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    List of Aircraft

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    C/NModBuiltID     In this OrgIn other Org

    41371     N104JZ: AgustaWestland, PA May14
    AgustaWestland Italy OE-XAI: reg Austria fom Apr15, op by Leonardo
    41565 2019     N105AG: AgustaWestland, PA Oct19
    TVPX N105AG: TVPX Ars Inc Trustee at North Salt Lake, UT from Dec19

    TVPX N139AK: TVPX Ars Inc Trustee from Mar20
    41005 2007     N106AW: AgustaWestland, PA
    CHC Scotia G-CHCV: CHC Scotia Jan08-Nov11

    CHC Scotia May/Nov 2012; sold to Kazakhstan ?

    Euro-Asia Air JSC UP-AW907: Euro-Asia Air JSC; Nov11-Apr12 in Kazakhstan with CHC a+

    12may12 arrived Norwich, UK then transitted to North D+

    11 pictured (pic1) at Norwich, UK

    Waypoint Leasing G-CHCV: Waypoint Asset Co 3 Ltd at Limerick, Ireland from Nov1+

    Eagle Copters C-FMUH: Eagle Copters from 13dec17

    01mar18 pictured (pic3) still with Waypoint Leasing MUH+
    41006 2007     N108AW: AgustaWestland,PA
    Abu Dhabi Aviation A6-AWG: Abu Dhabi Aviation dec07-2011

    Omni Taxi Aereo PR-OMM: Omni taxi aereo from Aug11
    41544 2018     N10CP: AgustaWestland, PA Jun18
    - N10CP: Peak Enterprises Llc at West Trenton, NJ from Oct18
    41570 2020     N112EH: AgustaWestland, PA Sep20
    State of Florida N112EH: Miami Dade Fire & Rescue (MDFR) at Miami, FL from Apr21+
    41204     N112YS: AgustaWestland, PA Dec08-Mar09
    Abu Dhabi Aviation A6-AWJ: Abu Dhabi Aviation, noted Aug11
    41558 2019     N114DV: AgustaWestland, PA from Mar19
    TVPX N114DV: Tvpx Aircraft Solutions Inc Trustee at North Salt Lake,+

    pictured starting delivery flight to Weststar Saudi Ara+

    Delivery Flight

    Delivery flight

    Weststar Aviation N114DV: Weststar Aviation in Saudi Arabia from Aug19
    41205 2008     N114YS: AgustaWestland, PA Dec08
    Abu Dhabi Aviation A6-AWM: Abu Dhabi Aviation, Mar09

    Omni Taxi Aereo PR-OMN: Omni taxi aereo Jul09-Jul19, pictured

    - 5B-SNA: Synesis Aviation Ltd at Cyprus from jul19

    41561 2019     N116DV: AgustaWestland, PA Aug19
    41206 2008     N116YS: AgustaWestland, PA Dec08, to N403CB
    ERA Helicopters N403CB: ERA Jan10-Aug15

    Global Vectra Helicorp VT-GVQ: Global Vectra from Aug15
    41207 2008     N117YS: AgustaWestland, PA 2008
    Lobo Leasing -: Lobo Leasing SPV A Ltd

    Senior Taxi Aereo PR-SEO: Senior Taxi Aereo Dec09-2015?

    Omni Taxi Aereo PR-SEO: Omni Taxi Aereo from Jul15, pictured

    fitted for medical evacuations due to COVID-19
    41560     N118DV: AgustaWestland, PA Jun19
    41566     N118HG: AgustaWestland, PA Sep19
    Helistar Ltda HK-5348: Colombia from Mar20
    41562     N118NZ: AgustaWestland, PA Sep19
    41564 2019     N120DV: AgustaWestland, PA Sep19
    41571     N122DV: AgustaWestland, PA from Sep19
    41007 2008     N126AW: AgustaWestland, PA to C-GLPI
    Canadian Ambulance Services C-GLPI: STARS May08-Nov10; pictured

