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    Year 2018 accidents

    List of helicopter accidents

    Aerospatiale Alouette II 3
    Aerospatiale Alouette III 1
    Aerospatiale AS350 Ecureuil 4
    Aerospatiale AS355 ecureuil 2 2
    Aerospatiale Gazelle 1
    Agusta AB206 1
    Agusta AB212 2
    AgustaWestland AW109 6
    AgustaWestland AW119 Koala 4
    AgustaWestland AW169 1
    Airbus Helicopters as350 1
    Bell 205 6
    Bell 206 15
    Bell 212 2
    Bell 407 1
    Bell 412 1
    Bell 429 2
    Bell 430 2
    Bell 47 1
    Breda Nardi NH300C 1
    Enstrom 280 3
    Enstrom f-28 1
    Eurocopter AS350 Ecureuil 18
    Eurocopter AS355 Ecureuil 2 1
    Eurocopter AS365 Dauphin 2 2
    Eurocopter EC120 4
    Eurocopter EC135 4
    Eurocopter Super Puma/Cougar 1
    Fuji AH-64DJP Apache 1
    Guimbal Cabri G2 2
    Hughes 269 2
    Hughes 369 / 500 / H-6 8
    Kamov ka-32 1
    Kawasaki Heavy Industries bk117 1
    MBB Bo105 1
    McDonnell Douglas md500 1
    MD Helicopters MD600N 1
    Mil Mi-24 Hind 1
    Mil Mi-26 Halo 1
    Mil Mi-8 Hip (1st Gen) 2
    Mil Mi-8/17 Hip (2nd Gen) 7
    Mil Mi-8/17 Hip (3rd Gen) 2
    NH Industries NH90 1
    Robinson R22 6
    Robinson R44 10
    Schweizer 269C / 300 1
    Sikorsky S-61 H-3 1
    Sikorsky S-70 H-60 4

    2018 206a 678 N607RA : 7 Aug 2018, crashed in field, near Basin City, WA while operated by Northwind Aviation during a morning agricultural spray run. Destroyed by subsequent fire.
    2018 206b-3 2711 N2762P : San Juan Aviation LLC; w/o 17jun18 hit powerlines at Douglas County, Cascade Foothills, Orondo, WA
    2018 206b-3 2715 CA C-GIZO : w/o during sling load ops 18 nm NNE Helmet, BC
    2018 206b-3 2851 N10CV : Rotary Power Group Inc at San Juan, PR from Nov00; w/o 30jun18 at Rio Grande, Puerto Rico. 1 fatality
    2018 206b-3 3146 PT-HKY : Mapa Empreendimentos e Participações Ltda; w/o 09may18 crash into sea at Barra da Tijuca, Rio de Janeiro. 1 fatality
    2018 206b-3 4050 US N8052G : El Aero Services Inc at Elko, NV from May89; op for Nevada Department of Wildlife; w/o 18aug18 near Battle Mountain, NV
    2018 206b-3 4300 G-OPEN : w/o 30may18 near Aldborough, Boroughbridge, North Yorkshire. 1 fatality, pilot Barry Dodd CBE, the Lord-Lieutenant of North Yorkshire
    2018 206b-3 4351 AT OE-XHF : Hubi-Fly, Austria; w/o hit by wind on landing at Vöslau airfield, Bad Vöslau
    2018 206b-3 4688 PR-HBB : Avalon Taxi Aereo Ltda (?); w/o at Joinville, Santa Catarina. 3 fatalities
    2018 206l-4 52030 ZS-REG : w/o 28apr18 Polokwane, South Africa
    2018 206l-4 52035 HK-4484 : Helifly Colombia; w/o 15apr18 trying to sling load another helicopter at Argelia, Cauca. 1 fatality on the ground
    2018 206l-4 52067 US N174RL : Rotorcraft Leasing Co Llc at Broussard, LA from Aug16; w/o 13jan18 Gulf of Mexico, 80m SSW Houma, LA
    2018 212 30863 US N512TA : Trans Aero ,lsd Roberts Aircraft Co; w/o 25aug18 rolled over on helipad during firefighting Donnell fire at Stanislaus Nation Forest, Elk Creek, CA
    2018 212 31176 EP-HUA : Iranian Helicopter Services Company ( IOOC ); w/o 17apr18 offshore oil rig Persian Gulf. 4 fatalities
    2018 269C / 300 21-1031 N11047 : private; w/o hard landing and rollover at Stinson Municipal Airport, San Antonio, TX
    2018 269C / 300 S1194 N3625Z : 16 Aug 2018 destroyed by fire following forced landing 1nm NNW of Hamry Field, ND.
