Helicopter Accidents


Year 2013 accidents

List of helicopter accidents

Aerospatiale AS332 Super Puma 1
Aerospatiale AS350 Ecureuil 4
Agusta A109E Power 1
Bell 204 2
Bell 205 4
Bell 206 24
Bell 212 5
Bell 407 5
Bell 412 2
Bell V-22 Osprey 2
Boeing-Vertol 107M H-46 Sea Knight 2
Boeing-Vertol 234 1
Dornier UH-1D 1
Enstrom 280 1
Enstrom f-28 1
Eurocopter AS350 Ecureuil 16
Eurocopter AS365 Dauphin 2 1
Eurocopter EC120 4
Eurocopter EC135 2
Eurocopter Super Puma/Cougar 1
Eurocopter Tiger / Tigre 1
F+W Emmen SA316B Alouette III 1
Hiller 360 1
Hughes 369 / 500 / H-6 3
Kawasaki Heavy Industries bk117 1
MBB Bk117 1
MBB Bo105 3
McDonnell Douglas md500 2
McDonnell Douglas MD520N 1
Mil Mi-8 Hip (1st Gen) 1
Mil Mi-8/17 Hip (2nd Gen) 2
Mil Mi-8/17 Hip (3rd Gen) 2
Robinson R22 5
Robinson R44 12
Robinson R66 3
Schweizer 269C / 300 1
Sikorsky S-61 H-3 1
Sikorsky S-64 CH-54 1
Sikorsky S-70 H-60 5
Sikorsky S-76 4
Sikorsky S-80 H-53E 1
Westland Sea King 1

2013 206a 509 PT-HCH : Bell 206A, cn509, ff:?; del Brazil as PT-HCH, 1970; conv Bell 206B-2, unk; dbr & w/o when aircraft made ​​an emergency landing in a farm in the municipality of Icém in São Paulo, shortly after takeoff, 07Jul13.
2013 206b-2 1322 N59518 : Crossbow Helicopters; w/o 10feb13 03:40am impact terrain during filming of a reality TV show at Polsa Rosa Ranch, Acton, CA. 3 fatalities
2013 206b-2 1342 C-GHGG : Maple Leaf Helicopters at Kelowna, BC, canc May82; Geddes at Kelowna, BC, canc Jun84; Meridian Heliflight at Prince George, BC, canc Dec84; Peace Helicopters at Peace River, BC, canc Dec85; Northern Mountain Helicopters at Prince George, BC, canc Jan01
VIH Helicopters Ltd C-GHGG : Vancouver Island Helicopters Apr01-Mar04
C-GHGG : Nunasi Helicopters at Yellowknife, NT Jun04-Jul05
Wood Buffalo Helicopters C-FZWB : Aurora Helicopters from Jul05; Wood Buffalo Helicopters; w/o 29may13 collided with terrain 75nm N Fort McMurrray, AB. 2 fatalities; Jul13, canc
2013 206b-2 1399 Força Aeronaval da Marinha do Brasil N-7033 : Marinha UH-6 type d/d Aug74, reser N-5035
Força Aeronaval da Marinha do Brasil N-5035 : Marinha IH-6A type; 1986 to PT-HTU
PT-HTU : canc Apr12
Helisul Taxi Aereo PT-HTU : Helisul Taxi Aereo ?; w/o 04oct13 at São Caetano do Sul, São Paulo,
Helisul Taxi Aereo PT-HTU : eyewitness crash at Praça da Bíblia 04oct13 around 1 PM
2013 206b-2 1519 Jamaica Defence Force JDFH-14 : JDF; to N241SJ
N828AC : Maricopa Helicopter Llc at San Joaquin, CA from 2005
N828AC : w/o 02jan13 at Spangler Road, Delano, CA during low level frost control flight over a vineyard. 1 fatality
2013 206b-2 1624 PK-DGD : Indonesia, to PK-DAL
PK-DAL : Ambulance; w/o 30dec13 crashed at Hospital Efarina Etaham, Berastagi, Karo, North Sumatra. 1 fatality
2013 206b-2 2088 N16673 : w/o 28oct13 crash into South Umpqua River, Days Creek, Oregon
2013 206b-3 3118 JA9265 : to N436R
N436R : Independence Memorial Airport Llc at Lees Summit, MO from Nov07
N207JA : Aircraft Guaranty Corp Trustee at Onalaska, TX from Aug10
N207JA : Club de Golf Las Lomas, San Luis Potosi, Mexico; w/o 07jun13 crash at golf complex. 4 fatalities includiing politician Juan Ignacio Torres Landa
2013 206b-3 3369 N20620 : El Aero Services Inc at Elko, NV; w/o 18feb13 struck power line 30 miles east of Eureka during agricultural work. 1 fatality
2013 206b-3 3591 N3172N : to G-BMVH
G-BMVH : Northern Helicopters Jun86-Sep87
VH-UPT : from Oct87; to VH-ZMN unk
Heliwest VH ZMN : Heliwest
Channel 10 Perth VH ZMN : w/o 19jan13 crashed during traffic accident filming at Baskerville, north-east of Perth
2013 206b-3 4002 ZS-HSR : w/o 23mar13 at Pietermaritzburg, Kwa-Zulu Natal, South Africa
2013 206b-3 4061 N407FK : Wilbur-Ellis Co; w/o 24jun13 Royal City, WA
2013 206b-3 4271 VH-SMI : Cape York Helicopters; w/o 31jul13 7km NE Horn Island, Queensland
2013 206b-3 4661 N106LL : canc Nov10, to PR-JBN
PR-JBN : w/o 21jan13 Crashed over house at Jaragua, north of Sao Paulo. 1 fatality
2013 206l-1 45356 PHI Inc N1071B : PHI Jan90-Apr94, to Venezuela
YV-897C : Venezuela, to CC-CNB
CC-CNB : Helifire Chile; w/o 30oct13 hit powerlines during aerial fumigation flight at Santa Rosa de Catemu, San Felipe. 1 fatality
2013 206l-1 45681 N2018R : reg Jul81
GM Leasing N2018R : GM Leasing Co Llc at Broussard, LA from Jan05
State of Arizona N2018R : AZDPS; w/o 28aug13 force landing Tonto National Forest,
2013 206l-1 45693 TG-WOB : Guatemala, to N66187
VH-SWL : Australia from Sep91; Seaworld Helicopters, noted Feb01; to VH-VDZ
VH-VDZ : Vichea Helicopters Pty Nov02-Feb06; Choppair Helicopters Pty from Feb06; w/o 02nov13 at Olympic Park, Melbourne. Apparently hired by another helicopter service to cover the heavy workload during the Melbourne Cup Week.
