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  • united kingdom Norwich International Airport

    Norwich, Norfolk, England

    United Kingdom

    List of aircraft and events at Norwich Airport

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    By Date | By Serial

    1989-jul Sterling Helicopters 206B-2 G-BNYD
    1998-oct Sterling Helicopters 206B-3 G-BTHY
    2001 EAAA 105CB-2 G-BFYA
    2001-jan EAAA 105D G-EYNL
    2004-sep-21 S-76A G-BVKR
    2004-oct-20 105CB-2 G-BFYA
    2004-oct-20 105D G-EYNL
    2004-nov-19 CHC Scotia S-76C G-SSSC
    2004-dec-08 412EP OY-HSR
    2005-mar-12 300C G-HFLA
    2005-may-28 accidentSterling Helicopters 300C G-HFLA
    2005-jul-01 S-76A G-BVKR
    2005-jul-26 AS355F G-LNTY
    2005-jul-29 HM.1 ZH846 / 587
    2005-oct-26 Army UH-60A 87-24584
    2005-dec-08 412EP OY-HSR
    2005-dec-13 S61N.MK2 G-BGWJ
    2006-jan-21 300CBI G-CDOJ
    2006-jan-21 S-76C G-SSSC
    2006-jan-28 AS355F G-BMTC
    2006-jan-28 HAR10 XP355
    2006-mar-04 AS355F G-TOPS
    2006-mar-13 S61N.MK2 G-BGWJ
    2006-jun-08 SA330E XW219
    2006-aug-15 EC155B1 G-NIVA
    2006-sep-11 206B-3 G-BXNS
    2006-sep-15 S61N.MK2 G-BCLD
    2006-oct-17 105D G-EYNL
    2007-mar-26 EC155B1 G-ISSW
    2007-jul-17 412EP OY-HSR
    2007-jul-31 EC155B1 G-ISSV
    2007-jul-31 EC155B1 G-ISST
    2007-aug-13 BK117C-1 G-RESC
    2008-aug NHV Norwich AS365N3 OO-NHX
    2008-aug-03 NHV Norwich AS365N3 OO-NHX
    2008-aug-03 EAAA BK117C-1 G-OEMT
    2008-aug-03 EAAA BK117C-1 G-RESC
    2009-mar-08 Bristow EC155B1 G-ISSV
    2009-mar-09 Bristow AS332L G-TIGJ
    2009-apr Sterling Helicopters 105D G-EYNL
    2009-apr Sterling Helicopters AS355F G-BMTC
    2009-apr Sterling Helicopters AS355F G-TOPS
    2009-jun-14 NHV Norwich AS365N3 OO-NHE
    2009-jul Sterling Helicopters 206B-3 G-OAMG
    2009-jul-10 AS332L1 C-GOSA
    2009-aug-02 EAAA BK117C-1 G-RESC
    2009-sep-17 Saxonair EC120B G-KLNP
    2009-oct Sterling Helicopters 206B-2 G-BNYD
    2010-jul-10 HAR10 XP355
    2010-jul-24 Bond Aviation Group AS365N3 G-REDH
    2010-sep Sterling Helicopters 206B-3 G-BXNT
    2010-sep Bond Aviation Group AS365N3 G-REDG
    2010-sep Bond Aviation Group AS365N3 G-REDH
    2011-jan-09 NEWS G-PIXX
    2011-jan-26 HAR10 XP355
    2011-feb AAC WAH-64 ZJ181
    2011-feb AAC WAH-64 ZJ218
    2011-apr-15 EAAA EC135T2 G-SPHU
    2011-may Bond Aviation Group AW139 G-PERA
    2011-may Bond Aviation Group AW139 G-PERB
    2011-may-06 UK Police Forces EC135P2+ G-SUFK
    2011-jul CHC Scotia AW139 G-JEZA
    2011-jul CHC EC225LP C-GLIS
    2011-jul-03 Bond Aviation Group AW139 G-PERB
    2011-aug-11 AS350BB ZJ276
    2011-oct-09 NHV EC155B1 OO-NHJ
    2012-mar-21 HAR10 XP355
    2012-mar-21 Saxonair RAVEN II G-KLNJ
    2012-may 206A G-SUET
    2012-may Euro-Asia Air JSC AW139 UP-AW907
