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Airbus Offers Lakota Drone to the Marines

Airbus Offers Lakota Drone to the Marines

23-Jun-24 - The 5-bladed H145M helicopter, which is entering service in the US Army as the UH-72B Lakota, is being developed in an unmanned variant for the US Marine Corps #drones
Schiebel Aéronaval SAS Launches in France

Schiebel Aéronaval SAS Launches in France

21-Jun-24 - Austrian drone manufacturer Schiebel is establishing Schiebel Aéronaval SAS in Toulon, France, to support the S-100 Camcopter drones of the French Navy and to became the production and payload integration site for the new S-300 #drones
Kaman Kargo UAV First Flight

Kaman Kargo UAV First Flight

03-May-24 - Kaman celebrates the successful first flight of its Autonomous Kargo UAV drone which is currently competing under the US Marines’ Medium Autonomous Resupply Vehicle - Expeditionary Logistics (MARV-EL) program #Kargo
Contour Helicopters Adds VoxVision AI for Firefighting

Contour Helicopters Adds VoxVision AI for Firefighting

22-Mar-24 - Contour Helicopters and Voxelis Canada partner to accelerate firefighting technology with VoxVision AI edge computing #drones
Rotor and Robinson Collaborate on Uncrewed Helicopter Technology

Rotor and Robinson Collaborate on Uncrewed Helicopter Technology

20-Mar-24 - Rotor Technologies from New Hampshire and Robinson jointly displayed the R550X, an uncrewed helicopter based on the Robinson R44 Raven II, at the Heli-Expo 2024 in Anaheim, California #drones
04-Mar-24 Omni to Use Drones for offshore Missions in Brazil #drones
15-Feb-24 Airbus Helicopters Acquires Aerovel #drones
13-Feb-24 Australian Civil Aviation Approval for Camcopter Drone #drones
08-Feb-24 Schiebel Camcopter S-300 for South Korean Navy #drones
04-Dec-23 Rotor Technologies Unveils R550X Uncrewed Helicopter #drones
17-Nov-23 Rotor Completed Test Campaign of Autonomous R222Y #drones
02-Nov-23 EHang New Unmanned eVTOLs Center in Spain #drones
01-Nov-23 Spright Receives First Dufour Aero2 Drone #drones
31-Oct-23 SDAM VSR700 Tested on French Navy Frigate #drones
27-Oct-23 European Medical Drone Orders Dufour Aero2 #drones
18-Oct-23 Spanish Certificate for Alpha Unmanned Systems A900 #drones
14-Oct-23 Rain and Uncrewed Black Hawk in Aerial Wildland Firefighting #firefighting
12-Oct-23 Elroy Chaparral eVTOL at Mobility Guardian 2023 #drones
05-Oct-23 LieferMichel : Drone Delivery Groceries in Germany #LieferMichel
04-Oct-23 Kaman Delivery Demonstrator for US Army #drones
20-Sep-23 Alpha A900 Drone in Spanish Navy OPV #drones
19-Sep-23 Equinor Using Drone Cargo Delivery in the North Sea #oilandgas
17-Sep-23 USAF Digital Engineering Phase II Contract for Phenix #drones
12-Sep-23 Autonomously Small Drones at DSEI 2023 DSEI 2023
10-Aug-23 Aero2 Completed Full Transition from Vertical to Horizontal Flight #drones
14-Jul-23 Northrop Grumman to Design DARPA ANCILLARY #DARPA
29-Jun-23 EMSA Camcopter Maritime Surveillance in France #GrizNez
16-Jun-23 First Flight for Third Prototype of Aero A2 eVTOL Drone #Aero2