    2018 280c 1168 N67RE : private w/o 10may18 near Highway 287 and FM 309, Navarro county, TX
    2018 280c 1189 D-HAAR : Germany private; w/o 12jun18 at Berne Wesermarsch, Lower Saxony
    2018 280fx 2133 PE EP-917 : Ejercito from Sep12; w/o 19oct18
    2018 369d 100-0830D US N369TH : Washington Dept of Fish and Wildlife, op by Mccall Helicopters; w/o 27jan18 during survey at Garfield County, 30 mi W Clarkston, WA. 1 fatality
    2018 369d 300676D C-GWPK : multiple ownerships within Canada. To USA.
    2018 369d 49-0491D NZ ZK-HOJ : Helilink, op for Department of Conservation; w/o 18oct18 near Wanaka. 3 fatalities
    2018 369d 610968D N5187S : Air2 Llc at Timonium, MDfrom Sep18; w/o 02nov18 W of McDougal, Clay County, AR. 1 fatality
    2018 369d 89-0559D N338HW : Heliwild Investments Llc at Austin, TX from May13; w/o 12feb18 at Currant Creek in Wasatch County, UT
    2018 369e 0014E N618SG : Helicopters Unlimited Llc at La Crescenta, CA from Jan15; w/o 01feb18 roll over during landing at East Blue Ridge/Mountain High, Angeles National Forest, Los Angeles County, CA
    2018 369hm 61-0209M N4QX : Vista I Inc at Bowling Green, OH from Apr15; Power lines surveillance, for FirstEnergy; w/o 15jan18 at Troy Township, Wood County, OH. 2 fatalities
    2018 407 53046 CA C-FNAK : Sahtu Helicopters; w/o 19jul18 Forced landing in Mackenzie Mountains, near Nowman Wells, NWT
    2018 412ep 36132 JP JA200G : w/o 10aug18 10am crashed in the mountains of Gunma prefecture. Nine missing
    2018 429 57157 CN B-70QC : pilot recovered control after loss of power. 4 on-board, no fatalities
    2018 429 57186 ID PK-WSX : w/o 20apr18 09:45hs crash and total loss at location of IMIP / Indonesia Morowali Industrial Park at Sulawesi Tengah; 10 person on board were safe some with injuries but 1 people on land was died hit by cracked main rotor blade
    2018 430 49071 N430ST : w/o 30oct18 Kailua, no injuries
    2018 430 49123 TC-HYU : Ünver Aviation; w/o 06sep18 into the sea off coast of Bostanci, Istanbul. 1 fatality
    2018 47j 3715 N8568F : 15 Jul 2018 crashed while operating close to Franklin Flying Field and destroyed by subsequent fire.
