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  • united kingdom Fleetlands

    Fareham, Hampshire, England

    United Kingdom

    List of aircraft and events at Fleetlands

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    By Date | By Serial

    1959-feb StoredRN HAS7 XM667
    1959-apr-26 AccidentRN HR.3 WN494
    1962-dec StoredRN HR.3 WP504
    1963-jul StoredRN HR.3 WN500
    1963-nov StoredRN UH-12E XS706
    1963-dec StoredRN HAS7 XM667
    1964-dec RN HAS.1 XM845
    1965-jun StoredRN HAS7 XL881
    1966-mar-28 StoredRN Wasp XT441
    1966-may-20 G I AirframeRN HAR.1 XA869
    1967-nov Broken upRN HU.5 XT462
    1968-may-06 StoredRN Wasp XV624
    1970-oct RN HAS.1 XM845
    1973-apr Re-build705 NAS UH-12E XS162
    1973-aug RN HAS.1 XS119
    1974-jul DumpedRN HAS.1 XV645
    1974-jul StoredAAC Saro P.531 XR493
    1974-dec Spares recoveryRN HAS.1 XS875
    1975-aug Gate GuardianRN HAS7 XL836
    1975-dec-08 RN Wasp XT424
    1976-apr RN HAS7 XM660
    1977-aug-31 DumpRAF HAR10 XR484
    1977-nov-01 AAC AH.1 XP846
    1977-dec DumpRN HU.5 XS490
    1978 WreckageRN HAS.1 XV702
    1978 DumpedRN HT.2 XW867
    1978 RN HU.5 XT457
    1978-feb G I AirframeRN HAS.1 XS872
    1978-jun Conv to HAS.2RN HAS.1 XV653
    1978-sep-26 AAC AH.1 XX434
    1978-oct Repaired737 NAS HAS.1 XP110
    1979-jun 706 NAS HAS.1 XV657
    1981-jul RAF HC.2 XR507
    1982-feb 3 CBAS /(C)L AH.1 XX377
    1982-mar StoredRAF CH-47C ZA717
    1982-mar StoredRAF CH-47C ZA714
    1982-may Conv to HAS.5RN HAS.1 XV699
    1982-sep Conv HAS.5RN HAS.1 XV653
    1982-nov HU.5C ConvRN HU.5 XT463
    1983-may Gate GuardianRN HAS.1 XS868
    1983-jun Conv HAS.5810 NAS HAS.1 XV665
    1983-jun G I AirframeRN HAS.1 XV669
    1983-jun-11 CH-47C AE-520
    1983-jun-11 Open Day737 NAS HAS.1 XP110
    1983-jun-11 SA330L PA-12
    1983-jun-11 Open DayRN Wasp XT784
    1984-may Conv to HU.5CRAF HU.5 XT479
    1984-sep RN HAS.2 XZ229
    1985-apr G I AirframeRN HAS.1 XP110
    1986-oct Conv HAS.3RN HAS.2 XZ734
    1987-jun Conv HAS.6RN HAS.5 ZA136
    1987-dec Conv HAS.3SRN HAS.2 XZ245
    1988-jan Conv HAS.3GMRN HAS.3 ZD253
    1988-may RN HAS.1 XS888
    1988-may Conv HAS.3GM829 NAS HAS.2 XZ720
    1988-dec Conv HAS.3CTSRN HAS.3S ZF557
    1989-apr Conv HAS.3CTSRN HAS.3S ZF563
    1989-jun Conv HAS.3SRN HAS.3 ZD567
    1989-jun ExhibitRN HAS7 XL853
    1989-jun ExhibitAAC Skeeter 7 XL738
    1989-oct Conv HAS.6RN HAS.1 XV653
    1990 Vector Aerospace HU.5 XS493
    1990-feb ExhibitRAF HAR.2 XK988
    1990-feb-09 ExhibitRN HR.1 VX595
    1990-feb-09 ExhibitRAF Sycamore 3 WV783
    1990-mar G I AirframeRN Wasp XS568
    1990-mar G I AirframeRN Wasp XS569
    1990-mar G I AirframeRN Wasp XT780
    1990-apr Conv HAS.3CTSRN HAS.3S ZF562
    1990-jun Conv HAS.3CTSRN HAS.3S ZF560
    1990-aug-22 Conv HAS.6RN HAS.1 XV654
    1990-oct-10 RN HAS.1 XV708
    1990-dec G.I. AirframeRN HU.5 XT480
    1991-may HAS3S Conversion702 NAS HAS.3 ZD565
    1991-jun-08 open day820 NAS HAS.1 XV663
    1991-jun-08 open dayNARO HAS.1 XV654
    1991-jun-08 open day705 NAS HT.2 XW863
    1991-jul Conv HAS.3GMSRN HAS.2 XZ720
    1992-apr RN HAS.2 XZ229
    1992-jul Conv HAS.3SRN HAS.2 XZ690