2013 206l-3 51371 N93AJ : Austin Jet Corp at Austin, TX Jun/Dec 1990
Gobiernos Provinciales LV-RCB : Gobierno de San Juan from 1991, reser LQ-RCB
Gobiernos Provinciales LQ-RCB : San Juan Province; w/o 01feb13 at Gendarmeria post Las Frias (approx 80m WSW SANU, 12400 ft) Calingasta, San Juan
2013 206l-3 51466 N54SN : to N54LP
Panther Helicopters Inc N54LP : Panther Helicopters from Nov04; w/o 09oct13 crash in the Gulf of Mexico. 1 fatality
2013 206l-4 52134 Policia Nacional de Colombia PNC-0924 : Policia d/d as PNC-124, Bell serial N2123P; w/o 23dec13 exploded by FARC Frente 36 with remote land mine
2013 206l-4 bangladesh sena bahini S3-BMK : Bangladesh Army Aviation; w/o 02jul13 Dhamrai area
2013 212 30524 uganda air force 5X-UWH : Uganda, ex serial N7968J, reserial PAW-2
G-BKGI : Autair Ltd Jul/Sep 1982
NSCA VH-NSC : NSCA National Safety Council of Australia, noted Nov84
VIH Helicopters Ltd C-FNSA : Vancouver Island Helicopters Jun02-Jul03
N144WA : Aug03-Nov04
VIH Helicopters Ltd C-FNSA : VIH Dec04-Jan05
VIH Helicopters Ltd C-FNSA : Vancouver Island Helicopters Jan/Feb 2005
VIH Helicopters Ltd C-FNSA : VIH Jul06-Mar09
N144WA : Wells Fargo Bank Mar09-Feb11
HRT Participações em Petróleo SA PR-HRZ : HRT Participações em Petróleo SA (HRT Oil and Gas, HRT O&G); w/o 14jun13 at Tefé, 522km Manaus. 2 fatalities
2013 212 30689 Gobierno de Mexico XC-GUJ : Mexico, to EC-IFA
Administraciones Locales EC-IFA : Generalitat Valenciana, op by INAER; w/o 20dec13 crash into trees in Chera, Valencia during ferry flight from albacete to Castillon due engine fire. Destroyed.
2013 212 30758 guyana defence force 8R-GEO : Guyana, to N5306T
N5306T : East West Helicopter at Harrison, OH Oct88-Jan89
C-GAHZ : ex N5306T
Helicopter Transport Services Canada C-GAHZ : Helicopter Transport Services from Apr11; w/o 12may13 near Dewar Lakes, NU while working for Dept of National Defence
2013 212 31149 Highland Helicopters C-GMUJ : Highland Helicopters Ltd, canc Sep91; F-GLEE ntu
Qatar General Petroleum Corp A7-HAT : Qatar General Petroleum Corp, to VT-HGC
United Helicharters VT-HGC : United Helicharteres Pvt Ltd, lsd from Qatar General Petroleum Corp, from Sep03; w/o 29sep13 in route from Mumbai Juhu airport to Aurangabad hit power cables near Murbad village, Thane. 5 fatalities
- : May18 for sale as IFR Offshore helicopter unserviceable and is a great Teardown Candidate
2013 234ER MJ-016 ARCO Alaska N234BV : ARCO Alaska 1985~1989
Trump Airlines N224TA : Trump Airlines ~ 1989-1991
Columbia Helicopters N241CH : CHI at Portland, OR from Jun91; conv 234UT
Columbia Helicopters N241CH : 1997 pictured (pic2) appear in the Film The Lost World: Jurassic Park with InGen titles
ICARO, S.A. HC-CEN : ICARO, lsd again
Columbia Helicopters N241CH : CHI from Sep08; w/o 07jan13 crash at Amazonas jungle near Laguna Yarinacocha, Pucallpa, Peru while operating for Petrominerales Ltd a Canadian-based oil exploration firm. 7 fatalities.