02-Jun-23 Wingcopter and Siemens in Lab Sample Delivery in Africa #drones
25-May-23 UAVOS and Bayanat Partners for Autonomous Helicopters #drones
24-May-23 Phenix Half-Pint Drone First Flight #drones
15-May-23 Full Operational VSR700 Tested at Sea #VSR700
09-May-23 A2Z Drone Delivery Launches RDSX Pelican #DroneDelivery
30-Apr-23 Helisul to Purchase 50 Moya eVTOL Cargo Drones #drones
25-Apr-23 Lobo Leasing Pipistrel Drone to HeliOperations #drones
19-Apr-23 MGI Engineering Autonomous eVTOL Demonstrator #drones
28-Mar-23 US Army Selects Northrop Grumman for FTUAS #FTUAS
20-Mar-23 Hydrogen Power for Wingcopter Drone #drones
08-Mar-23 Sikorsky HEX Uncrewed Hybrid-Electric eVTOL Heli-Expo 2023
08-Mar-23 PHI Partners Kaman for KARGO UAV Drone Heli-Expo 2023
10-Feb-23 Camcopter Drone for Royal Navy Ships #drones
04-Feb-23 Yeovil Studying Air Launched Effects #drones
11-Jan-23 LCI Signed for Up To 40 Chaparral Cargo Drones #CargoDrone
11-Jan-23 Lobo Leasing Pipistrel UAVs to Air Taurus #drones
10-Jan-23 Walmart Completes 6,000 Drone Deliveries
16-Dec-22 eVTOL EH216 with the Spanish National Police #evtol
09-Dec-22 VTOL Mayman Speeder for Savback #Speeder
05-Dec-22 German VoloDrone Completes Deconfliction Flights #drones
17-Nov-22 GKN Ground-Based Demonstrator Liquid Hydrogen Fuel System #LiquidHydrogen
04-Nov-22 Black Hawk Flies Missions Without Pilots #drones
23-Oct-22 US Border Patrol Orders Teal Golden Eagle Drones #drones
22-Oct-22 Canada to Evaluate Skeldar Drone in ASW #ASW
20-Oct-22 Camcopter ASW Drone at REPMUS 2022 #drones
18-Oct-22 Airbus “Cargo Copter” at REPMUS 2022 #drones
13-Oct-22 EH216 Drone in Spain for EU AMU-LED Demo Flight #drones
12-Oct-22 Dufour and RUAG Cooperation on eVTOL Drones #Aero2
11-Oct-22 Kaman to Built KARGO UAV Prototype for Marines #drones
06-Oct-22 SASEMAR Search and Rescue Contract for Camcopter #drones
05-Oct-22 Chinese eVTOL EH216-S in Certification Process #drones
30-Aug-22 Monitoring Illegal Fishing in South America #illegalFishing
12-Aug-22 UK Coastguard Awarded Camcopter Drone Contract #UKSAR2G
25-Jul-22 UK MoD VTOL Drone Contract to Leonardo FIA 2022
14-Jul-22 100 Chaparral VTOL Cargo Drones for Bristow #drones
09-Jul-22 SMAMD Mine Countermeasure for Fire Scout #SMAMD
29-Jun-22 Camcopter Trials for Equinor In Norway #oilandgas
29-Jun-22 Unmanned Flight Ecosystem in Ireland #drones
03-Jun-22 Gabbiano Maritime Radar for AWHero Drone #drones
13-May-22 FAA Approves Airworthiness Criteria for Wingcopter #airworthiness
12-May-22 Drones for Air traffic Management #drones
15-Apr-22 More Camcopter Drones for Royal Thai Navy #drones
24-Mar-22 Autonomous VSR700 Tested at Sea #drones
16-Mar-22 Marines and Navy in Manned-Unmanned Teaming #drones
16-Feb-22 MQ-8C Fire Scout First Deployment
11-Feb-22 Bell APT Drone Demonstration for NASA #NASA
09-Feb-22 “ALIAS” OPV Black Hawk First Autonomous Flight #drones
05-Feb-22 Wingcopter 198 for Drone Delivery in Peru #Peru
01-Feb-22 Japan AirX Orders 50 Chinese EH216 Drones #drones