    2018 ab206b-3 8563 F-HGJL : Pilot Air; w/o 02may18 Regina, Belizon, French Guiana. 2 fatalities
    2018 ab212asw 5176 VE ANB-0305 : Armada Nacional Bolivariana; w/o during training at Puerto Cabello airport. 2 fatalities including Teniente de Fragata Orianna Sinclair Rincones and pilot Capitán de Corbeta José García Jiménez who died day after in hospital
    2018 ab212asw 5212 IT MM81376 : sea crash during night approach to Nave Borsini 4 rescued 1 death
    2018 AH-64DJP Apache JP002 JP 74502 : w/o at Chiyoda, Kanzaki city, Saga prefecture. 2 fatalities
    2018 as332l1 2820 GE GBP-10020 : Border Police of Georgia; w/o 12jul18 in Kakheti
    2018 as350b1 2156 UK G-PLMH : w/o during fish farm support work impacted a loch at Loch Scadavay, S of Lochmaddy, North Uist, Western Isles. 1 fatality
    2018 as350b2 2383 US N288CH : Coastal Helicopters from Sep16; w/o 18may18 during take off at Deception Hills, AK, no fatalities
    2018 as350b2 2576 I-ISAR : EliCampiglio; w/o 10sep18 during power lines inspection in Verano near Merano, South Tyrol, Italy
    2018 as350b2 4149 US N127LN : Ascension Wisconsin, /Spirit 2, op by Air Methods; w/o 22:55hs crashed into a heavily wooded area 12m S of base the Howard Young Medical Center, Woodruff, WI. 3 fatalities
    2018 as350b2 4997 C-GKDR : Access Helicopters Ltd at Kelowna, BC from May18; w/o 10jul18 during spay near Reward, SK
    2018 as350b2 7654 US N350LH : Liberty Helicopters, NY; w/o 11mar18 in NYCs East River. 5 fatalities; The pilot in the New York City helicopter crash told investigators that one of the passengers bags may have inadvertently hit the emergency fuel shutoff button, causing the fatal crash
    2018 as350b3 3285 US N354LA : Trans Aero; w/o 25jul18 during sling load ops 23m NE of Kobuk, AK
    2018 as350b3 3467 JP JA350D : Excel Air Service from Oct16; w/o 07jun18 onEast China Sea, 10 nm SE Agni Airport
    2018 as350b3 4170 ZA ZS-RDL : SAPS Air wing; w/o 01jan18 at Cathedral Peak, Drakensberg Mountains
    2018 as350b3 4442 ZS-HHI : South Africa; w/o 09apr18 near railway line at Honey Lotus, Balfour
    2018 as350b3 4479 HB-ZOJ : Lions Air Skymedia AG from Aug17; w/o 11jun18 during sling load at Surenen Pass, 3nm SW of Seedorf, Uri. 1 fatality
    2018 as350b3 4516 SE-JKF : Airlift Helicopter Sweden from Jun08; w/o near Arlanda Airport in Stockholm; 144 total hours; Airlift Helicopter Sweden went bankruptcy on Sep13
    2018 as350b3 4541 CH HB-ZKF : AS350B3+, SE-JKU ntu; Air Zermatt AG from Oct 08; w/o during firefighting bambi bucket training hit power lines near Raron aerodrome
    2018 as350b3e 7126 4L-AVK : Kazbegi Helicopters; w/o 19mar18 roll over on landing in snow at Gudauri, Georgia
    2018 as350b3e 7446 N910S : w/o 30oct18 7m E Odanah, Ashland county, WI on the Bad River Indian Reservation during pipeline survey. 1 fatality
    2018 as350b3e 7704 RA-07272 : Russia; w/o 03oct18 near Vonyshevo, Kostroma Oblast. 4 fatalities
    2018 as350b3e 7740 B-7460 : Yunnan Feng Xiang General Aviation; ambulance; w/o 16jun18 10nm W of Kunming City. 3 fatalities
    2018 as350d 1207 N36033 : w/o landing at Wolfsberg Flugplatz, Austria
    2018 as355f 5028 N372CA : w/o 30oct18 Clinton County, East Beekmantown, NY. 2 fatalities
    2018 as355f1 5182 C-FFCE : w/o 27may18 north of Pitt Lake, BC; after landing toppled on its side. wildfire erupted
    2018 as355np 5766 TH HS-PNG : w/o 18jul18 crash near Khon Kaen, Thailand. 4 fatalities
    2018 as365n3 6698 KW KMOI-03 : w/o 24may18 at Abdullah Al-Mubarak Airbase as a result of a fire inside an aircraft hangar
    2018 as365n3 6929 IN VT-PWA : w/o 13jan18 37 nm offshore Mumbai. 7 fatalities
    2018 aw109e 11120 PP-MTX : w/o 03nov18 at Mogi das Cruzes, São Paulo. 5 fatalities
    2018 aw109s 22007 PT I-EITC : Instituto Nacional de Emergência Médica (INEM) op by Babcock; w/o 15dec18 accident in bad weather returning Macedo de Cavaleiros base. 4 fatalities including Spanish doctor; crashed helicopter found thru victims mobile phones geo locations.
