Helicopter Accidents


Year 2002 accidents

List of helicopter accidents

Aerospatiale Alouette II 1
Aerospatiale AS332 Super Puma 2
Aerospatiale AS350 Ecureuil 1
Aerospatiale Gazelle 5
Aerospatiale SA330 Puma 2
Agusta A109 Hirundo 1
Agusta A109E Power 3
Agusta AB139 1
Agusta AB205 1
Agusta AB212 1
AgustaWestland AW109 1
Bell 204 1
Bell 205 2
Bell 206 14
Bell 209 ah-1 cobra 1
Bell 212 6
Bell 222 1
Bell 412 4
Bell 430 1
Boeing 414 - H-47D Chinook 2
Boeing-Vertol 107M H-46 Sea Knight 1
Dornier UH-1D 1
Eurocopter AS350 Ecureuil 2
Eurocopter EC135 2
F+W Emmen SA316B Alouette III 1
Hughes 369 / 500 / H-6 1
Kawasaki Heavy Industries 369HS 1
MBB Bo105 1
McDonnell Douglas ah-64 apache 3
McDonnell Douglas md500 1
McDonnell Douglas MD520N 1
Robinson R22 1
Sikorsky S-55 H-19 1
Sikorsky S-58 H-34 1
Sikorsky S-61 H-3 5
Sikorsky S-65 H-53 1
Sikorsky S-70 H-60 7
Sikorsky S-80 H-53E 2
VFW CH-53G 2
Westland Lynx 1

2002 206a 29 ZS-HCD : Bell 206A, cn29, ff:?; del South Africa ZS-HCD, unk
G-BBFE : xfer UK as G-BBFE, unk
9J-ADT : xfer Zambia as 9J-ADT, unk
G-BBFE Heli Leeds: type:Bell206B from 1975 to 1983 toward new owner
EC-EFE FAC Helicopters: from Aug87 to 1995, toward PJ-PLD
politie PJ-PLD : Politie from 1995, w/o 1mar02. ex EC-EFE
2002 206a 378 Bell Helicopter N1442W : Bell 206A, cn378, ff:?; reg Bell Helicopters as N1442W, unk
N1442W : seen carrying the Rolling Stones during the first half hour of Gimme Shelter. Marked as Crescent Airways
C-GMLS : xfer Standard Ag Helicopters, Canada as C-GMLS, unk; w/o when suffered hard lndg (substantial dmg) due to engine failure, ivo Newfield, NY, 25Jul02.
C-GMLS : 19aug89 hijacked by two women, Rebecca Brown and Patricia Gonzales, who chartered the helicopter and then forced the pilot to land in a prison near Ordway, Colorado, and picked up two inmates, Ralph Brown and Freddie Gonzales, one of which flew the helicopter out of the prison by learning how to fly it from books. They were recaptured in Holdrege, Nebraska
2002 206b-2 1005 osterman helikopter SE-HPH : del Ostermans Aero AB as SE-HPH, Jul73
Rikspolisstyrelsen SE-HPH : lsd Rikspolisstyrelsen, Sweden as SE-HPH / 8 0947, 1973; purchased by Rikspolisstyrelsen, Sweden as SE-HPH / 8 0947, 1986; Destroyed in hangar fire, Tullinge, 07Feb02
2002 206b-3 2224 chimnir 4X-BJH : Chim Nir Aviation Services; w/o 24may02
2002 206b-3 2544 osterman helikopter SE-HIM : mfg 1978; del Ostermans Aero AB as SE-HIM, Mar79
Rikspolisstyrelsen SE-HIM : lsd Rikspolisstyrelsen, Sweden as SE-HIM / 8 0949, Aug79; purchased by Rikspolisstyrelsen, Sweden as SE-HIM / 8 0949, 1986; Destroyed in hangar fire, Tullinge, 07Feb02