2013 280fx 2039 Ejercito de Chile H176 : Ejercito Chile 1989-2002, to C-GZYK
C-GZYK : 940412 Alberta Ltd Aug02-Jan05; 1114621 Alberta Ltd Jan05-Feb06
SP-GMB : Poland from 2006; w/o 12oct13 Wolica Kozia. 2 fatalities
2013 300c RA-2097G : w/o 06dec13 at Rostov Oblast, Russia. 2 fatalities
2013 369d 30-0700D N1091W : Last Frontier Air Adventures Ltd at Sutton, AK Mar06-Jun07
C-GMDT : K & M Ventures Ltd Jul08-Dec12
C-FYAP : Bighorn Helicopters at Cranbrook, BC from Dec12; w/o 05jun13 crash after contact tower during powerlines working
2013 369hs 114-0671S N9229F : to ZK-HPY
ZK-HPY : to N471M
N471M : Jerrys Helicopter Service Inc at Port Vila, Vanuatu from May08
N471M : w/o 02mar13 crash on fishing boat off Majuro, Marshall Islands. One fatality
2013 407 53282 N44504 : Bell Helicopter Jul98-May00
EI-STR : Ireland, to N937GR
N937GR : Grj Flying Service Llc at Wilmington, DE from Aug10; Two Bears Aviation; w/o 25apr13 Mount Aenaes, Jewel Basin, Montana
2013 407 53319 N2RW : Bell serial N58EA, to N98FH
N98FH : to N53LP
Panther Helicopters Inc N53LP : Panther Helicopters at Belle Chasse, LA from May05; w/o 13aug13 ditched near Oil Rig Trinity V Gulf of Mexico, a/c recovered subst damaged
2013 407 53735 Bell Helicopter Canada C-FLPF : Bell Canada Nov06-Jan07
Gobiernos Provinciales LV-BHT : Gobierno de San Juan, Argentina from Mar07, reser LQ-BHT
Gobiernos Provinciales LQ-BHT : Provincia de San Juan; w/o 11oct13 hit power cables at Valle Fertil while carrying Governor Jose Luis Gioja. 1 fatality
2013 407 53959 N445MT : Bell serial N4618C; Mercy Medical Center, Iowa HEMS; w/o 02jan13 north of Ventura, Cerro Gordo County, Iowa. 3 fatalities
2013 407 54074 Bell Helicopter N439FB : Bell Jul11-Feb12, test serial C-GFNL
Africair Inc N439FB : Africair Inc at Miami, FL Feb/Apr 2012
Kenya Police 5Y-RDU : Kenya Police from Mar12; w/o 30dec13 crash at Tiwi village, Kwale.
Kenya Police 5Y-RDU : 30apr14 grounded at APTC, Embakasi, Kenya
2013 412 33001 ERA Helicopters N412EH : ERA, canc Aug07
Australian Helicopters VH-EMZ : Australian Helicopters from Aug07; w/o 17jun13 at Torres Strait, Prince of Wales Island, Queensland
VH-EMZ : date unk, Movie Set on the Gold Coast Filming San Andreas
2013 412sp 33183 Líder Aviação PT-HUW : Lider Taxi Aereo, Bell serial N3213U
Líder Aviação PT-HUW : w/o 27mar13 ditched at sea near oil platform P-7, Bacia de Campos, Macae, RJ. 3 onboard safe
2013 a109e 11017 HB-XQM : Eliarco Feb98-Jan01, repl by HB-ZCT
N709AT Castle Helicopters Inc: Castle Helicopters Inc at Wilmington, DE Aug06-Apr07
Castle Air Charters G-CRST : Castle Air Apr/Nov 2007, oper Rotormotion
G-WRBI : Fuel the Jet LLP Nov07-Feb11
G-WRBI : used in British TV drama series Survivors
Castle Air Charters G-CRST : Castle Air from Feb11; 08may11 pictured at Popham
Castle Air Charters G-CRST : Dec12 2284 total hours, on sale U$S 2.5M
Castle Air Charters G-CRST : w/o 16jan13 hit a crane and crashed to ground at Vauxhall, London. 2 fatalities
2013 as332L1 2265 Aerospatiale F-WYML : Aerospatiale toward D-HEGB
Bundespolizei D-HEGB : BPol. test serial F-WYML from 1988 to 2005 BGS from 2005 BPol.
Bundespolizei D-HEGB : w/o 21mar13 at Olympic Stadium Berlin during training exercise
2013 as332l2 2582 Helikopter Service LN-OHI : CHC Helikopter Service 2003-2011
CHC Cayman Islands VP-CHB : CHC Cayman Islands Apr11-Apr13
CHC Cayman Islands VP-CHB : 15nov12 pictured (pic1) at Gypsy Cove/Cabo Cangallo, Falklands/Malvinas
CHC Cayman Islands VP-CHB : 05apr13 pictured (pic2) at Aberdeen, Scotland
CHC Scotia G-WNSB : CHC Scotia from Apr13
CHC Scotia G-WNSB : w/o 23aug13 ditched in North Sea 2nm W off Sumburgh, Shetland Isles, on route from Borgsten Dolphin rig. 4 (from 18) fatalities
2013 as350b 1429 JA9281 : to VH-HRQ
VH-HRQ : first reg Jun01, conv B2 type; Helicopter Resources, noted from 2004
VH-HRQ : Helicopter Resources Pty at Tyabb, Vic from Dec05; chartered by the Australian Antarctic Division; w/o 01dec13 crash 150nm Davis station, David Plateau Skiway, Antarctica
2013 as350b 1612 Republic of Singapore Air Force 274 : RSAF as350E type, to F-OHNX
F-OHNX : conv AS.350B std, to 9V-BMW
9V-BMW : to 9N-AEX
Air Dynasty Heli Service 9N-AEX : Air Dynasty, ex 9V-BMW