31-Jan-22 Elroy Air Unveils Chaparral C1 VTOL Drone #drones
26-Jan-22 US Navy MQ-8C Drone Operational Deployment #drones
24-Jan-22 Wingcopter Medical Drones for Air Methods #drones
11-Jan-22 AAC Unveils Hybrid-Electric Drone HAMR #HAMR
07-Dec-21 Japan Drone Fund Investment in Wingcopter #drones
25-Oct-21 Military Certification for AWHero Drone #drones
25-Oct-21 Aerial Spraying Approval for Ecodrones #drones
16-Oct-21 VoloDrone First Public Flight #VoloDrone
13-Oct-21 APT Drone Airdrop Supplies #resupply
13-Oct-21 Teledyne FLIR ION M640x Quadcopter #quadcopter
06-Oct-21 Ehang 216 with the Spanish National Police #drones
22-Sep-21 Kaman Unveils KARGO UAV #drones
21-Sep-21 Babcock Spain Approved for Drone Missions #drones
19-Sep-21 Wingcopter Fly Blood Samples in Germany #drones
16-Sep-21 Leonardo and Northrop Grumman Drones Partnership DSEI 2021
15-Sep-21 KVS Drone Services for Spright #drones
09-Aug-21 Camcopter Drone Trials for US Navy #drones
05-Aug-21 Rural Supply Delivery Drone #drones
02-Aug-21 Schiebel Camcopter Trials for Hellenic Navy #drones
27-Jul-21 Royal Australian Navy Extends Drone Contract #drones
26-Jul-21 Russia Unveils BAS-200 Drone #MAKS21
23-Jul-21 Drone Operational in HM Coastguard #drones
17-Jul-21 UVH-500 Cargo Drone demonstrator #drones
07-Jul-21 Camcopter Drones for Spanish SASEMAR #drones
21-Jun-21 Baltic Sea Surveillance with EMSA Drones #drones
30-May-21 MQ-8C Fire Scout on Amphibious Ship #drones
22-Apr-21 EMSA Camcopter Drones for Estonia #BalticSea
14-Apr-21 VSR700 Drone Reaches 60 Knots #drones
09-Apr-21 Camcopter Maritime Surveillance in Romania and Bulgaria #drones
01-Apr-21 Camcopter Sulphur Emission Monitoring for EMSA #drones
28-Mar-21 Skeldar Selected by EU Detect and Avoid Programme #drones
25-Mar-21 TIPS-C Drone Interceptor Demo at Eglin AFB #drones
02-Mar-21 UAVOS new Composite Main Rotor Blades #drones
25-Feb-21 Operator Certificate from Austria for Schiebel #drones
24-Feb-21 First Ship Automatic Landing for SKELDAR Drone #drones
13-Feb-21 Leonardo Electric Cargo Drone Sumeri #Sumeri
03-Feb-21 Point-to-Point Autonomous Delivery #Innovation
01-Feb-21 Nordic Unmanned Acquires Two Camcopter Drones #drones
24-Jan-21 Things to Know About NASA’s Mars Helicopter #MarsHelicopter
18-Jan-21 Bell APT with ARA Robotic in Canada #drones
30-Dec-20 Leonardo Drone Contest #drones
28-Dec-20 US Army Studyng Large Quadrotor #drones
19-Dec-20 UAVOS TITRA Alpin Drone Helicopter #drones
14-Dec-20 Four More Camcopter Drones for French Navy #drones
04-Dec-20 Sea Falcon Drones Trials from K130 Corvette #SeaFalcon
01-Dec-20 VSR700 Autonomous Landing in Moving Platform #VSR700
26-Oct-20 Testing of UAVOS Delivery Drone #drones
20-Oct-20 UK Wildcat-Drone Teaming Trials #drones
06-Oct-20 First Automatic Flight of V-150 Drone #drones
01-Oct-20 Bell APT 70 Drone in Demo Flight for NASA #NASA
28-Sep-20 Camcopter to Monitor Ship Emissions in France #drones
21-Sep-20 First MQ-8C Fire Scout Drone for HSC-22 #drones
08-Sep-20 Honeywell NextGen Urban Air Mobility Lab #UrbanAirMobility