2002 206b-3 4244 Armada del Ecuador HN-309 : Aviacion Naval d/d 1986; w/o 15feb02 near Salinas
2002 206l-1 45235 N400CE : to N400SL
Omniflight N400SL : Omniflight Helicopters at Addison, TX from May92; Air Ambulance; w/o 09sep02 at Doland, SD. 4 fatalities; canc Feb06, repl by N509MT
2002 206l-1 45366 Papillon Grand Canyon N1075S : Papillon Helicopters; conv to L-3 type; w/o 28may02 at Meadview, AZ
2002 206l-3 51305 RP-C8888 : Philippines, test serial N21139
RP-C8088 : Philippines, to ZS-RIM
ZS-RIM : South Africa, to N43GA
N43GA : Rapid Air Llc at Canon City, CO Jan01; Royal Gorge Helitours; w/o 30aug02 hit wires near Canon City, CO; canc Jun04
2002 206l-3 51388 Air Logistics N349AL : Air Logistics; 13mar95 pictured at Patterson/Williams, LA; w/o 08jan02 ditch near Grand Isla 74, Gulf of Mexico
2002 206l-4 52144 Keisatsu-chō JA6172 : Niigata Prefectural Police Nov95-Jul02; w/o 12jun02
2002 212 30762 Okanagan Helicopters C-GDVG : Okanagan Helicopters, noted 1977
Canadian Helicopters Ltd C-GDVG : 16sep97 Canadian Helicopters at Goose Bay
Canadian Helicopters Ltd C-GDVG : Canadian Helicopters from Sep96; w/o 18aug02 impact terrain with a military utility trailer sling load at Goose Bay, Newfoundland and Labrador
2002 222ut 47527 Bell Helicopter N3188L : Bell 222UT, cn47527, ff:?; reg Bell Helicopters as N3188L, unk; leased Heli Serviço, Portugal, unk
CS-HDI : xfer Heli Serviço as CS-HDI, unk
N72442 : xfer UK as G-BXED, [ntu], xfer US as N72442, unk
Mercy Air N417MA : xfer Mercy Air as N417MA, unk; w/o near Nipton, CA when helicopter fell to ground and exploded, during transfer flight, 3 fatalities, 07Sep02.
2002 412 33003 I-MDCV : Alba Aeroservizi; to OE-FXN
OE-FXN : HeliJet Austria; ex I-MDCV; to Colombia
Armada Nacional de Colombia ARC-215 : Colombia Navy 215 d/d 1998; ex OE-FXN; w/o 04sep02 34km off pacific coast near Cabo Corrientes, 2 fatalities
2002 412ep 36284 Bell Helicopter N9185Y : Bell Sep/Dec 2001
Fuerza Aerea Salvadoreña 251 : FAS Centella from 2001
Fuerza Aerea Salvadoreña 251 : w/o 09jul02
2002 412hp 36076 OE-XMM : Air Ambulance; to D-HHXX; Bell serial N2038G
HDM Flugservice D-HHXX : HDM Flugservice; w/o 24nov02 crash on landing at Pritzwalk, Brandenburg. 1 fatality
2002 430 49055 Bell Helicopter N81061 : Bell 430 cn49055, ff:?; reg Bell helicopters as N81061, 1999
XC-DPC : xfer State of Vera Cruz, Government of Mexico as XC-DPC, unk; destroyed upon impact with terrain following a loss of control during a missed approach near Jalapa, State of Veracruz, 18Oct02.