Air Dynasty Heli Service 9N-AEX : w/o 26sep13 caught fire after it hit the wire fence of the Lukla airport
2013 as350b1 1950 D-HAHI : test serial F-WZKX, to D-HACC
D-HACC : canc 1988
Air Glaciers SA HB-XSO : op Heli-TV SA
Heli-TV SA HB-XSO : Heli-TV from Feb88; 19aug90 dmg, conv to AS.350B2
Heli-TV SA HB-XSO : Heli-TV SA; w/o 29jun13 crashed near Lodrino, Swiss. 4 fatalities
2013 as350b2 2974 ERA Helicopters N190EH : ERA; w/o 18aug13 stuck powerlines near Healy, Alaska
2013 as350b2 3865 EagleMed N917EM : EagleMed; w/o 22feb13 crashed near a nursing home in Oklahoma City. 2 of 3 killed
2013 as350b2 7427 EagleMed N935EM : EagleMed, test serial N542AE; w/o 11jun13 after takeoff at choctaw Indian Hospital Heliport. 1 fatality
2013 as350b2 9057 F-GRME : to I-MCDT
I-MCDT : Italy, to VH-DHQ
VH-DHQ : Australia, to ZK-IMJ
Precision Helicopters Ltd VH-DHQ : PHL
The Helicopter Line Ltd ZK-IMJ : The Helicopter Line, NZ; w/o 28oct13 crash into parked helicopter at Tyndall Glacier
2013 as350b2 RA-04060 : Aerogeo, based at Krasnoyarsk, Cheremshanka, Russia
RA-04060 : w/o 09dec13 near Uzhur, Krasnoyarsk Krai, Russia
2013 as350b3 3401 State of Tennessee N353HW : Hospital Wing, Memphis Medical Center, TN, test serial N437AE; w/o 22oct13 ambulance crashed near Fayette Academy, Somerville, TN. 3 fatalities
2013 as350b3 3611 State of Alaska N911AA : Alaska DPS, State Troopers from Dec02; w/o 30mar13 crash 4m E of Talkeetna. 3 fatalities
2013 as350b3 3828 SAF Helicopteres F-GKMP : SAF, ex F-WQDQ; w/o 04dec13 during training at Massif du Grand-Arc
2013 as350b3 3899 I-VIEW : Altitude Srl at Bergamo (Simone Moro), test serial F-WQDA; Apr13 to Nepal
Fishtail Air I-VIEW : Fishtail Air from Apr13; w/o 19jun13 crash at Muchu village, 235km NW Kathmandu. 1 fatality
2013 as350b3 4249 SE-JJS : AS350B3+ type; Laroy Flyg Sweden 2007, test serial F-WWPX
LN-OVO : Fonnafly AS, Norway from Nov08; w/o 27apr13 crash during Roldal Freeride Challenge at the Røldal Ski Center in Hordaland, Norway
2013 as350b3 4265 Heli-TV SA HB-ZJO : Heli-TV from Aug07; w/o 18sep12 at Valle di Lodano. 1 fatality; canc Jan13
2013 as350b3 7319 N353DL : reg Apr12; w/o 24mar13 during load lifting operations 12m from Stevens Village, Alaska
2013 as350b3 7646 F-HTOM : Heli-Max; w/o 12nov13 crashed during maintenance operations on a chairlift at ski resort of Serre Chevalier, Saint-Chaffrey (Hautes-Alpes). 2 fatalities
2013 as350b3e 7281 Heli Gotthard AG HB-ZMO : Heli Gotthard from Nov11
Swiss Helicopter AG HB-ZMO : Swiss Helicopter from Jul12; w/o 01jul13 crashed on hillside near Kröntenhütte, Urner Alps. 4 fatalities
2013 as350b3e 7347 Heli-Linth AG HB-ZLN : Heli-Linth d/d May12; w/o 21dec13 crashed during landing at Elm, Glarus. No fatalities
2013 bk117a4 7125 MBB Helicopter Corp N9021D : test serial D-HBCT, to N117CW
N117CW : Tactical Helicopters Llc at Fort Worth, TX from Sep11
HK-4866 : Sociedad Aerea De Ibague Ltda, Colombia; w/o 09jul13 hit powerlines at Teorama during a pipeline repair for Petronorte. 5 fatalities
2013 bk117b-1 1059 JA6624 : to ZK-HKL
ZK-HKL : New Zealand, to B-77009
Sunrise Airlines B-77009 : Taiwan Sunrise Airlines, conv to 117B-2 type; w/o 16oct13 crash 500 meters E of the Central Weather Bureau observation station Jade Mountain. 3 fatalities
2013 105cbs-2 S-616 VH-NSL : Australia, noted May88; to United Arab Emirates unk
Policia de Venezuela YV-O-PM-8 : Policia Venezuela, reser PM-8308
Policia de Venezuela CPNB-8302 : Policia Nacional Bolivariana, Venezuela; w/o 23may13 crashed in western Caracas during an attempted rescue of two kidnapped engineers. 5 fatalities
2013 105cbs-2 S-727 MBB D-HDRO : MBB, to N963MB
Canadian Coast Guard C-GCFU : Canada Coast Guard from Jul87, CDN-BS-4 type
Canadian Coast Guard C-GCFU : w/o 09sep13 asg icebreaker Amundsen crashed at night in the McClure Strait, 600km W Resolute. 3 fatalities
2013 105m 5018 Heeresflieger 80+18 : HEER 8018; 22jun86 HFWS at Volkel
Heeresflieger 80+18 : HEER in 1997 HFR15
RP-C3699 : Aviation Enterprises; w/o 24nov13 ditch on Manila Bay near North Harbor, Philippines during Typhoon Haiyan relief efforts after engine failure. 2 onboard rescued by US Marines.
