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    Yeovil, Somerset, England

    United Kingdom

    List of aircraft and events at Yeovil

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    By Date | By Serial

    1950-jun-07 AccidentWestland Dragonfly 1A G-AMAK
    1952-apr HR.3 conversionMinistry of Defence (MoD) HR.1 VX595
    1958-jan Westland HAR.5 XJ445
    1959-aug-17 Westland HAS7 XM686
    1962-oct Prototype HC.2Westland HC.2 XR588
    1965-jun Conv to HAS.3RN HAS.1 XS119
    1965-nov Conv HAS.3RN HAS.1 XP110
    1966-mar Conv HAS.3RN HAS.1 XP137
    1967-mar Conv HAS.3RN HAS.1 XM920
    1971-jan-29 RAF SA330E XW198
    1971-jan-29 RAF SA330E XW199
    1973 Westland Commando G-17-1
    1973 Westland Commando G-17-2
    1973 Westland Commando G-17-3
    1973 Westland Commando G-17-4
    1973 Westland Commando G-17-5
    1973-may-23 First flightWestland AH1 XX907
    1975-dec Westland MK48 G-BDNH
    1977-jun Westland HAS.2 XZ236
    1978-jan WestlandAAC AH.1 XP189
    1978-jun-21 Westland HAS.2 FN XZ272
    1979-sep-12 AAC AH1 XZ175
    1979-sep-12 Westland AH1 XZ217
    1979-sep-12 RAF HAR.3 XZ585
    1979-sep-12 RN HAS.5 XZ916
    1979-sep-12 Westland HU.5 XT768
    1979-sep-12 Westland Lynx G-LYNX/ZA500
    1979-sep-12 Westland Lynx XW837
    1979-sep-12 Westland Lynx XW839
    1979-sep-12 Westland WG.30 G-BGHF
    1979-oct Sea Skua trialsWestland HAS.2 XZ696
    1979-nov DumpedWestland Lynx G-BEAD
    1980-feb-03 Westland MK80 G-BHHM
    1980-apr-14 Westland MK80 G-BHHL
    1980-apr-30 Westland MK80 G-17-18
    1980-jul-01 Westland MK80 G-17-19
    1980-aug-05 Westland MK80 G-17-20
    1980-sep-12 Westland MK80 G-17-21
    1980-sep-15 Westland MK80 G-17-23
    1980-oct-20 Westland MK80 G-17-22
    1981 Westland MK81 G-17-31
    1981-jun Westland MK88 G-BIHK
    1981-sep-27 Westland WG.30 G-BIWY
    1982-apr-16 Marineflieger MK88 83+06
    1983-mar Test rigWestland AH.1 XP857
    1986-jan Test rigWestland S-61D-1 XV372
    1990-dec Conv Mk.95Westland HAS.3S ZH580
    1990-dec Conv Mk.95RN HAS.3S ZF561
    1993-aug Conv HMA.8RN HAS.3S ZF560
    1993-oct Restoration HAS7 XG596
    1994-feb Conv HMA.8RN HAS.3S ZF562
    1996 Westland MK43B ZJ163
    2000-jul-18 1st FlightAAC WAH-64 ZJ172
    2001-oct-31 First flightAAC WAH-64 ZJ184
    2003-mar DumpedWestland AH1 XX907
    2003-dec-12 1st flightAgustaWestland UK MK512 ZJ990
    2004-may-10 MK512 ZJ990
    2004-aug-27 1st flightAgustaWestland UK MK512 ZJ991
    2004-nov-17 1st flightAgustaWestland UK MK512 ZJ992
    2004-dec-23 1st flightAgustaWestland UK MK512 ZJ993
    2005-apr-01 1st flightAgustaWestland UK MK512 ZJ994
    2005-may RN HAS.5 ZE422
    2005-nov-30 1st flightAgustaWestland UK MK512 ZJ995
    2005-dec-20 1st flightAgustaWestland UK MK512 ZJ996
    2005-dec-22 1st flightAgustaWestland UK MK512 ZJ997
    2006-jan-01 MK512 ZJ992 / 03
    2006-jan-01 WAH-64 ZJ210
    2006-feb-28 1st flightAgustaWestland UK MK512 ZJ998
    2006-apr-26 1st flightAgustaWestland UK MK512 ZJ999