2002 a109c 7612 3A-MIS : Monaco, to D-HLAT
D-HLAT : Grohmann Air GmbH
F-GTLP : from Apr01; w/o 31oct02 crashed into the sea near Sud de l ile des Rimains, Cancale. 2 fatalities
2002 a109e 11002 Agusta Spa I-EAPW : Agusta; to China; w/o 11apr02 at Dalian, China
2002 a109e 11060 EKAB SX-HDR : EKAB; w/o 17jun02 crash at Anafi Island. 5 fatalities
2002 a109e 11105 I-FOOD : w/o 17aug02 at Positano
2002 ab139 31001 Agusta Spa I-ACOI : Agusta Spa; prototype 01; f/f 03feb01; w/o 22apr02 at Monteleone
2002 ab205a 4010 Ejercito del Aire HE.10A-5 : EdA 78-61; ex EC-BDF,EC-SSH, Z.10-5. HD.10A-5; wfu 13dec91; sold as ab205a-1 EC-GJL
EC-GJL : 2001 DGAC France reported inconsistencies with type and documentation; w/o 14jun02 broke in flight at Torallola, provincia de Lerida, Spain. 8 fatalities; more (Spanish)
2002 ab212asw 5204 Türk Deniz Kuvvetleri TCB-48 : w/o 27aug02
2002 ah-1w 26214 US Marine Corps 162545 : USMC; conv c/n 29131; 2000 HMLA-167 /TV-39
US Marine Corps 162545 : w/o 27jun02 HMLA-167 crashed during training 10m NW of MCAS Cherry Point, NC. Both crew severely injured; SOC 29jun02
2002 ah-64a PV485 US Army Aviation 87-0466 : AH-64A Del US Army
US Army Aviation 87-0466 : 12 Apr 1999 1/111th AVN
US Army Aviation 87-0466 : 9 Feb 2002 crashed in Florida while with 1/111th AVN
2002 ah-64a PV621 US Army Aviation 89-0209 : US Army BuNo 89-00209; A Co 3-101st Aviation. w/o 10apr02 NE Kandahar, Afghanistan due mechanical failure
2002 ah-64a PV873 US Army Aviation 91-0121 : 1-6th Cav. w/o 21aug02 during nigth training at Camp Page, Chuncheo, South Korea. 2 fatalities
2002 as332b1 2311 Fuerza Aerea de Venezuela 4423 : FAV. d/d 1990. ex F-ZKBO. w/o 19apr02
2002 as332c 2006 Aerospatiale F-WXFS : Aerospatiale; to Chile
Armada de Chile 71 : AS332B d/d jan90. w/o 11dec02. ex F-WXFK
2002 as350b2 2843 Uni-Fly A/S OY-HJC : Uni-Fly A/S 1995-1997
Heli-Team AS LN-ORH : Heli-Team AS; w/o 10jun02 Norsk
2002 as550c2 2520 Republic of Singapore Air Force 203 : RSAF; w/o 2002 with 123 Sqd
2002 aw109e 11141 CareFlite N142CF : Careflite /2 from Jun02, testt serial N160CF; w/o 08nov02 rolling during take off at Dallas, TX
2002 Bo105 S-624 Armada de Chile 40 : Naval. UH-05 type (Bo105CBS). HU-1 w/o 28jun02
2002 ch-135 32007 Canadian Armed Forces 135107 : BuNo 70-15656. to Colombian Army as EJC-225/CN-22
Aviacion del Ejercito de Colombia EJC-225 : Av.Ej CN-22. BAHEL/DOS. ex Canada 135107. w/o 01aug02
2002 ch-135 32035 Canadian Armed Forces 135135 : BuNo 70-15684. CAF yellow cammo. to US Gov as N78790. to Colombian Police as PNC-5008/N-09
Policia Nacional de Colombia PNC-5008 : Policia N-09. ex N78790. ex canada 135135. w/o 18jan02
2002 ch-139 3358 Canadian Armed Forces 139308 : to civ as C-FTHN. 3 CFFTS w/o 02jul02
Allied Wings Limited C-FTHN : ex Canada 139308. w/o 02jul02
2002 ch-146 46420 Canadian Armed Forces 146420 : CAF; w/o 18jul02 444 sqd crash north of CFB Goose Bay after loss of tail rotor. 2 killed and 2 injured
2002 ch-3c 61-552 US Air Force 65-12777 : USAF; conv to HH-3E; to Tunisia AF; w/o Apr02
Al Quwwat al Jawwiya al Jamahiriyah At' Tunisia ? : Tunisia, ex USAF 65-12777; w/o Apr02 crash into river, 12 killed
2002 CH-46D 2353 US Marine Corps 154002 : BV-107M, c/n 2353, ff?; accepted BuWepsRep, Morton, PA as CH-46D 154002 28Sep67; xfer HMM-162 05Oct67; xfer HMM-264 09Jan69; xfer HMM-261 03Apr69; xfer NAS North Island A&T 08Sep69; xfer H&MS-56 24Oct69; xfer HMM-265 25May70; xfer HMM-161 13Nov70; xfer USS Iwo Jima (LPH-2) 06Aug71; xfer HC-6 08Nov73; xfer USS Iwo Jima (LPH-2) 11Jan74; xfer HC-6, Det 4, HW-5, unk; ditched in Atlantic Ocean, 07Feb02; wreck dumped NADEP-Cherry Pt Sep04.