2013 ch-135 32034 Canadian Armed Forces 135134 : BuNo 70-15683. to Colombian Army as EJC-214/CN-10
Aviacion del Ejercito de Colombia EJC-214 : Av.Ej CN-10. BAHEL/DOS. ex Canada 135134
Aviacion del Ejercito de Colombia EJC-4214 : May13 Division Aviacion Asalto Aereo Batallon No.4 Tolemaida
Aviacion del Ejercito de Colombia EJC-4214 : w/o 16oct13 crashed at Maicao in La Guajira Department, near Venezuela border presumably due strong winds. no fatalities
2013 CH-46D 2390 US Marine Corps 154039 : BV-107M, c/n 2390, ff?; accepted BuWepsRep, FR, Morton, PA as CH-46D 154039 28Dec67; xfer HMM-264 19Jan68; xfer HMM-261 28Mar69; xfer HMM-264 23Oct69; xfer HMMT-402 14Dec69; xfer NAS NorthIsland A&T 01Aug70; xfer H&MS-36 COSA 09Sep70; xfer HMM-165 11Mar71; xfer H&MS-36 03Jun71; xfer MARTD New Orleans, LA 06Feb72; furhter unit xfers unk; conv CH-46E unk; unit xfers unk; xfer HMM-166, YX-08, Oct07; reser YX-20, 07Aug08.
US Marine Corps 154039 : 9sep83
US Marine Corps 154039 : Mar99 CH-46E type as HMM-364 /PF-02 deployed on USS Boxer (LHD-4)
US Marine Corps 154039 : w/o 09jan13 HMM-268 FOD during training at Twentynine Palms
2013 CH-46F 2512 US Marine Corps 156442 : BV-107M, c/n 2512, ff?; accepted BuWepsRep, FR, Morton, PA as CH-46F 156442 08Apr69; xfer HMM-163 23Apr69; further unit xfers unk; conv CH-46E unk; unit xfers unk; xfer HMM-262, ET-06, unk; xfer HMM-265, EP-00, unk, noted Aug07 & Oct08.
US Marine Corps 156442 : 8may80
US Marine Corps 156442 : w/o 20feb13 HMM-262 Phitsanulok shore, Gulf of Thailand

2013 ch-53e 65-496 US Marine Corps 162484 : USMC HMM-265 /EP-23
US Marine Corps 162484 : w/o 16apr13 HMM-262 hard landing/roll over
2013 ch-54a 64-050 US Army Aviation 68-18448 : Sikorsky S-64A, c/n 64-050, ff?; del US Army as CH-54A 67-18448 unk; stor AMARC as HG000? unk; sold as N4099D
US Army Aviation 68-18448 : 1970s pictured with 15th Aviation Group / 295th Aviation Company at Finthen Army Airfield, Germany
Erickson N4099D : Erickson, ex 68-18448 Feb01-Dec07
Sallim-cheong HL9467 : Korean Forestry Service lsd as FP201, 2006; Korean Forestry Service as HL9467, FP205, 2007
Sallim-cheong HL9467 : w/o 09may13 impacted water near Imha Dam, Andong, North Gyeongsang during firefighting. 2 fatalities
2013 EC120B 1183 Heliportugal CS-HEX : Heliportugal, test serial F-WQDV
Heliportugal CS-HEX : 14mar13 seen at Braga, Portugal
Heliportugal CS-HEX : Energias de Portugal op by Heliportugal; w/o 18dec13 hit powerlines at Monchique. 1 fatality
2013 EC120B 1341 McAlpine Helicopters G-CCIL : McAlpine Jul/Dec 2003, ex F-WQDS
EI-DDB : Irish Abrasives, noted Jul04; to SE-JNG
SE-JNG : 2011-Aug12
RA-04049 : from Aug12; w/o 21jul13 at Kola Peninsula, near Murmansk. 3 fatalities
2013 EC120B 1592 Lloyd Helicopters US N120LH : Lloyd Helicopters US May10-Apr11, ex F-OKES
OM-ECI : w/o 03mar13 struck wire and fell into river at Horni Cepen, Slovak Republic. One fatality
2013 EC120B 1593 HB-ZIX : Europavia Mar09-Nov10
Europavia SA HB-ZIX : 26mar10 Europavia at Bern
HB-ZIX : Own-A-Heli AG from Nov10
HB-ZIX : w/o 26sep13 blades hit building on takeoff at Schwyz
2013 ec135p1 0013 Eurocopter Deutschland GmbH D-HURZ : Eurocopter Germany, to N4053H
American Eurocopter N4053H : American Eurocopter 1997-1998 ex D-HURZ toward N911KB
Metro Aviation N911KB : Metro Aviation from Mar98
State of Louisiana N911KB : Life Air Rescue, op by Metro Aviation; w/o 09nov13 near Downtown airport, Shreveport, Louisiana
2013 ec135t2+ 0546 McAlpine Helicopters G-SPAO : McAlpine Helicopters Apr/Oct 2007
Bond Aviation Group G-SPAO : Bond Air Services from Oct07
UK Police Forces G-SPAO : Strathclyde Police, op by Bond based at Glasgow City Heliport
UK Police Forces G-SPAO : w/o 29nov13 22:25 impacted the Clutha Vaults Pub in central Glasgow which has approximately 120 people inside due to a live show at the time of the crash. 3 (+ 6 on the ground) fatalities. 14 seriously injured of which one subsequently died on Dec.12
