ240 / U
    2007-jul-29 AS-61R MM80985 / 15-14
    2007-jul-29 UH-1D 7107
    2007-aug-27 AH.1 XP165
    2007-aug-27 HCC.12 XR486
    2007-aug-27 UH-1D 66-16579
    2007-oct-17 Exhibit Sycamore 4 XL829
    2008-jun-20 30-100 G-ELEC
    2008-jun-20 30-100-60 N114WG
    2008-jun-20 47H OO-SHW
    2008-jun-20 HAS.1 XM330
    2008-jun-20 HCC.12 XR486
    2008-jun-20 HP G-OTED
    2008-jun-20 SA365N F-WQAP
    2008-jun-20 Type 192 Belvedere XG452
    2008-jun-20 Type 192 Belvedere XG462
    2008-jun-20 UH-1D 66-16579
    2008-jul Wasp XT443
    2008-jul-01 MK41 8964 / 50
    2008-jul-20 CH-25A 51-16622
    2009-mar-08 30-100-60 N114WG
    2009-jul-01 HAR.3A ZH542
    2009-aug-07 30-100 G-ELEC
    2009-aug-07 HCC.4 XV733
    2009-aug-07 HP G-OTED
    2009-aug-07 Lynx ZE477
    2009-aug-07 Wasp XT443 / 422
    2009-aug-07 WG.30 G-BGHF
    2010-apr-17 SRS.1 G-ANJV
    2010-jul-01 412EP ZJ703
    2010-jul-01 HH-60G 89-26208 / LN
    2010-jul-25 HH-60G 89-26208 / LN
    2010-oct Guardia di Finanza A109A-II MM81205
    2011-jan Reserve Collection Skeeter 7 XM557
    2011-jan Reserve Collection Skeeter 7 XN345
    2011-may Reserve Collection Skeeter 7 XL736
    2011-may StoredAAC Skeeter 7 XL767
    2011-jul-22 AS555AN 5468 / VX
    2011-jul-22 MI-171SH 9813
    2011-jul-23 MI-171SH 9813
    2011-jul-24 CH-25A 51-16622
    2011-jul-24 MI-35 3371
    2011-dec-23 Type 192 Belvedere ?
    2012-may SRS.1 G-ANFH
    2012-jul-11 30-100 G-ELEC
    2012-jul-21 MK88 8306
    2012-jul-21 MK88A 8306
    2012-nov AAC AH.1 ZB686
    2013-feb-17 30-100 G-ELEC
    2013-feb-17 30-100-60 N114WG
    2013-apr HAS7 XG596
    2013-apr S-55C S-881
    2013-apr S-55C S-887
    2013-aug-15 Ultralight G-AOUJ
    2015-mar ka-26 D-HOAY
    2015-jul Exhibit Sycamore 3 G-ALSX
    2015-jul-12 Exhibit HAS.1 XM330
    2015-jul-12 Exhibit Sycamore 4 XL829
    2015-sep-05 SA342J YU-HPZ
    2016-jan-27 H-21C FR41
    2016-feb-17 AS332L G-TIGE
    2016-nov-30 on display HAS.1 XM328
    2016-dec Tail boom HAR.1 XA868
    2016-dec-03 Exhibit 105M 81+00
    2016-dec-03 Exhibit 30-100 G-BKGD
    2016-dec-03 Playground 30-100 N5840T
    2016-dec-03 Exhibit AB206C-1 MM80927
    2016-dec-03 Exhibit AS332L G-TIGE
    2016-dec-03 Exhibit Bo102 6216
    2016-dec-03 Exhibit CH-25A 622
    2016-dec-03 Stored H-21C FR41
    2016-dec-03 Exhibit HAS.1 XM328
    2016-dec-03 Exhibit HR.3 WG719
    2016-dec-03 Exhibit MI-2 SP-SAY
    2016-dec-03 Exhibit mi-24d 96+26
    2016-dec-03 Exhibit SA318C A41
    2017-jun-18 RN HMA.2 ZZ528
    2018-jun-11 Sycamore escortFlying Bulls 105C D-HTDM
    2018-jun-11 Flying Bulls MK.52 OE-XSY
    2018-sep-22 Reserve CollectionAAC AH.1 XP886
    2018-sep-22 Reserve CollectionRAF HAR10 XP404
    2018-sep-22 Reserve CollectionRN HAS.1 XS149
    2018-sep-22 Reserve Collection HAS7 XG596
    2018-sep-22 Reserve Collection HC.2 XR526
    2018-sep-22 Reserve CollectionRN HU.5 XS486
    2018-sep-22 Reserve CollectionRN HU.5 XT472
    2018-sep-22 Reserve Collection S-55C S-881
    2019-mar Royal New Zealand Navy Wasp XV634
    2020-aug-24 Visited1 REGT AH.1 ZZ526
    2020-oct-15 Guardia di Finanza A109A-II MM81205
    2020-oct-15 AAC AH.1 ZB686
    2020-oct-15 SRS.1 G-AODA

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