    1993-jan StoredNARO MK28 QP-31
    1993-mar Conv HAS.3GMSRN HAS.3 ZD253
    1993-mar G I AirframeMinistry of Defence (MoD) MK28 QP-30
    1993-jun Conv HAS.3GMSRN HAS.3 ZD256
    1993-sep Conv to HU.5RN HAS.1 XV699
    1993-sep-16 StoredRAF CH-47C ZA678
    1993-nov Conv HAS.3GMSRN HAS.2 XZ696
    1994-apr Conv HAS.3SRN HAS.3 ZD249
    1994-apr-20 RAF CH-47C ZA717
    1994-jun-11 SA330E XW220
    1995-mar Conv HMA.8RN HAS.3 ZD265
    1995-mar Gate GuardianRN HU.5 XT480
    1996-oct Conv to HMA.8RN HAS.2 XZ689
    1996-nov HMA8 conversionRN HAS.3 ZD262
    1997-feb-11 RAF HC.2 XR517
    1997-jul RN HAS.2 XZ731
    1998-feb StoredRAF HT.3 XW855
    1998-feb StoredRAF HT.3 XW852
    1998-mar HMA8 ConversionRN HAS.3 ZD565
    1999-sep ScrappedAAC AH.1 ZA765
    2001-apr Conv HMA.8DSPRN HAS.3 ZD265
    2001-dec-04 RepairRAF HAR.3 XZ599
    2004 StoredAAC AH.1 ZB690
    2009-jun RN HC.4 ZF118
    2009-oct 849 NAS HAS.5 ZA126
    2010-nov Vector Aerospace MK28 QP-31
    2011-jul conversionVector Aerospace CH-47D ZD984
    2012-jan Vector Aerospace AH.1 XW844
    2012-oct G I AirframeAAC AH1 ZD281
    2014-mar RAF CH-47D ZH891
    2014-mar-16 AAC AH9 ZG916
    2014-sep RN HAS.1 XV648
    2014-nov BHN AS332L 5N-BGP
    2015-mar Airlift AS AS332C LN-OBX
    2015-jun-15 Stored VH-BZBVector Aerospace AS332L G-BLXS
    2015-jun-15 Airbus Helicopters UK AS332L2 G-CGTJ
    2015-aug-17 RAF HAR.3A ZH540
    2015-aug-18 RAF HAR.3A ZH543
    2015-nov-26 Preserved Wasp XS539
    2015-dec-01 Vector Aerospace HAR.3 XZ591
    2015-dec-01 Vector Aerospace HAR.3 XZ599
    2015-dec-01 Vector Aerospace HC.4 ZA297
    2015-dec-01 Vector Aerospace HC.4 ZA292
    2016-feb-18 Vector Aerospace AH.1 XW844
    2016-mar-31 Vector Aerospace AS332L G-TIGF
    2016-apr-20 Airbus Helicopters UK AS332L2 G-CGTJ
    2016-apr-20 Vector Aerospace AS350B3 G-CIZJ
    2016-apr-20 Vector Aerospace AS350B3 EC-IYQ
    2016-apr-20 Vector Aerospace EC225LP G-WNSN
    2016-apr-20 OHI EC225LP G-CINU
    2016-apr-20 Preserved Gate Guard HC.4 ZD480
    2016-apr-20 Vector Aerospace HC.4 ZF117
    2016-apr-20 Vector Aerospace HC.4 ZG821
    2016-apr-20 Vector Aerospace HC.4 ZA296
    2016-apr-20 Vector Aerospace HC.4 ZA299
    2016-apr-20 Vector Aerospace HC.4 ZA295
    2016-apr-20 Vector Aerospace MK28 QP-31
    2016-apr-20 OTA S-76C PR-OMD
    2016-apr-20 OTA S-76C PR-OME
    2016-may-11 RAF HAR.3 XZ591
    2016-may-11 Vector Aerospace HAR.3 XZ599
    2016-oct-14 Vector Aerospace AS332L G-BWMG
    2017-may-17 Milestone Aviation EC225LP G-CIDK
    2017-may-18 SonAir Serviço Aéreo, SA H225 D2-EZO
    2017-may-23 Milestone Aviation H225 G-CKBO
    2017-jul-25 RN HAS.5 ZA166
    2017-oct-06 Milestone Aviation EC225LP G-CIDM
    2017-nov-01 Pakistan Navy HAR.3A ?
    2017-nov-22 Vector Aerospace HC.4 ZF117
    2018-may-17 AAC AH.1 ZB677
    2018-jul AAC AH.1 ZB692
    2018-jul AAC AH.1 ZB692
    2018-sep-26 Retirement849 NAS HAS.1 XV714
    2018-sep-26 Retirement849 NAS HAS.5 ZE420
    2018-sep-26 Retirement849 NAS HAS.5 ZA128
    2018-oct-02 AAC AH1 XZ213
    2020-mar-14 Airbus Helicopters UK AS332L2 G-CGTJ
    2020-may-19 AAC AH.1 XW847

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