US Navy 154002 : US Navy; 1989 CH-46D type HC-6./HW-10
2002 ch-53e 65-576 US Marine Corps 163082 : Sikorsky S-80, c/n 65-576, ff:?; del USMC as CH-53E, 163082, unk
US Marine Corps 163082 : w/o 20jan02 HMH-361 /YN crash 60km S of Bagram, Northern Afghanistan. 2 fatalities
2002 CH-53G V65-007 Heeresflieger 84+09 : HEER in 1994 HFR25
Heeresflieger 84+09 : Sep99 maintenance Eurocopter
Heeresflieger 84+09 : w/o nr Kabul with HFR 25 on 21 Dec 2002
2002 CH-53G V65-107 Heeresflieger 85+09 : HEER; 18sep80 HFR15
Heeresflieger 85+09 : 1995 HFR15; 1997 HFR15; 1999 HFR15
Heeresflieger 85+09 : 2002 HFR15
Heeresflieger 85+09 : w/o 21dec02
Heeresflieger 85+09 : 21dec02 crashed during a mission in Afghanistan. RIP

2002 ec135p2 0189 Rikspolisstyrelsen SE-HPR : Polis 8-0950. d/d 2001; w/o 07feb02 at Tullinge
2002 ec135t1 0037 Helicap F-GMHD : Helicap, for SAMU
Service d'Aide Medicale d'Urgence F-GMHD : SAMU, op by Helicap; w/o 31may02 hangar fire at Reims hospital heliport
2002 h-34g.III 58-1673 Marineflieger 81+06 : former WE+578, as QE+463 from HFlgBtl 200, last seen as C-GAIV
81+06 : nov74
LN-OSF : feb75
Management Aviation Ltd. G-BFAG : 25aug77
LN-OSA : mar78
C-GAIV : may82
Helicopters NZ Ltd ZK-HNJ : 5sep83
C-GAIV : may84
N580US : 7aug85.
N580US : w/o 10jul02
2002 hb350ba 3086 Helibras ? : Helibras Marinha UH-12 type
Força Aeronaval da Marinha do Brasil N-7083 : Marinha UH-12 type d/d 1998; w/o 16aug02 HU-5 near Ponta do Bojuru, Lago dos Patos
2002 HH-53C 65-149 US Air Force 68-8286 : USAF; conv to MH-53M; 20th SOS; w/o 18mar02 Afghanistan
2002 HRS-2 55-184 US Marine Corps 130141 : Sikorsky S-55 c/n 55-184, ff:?; del USMC as HRS-2, 130141, 21Jul52
US Marine Corps 130141 : 05apr55
N94475 : ex 130141; w/o 20may02 Plains, MT
N94475 : ex Tri Corp; repaired for Smith David C, Brwester, WA a/d 29jul13
2002 hss-2 61-101 US Navy 149684 : US Navy; 1989 SH-3H type HS-15./AE-610
US Navy 149684 : USN; conv SH-3H; 1990 pictured as /AA-611 HS-3 USS Independence (CV-62) crewmen working on the tail rotor; conv UH-3H unk; w/o 05jul02 as /HU-744 HC-2 on USS Cushing (DD-985) Persian Gulf
2002 has.2 101 Fleet Air Arm XZ256 : RN Type: HAS.2 noted 15Apr79 with NASU at HMS Heron RNAS Yeovilton uncoded.