2013 ec155b 6601 Bundespolizei D-HLTM : BGS 2001, 2005 to BPol
Bundespolizei D-HLTM : w/o 21mar13 at Olympic Stadium Berlin during training exercise. Pilot killed
2013 f-28a 303 N287Q : w/o 26jul13 Danbury, TX
2013 hb350b 1640 Helibras PT-HMJ : Helibras c/n HB1047
Polícia Civil PP-EIH : Policia Civil do Rio de Janeiro (PCERJ) /01, conv to AS.350BA type
PP-EIH : w/o 02may13 crash after main rotor blades struck treetops during training at firing range at Caju, port area of Rio de Janeiro. 5 injured
2013 hb350b2 2871 Helibras PT-HZQ : Helibras
PT-HZQ : HeliMed, noted Jan05
PT-HZQ : private, noted Apr12
PT-HZQ : w/o 27oct13 during training at Ilhéus, Bahia. Apparently tail rotor problem
2013 hh-60g 70-1656 US Air Force 91-26354 : USAF; 1995 33 RQS /ZZ, Kadena AFB
US Air Force 91-26354 : w/o 05aug13 crashed in Okinawa, 33 RQS /ZZ
2013 md500e 0434E N1608D : Freelance Air at Atlanta, GA from Oct11
US Department of Justice N1608D : Dept of Justice, DEA; w/o 29jul13 hit wires (?) near Evanston, Breathitt County, Eastern Kentucky
2013 md500e 0535E N687F : to N62PJ
US Department of Justice N62PJ : Dept of Justice Mar01; w/o 12aug13 engine failure; canc Nov13
2013 md600n RN078 MD Helicopters N42824 : MD Helicopters Mar10
N42824 : Antonov Group FZE at Windermere, FL Feb11-May12
Meghna Aviation S2-AFZ : Meghna Group, Bangladesh; w/o 12feb13 hit a tree at Nimertek, Rupganj
2013 mh-60s US Navy 167837 : USN; HSC-12 /NE-3; w/o 16dec13 crashed near the Yokosuka Naval Base in Japan
2013 mh-60s US Navy 167895 : USN; Sep12 HSC-6
US Navy 167895 : w/o 22sep13 asg HSC-6, crashed onto flight deck of DDG on Red Sea
2013 mi-17-1v 170M04 Aviacion del Ejercito de Colombia EJC-378 : Ejercito d/d Mar97 as EJC-178, reser 3378
Aviacion del Ejercito de Colombia EJC-3378 : w/o 25feb13 crash at San Juan de Sumapaz due due to high winds
2013 mi-171e 171E00064402407U OB-1862 : c/n 171E 00 064 40 2407U / 064402407; Peru
Helistar Ltda HK-4770 : Helistar; w/o 07oct13 landed in a mine field at Orito, Putumayo
2013 mi-8amt 8AMT00643083910U UTair Aviation RA-22472 : UTair 2009
UNO-893 : United Nations; 09mar13 w/o RA-22472 Utair flying for UN in Congo. Unfortunately no survivors.
2013 mi-8mtv-1 95640 Аэрофлот CCCP-25495 : Aeroflot, to RA-25495
Аэрофлот RA-25495 : to 9N-ADM
Shree Airlines 9N-ADM : Shree Airlines
Shree Airlines 9N-ADM : w/o 29sep13 Zalengei helipad, Darfur, Sudan
2013 mi-8ps 108 33 Policie České Republiky B-8733 : Czech Rep Police, noted 2000
OB-1916-P : Helicopteros del Pacifico (HeliPac), Peru; w/o 07abr13 serving Perenco Peru crash at Loreto region in route from Iquitos to Block67 an oil rich jungle area. 13 fatalities
2013 mv-22b D0100 US Marine Corps 166735 : Bell-Boeing MV-22B, c/n D0100, ff?; del USMC as MV-22B, 166735, 2007; xfer VMM-365, YM-04, unk.
US Marine Corps 166735 : 19aug11 pictured as VMM-365 /YM-06 Fort Worth Alliance, TX
US Marine Corps 166735 : w/o 21jun13 VMM-365 burned after landing at Dare County (North Carolina) target shore
2013 mv-22b D0191 US Marine Corps 168241 : USMC; Jan13 VMM-163 /YP-11
US Marine Corps 168241 : 02mar13 landing at NAS Fort Worth
US Marine Corps 168241 : w/o 26aug13 VMM-163 hard landing while executing reduced visibility landing practice at Indian Springs
2013 OH-23B 359 US Army Aviation 51-16190 : US Army, to civ
N9041U : UH-12B type; w/o 26jan13 crash west of Adams Ranch, FL (see here)
2013 oh-58a 40494 US Army Aviation 69-16273 : US Army
N911RN : Arrow Falcon Exporters OH-58A+ type; Morris Equipment at Yuma, AZ from Oct08; w/o 04may13 crash during crop-dusting duties
2013 oh-58a 41217 US Army Aviation 71-20356 : US Army OH-58A-BF, conv OH-58C
N911PT : Blair Helicopter Service at Lemoore, CA 2008
N911PT : w/o 08jan13 impacted terrain during agricultural spraying/crop-dusting near Highway 41 and Harlan Avenue east of Riverdale, CA, no fatal
2013 oh-58a 42003 US Army Aviation 72-21337 : US Army; 1996 7/6th CAV.