31-Aug-20 CityAirbus Moved to Manching #drones
28-Aug-20 First Offshore Logistics Delivery by Drone #drones
14-Aug-20 Camcopter Drones Monitoring Ship Emissions #drones
02-Aug-20 Indago 3 Drones for Swiss Army
01-Aug-20 City Airbus First Autonomous Flight #drones
31-Jul-20 HM Coastguard First Drone SAR Missions #drones
29-Jul-20 Combined ADS-B and FLARM from Aerobits #FLARM
27-Jul-20 Raytheon Proposes Schiebel Drone for Australian Army #drones
24-Jul-20 EASA Proposed Standards for Light Drones #drones
22-Jul-20 UK Manned/Unmanned Team Demo #drones
20-Jul-20 Bell Drone First Beyond Visual Line of Sight Flight #drones
20-Jul-20 OCEAN2020 Drones in the Gulf of Taranto #drones
17-Jul-20 The Helicopters of the US Navy LCS Ships #LCS
16-Jul-20 Camcopter to Monitor Ship Emissions in Denmark #drones
07-Jul-20 Bell APT Drone for Medical Missions #drones
06-Jul-20 Camcopter Drones for Finland Coast Guard #drones
02-Jul-20 High-Altitude Flight for UVH-170 Helicopter Drone #drones
30-Jun-20 Autonomous Landing Capabilities by Honeywell #UrbanAirMobility
24-Jun-20 Bell APT 70 Drone Cargo Capacity #drones
12-May-20 AeroVironment Quantix Recon Drone #Quantix
18-Apr-20 UAVOS UVH-170 Drone for Humanitarian Relief #drones
13-Apr-20 Mars Helicopter Attached to Perseverance Rover #MarsHelicopter
12-Apr-20 Altius Drone Launched From Army Black Hawk #Altius
25-Mar-20 Leonardo Academy Certificated for Drone Training #drones
19-Mar-20 HSC-22 Prepared Deployment at MARS UAS #spaceport
09-Mar-20 Heavy Fuel Engine for Australian Camcopter Drone #drones
05-Mar-20 Camcopter Drone in Sulphur Sniffer Capability Test #sulphur
02-Mar-20 UMS Skeldar Drone at UMEX 2020 #drones
02-Mar-20 Bristow Testing SAR Drone at Caernarfon #drones
24-Feb-20 Leonardo at UMEX 2020 #UMEX2020
24-Feb-20 UAVOS at UMEX 2020 #UMEX2020
17-Feb-20 First BVLOS Flight for Bell APT 70 Drone #drones
15-Feb-20 New Main Rotor Blades for Drones by UAVOS #drones
07-Feb-20 HAL and Elbit Signed MoUs at DefExpo 2020 #DefExpo2020
29-Jan-20 Kaman Advances Autonomous Flight Programs Heli-Expo 2020
22-Jan-20 Boeing Seeks Israel’ Ducted Fan Rotor Technology #drones
13-Jan-20 Camcopter Deployed for Malaysian River Pollution Crisis #pollution
09-Jan-20 Volocopter Received EASA Design Organisation Approval
21-Dec-19 Lockheed Martin Partners Canadian UAVs for BVLOS #drones
18-Dec-19 Bell Drones Testing at Choctaw Nation of Oklahoma #drones
05-Dec-19 Bell APT 70 Cargo Drone Best of Aerospace 2019 #drones
27-Nov-19 John Deere and Volocopter Drone for Agriculture
23-Nov-19 Indra Pelicano Drone in OCEAN2020 #OCEAN2020
21-Nov-19 Camcopter Operational on French Carrier Dixmude #drones
20-Nov-19 First SKELDAR V-200 Drone from Scanfil #drones
20-Nov-19 Elbit MAGNI Micro-Drone for Mobile Forces #drones
19-Nov-19 Leonardo AWHero in First OCEAN2020 Demonstration #OCEAN2020
12-Nov-19 Airbus VSR700 Drone First Flight #VSR700
11-Nov-19 EMSA Extends Coast Guard Camcopter in Croatia #immigration
09-Nov-19 DJI Fighting Malaria in Africa with Spray Drones #SprayDrones