Fleet Air Arm XZ256 : 702 Sq Argonaut Flt / 466-AT by Jun 1979 until c Jan 1982; 815 Sq Newcastle Flt / 345 by Jun 1982 until c Sep 1982 when damaged S of Ascension Island.
Fleet Air Arm XZ256 : RN; May83 pictured as 815Sqn /450 at RNAS Yeovilton
Fleet Air Arm XZ256 : 815 Sq Battleaxe Flt / 403-BX by jul 1983 to c Aug 1985
Fleet Air Arm XZ256 : 829 Sq Cumberland Flt/350-CL by May 1989, until c Dec 1991
Fleet Air Arm XZ256 : 1995 HAS.8 type as 815Sqn /671
Fleet Air Arm XZ256 : 815Sq/474-RM by Oct 2001. Operating from HMS Richmond, ditched and sank after double engine failure on 12 Jun 2002. Wreck recovered from deep water and sent to RNAS Yeovilton.
Fleet Air Arm XZ256 : HMA.8 type; w/o 12jun02, 200 Miles East of Virginia
2002 md500e 0513E State of California N40NT : Ontario Police Dept (OPD) from Mar95; w/o 25jun02 at Ontario, CA; canc Jan03
2002 md600n RN033 State of California N625SB : SBSD San Bernardino County Sheriff Dept from Sep98; w/o 23oct02 at Rialto, CA crashed in residential area shortly after take off due engine failure
2002 mh-47e M.3719 US Army Aviation 92-00471 : US Army. conv from CH-47C 69-17118. 160 SOAR w/o 22feb02 crashed at sea off Philippines. 10 fatalities
US Army Aviation 92-00471 : 7 May 1999 MH-47E 2-160 SOAR, visiting NAS Oceana
2002 mh-47e M.3723 US Army Aviation 92-00475 : US Army. conv from CH-47C 71-20951. 160 SOAR w/o 04mar02 shot down in Afghanistan, 6 fatalities
2002 mh-53e 65-539 US Navy 163051 : USN MH-53E
US Navy 163051 : 2001 HM-14 /BJ-540; w/o 02apr02
2002 oh-6a 1429 US Army Aviation 69-16059 : US Army
State of Florida N56TP : City Of Tampa Police Dept (TPD) from Nov94; w/o 14apr02 at Tampa, FL
2002 OH-6D 6586 Japan Ground Self-Defense Force 31274 : Kawasaki 369HM, c/n 6586, ff?; del JGSDF as OH-6D, 31274 unk; unit xfers unk; xfer 8 Hikotai, VIII, unk; w/o 07Feb02.
2002 beta II 3313 Heliflite Australia VH-HFJ : Heliflight; w/o 11may02 during training . total hrs: 10
2002 s-61a 61-094 Sikorsky Helicopters N318Y : Sikorsky S-61A Payloader c/n 61-094, ff: 1962; retained by Sikorsky as S-61A demonstrator reg N318Y; sold Columbia Helicopters as N299BC unk, conducted first "heli-logging" operation in US dur 1971; w/o when both engines suffered power loss while lifting logs, ivo Chelan, WA 14Dec72. Aircraft suffered hard lndg and rolled over onto rocks and logs, 2 crew fatalities; hulk sold Croman Helicopters as N318Y; w/o a second time when engines suffered power loss and aircraft descended through trees and burned on impact ivo Lakehead, CA 26Mar02. 1 fatality, 1 injured.