    2006-jun-05 1st flightAgustaWestland UK MK512 ZK001
    2006-jul-18 1st flightAgustaWestland UK MK512 ZK002
    2006-oct-02 1st flightAgustaWestland UK MK512 ZK003
    2006-dec-05 1st flightAgustaWestland UK MK512 ZK004
    2007-jul-03 VH-71 G-17-002
    2008-oct-10 WAH-64 ZJ188
    2009-jan-15 HAS.1 XV648 / CU-818
    2009-mar-05 WAH-64 ZJ188
    2009-mar-06 Marina Militare Italiana MK110 MM81719
    2009-mar-26 1st flightAgustaWestland UK MK512 ZK160
    2009-may-01 Marina Militare Italiana MK110 MM81719
    2009-may-29 1st flightAgustaWestland UK MK512 ZK161
    2009-jun-24 1st flightAgustaWestland UK MK512 ZK162
    2009-jul-13 1 REGT AH9 ZG923
    2009-jul-30 1st flightAgustaWestland UK MK512 ZK163
    2009-aug-27 1st flightAgustaWestland UK MK512 ZK164
    2009-sep-16 1st AH.9A conversionAAC AH9 ZG916
    2009-oct-22 Marina Militare Italiana MK110 MM81726
    2009-nov-10 1st flightAgustaWestland UK MK512 ZK165
    2009-nov-12 First Flight of TypeAgustaWestland UK AW159 ZZ400
    2009-dec-18 AW101.610 G-17-610
    2010-apr-07 AW101.610 ZR330
    2010-apr-08 AW101.610 ZR331
    2010-apr-15 AW159 ZZ400
    2010-apr-23 AW101.610 ZR329
    2010-apr-23 MK130 ZK184
    2010-jul-29 AW101 640 ZR334
    2010-jul-29 AW101 640 ZR334
    2010-jul-29 HM.1 ZH842 / CU
    2010-aug-16 AH7 ZE375
    2010-sep-30 Merlin Capability SustainmentRN HM.1 ZH826
    2010-dec-22 Merlin Capability SustainmentRN HM.1 ZH843
    2011-may-24 AW101 640 ZR335
    2011-sep-01 AgustaWestland UK AH.1 ZZ399
    2011-dec-20 MK512 ZJ992 / 03
    2012-jan-31 AW159 ZZ400
    2012-feb-03 AW101.610 ZR331
    2012-feb-16 AW101 640 ZR335
    2012-feb-24 AH.1 ZZ404
    2012-may-04 AH.1 ZZ405
    2012-jun AgustaWestland UK AH.1 ZZ405
    2012-jun AgustaWestland UK AH.1 ZZ407
    2012-jun AgustaWestland UK AH.1 ZZ408
    2012-jul AgustaWestland UK AW101 641 ZR338
    2012-jul AgustaWestland UK AW101 641 ZR339
    2012-jul AgustaWestland UK AW101 641 ZR340
    2012-jul RAF MK512 ZK001
    2012-nov-16 Stored 30-100 G-BKKI
    2013-jan First Flight of HMA.1AgustaWestland UK HMA.2 ZZ397
    2013-jan-04 Westlands YeovilAgustaWestland UK HMA.2 ZZ396
    2013-jan-29 AgustaWestland UK AW101 641 ZR345
    2013-jan-29 AgustaWestland UK AW101 641 ZR344
    2013-feb-11 HMA.2 ZZ413
    2013-nov-12 RN HM.1 ZH833
    2013-nov-13 AgustaWestland UK AW101 642 ZR350
    2013-nov-15 RN HMA.2 ZZ376
    2013-nov-19 AgustaWestland UK AW159 ZZ400
    2013-nov-19 RAF HC.3 ZJ121
    2013-nov-20 AgustaWestland UK AW101 642 ZR351
    2013-nov-22 AAC AH.1 ZZ393
    2013-dec-05 AAC AH.1 ZZ392
    2013-dec-05 RN HMA.2 ZZ377
    2013-dec-06 AgustaWestland UK AW101 640 ZR334
    2013-dec-08 Patriot Aviation BETA G-HONI
    2013-dec-11 Castle Air Charters AW109E G-TRNG
    2013-dec-17 AgustaWestland UK AW109E G-CDVE
    2013-dec-17 Castle Air Charters AW109E G-IVIP
    2013-dec-20 Airbus Helicopters UK EC155B1 G-HOTB
    2013-dec-20 RN HM.1 ZH828
    2013-dec-20 RN HMA.2 ZZ378
    2014-jan-22 RAF HAR.3 XZ592
    2014-jan-22 RN HMA.2 ZZ379