State of Texas N337PW : Texas Parks And Wildlife Department (TPWD) from Dec96
N337PW : w/o 14feb13 collided with terrain near Pine Springs, Texas. No fatalities
N337PW : Feb15 being sold as salvage on GSA auction website
2013 oh-6a 0757 US Army Aviation 67-16372 : US Army
N372PD : to N72PD
N72PD : to N910WC
N910WC : Smr Venture Llc at Wilmington, DE from Nov11; w/o 26mar13 crashed into pond during agricultural work. 1 fatality
2013 beta 2448 Robinson Helicopter N83117 : Robinson Jul/Sep 1994
D-HFGH : private Germany , Apr10 to France
F-GPKA : Aero Service Littoral; w/o 26oct13 at Torreilles, Pyrénées Orientales, southern France
2013 beta II 3135 VH-HVW : reg Jan01; Astaline Pty from May05; w/o 01sep13 crash on Lake Nash Station, NT near the Queensland border
2013 beta II 3383 G-EROM : Airtask Group Nov02-Nov09
Heli Air Ltd G-EROM : Heli-Air Nov09-Mar10
G-EROM : EBG Helicopters from Mar10
G-EROM : w/o 11apr13 during solo training flight at Redhill Aerodrome
2013 beta II 3586 Robinson Helicopter N7529Q : Robinson Apr 2004
Starlite Helicopters ZS-RTV : Starlite; w/o 29oct13 crashed near Herolds Bay
2013 beta II 3676 N712U : Tumbleweed Leasing Co at Park City, UT; Op by Upper Limit Aviation; w/o 08jul13 crashed during training at Tibble Fork Reservoir area, American Fork Canyon, Utah
2013 r44 1610 N3101H : Bravo Helicopters at Miami, FL; w/o 03apr13 crash in a parking lot 2m E of Kendall-Tamiami Executive Airport
2013 astro 0567 F-GPJG : w/o 20dec13 crash into Dordogne River, Gironde. 4 fatalities, including Lam Kok head of the Hong Kong-based Brilliant group while surveying his new vineyard
2013 clipper 2009 OO-PIV : 12aug12 pictured at Schaffen airport, Diest
Paramount Helicopters NV OO-PIV : Paramount Helicopters; w/o 23apr13 at Geel
2013 II 11349 N569BC : Lucas Oil at Corona, CA from Apr11; w/o 24may13 3m Cross Timbers, Missouri. 2 fatalities
2013 II 13184 ZS-HLS : Lion Sands; w/o 23apr13 at Schoemanskloof valley, Mpumalanga, South Africa. 4 fatalities
2013 news 0517 N7187B : Amw Aerospace Llc at Ogden, UT from Jan11; w/o 28jun13 crash during training 1m N of Beaver Dam, UT
2013 raven 1445 VH-HWQ : Australia from Dec04
VH-HWQ : Bankstown Helicopters from Feb10
VH-HWQ : w/o 21mar13 collided with terrain during landing at a function centre at Bulli Tops, New South Wales. Aircraft was hired by private pilot. 4 fatalities
2013 raven II 10472 C-GOCM : Gemini Helicopters at Grande Prairie, Alberta; w/o 28jan13, 1 fatality
2013 raven II 10481 N25WH : w/o 27jul13 Thompson Falls, MT. 1 fatality
2013 raven II 12317 N4168P : Old City Helicopters Sales at St Augustine, FL 04/06 June 2008
D-HVTC : Aerotechnik Neuhausen GmbH, Jul/Nov 2008
HB-ZJX : VTC Vosseler Trading Consulting GmbH Nov08-Aug12
Heli Transair D-HOMI : Heli Transair; Sep13 homebase
Heli Transair D-HOMI : w/o 19nov13 Near Neuhausen/Eck. 2 fatalities
2013 raven II 12507 SP-WNP : w/o 13sep13 near Wygonin, Poland. 3 fatalities
2013 raven II 12844 ZP-HAH : Helitactica at Asuncion, test serial N4266E; 2010 Heliraid Patagonia. Five R-44s and a Bell 206 flew all the way from Buenos Aires to Ushuaia and back to take part in the celebration of the Argentina 200 year
ZP-HAH : 2013 based at Asuncion airport, Paraguay
ZP-HAH : w/o 02feb13 crashed near Puerto Antequera, northern Paraguay when decided to fly in night and bad weather. 3 fatalities including retired general and presidential candidate Lino Oviedo
2013 r66 0078 VH-KJJ : to ZK-IHU
ZK-IHU : w/o 09mar13 Crashed at Oamaru Valley, near Taupo, New Zealand. One fatality
2013 r66 0195 PR-MXM : Resort PortoBello Nov12; w/o 20nov13 ditched off Guaiba Island, Mangaratiba, RJ. 1 fatality
2013 r66 0409 N646AG : w/o 27jul13 8m Skyhaven airport, Tunkhannock, PA. 5 fatalities
2013 s-61a-4 61-781 Tentara Udara Diraja Malaysia FM-1718 : Sikorsky S-61A-4 Nuri d/d 29nov76
Tentara Udara Diraja Malaysia M23-15 : RMAF reser 1984; w/o 22dec13 crash on small island and slide down a slope at Pulau Perak, Kedah
2013 s-76a 76-0055 Bristow US Llc N105BH : Bristow, ex N176PB, to G-BKJU
Bristow G-BKJU : Bristow Nov82-Feb85, to N105BH
Bristow G-BKJU : Bristow Nov85-Feb87, to C-GRJC
C-GRJC : Mar87-Jun88
N376LL : MDFC Equipmeant Leasing at Long Beach, CA Jul88-May99
Canadian Helicopters Ltd C-GIMY : Canadian Helicopters
Government of Canada C-GIMY : Ontario Ministry of Health Air Ambulance, op by Canadian Helicopters, noted 2009
C-GIMY : 7506406 Canada Inc from Jul12
Canadian Ambulance Services C-GIMY : Ornge; w/o 31may13 impacted terrain shortly after takeoff from Moosonee, Ontario. 4 fatalities