    Government of Australia VH-EZJ: Queensland State HEMS from Nov11

    Australia Air Ambulances VH-EZJ: Queensland Government Air (QGAir)
    41330     N137MM: AgustaWestland, PA, to Brunei
    Brunei Shell Petroleum V8-EOR: Brunei Shell Petroleum May13, test serial N137MM
    41014 2008     N139CN: AgustaWestland, PA; tmp I-RAIP; to Chevron
    Chevron Oil N139CN: Chevron Aug08
    41209 2009     N139DH: AgustaWestland, PA; to Egypt
    Petroleum Air Services SU-CBV: PAS d/d Jul09
    41409     N139TP: AgustaWestland, PA Sep15
    Saudi Aramco N139TP: Saudi Aramco from Oct16
    41011 2008     N141AW: AgustaWestland, PA Apr/Jun 2008
    Abu Dhabi Aviation A6-AWH: Abu Dhabi Aviation d/d jun08

    OAS A6-AWH: OAS Helicopters, pictured

    Saudi Red Crescent Authority HZ-RC03: Saudi Red Crescent Authority, Saudi Air Ambulance; /Red+
    41273 2011     N143EV: AgustaWestland, PA from Sep11
    Evergreen Helicopters N143EV: Ventures Acquistions at McMinnville, OR from Feb12; Eve+

    - N139PR: Pista Acquisitions Llc at Stateline, NV from Nov15

    flown over Battersea Power Station, London UK

    pictured (pic3) on display at Heli-Expo 2020
    41332     N146MM: AgustaWestland, PA, to Brunei
    Brunei Shell Petroleum V8-MIB: Brunei Shell Petroleum May13, test serial N146MM
    41280 2011     N146PH: AgustaWestland,PA Nov11
    PHI Inc N146PH: PHI inc from Dec11; PHI Aviation from Sep19; offshore

    41300 2012     N148PH: AgustaWestland, PA
    PHI Inc N148PK: PHI from May12
    41354 2013     N152MM: AgustaWestland, PA from Sep13
    United Offshore Aviation HS-UOE: United Offshore Aviation Jan/May 2014

    HNZ Group -: HNZ Group

    INAEC RP-C3139: HNZ Group 2014-2016, op by INAEC; offshore Philippines+

    Milestone Aviation G-SNSK: Milestone Aviation Dec16-Apr17

    CHC Scotia G-SNSK: CHC Scotia from 05apr17; pictured (pic1) at Norwich, U+

    pictured (pic2) at Norwich

    NHV Helicopters Ltd G-SNSK: NHV Helicopters Ltd at Norwick Jul/Nov 2020

    pictured (pic3) at Norwich with new yellow livery

    NHV Helicopters Ltd G-NHVB: NHV Helicopters Ltd at Norwick from Nov20

    pictured (pic4) at Norwich
    41356     N157MM: AgustaWestland, PA Sep13
    YTL 9M-YPG: YTL Power Generation Sdn Bhd
    41358     N165MM: AgustaWestland, PA Oct13
    YTL 9M-YTL: YTL Power Generation Sdn Bhd
    41361 2013     N167MM: AgustaWestland, PA from Oct13
    Travira Air PK-TVB: Travira Air from Feb14
    41008 2008     N180AW: AgustaWestland, PA Feb08
    State of Florida N180AW: Aero Toy Store Llc at Ft Lauderdale, FL Jun/Aug 2008

    - 4O-HHH: Vektra Aviation, Montenegro Aug08-Aug10

    - UR-CRB: Ukraine, Aug10-2014

    - M-OLJM: Boutique Aviation Ltd, Isle of Man from Jul14

    Jan/Mar 2017 for sale Agusta AW139 2008; Six Passenger+

    41366     N183MM: AgustaWestland, PA Feb14
    Travira Air PK-TVC: Travira Air from Apr14
    41534 2017     N186MM: AgustaWestland Philadelphia Corp.
    41535 2017     N189MM: AgustaWestland Philadelphia Corp.
    41537 2018     N192MM: AgustaWestland, PA Jan/Apr 2018
    Transportes Aereos Pegaso XA-KRY: Pegaso from Sep18, pictured
    41541 2018     N197MM: AgustaWestland Philadelphia Corp.
    Aeroservicios Especializados  SA XA-ASE: ASESA 2018

    offshore Gulf of Mexico
    41402     N202MM: AgustaWestland, PA Feb15
    Mitsui Bussan Aerospace JA15KP: Mitsui Bussan Jun15