    2014-feb-04 AS355F G-SKYN
    2014-feb-04 AgustaWestland UK AW101 611 ZR352
    2014-feb-04 RN HMA.2 ZZ380
    2014-feb-05 AW139 G-OAWL
    2014-mar-20 AAC AH.1 ZZ388
    2014-mar-20 AgustaWestland UK AW101 611 ZR352
    2014-mar-20 AW139 G-OAWL
    2014-apr-24 AAC AH.1 ZZ383
    2014-apr-24 AgustaWestland UK AW101 640 ZR335
    2014-apr-24 AgustaWestland Italy AW169 I-AWCK
    2014-apr-24 homeportRAF MH-47E ZH904
    2014-sep-30 AgustaWestland UK AW189 I-PTFF
    2014-dec-09 AMI AW101 611 MM81865
    2015-apr-15 AgustaWestland UK AW101 611 ZR352
    2015-jun-03 AMI AW101 611 MM81866
    2015-jun-15 AMI AW101 611 MM81865
    2015-jun-15 AMI AW101 611 MM81866
    2015-jun-16 AMI AW101 611 MM81865
    2015-jul-12 AgustaWestland UK MK510 G-17-510
    2015-dec-04 AMI AW101 611 MM81865
    2016-jul-13 AgustaWestland UK AW109E G-CDVB
    2016-aug-17 First flewAgustaWestland UK AW101 612 ZZ101
    2016-aug-24 HM Coastguard AW189 G-MCGS
    2016-oct-28 RN HC.3 ZJ122
    2016-oct-31 Bristow AW189 G-MCGR
    2017-sep-28 Força Aeronaval da Marinha do Brasil MK21A N-4001
    2017-nov-17 First AW101 deliveryRNoAF AW101 612 0268
    2018 Conv HC.4RN HC.3 ZJ125
    2018 RN HC.3 ZJ128
    2018-jan RN HC.3 ZJ124
    2018-jan-11 UK Air Ambulances AW169 G-DSAA
    2018-jan-17 AgustaWestland UK AW101 612 ZZ104
    2018-jan-19 RNoAF AW101 612 0265
    2018-apr-04 Força Aeronaval da Marinha do Brasil MK21A N-4001
    2018-jun-21 Força Aeronaval da Marinha do Brasil MK21A N-4004
    2018-jun-25 Skymedia AG AW139 T7-LSS
    2018-jul RNoAF AW101 612 0268
    2018-jul-05 Flying Bulls MK.52 OE-XSY
    2018-oct-22 ZH962Força Aeronaval da Marinha do Brasil MK21A N-4001
    2018-oct-26 ZH965Força Aeronaval da Marinha do Brasil MK21A N-4004
    2018-nov-01 AgustaWestland UK AW159 220 ZZ549
    2018-dec-13 15° Stormo AW101 611 MM81870
    2019-mar-20 RNoAF AW101 612 0273
    2019-mar-28 Crowsnest 1st flightQinetiQ HM.1 ZH831
    2019-apr-26 AMI AW101 611 MM81871
    2019-jul RNoAF AW101 612 0268
    2019-jul-30 RN HM.1 ZH829
    2019-aug-28 AMI AW101 611 MM81872
    2019-oct-03 AMI AW101 611 MM81873
    2019-oct-30 Força Aeronaval da Marinha do Brasil MK21A N-4005
    2019-dec-11 AMI AW101 611 MM81874
    2020-jan-08 AMI AW101 611 MM81874
    2020-jan-27 AMI AW101 611 MM81874
    2020-jan-28 AMI AW101 611 MM81873
    2020-jan-30 RAF MK512 ZJ995
    2020-feb-10 AMI AW101 611 MM81874
    2020-feb-14 AgustaWestland UK MK95 ZH583
    2020-jun-05 AMI AW101 611 MM81875
    2020-jun-22 Developing Assets (UK) Ltd HAS.1 XV666
    2020-sep-28 RNoAF AW101 612 0279
    2020-nov AgustaWestland UK MK95 ZH583
    2020-nov-03 RNoAF AW101 612 0280
    2020-nov-05 Starspeed Ltd AW139 G-RBHF
    2020-dec Força Aeronaval da Marinha do Brasil MK21A N-4003
    2020-dec-04 Visiting HC.4 ZA314
    2020-dec-08 RAF MK512 ZJ995
    2020-dec-10 RN HM.1 ZH843
    2021-jan-29 RN MK512 ZK001
    2021-feb-03 RN HM.1 ZH864
    2021-feb-26 RNoAF AW101 612 0279

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