04-Nov-19 Royal Thai Navy Orders Camcopter Drones #drones
04-Nov-19 Drone Delivery Canada Contracted by Edmonton Airport #DroneDelivery
31-Oct-19 Heavy-Lift VoloDrone Unveiled #VoloDrone
30-Oct-19 UAVOS UVH-25EL LiDAR Mapping UAV #drones
24-Oct-19 Drone Delivery Canada Contracted in Milton Ontario #drones
08-Oct-19 Boeing Funds New Lab at Stanford University #drones
08-Oct-19 UMS Skeldar with ViDAR Pod at Pacific 2019 #pacific2019
07-Oct-19 Camcopter Drone Tested by Norwegian Coast Guard #drones
07-Oct-19 Unmmaned R22 For Precision Farming by UAVOS #spraying
06-Oct-19 AUVSI Earns Trusted Operator Program Award #drones
24-Sep-19 Faraday Cages for MQ-8C Fire Scout #FireScout
17-Sep-19 Camcopter Demonstration aboard Finland OPV Turva #drones
14-Sep-19 EHang Chinese Drone Carrying Passenger #drones
13-Sep-19 Drone Delivery Canada Contracted in Vaughan Ontario #drones
13-Sep-19 UAVOS Drones at DSEI 2019 DSEI 2019
12-Sep-19 Drone UMS Skeldar at DSEI 2019 DSEI 2019
12-Sep-19 Royal Air Force Counter-Drone Research Programme DSEI 2019
03-Sep-19 Small Drone Pilot Course by FlightSafety #drones
03-Sep-19 Volocopter Demonstration at Helsinki Airport #UrbanMobility
26-Aug-19 Bell Autonomous Pod Transport APT 70 First Flight #drones
19-Aug-19 Black Hawk SFM Drone First Flight #drones
24-Jul-19 UMS SKELDAR at Swedish Aviation Technical Training School
23-Jul-19 EMSA Coast Guard Camcopter in Croatia #drones
10-Jul-19 Initial Operational Capability for MQ-8C Fire Scout #FireScout
26-Jun-19 AUVSI Named “Best Manufacturing Associations to Work For” #BestWorkOf
25-Jun-19 Schiebel Pacific Opens New Facility in Australia #SchiebelPacific
18-Jun-19 RUSTA Get Certification for UMS SKELDAR Drone Paris Air Show 2019
13-Jun-19 Uber Eats in First Drone Food Delivery Tests Uber Elevate Summit 2019
09-Jun-19 Boeing Invests in UAS Services Provider Robotic Skies #drones
08-Jun-19 ESG/Quantum Vector and Scorpion Drones #drones
06-Jun-19 Honeywell And Vertical Aerospace in New Partnership Uber Elevate Summit 2019
27-May-19 Curtiss-Wright Honored by GA-ASI #drones
07-May-19 Royal Canadian Navy Acquired UMS Skeldar V-200 Drone #drones
04-May-19 First Certified Drone Air Carrier in the US #drones
02-May-19 Norway Coast Guard with Camcopter Drone #Arctic2030
02-May-19 Piccolo Elite Drone Autopilot #drones
30-Apr-19 Small Eye in the Sky with Tethered Indago Drone #drones
14-Apr-19 Skeldar Drone to Patrol Danish Waters #environment
10-Apr-19 LAFD Plan to Adopt Drones DJI to Save Lives #drones
01-Apr-19 NASA’ Mars Helicopter Completes Flight Tests #MarsHelicopter
27-Mar-19 Aerial Spraying with the Ag-Cormorant Drone #CropSpraying
25-Mar-19 Schiebel Obtains EN 9100 Certification #certification
16-Mar-19 First Drone Shore-to-Ship Deliveries by Airbus Skyways #drones
13-Mar-19 Next Generation K-MAX Drone #drones
28-Feb-19 Drone Camcopter in Oil and Gas Trials in Nigeria #oilandgas
25-Feb-19 Sabrewing Aircraft Company to Build First Prototype #drones
24-Feb-19 Bright Future for Skeldar Helicopter Drone #drones
21-Feb-19 Drone Delivery Canada Unveils “Condor” #drones