2002 S-61L 61-425 New York Airways N617PA : PanAm (operated by New York Airways), test serial N6961R
New York Airways N617PA : 09jul70 pictured at New York JFK airport
Okanagan Helicopters C-GJDK : Okanagan Helicopters canc Jun83, N144EH ntu
Okanagan Helicopters C-GJDK : Okanagan Helicopters Feb84-Dec89
Canadian Helicopters Ltd C-GJDK : Canadian Helicopters Dec90-Feb93
N425HL : HeavyLift Helicopters 1994-1995
Canadian Helicopters Ltd C-GJDK : Canadian Helicopters Mar96-May99
Croman Corp N346AA : Croman Corp from Jun02, S-61 Short type; canc Jul05
Croman Corp N346AA : w/o 02aug02 at Wendle Creek, BC. 2 fatalities
2002 s61n.mk2 61-713 Bristow G-BBHM : Bristow Dec73-Dec91, Sikorsky serial N4033S; lsd Maldives
Bristow G-BBHM : noted at Aberdeen EGPD 11jul78
8Q-HUM : Maldives Islands Dec91-May93, rtn Bristow
Bristow G-BBHM : Bristow May93-, w/o 15jul02
Bristow G-BBHM : 1997 Aberdeen to Dhaka, Bangladesh
HM Coastguard G-BBHM : HM Coastguard, op by Bristow; 2002 based at Portland on the UK south coast, as the secondary SAR machine; w/o 15jul02 destroyed by a No.2 engine fire following emergency landing at Royal Marines base at Poole
2002 s-70a-41 Aviacion del Ejercito de Colombia EJC-159 : Ejercito d/d 2001. BuNo 01-26908. w/o 06may02
2002 s-70b-28 Türk Deniz Kuvvetleri TCB-51 : w/o 4nov02
2002 sa315b 2520 Roberts Aircraft Company N3978Y : Roberts Aircraft from Jun83, ex C-GVWB; canc Sep02
US Forest Service N3978Y : US Forest Service; w/o 30jul02 at Estes Park, CO during firefighting. 1 fatality
2002 sa316b 107/1053 Schweizer Luftwaffe V-231 : SUI w/o 12Feb02
2002 sa330e 1209 Royal Air Force XW234 : 1970s pictured
Royal Air Force XW234 : RAF Puma HC1; 1982 damaged in Voss, Norway ( Gazelle XW905 ), repaired
Ministry of Defence (MoD) XW234 : Sep73 in use with the RRE Pershore, RSRE
Royal Air Force XW234 : 1995 230Sqn
Royal Air Force XW234 : w/o 21jan02 struck the ground on approach at Ballykelly, Northern Ireland
XW234 : Sunk as Dive attrraction in ex gravel pit. Scuba Dream, nr North Cave, E Yorks. Still present Oct 2017.
2002 sa330j 1627 VH-CRA : 1981-1985; 1986 as ZS-HNS; to N627E
N627E : 1986-1989
JA6658 : 1991-2002; to ZS-RKK
Starlite Helicopters ZS-RNJ : Starlite from May02; Jul02 with FAASA in Spain; w/o 23nov02 crashed on deck of stranded italian trowler Jolly Rubino at Richards Bay, off Cape Lucia, South Africa
2002 ah.1 1230 Army Air Corps XW911 : AAC AH.1, built by Westland, 2001 to civ N911XW
Army Air Corps XW911 : 26May88 pictured as /I (India) of the British Army ARWS (Advanced Rotary Wing Squadron) taken at RNAS Portland
Army Air Corps XW911 : 16sep95 670Sqn./I visit Antwerp
N911XW : from Sep02; w/o 08nov02 crash in water in dark night at East Hampton, New York. 1 fatality; reg canc Jun03
2002 ah.1 1683 Army Air Corps XZ339 : AAC Gazelle AH.1 built by Westland; 19jul02 w/o
Army Air Corps XZ339 : Noted at AAC Hildesheim 17jun80
2002 ht.2 1173 Fleet Air Arm XW894 : RN Gazelle HT.2 built by Westland; Jul79 705sqd/CU-552; 1994 705sqd/CU-37; to civ G-BZOS
G-BZOS : ex RN XW894; w/o 14jul02
2002 ht.3 1906 Royal Air Force ZB626 : RAF HT.3; to civ G-BZDW
G-BZDW : ex RAF ZB626; to 3D-HVW
3D-HVW : ex G-BZDW
G-BZDW : back from 3D-HVW; w/o 26nov02
2002 sa342l 1772 Aer Chór na hÉireann 237 : Delivered 30 Oct 1979. Crashed 16 Aug 2002 nr Baldonnel. Wreck at Baldonnel.