    National Police Agency JA15KP: Kagoshima Prefectural Police from Dec15
    41234 2010     N208YS: AgustaWestland, PA
    Bristow US N339BG: Bristow US Apr10-Apr13

    Bristow Caribbean 9Y-TAJ: Bristow Caribbean May13-Mar15

    Bristow US N339BG: Bristow Mar15-Mar18

    Bristow Caribbean 9Y-TAJ: Bristow Caribbean Mar/Oct 2018 ?

    Bristow US N939BG: Bristow from Oct18

    31283 2010     N209YS: AgustaWestland, PA May10-Jan11
    FB Heliservices G-FBHA: FB Heliservices Jan/Feb 2011

    Ministry of Defence (MoD) ZR283: UK MoD Feb11-2018

    SAR Training Unit (SARTU) at RAF Valley

    FB Heliservices G-FBHA: Aug18 listed for sale

    FB Heliservices from Feb20

    Jun/Aug 2020 for sale Agusta AW139 2010 - 2786 flight h+
    41237 aw139m 2010     N212YS: Agusta Aerospace 2010; AgustaWestland, PA Aug11; conv aw139m+
    AgustaWestland Italy I-EASF: AgustaWestland Italy Feb14-Jan17

    Boeing Helicopters N603SH: Jul17 pictured in Montana
    41255     N213YS: Agusta Aerospace Corp Aug10
    - UR-CNH: Cernomorneftegaz at Simferopol, Ukraine from Jul12 as U+

    - RA-01707: Russia 2014
    41249     N214YS: Agusta Aerospace Corp Nov10
    - N362G: GE Air Transport Services Inc at Fairfield, CT May11-Ma+

    TVPX N669SH: TVPX Aircraft Solutions Inc Trustee at North Salt Lake,+
    31277 2010     N215YS: AgustaWestland, PA from Nov10
    Canadian Ambulance Services C-GLPI: Stars Aviation Jan11-Dec12

    STARS at Calgary, AB Dec12-Dec20, pictured

    at Edmonton AB

    Eagle Copters Australasia VH-YXR: Eagle Copters Australasia from Dec20

    Babcock Australia VH-YXR: Babcock Australasia from Dec20, lsd owned by Eaglecopte+

    Australia Air Ambulances VH-YXR:

    Capricorn Helicopter Rescue (RACQ) in Rockhampton, QLD

    41536 2018     N216MM: AgustaWestland Philadelphia Corp.
    41242 2011     N216YS: AgustaWestland,PA
    State of New Jersey N1NJ: NJSP from May11
    41243 2011     N217YS: AgustaWestland, PA 2011
    State of New Jersey N9NJ: NJSP from May11
    41235 2010     N220YS: Agusta Aerospace Corp Jan11
    Trinidad and Tobago Air Guard 9Y-AG311: TTAG from Jun11
    41256 2011     N221YS: Agusta Aerospace Corp Jan11
    Trinidad and Tobago Air Guard 9Y-AG312: TTAG from Jun11
    41213 2009     N225SM: AgustaWestland,PA; to A6-AWN
    Abu Dhabi Aviation A6-AWN: Abu Dhabi Aviation d/d dec09; ex N225SM; long-nose vers+

    17Jan13 pictured at Aston Martin 100 years celebration+

    w/o 29apr17 ditched on Arabian Gulf . Capsized before +
    41567     N230LC: AgustaWestland, PA Mar20
    State of Florida N217LC: Miami-Dade Fire Rescue from Oct20, pictured