2013 s-76a 76-0369 JA6640 : S-76A+, to N622LH
ERA Helicopters N574EH : ERA Helicopters from May05
ERA Helicopters N574EH : w/o 15mar13 crash on maintenance test flight, 5m SE of Lake Charles airport, Louisiana. 3 Fatalities
2013 s-76c 76-0398 MHS Aviation 9M-STE : MHS Aviation
MHS Aviation 9M-STE : w/o 12dec13 ditched in sea due bad weather off Bintulu coast, Malaysia on route to oil rig. No fatalities, a/c sank
2013 s-76c 76-0650 Sikorsky Helicopters N4500N : S-76C++ type; Sikorsky Feb/Aug 2007
LG Electronics HL9294 : LG Electronics South Korea Oct07; w/o 16nov13 collided with 38-story residential apartment in foggy weather in Gangnam, Seoul. 2 fatalities
2013 sa316b 1536 Koninklijke Luchtmacht A-536 : KLU assembled by Lichtwerk Hoogeveen.; 1987 298Sqn.; 1992 a UN mission in Cambodia all white c/s with pink elephants as mission marks; 1995 302Sqn.; 1996 wfu toward F-GPGM
Koninklijke Luchtmacht A-536 : May.94 pictured at Middle Wallop airshow UK in white colour scheme with a number of elephant symbols on it, representing missions flown as part of the UN mission in Cambodia
F-GPGM : ??? ex A-536
F-GPGM : w/o 01mar13 hit trees and crashed into a lake at Chattonay. One fatality
2013 hc.4 wa 955 Fleet Air Arm ZE428 : RN; 1996 846Sqn /VK; sep97 848Sqn /ZW; 2000 846Sqn /VS
Fleet Air Arm ZE428 : NASU CU by 1986, 845Sq/D by Sep 1986 still 1988 still Jan 1990, 772Sq/625-PO by Aug 1990, 848Sq/WL by Feb 1991, 846Sq/VJ by May 1991
Fleet Air Arm ZE428 : 846 Sq / VH operating in former Yugoslavia and around the Adriatic, Jan 1993 until end Feb 1993
Fleet Air Arm ZE428 : 846Sq/VK by Dec 1994 still Jul 1998, 846 Sq/VS by Oct 2002 still 2003, 846Sq/ZV by Apr 2005, 845Sq/(Y)H by Apr 2007 still Aug 2009.
Fleet Air Arm ZE428 : damaged during a training sortie at RNAS Yeovilton, while operating with 845 NAS, near threshold of runway 04. Damaged beyond economic repair.
Fleet Air Arm ZE428 : Pilot LT Pete straker flying at the time
2013 uht 1027 Heeresflieger 74+27 : HEER 1027/UHT27; w/o 05mar13 KHR36
2013 UH-1B 214 US Army Aviation 60-03568 : US Army, to N9970F
N9970F : to N77NW
N77NW : to N70NW
N70NW : Northern Pioneer Helicopters at Big Lake, AK from Oct01; w/o 08aug13 near Tok, Alaska
2013 UH-1B 554 US Army Aviation 62-02034 : US Army, to N87729
N93NW : to N97HM
N97HM : to N204UH
N204UH : Gitmo Holdings at Stevensville, MT from Apr11
N204UH : Umatilla Lift Services; w/o 16sep13 during logging operations near Idanha, SE of Salem, Oregon. 1 fatality
2013 UH-1D 8336 Heeresflieger 72+16 : HEER, d/d 05nov68 from Dornier to Heeresfliegerbataillon 6 (HuWo, Schleswig-Holstein)
Heeresflieger 72+16 : HFTR-10, in Middle Wallop Air Show, Static Display 28 Jul 1979
Heeresflieger 72+16 : 1984 HFR10; 1999 preserved Itzehoe
Böhm Stirling-Technik e.K. D-HAQO : Aug11 pictured (pic5) at Oldenburg during the München 72 - Das Attentat movie representing D-HAQO at Fürstenfeldbruck. Aircraft destroyed. On background is UH-1D D-HATO
2013 uh-1d 5111 US Army Aviation 65-10067 : US Army, conv to UH-1H
N775AR : reg 1999, many owners. w/o 16jul13
Billings Flying Service N775AR : Billings Flying Service at Billings, MT from Jun08; w/o 16jul13 crash near Dove Creek, Colorado during seismograpic survey operations. 1 fatality
2013 uh-1h 12228 US Army Aviation 69-15940 : UH-1H Del US Army
US Army Aviation 69-15940 : converted to UH-1V by US Army Electronics Command
US Army Aviation 69-15940 : 13 Sep 1999, 832nd MedCo
US Army Aviation 69-15940 : Mar 2003 noted stored at Draughton-Miller RAP, TX. Still by Mar 2005.
69-15940 : Mar 2006 noted stored at Panama City, FL.
Philippine Air Force 940 : transferred to Philippine Air Force as 940
Philippine Air Force 940 : 6 Dec 2013 crashed in Philippines
2013 uh-1h 13814 US Army Aviation 74-22490 : US Army, conv to UH-1V
N22490 : Marine Aviation Museum at Wilmington, DE from Feb05
N22490 : w/o 21sep13 Black Canyon City, AZ. 2 fatalities
2013 uh-1h Fuerza Aerea Colombiana FAC4505 : FAC d/d 2002, BuNo unk; w/o 29oct13 heavy landing and post fire during training at meseta de Tolemaida. No fatalities
2013 uh-60l Aviacion del Ejercito de Colombia EJC-154 : Ejercito d/d 1997. BuNo 96-26735
Aviacion del Ejercito de Colombia EJC-2154 : w/o 24feb13 crashed and exploded at Vistahermosa, Meta in fight against FARC. 4 fatalities
2013 uh-60l Policia Federal de Mexico XC-AT? : Policia Federal Mexico PF-106; w/o 19sep13 at Guerrero during Manoel storm relief operations. 3 crew + 2 red cross rescuers killed
    133 C/N found.

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