15-Feb-19 Leonardo New Facility in Pisa Unveils AWHERO Drone #drones
13-Feb-19 Israeli Navy Tested HELRAS Sonar from Surface Drone #drones
13-Feb-19 Developing Future Airport Infrastructure #FutureMobility
09-Feb-19 Drones Practical Flight Training #FlightTraining
26-Jan-19 Honeywell and Pipistrel MoU for Urban Air Mobility #UrbanAirMobility
23-Jan-19 Boeing Autonomous Passenger Air Vehicle First Flight #BoeingPAV
22-Jan-19 French Navy Received Another S-100 Drone #SERVAL
07-Jan-19 Bell Nexus, The Future Air Taxi, Unveiled at CES 2019 #Nexus
23-Dec-18 VSR700 Demonstrator Flies Unmanned #VSR700
13-Dec-18 Australian Army Tested Schiebel Camcopter S-100 Drone #drones
05-Dec-18 Schiebel Doubles Camcopter Production Capacity #Schiebel
01-Dec-18 Drone Detection Systems for Helicopters #drones
29-Nov-18 European Maritime Safety Agency Selects Camcopter Drone #EMSA
13-Nov-18 QinetiQ and Canadian UAVs Sign MoU Partnership #CanadianUAVs
13-Nov-18 NASA Uses NextNav’s 3D Geolocation for Urban Drones #geolocation
31-Oct-18 RAN 822X Squadron Commissioned with Drones #822Squadron
30-Oct-18 US Army in Autonomous Helicopter Demonstration #Autonomy
29-Oct-18 Volocopter eVTOL Taxis in Singapore #Volocopter
12-Oct-18 Bell Partnered Yamato for Delivery Drone #OnDemand
09-Oct-18 DHL Drone Delivered Medicines in Africa #DHL
20-Sep-18 MQ-8C Drone in Sonobuoys and Sonar Demonstration #FireScout
13-Sep-18 LX300 Drone First Flight
10-Sep-18 Bell Selected for NASA Drone Demo In 2020 #NASA
08-Sep-18 Drone Racing League AI Innovation Challenge #DroneRacingLeague
03-Sep-18 Schiebel Opens Australian Base to Serve Pacific Region #markets
02-Sep-18 SkyRyse’ Advanced Pilot Assistance System #AssistedFlying
28-Aug-18 Future of Taxi Drones at the FAI Conference #TaxiDrone
16-Aug-18 German Navy Acquired UMS Skeldar V-200 Drone #drones
10-Aug-18 Astro Aerospace Hiring Kasaero for PassengerDrone #drones
03-Aug-18 India’ HAL Unveils 10 Kg Helicopter Drone
29-Jul-18 Xiangying-200 Drone Completes Test Flights #drones
26-Jul-18 100K Remote Pilot Certificates by the FAA #drones
06-Jul-18 VX-1 Completed MQ-8C Evaluation on USS Coronado #evaluation
03-Jul-18 Schiebel Camcopter Trials for the Belgian Navy #drones
21-Jun-18 Michigan State Police to Deploy Drone Video Network #drones
23-May-18 Cormorant Mule Completes Demo for Israel’ IDF #drones
17-May-18 Autonomous Helicopter AACUS Wins Award
17-May-18 AACUS Training with US Marines
11-May-18 NASA Sending Helicopter to Mars
08-May-18 Astro Aerospace Acquires Passenger Drone
03-May-18 Unmanned Systems Training Courses by Flightsafety
02-May-18 New Search Capability for the Camcopter Drone
24-Apr-18 Drone Historic Flight by Airbus and Schiebel
19-Apr-18 Russian VRT300 Drone Flight Tests Launched
09-Apr-18 Systel to Support US Navy MQ-8C Drones
28-Mar-18 Leonardo Signed OCEAN2020 Contract
28-Mar-18 Drone Camcopter to Monitor Situation in Ukraine
26-Mar-18 Camcopter Heavy Fuel Drone Demo in Australia
21-Mar-18 Drone Delivery Canada Started Condor Development