    2012-may EAAA EC135T1 G-CGXK
    2012-may AAC WAH-64 ZJ172
    2012-may AAC WAH-64 ZJ185
    2012-may-11 AW139 G-OAWL
    2012-jun-01 Bel Air Aviation AW139 OY-HJL
    2012-jun-14 NHS AW139 LN-OEA
    2012-jun-23 HAR.3 XZ599 / P
    2012-jul-12 Bell Helicopter Canada 429 C-FTNB
    2012-aug-07 Saxonair EC135P2+ G-KLNK
    2012-aug-08 OY-HSKDanCopter EC155B1 OY-HSK
    2012-aug-12 S-92A 9M-AIH
    2012-aug-13 SaxonAir HangarNHV EC155B1 OO-NHP
    2012-aug-23 206B-3 G-NORK
    2012-sep-14 Aerospeed Ltd 206B-3 G-BXDS
    2012-sep-27 CHC Scotia AW139 G-SNSB
    2012-sep-27 CHC Scotia AW139 G-SNSA
    2012-nov-12 Bond Aviation Group AW139 G-VINB
    2012-nov-12 EAAA EC135P2 G-CGZD
    2012-nov-18 EC155B1 OY-HJA
    2012-dec-05 UK Air Ambulances BK117C-1 G-OEMT
    2013-jan-26 EC155B1 OY-HJB
    2013-jan-30 Aerospeed Ltd AB206B-3 G-SUEX
    2013-feb-07 DanCopter EC155B1 OY-HSL
    2013-feb-14 NHV Norwich EC155B1 OO-NHJ
    2013-feb-14 Government of Turkmenistan VVIP EZ-S720
    2013-feb-15 Bond Aviation Group AS365N3 G-REDG
    2013-feb-28 PDG Helicopters AS355F2 G-NTWK
    2013-mar-21 TCAA AW109S G-HEMZ
    2013-may-07 206B-2 G-OJPS
    2013-may-07 NHV Norwich AS365N3 CS-HHR
    2013-may-22 Bond Aviation Group EC135T2+ G-GOWF
    2013-may-23 Bond Aviation Group AW139 G-VINC
    2013-jun-01 AS350B3 N353CE
    2013-jun-28 EC120B G-UYFI
    2013-jul-04 Bond Aviation Group AW139 G-PERA
    2013-jul-04 Bond Aviation Group AW139 G-PERD
    2013-sep-09 NHV - NorwichNHV Norwich EC155B1 OO-NSH
    2013-sep-15 DanCopter EC155B1 OY-HJJ
    2013-sep-30 AS355E G-LECA
    2013-oct-30 A109A-II N800WK
    2013-nov-07 Heliportugal AW139 CS-HGU
    2013-nov-14 Patriot Aviation RAVEN G-OBSM
    2013-nov-14 Bristow S-76C G-CGOU
    2013-nov-17 AW109E G-WOFM
    2013-dec-19 JCB S-76C M-JCBA
    2014-jan-16 Bristow S61N.MK2 G-BIMU
    2014-jan-18 Norwich Fuel stopNational Rail AS355F2 G-NLSE
    2014-feb-06 Bristow S61N.MK2 G-BPWB
    2014-may-25 storedBristow S61N.MK2 G-BIMU
    2014-may-25 storedBristow S61N.MK2 G-BPWB
    2014-jun storedBristow AS332L G-TIGE
    2014-jun storedBristow AS332L G-BRXU
    2014-jul-01 Bristow AS332L G-BMCX
    2014-jul-01 Bond Aviation Group AW139 G-PERD
    2014-jul-01 DanCopter EC155B1 OY-HJJ
    2014-jul-03 EC120B G-ISSY
    2014-jul-15 AW109S G-FRZN
    2014-jul-21 Bristow AW189 G-OENA
    2014-sep-09 National Grid 206B-3 G-BXNT
    2014-sep-09 NHV EC155B1 OY-HJB
    2014-sep-23 Bristow AW189 G-OENB
    2014-dec-18 AS350B2 G-OGUN
    2014-dec-18 Bond Aviation Group AW139 G-VINJ
    2014-dec-19 HM Coastguard AW139 G-CIJX
    2014-dec-19 NHV EC155B1 OY-HJB
    2015-jan-19 AW189 G-OENA
    2015-feb-02 HM Coastguard S-92A G-MCGE
    2015-feb-17 Bristow AS332L G-TIGE
    2015-feb-17 HM Coastguard AW139 G-CIJX
    2015-feb-17 CHC Scotia AW139 G-SNSE
    2015-feb-17 Bristow AW189 G-OENB