    41551 2018     N230MM: AgustaWestland. PA May18
    41569 2020     N233LC: AgustaWestland, PA from Jul20
    State of Florida N208LC: Miami Dade Fire Rescue Department at Miami, FL from Dec+
    41383     N238MM: AgustaWestland, PA Aug14
    Weststar Aviation 9M-WAX: Weststar from Mar15

    at Kota Bharu
    41389 2014     N239MM: AgustaWestland, PA Aug14
    Bristow Australia VH-ZFV: Bristow Australia from Jun17

    pictured (pic1) taxiing at Wagga Wagga Airport for an o+
    41391 2014     N243MM: AgustaWestland, PA Aug14-2017
    National Helicopter Services Ltd of Trinidad and Tobago 9Y-MRL: NHSL from 2017, pictured
    41387 2014     N245MM: AgustaWestland, PA Oct14; pictured
    Heli-Union F-HUBH: Heli Union from Feb15

    offshore ops in Myanmar
    41210 2009     N246SM: AgustaWestland, PA Sep09-Jun10
    CHC Helicopters Netherlands bv PH-EUC: CHC Netherlands Jun10-Feb11

    Blueway LN-OYZ: Blueway Feb11-2012

    Bel Air Aviation OY-HLC: Bel Air 2013-Sep15

    Jun/Sep 2013 seen at Eskjerg

    CHC Scotia G-SNSG: CHC Scotia from Oct15

    Hevilift Sdn Bhd 9M-HLG: Leased by Hevilift Malaysia

    Eagle Copters Australasia VH-CGX: Moved to Eagle Copters Australia for Storage
    41212 2009     N248SM: AgustaWestland, PA 2009
    Senior Taxi Aereo PR-SES: Senior Taxi Aereo from Dec09

    Omni Taxi Aereo PR-SES:
    41214     N249SM: Agusta Aerospace Corp Mar09
    Abu Dhabi Aviation A6-AWY: Abu Dhabi Aviation Sep09-Jul10

    Royal Jordanian Air Force JY-RSB: Jordan Royal Squadron from Aug10

    Nov15 as /EMS-1 based at Marka
    41388 2014     N251MM: AgustaWestland, PA Oct14
    Heli-Union F-HUGF: Heli Union from Feb15; pictured
    41400     N257MM: AgustaWestland, PA Jan15
    Heli-Union F-HUCR: Heli-Union from Jun15; Dec16 pictured on truck for tran+

    offshore ops in Myanmar
    41404 2015     N262MM: AgustaWestland, PA
    - HL9611: South Chungcheong Region from Nov15
    41396     N263MM: AgustaWestland, PA Jan15
    Helistar Ltda HK-5133: Helistar from May15
    41401     N264MM: AgustaWestland, PA Feb15
    Heli-Union F-HUJK: Heli-Union from Jul15; Jan20 still
    41413 aw139m     N265MH: AgustaWestland, PA Sep15
    Royal Thai Army 41413: Royal Thai Army from Dec15
    41403 2015     N265MM: AgustaWestland, PA
    Australia Air Ambulances VH-XIH: RACQ CareFlight QLD from Oct15; pictured
    41412     N267MH: AgustaWestland, PA Nov15
    - N700J: Johnson & Johnson Finance Corp at New Brunswick, NJ fro+
    41501 2015     N268MM: AgustaWestland , PA Apr15. First american 7000 kgs MTOW
    - OY-HFP: Ulfur Helicopter Iceland Sep/Oct 2015

    Wiking Helikopter Service GmbH D-HOAD: Wiking Nov15-Aug17

    noted at Wilhelmshaven

    Lloyd Helicopters VH-QOZ: Lloyd Helicopters (Australia) Aug17-Sep19, op by CHC

    CHC Helicopters Australia VH-QOZ: Nov17 pictured at CHC heliport in Karratha, Western Aus+