16-Mar-18 Drone Delivery Canada First Test Flight in USA
27-Feb-18 SW-4 Solo First Flight Without Pilot Heli-Expo 2018
08-Feb-18 Airbus ‘Skyways’ Delivery Drone First Flight Singapore Airshow 2018
01-Feb-18 Vahana eVTOL from A³ by Airbus First Flight
18-Jan-18 DDC Unveils 25Lbs Cargo Drone Raven X1400
15-Jan-18 Drone Delivery Canada Expands Testing to USA
12-Jan-18 EDA OCEAN2020 Program
11-Jan-18 French Naval Helicopter Drone Demonstrator
10-Jan-18 Boeing Unveils New Cargo UAV Prototype
19-Dec-17 CityAirbus Completed Iron Bird Power On
15-Dec-17 Compliant UAV Status for Sparrow Cargo Drone
13-Dec-17 Aurora Autonomous UH-1H in Quantico
16-Nov-17 Drone Delivery to be Tested in Northern Canada
01-Nov-17 FAA Certification for Optionally Piloted UH-1H
26-Oct-17 VSR700 Rotary Wing UAV
25-Oct-17 Camcopter S-100 Second User Conference
18-Oct-17 Russian Helicopters 1.5T Tilt-Rotor by 2019
17-Oct-17 ALEA Standards for Public Safety Drones Programs
03-Oct-17 CityAirbus Passes Propulsion Testing Phase Helitech 2017
15-Aug-17 HSC-23 Makes History with MQ-8B Drones
21-Jun-17 Camcopter S-100 Qualification Flights on Dixmude
20-Jun-17 Gabbiano TS Ultra Light Multi Mode Radar Paris Air Show 2017
19-Jun-17 VSR700 Demonstrator First Autonomous Flights Paris Air Show 2017
26-May-17 Unmanned Tilt-Rotor at HeliRussia 2017 #HeliRussia2017
23-May-17 Camcopter Completes Flight Trials in Norway
10-May-17 Commercial Drone Services Start-Up “Airbus Aerial”
24-Apr-17 A³ by Airbus and AUVSI Cooperation
17-Apr-17 Airbus Selects SingPost as Skyways Logistics Partner Rotorcraft Asia 2017
01-Apr-17 Vahana by A³
01-Apr-17 Skyways by A³
01-Apr-17 CityAirbus by A³
30-Mar-17 Patria and Schiebel Working on MUM-T Operations
29-Mar-17 Panther Drone First Aerial Package Delivery
27-Mar-17 Drone Interoperability Test with Bristow S-92
23-Mar-17 FAA’s Waivers for Small Drones
10-Mar-17 Canadian First BVLOS Pipeline and Powerline Inspections
01-Mar-17 Leonardo AESA Radar for Schiebel Camcopter S-100
28-Feb-17 Leonardo and UK MoD Launch Phase 2 of RWUAS
24-Feb-17 Aeryon SkyRanger First BVLOS Flight
06-Feb-17 Royal Australian Navy Selects Camcopter S-100
23-Jan-17 AUVSI Launches Remote Pilots Council
05-Jan-17 Yuneec Unveils H520 Drone
27-Dec-16 Leonardo Acquires Sistemi Dinamici SpA
22-Nov-16 Camcopter S-100 Concludes Mediterranean Mission
16-Nov-16 SW-4 Solo at Unmanned Warrior 2016
15-Nov-16 Optionally-Piloted Helicopters Firefighting
14-Nov-16 Cormorant UAV First Fully Autonomous Flight
10-Nov-16 Aurora to Develop Unmanned UH-1H
20-Oct-16 French Navy’s Future VTOL Drone
18-Oct-16 MQ-8C Fire Scout with Leonardo AESA Radar
03-Oct-16 L-3 MX-8 Electro-Optical/Infrared Imaging System
26-Sep-16 Schiebel And Diehl Defence Teaming Agreement
22-Sep-16 Bell Unveils V-247 Vigilant Tiltrotor
22-Sep-16 Korean Air / Boeing Unmanned 500MD
21-Sep-16 Safran Signs MoU With Urban Aeronautics
02-Sep-16 CybAero Delivers Three Drones to Chinese Customs
26-Aug-16 US Army Testing Drone for Battlefield Intelligence
08-Aug-16 Era Launches Drones Service with Total Safety