    2015-feb-17 HM Coastguard AW189 G-MCGM
    2015-feb-17 Bristow EC225LP G-ZZSE
    2015-mar-12 HM Coastguard AW189 G-MCGM
    2015-mar-24 DanCopter EC155B1 OY-HJA
    2015-mar-25 Bond Aviation Group AW139 G-VINJ
    2015-mar-25 Heli Holland EC155B1 PH-HHO
    2015-mar-25 Patriot Aviation RAVEN G-OBSM
    2015-mar-27 Departing on truck 105D G-EYNL
    2015-mar-27 Departing on truckBristow AS332L G-TIGE
    2015-mar-27 Departing on truckBristow AS332L G-BMCX
    2015-apr Departing on truck 105CB-2 G-BFYA
    2015-jun-04 Bristow AW189 G-MCGP
    2015-jun-10 HM Coastguard AW139 G-CILN
    2015-jun-10 Bristow AW139 G-CILP
    2015-jun-23 North Shore Helicopters EC130B4 ZK-IGM
    2015-aug-26 NHV Norwich AW139 OO-NSN
    2015-aug-28 EAAA EC135T2+ G-HEMN
    2015-oct-15 Bristow AW139 G-CIKO
    2015-oct-21 NHV Norwich AW139 OO-NSN
    2015-nov-06 CHC Scotia AW139 G-SNSF
    2015-nov-07 CHC Scotia AW139 G-SNSA
    2015-nov-10 CHC NL AW139 PH-EUF
    2015-nov-11 CHC NL AW139 PH-EUH
    2015-nov-12 EC155B1 OO-NHT
    2015-nov-20 RAF CH-47D ZA680
    2015-nov-23 AAC AH9 ZG918
    2015-dec-19 HM Coastguard AW139 G-CIJW
    2015-dec-29 Bristow AW139 G-CIPX
    2015-dec-30 Bristow H225 G-ZZSM
    2016-jan-20 CHC Scotia AW139 G-SNSF
    2016-feb-22 AW139 G-CIPW
    2016-feb-27 EAAA H145 G-RESU
    2016-mar-10 Airlift AS AS332C LN-OBX
    2016-mar-22 CHC Scotia AW139 G-JEZA
    2016-mar-22 NHV Norwich AW139 OO-NSN
    2016-mar-22 UK Air Ambulances EC135T1 G-KRNW
    2016-mar-25 Bristow AW139 G-CIPX
    2016-mar-31 UK Air Ambulances EC135T1 G-KRNW
    2016-apr Helimed 85Babcock H145 G-RESU
    2016-apr-05 Bristow EC225LP G-ZZSA
    2016-apr-12 Bristow H225 G-ZZSL
    2016-may-17 Bristow S-92A G-XCII
    2016-may-22 CHC Scotia AW139 G-SNSE
    2016-jun-11 Capital Air Services Ltd EC135T2+ G-HOLM
    2016-jun-13 AW139 G-JEZA
    2016-aug-02 Babcock AW139 G-MCSD
    2016-aug-02 Babcock AW139 G-MCSC
    2016-sep-30 AgustaWestland Italy AW189 I-LCIB
    2016-oct-26 CHC Scotia AW139 G-SNSF
    2016-nov-10 Bristow S-92A G-CHYI
    2016-nov-11 CHC NL AW139 PH-SHP
    2016-nov-14 Bristow AW139 G-CIPX
    2016-nov-17 INAEC AW139 RP-C3139
    2016-nov-26 CHC NL AW139 PH-EUH
    2016-dec-27 Bristow AW139 G-CIKO
    2016-dec-27 Bristow AW189 G-CJNV
    2017-jan-03 Bristow AW189 G-CJNV
    2017-jan-20 CHC Scotia AW139 G-SNSA
    2017-jan-23 CHC Scotia AW139 G-SNSH
    2017-jan-24 CHC Scotia AW139 G-SNSH
    2017-jan-24 NHV Norwich EC155B1 OO-NHJ
    2017-mar-23 AW109SP G-MUZZ
    2017-apr-03 CHC Scotia AW139 G-SNSK
    2017-apr-03 CHC Scotia AW139 G-SNSE
    2017-apr-03 National Grid CLIPPER II G-NESH
    2017-may-23 CHC Scotia AW139 G-SNSK
    2017-may-23 UK Air Ambulances EC135T2+ G-DORS
    2017-jul-10 National Grid CLIPPER II G-NESH
    2017-jul-12 CHC Scotia AW139 G-SNSE