    Omni Taxi Aereo PR-OHY: Omni Taxi Aereo from Sep19
    41405 2015     N273MM: AgustaWestland, PA
    Australia Air Ambulances VH-XIJ: RACQ CareFlight QLD from Oct15; RACQ Life Flight Rescue+

    at Brisbane airport

    at Brisbane Airport
    41517 2016     N276HS: AgustaWestland Philadelphia Corp.
    State of Utah N276HS: Bank of Utah Trustee from Oct17
    41505 2015     N278MM: AgustaWestland, PA Jun15
    Heli-Union F-HUMT: Heli Union Apr16-Sep19

    offshore for BG Group in Southern Tanzania; Jan17 stil+

    pictured in Gabon serving energy transport and medevac+

    canc French reg

    Heli-Union D2-BFB:

    Heli-Union Angola
    41507 2015     N278MM: AgustaWestland, PA Jun15
    Heli-Union F-HUXP: Heli Union Apr16-Jun19

    -Jan17 offshore for BG Group in Southern Tanzania

    - D2-BFA: Bestfly Angola from Jun19

    41508     N281MM: AgustaWestland, PA Jun15
    Helistar Ltda HK-5180: Helistar from Apr16

    video at Páramo de Sumapaz, 45 miles SSW Bogota; hot a+
    41504 2015     N286MM: AgustaWestland, PA Aug15
    - N13UA: Three Diamonds Rotors LLC at Glen Burnie, MD Dec15-Apr+

    WRBC Transportation Inc at Greenwich, CT from Apr20
    41510     N296MM: AgustaWestland, PA Dec15
    INAER Italia I-HECO: INAER Italia from Jun16


    Babcock Italia I-HECO: Babcock MCS Italia

    Callsign PEGASO03
    41557     N301FD: AgustaWestland, PA Sep18
    State of California N301FD: LAFD at Van Nuys, CA from Aug19
    41260 2011     N303YS: AgustaWestland,PA Jun11
    State of New Jersey N5NJ: NJSP from Sep11
    41264 2011     N304YS: AgustaWestland, PA Aug11
    State of New Jersey N7NJ: NJSP d/d dec11
    41267     N305YS: Agusta Aero Space Corp Apr11
    Weststar Aviation 9M-WAK: Weststar Jun11-Oct16

    - PK-WAD: Weststar Aviation Indonesia from Oct16
    41265 2012     N306YS: AgustaWestland, PA
    Skymedia AG N818LS: Wells Fargo Bank Feb13-Apr14 op by Skymedia AG

    Skymedia AG T7-LSS: Skymedia AG, San Marino Apr14-Jan17

    Lions Air Skymedia AG San Marino from Jan17

    at AgustaWestland Yeovil

    10:00 Hs at Oxford London Airport (Kidlington)

    22aug18 Force India F1 Team, a Formula One racing team +

    at Battersea London Heliport, UK
    41276 2011     N307YS: AgustaWestland, PA f/f Dec11, Maryland Police State Trooper +
    State of Maryland N381MD: MSP Maryland State Police from Mar13

    pictured (pic2) parked inside hangar at Frederick base

    pictured (pic3) parked in front of Frederick base in th+

    pictured (pic4) parked outside of Trooper 3 hangar MSP

    pictured (pic5) - Trooper 3 arrived base, from Baltimor+

    pictured (pic6) - Trooper 3 landed at the base after ho+
    41512 2016     N308MM: AgustaWestland, PA Jan16
    Aeroservicios Especializados  SA XA-AQA: ASESA / Lomex from Jul16; pictured
    41223 2009     N30WX: Agusta Aerospace Corp at Philadelphia, PA Sep09
    - N30WX: Wells Fargo Bank NW NA Trustee Oct09-Dec17

    TVPX N30WX: TVPX Ars Inc Trustee at North Salt Lake, UT from Dec17
    41318     N311YS: AgustaWestland, PA Aug12
    - UR-CNW: Mars RK Ltd at Simferopol, Ukraine from Feb13