02-Aug-16 CybAero Joins Commercial Drone Alliance
13-Jul-16 Drone Aviation Introduces Bolt
27-May-16 Aurora AACUS Test New Capabilities
26-May-16 EHang Drone to Begin Testing in Nevada
19-May-16 Yamaha RMAX Debuts Spray Service
10-May-16 US Army Aviation Seeking Runway-Independent UAS
04-May-16 EASA Task Force to Assess Drones Aircraft Risk Collision
03-May-16 CybAero Drone Test From Visby Class Corvette
21-Apr-16 New Thermal Imaging Solutions for Firefighters
18-Apr-16 Drones Added to the Alaska Aviation Task Force
18-Apr-16 Aurora Flies Subscale X-Plane Aircraft
15-Apr-16 Australia Post Testing Drones
08-Apr-16 Surrey and Sussex Police Acquired Drones
30-Mar-16 Brazilian FT Sistemas FT-200FH Umanned Helicopter FIDAE 2016
21-Mar-16 DARPA Awarded Next Gen US Navy UAV Demonstrator
03-Mar-16 DARPA Selects Aurora to Build VTOL X-Plane
17-Feb-16 Tiltrotor by Russian Helicopters Makes its First Flight
17-Feb-16 Airbus Helicopters to Test UAS in Singapore Singapore Airshow 2016
09-Feb-16 Bristow Enters UAV Services Business
08-Feb-16 Camcopter S-100 UAV Demonstration in Netherlands
21-Jan-16 Drones Driving Force in Future Logistic Operations
20-Jan-16 UGV/UAV Joint Autonomy demonstration for US Army
13-Jan-16 Saab / AeroVironment Qube UAV for Swedish Police
30-Dec-15 AirMule Completed its First Autonomous Untethered Flight
18-Dec-15 EASA Paves the Way for Safe Use of Drones in Europe
14-Dec-15 FAA Announces Small Drones Registration Rule
02-Dec-15 K-MAX Collaborative Unmanned Systems Demonstration
20-Nov-15 Volocopter VC200 First Flight
12-Oct-15 Rockwell Collins Real Time Video for US Army
15-Sep-15 UK MoD SW-4 RWUAS Demonstration
10-Sep-15 DARPA Robotic Landing Gear
09-Sep-15 Stampede Agricultural Drone Video System
09-Sep-15 Aerial Power Line Inspection : Helicopter vs UAV
01-Sep-15 UK Cumbria Police to Use UAVs
11-Aug-15 WSU Unmanned Helicopter Yamaha RMAX UAV
15-Jul-15 Search and Rescue ICARUS Ready for Use in 2016
03-Jun-15 CybAero Successfull Acceptance Tests in China
08-May-15 Mississippi State University Center of Excellence for UAS
04-May-15 Indago UAV Used in Cyclone Pam Disaster Relief Efforts #CyclonePam
27-Apr-15 Indago Quad Rotor Drone in Public Safety Missions
05-Apr-15 CybAero Demonstration Flights in China a Success
15-Feb-15 FAA Propose New Rules for Small UAS
03-Feb-15 FAA Grants Eight More UAS Exemptions
05-Jun-14 Camcopter S-100 Demonstration to Brazilian Navy
08-May-14 Northrop Grumman / Yamaha presents Rotary-Bat
17-Apr-14 AACUS
26-Nov-13 HeloAir to Recover Drones for US Navy
17-Jun-13 Camcopter S-100 on French Navy OPV
25-Apr-13 EC145 Unmanned Flight Demonstration #drones
10-May-12 Schiebel S-100 Drones Aboard L´Adroit Patrol Vessel #drones
10-Apr-12 US Navy investigates unmanned helicopter mishaps
28-Feb-12 Robot Quadrotors Perform James Bond Theme
09-Oct-06 Boeing Manned/Unmanned Helicopter First Flight
12-Jul-06 Boeing Little Bird Flies Unmanned for First Time
08-Mar-04 Bell Eagle Eye in USCG Deepwater Program

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