2002 sh-60b 70-1794 US Navy 164463 : USN; HSL-43 USS Mobile Bay (CG-53) w/o 06sep02 Arabian Gulf 80 miles of Bushehr, Iran while inspecting Syrian-flagged vessel. 1 civilian TV cameraman killed
2002 sh-60b 70-610 US Navy 163247 : USN; HSL-49 w/o 04may02 ditched off San Diego, California
2002 sh-60b 70-615 US Navy 163593 : US Navy in 1995 HSL-46/HQ-473
US Navy 163593 : Oct96 at CCAD
US Navy 163593 : HSL-46 w/o 12mar02 crashed in Mediterranean Sea
US Navy 163593 : One crew member missing. Two deceased recovered
2002 th-57c 3696 US Navy 162017 : USN; TW-5 E-53 w/o 16aug02
2002 th-67a 5240 Bell Helicopter N67994 : Bell toward ROC 203
Taiwan Army 203 : ex N67994; w/o 02dec02
2002 UH-1B 650 US Marine Corps 62-4590 : Army UH-1B; to USMC; back to Army; to civ as N70105; w/o 20aug02
2002 UH-1D 8236 Luftwaffe 71+76 : Luftwaffe; 1984 HTG64
Luftwaffe 71+76 : 25jul93 pictured with LTG64 at RAF Fairford, UK
Luftwaffe 71+76 : 1999 LTG63
Luftwaffe 71+76 : w/o 14mar02 crashed in Hamburg
2002 uh-1h 10883 Aviacion de Ejercito Argentino AE-435 : Ejercito. ex BuNo 68-16224 d/d jun94 by USAF C-5; w/o 26mar02 at Corrientes. Pictured aftermath hangar collapsed due a storm
2002 uh-1h 13999 Fuerzas Aeromóviles del Ejército de Tierra HU.10-79 : ET-249; FMS BuNo 78-23182; w/o 21jan02
2002 UH-1N 31705 US Marine Corps 159695 : USMC; Oct96 at CCAD
US Marine Corps 159695 : HMM-166 YX. w/o 14feb02. c/n not confirmed
2002 UH-1N 31707 US Marine Corps 159697 : HMM-165 YW. w/o 11feb02. c/n not confirmed
US Marine Corps 159697 : USS Bonhomme Richard, 13th MEU, 6 souls on board no casualties; Lamu Kenya. Crew--BDA, Ass-Chaps, Bed Head,
2002 uh-60a 70-059 US Army Aviation 78-22996 : 1022nd Med Co. WY National Guard. w/o 16mar02 at 20m N Cheyenne, WY
2002 uh-60l Fuerza Aerea Colombiana FAC4123 : FAC d/d 1995 BuNo unk; pictured Oct97; w/o 04dec02 at Cañon de San Pablo
2002 vh-1n 31638 US Marine Corps 158553 : USMC VH-1N; conv to HH-1N; w/o 28mar02 as /DD at NAWS China Lake, 2 fatalities
US Marine Corps 158553 : LCdr Jason Bayer and AD-2 Charles Chaco lost their lives when their U.S. Navy HH-1N Huey helicopter crashed into a crevice near the peak of Split Mountain, in the Sequoia National Forest, killing two crew members and injuring four.
    87 C/N found.

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