    - RA-01708: Russia 2014
    41293 2012     N312YS: AgustaWestland, PA; to N3NJ
    State of New Jersey N3NJ: NJSP; ex N312YS
    41310     N315YS: AgustaWestland, PA Aug/Sep 2012
    SFS Aviation HS-SFJ: SFS Aviation Oct12, pictured (pic1)
    41516 2016     N316MM: AgustaWestland Philadelphia Corp.
    Aeroservicios Especializados  SA XA-HUM: 2017 Aeroservicios Especializados S.A. de C.V. [ASESA]

    offshore Gulf of Mexico
    41016 2008     N324SH: AgustaWestland, PA Jun08
    State of Florida N324SH: Aero Toy Store Llc at Ft Lauderdale, FL Aug08-Mar10

    - N139MT: Abou El Enein Co Inc at Wichita, KS Mar10-Feb13

    American Jet Holdings Inc at Wichita, KS Feb/Oct 2013

    Kaan Air TC-HKU: Kaan Air from Nov13

    - TC-HKU: Mar/Jun 2015 for sale Agusta AW139 2010. 210 Hours Tota+
    41017 2008     N325SH: AgustaWestland, PA, to A6-AWI
    Abu Dhabi Aviation A6-AWI: Abu Dhabi Aviation d/d sep08

    Aerogulf A6-ALM: Aerogulf d/d 2011
    41018 2008     N326SH: AgustaWestland,PA, to Abu Dhabi Aviation
    Abu Dhabi Aviation : Abu Dhabi Aviation, to N342SH

    - N342SH: Wells Fargo Bank 2009

    Gulf Helicopters A7-GHI: Gulf Helicopters 2010

    Starlite Helicopters ZS-HTF: Starlite from May14
    41342 2013     N326YS: AgustaWestland, PA
    Weststar Aviation 9M-WAR: Weststar Aviation d/d Sep13, their 18th aw139

    United Offshore Aviation HS-UOB: United Offshore Aviation (UOA) Thailand, lsd Weststar

    Weststar Aviation I-WNDD: Weststar NDD Srl from Jun19

    op by Weststar in Equatorial Guinea

    41348 2013     N327YS: AgustaWestland, PA
    41019 2008     N328SH: AgustaWestland, PA Jul08; PR-HSK ntu; N963TA Feb09-Feb10 nru
    - PR-HSK: Sinergy Brazil Oct/Dec 2008

    reg 2010; Casa Bahia Comercial Ltd, Brazil from Dec12

    Aug/Oct 2014 for sale AW139 2008 Aero Comfort VIP Inter+

    pictured at Aeroporto Campo de Marte

    Michael Klein, Casas Bahia; CB Air Taxi Aereo Ltda from+

    Mar16-Feb18 for sale Agusta AW139 2008; Fresh inspecti+
    41020 2008     N330SH: AgustaWestland, PA Jul08
    Abu Dhabi Police P-207: Abu Dhabi Police from Dec08
    41022 2008     N332SH: AgustaWestland, PA Nov08
    Abu Dhabi Police P-208: Abu Dhabi Police from Dec08
    41023 2008     N335SH: AgustaWestland, PA Sep08
    State of Florida N423TS: Aero Toy Store Llc at Ft Lauderdale, FL Feb09-Jul10

    Azteca TV XA-GSC: Azteca TV, Mexico from Aug10
    41202 2008     N336SH: AgustaWestland, PA
    Bristow US N139TZ: Bristow US from 2010; pictured

    41201 2008     N339MS: AgustaWestland, PA Nov08; First American long nose AW139
    ERA Helicopters N339MS: Era Helicopters Jan09-Sep11

    Helicopteros Marinos N339MS: HM Sep/Dec 2011, lsd ERA

    Aeroleo Taxi Aereo PR-WSG: Aeroleo from Dec11, lsd ERA; 12jan12 Customs Rio de Jan+

    serving Petrobras at Macaé Airport
    41410     N33CN: AgustaWestland, PA Jun15
    Milestone Aviation : Vertical Aviation 2 Limited

    Heli-Union F-OULF: Heli Union Feb18

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