    2017-sep-28 Saxonair AW109SP G-KLNH
    2017-oct-25 CHC Scotia AW139 G-SNSI
    2018-may-01 Patriot Aviation AS350B2 G-SCHI
    2018-may-01 Bristow AW139 G-CHNS
    2018-may-01 CHC Scotia AW139 G-SNSH
    2018-may-01 Bristow AW139 G-CIKO
    2018-may-22 CHC Scotia EC175 G-EMEC
    2018-may-22 CHC Scotia EC175 G-EMEC
    2018-jun-12 CHC Scotia AW139 G-SNSJ
    2018-aug-01 SASEMAR EC225LP EC-MCR
    2018-aug-04 Babcock AW139 G-MCSC
    2018-nov-22 Bristow AW139 G-CJNI
    2018-nov-24 AS365N3 G-MFLT
    2018-nov-24 CHC Scotia AW139 G-SNSH
    2018-dec-11 RAF MH-47E ZH898
    2018-dec-13 Bristow AW139 G-CHBY
    2018-dec-28 CHC Scotia AW139 G-SNSA
    2018-dec-29 Government of Turkmenistan AW139 12 blue
    2018-dec-31 CHC Scotia AW139 G-SNSE
    2019-jan-07 Babcock AW139 G-VINJ
    2019-jan-10 Bristow AW139 G-CIPW
    2019-jan-10 Bristow AW139 G-CJNI
    2019-jan-29 Bristow AW139 G-CKYP
    2019-jan-29 CHC Scotia EC175 G-EMEC
    2019-jan-29 UK Air Ambulances H145 G-HEMC
    2019-feb-19 CHC Scotia EC175 G-EMEA
    2019-mar-22 National Rail AS355F G-NLDR
    2019-apr-16 PDG Helicopters AS350B2 G-PDGF
    2019-apr-16 Bristow AW139 G-CJNI
    2019-apr-20 Babcock EC135T2+ G-HEMN
    2019-may-14 Babcock EC135T2+ G-HEMN
    2019-jul-02 Bristow AW139 G-CIPX
    2019-jul-02 Bristow AW139 G-CIKO
    2019-jul-12 CHC Scotia EC175 G-EMED
    2019-sep-27 CHC Scotia AW139 G-SNSI
    2019-sep-27 Capital Air Services Ltd EC135T2+ G-HOLM
    2019-oct-22 UK Police Forces EC135T2 G-POLF
    2019-oct-31 CHC Scotia EC175 G-EMED
    2019-nov-26 NHV UK AW139 G-NHVN
    2019-dec-24 Babcock H145 G-EMSS
    2020-jan-21 foggy dayNHV UK AW139 G-NHVP
    2020-feb-20 CHC Scotia AW139 G-SNSE
    2020-feb-20 CHC Scotia EC175 G-EMEA
    2020-mar-06 CHC Scotia EC175 G-EMEC
    2020-mar-10 30-100 G-DRNT
    2020-apr-09 DanCopter EC155B1 OY-HJJ
    2020-apr-24 Bristow AW139 G-CIPW
    2020-apr-24 CHC Scotia AW139 G-SNSE
    2020-apr-29 H125 G-KLNM
    2020-may Bristow AW139 G-CIKO
    2020-may-02 Bristow AW139 G-CIPX
    2020-may-16 Bristow AW139 G-CKYP
    2020-jun-01 SA341G YU-HVZ
    2020-jul-12 GB Helicopters AW109SP G-IWPI
    2020-jul-12 CHC NL AW139 PH-EUK
    2020-jul-14 NHV UK AW139 G-NHVP
    2020-jul-20 LCI Aviation AW139 D-HHXH
    2020-aug-11 CHC NL AW139 PH-EUA
    2020-aug-11 NHV UK AW139 G-SNSK
    2020-aug-17 Saxonair AW109SP G-KLNH
    2020-aug-17 National Grid CLIPPER II G-NESH
    2020-aug-17 CHC Scotia EC175 G-EMEB
    2020-sep-05 Bristow AW139 G-CIPW
    2020-sep-21 NHV UK AW139 G-NHVC
    2020-oct-07 Bristow AW139 G-CJNI
    2020-oct-08 CHC Scotia AW139 G-SNSE
    2020-oct-08 CHC Scotia EC175 G-EMEC
    2020-oct-09 Bristow AW139 G-CIMU
    2020-oct-09 NHV UK AW139 G-NHVN
    2020-oct-09 NHV UK AW139 G-NHVC
    2020-oct-13 DanCopter EC175 OY-HMV

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