    2018 aw109s 22174 XA-BON : Servicios Aereos del Altiplano (SAASA); w/o 24dec18 Santa Maria Coronango, Puebla. 5 fatalities including Martha Erika Alonso, governor of Puebla and her husband, senator and former governor Rafael Moreno Valle; video
    2018 aw109s 22176 PR-JMB : Bauminas Logística e Transportes Ltda; w/o at Espirito Santo do Dourado, Minas Gerais. 2 fatalities
    2018 aw109sp 22358 PT-FPS : w/o 24nov18 crashed near the peak of Itapeva (Pico do Itapeva) into a forest area at Campos do Jordão, São Paulo. 6 fatalities
    2018 aw109sp XA-TZA : Gasera TOMZA, Mexico; w/o 08mar18 crashed on a truck during take-off at San Juan Ixhuatepec, Tlalnepantla
    2018 aw119 14529 CL EC-LQB : operated for Forestal Arauco, Chile; w/o 17jan18 destroyed by Mapuche activists in protest for Pope Francis visit
    2018 aw119ke 14730 CL EC-KZX : operated for Forestal Arauco, Chile; w/o 16jan18 pictured destroyed by Mapuche activists in protest for Pope Francis visit
    2018 aw119ke 14742 RA-01908 : Russian from Oct10; Dec15 pictured on sale; w/o 30dec18 at Ulan-Ude, eastern Siberia. 4 fatalities
    2018 aw119ke 14754 CL CC-ACT : operated for Forestal Arauco, Chile; w/o 16jan18 pictured destroyed by Mapuche activists in protest for Pope Francis visit
    2018 aw169 69018 G-VSKP : 06dec18 AAIB special bulletin released

    2018 bk117b-2 1094 AU VH-JWB : w/o 17aug18 firefighting at NSW south coast. Pilot killed
    2018 105cbs-4 S-752 HP-1924HA : Panama; w/o 15feb18 at Rio Colorado, Ngabe Bugle
    2018 Cabri G2 1124 US N989HH : D H Helicopter at Sauget, IL from Apr16; Midwest Helicopter Academy; w/o at St. Louis Downtown Airport, Cahokia/St Louis, IL
    2018 Cabri G2 1164 G-PERH : w/o at Goodwood Aerodrome, West Sussex
    2018 EC120B 1034 LN-OTO : private; w/o 25may18 on landing at Skogn airstrip, Trondelag county, Norway
    2018 EC120B 1262 N124ML : w/o 22nov18 39 km NW of La Romana, Dominic Rep. 5 fatalities
    2018 EC120B 1473 C-FSII : C. A. R. Leasing at Montreal, QC from Aug17; w/o 19nov18 Ivry-sur-le-Lac, Laurentians
    2018 EC120B 1603 VH-WII : Whitsunday Air Services; w/o 21mar18 at sea near Hardy Reef pontoon, off the Whitsunday islands, North Queensland. fully submerged. 2 (of 5) fatalities
    2018 ec130b4 7091 US N155GC : w/o at Grand Canyon, AZ. 3 of 7 fatalities
    2018 ec130b4 S2-AHW : Impress Aviation, Bangladesh; w/o 11oct18 at Rajshahi’s Godagari upazila
    2018 ec135p1 0054 US N312SA : Bennet Aviation Llc at Elmhurst, IL from Jan 18; Superior Air Ambulance, op by Pentastar Aviation; w/o 07jul18 Roseland Area of South Chicago, IL
    2018 ec135p2+ 0777 AU VH-ZGA : Heli-Aust Whitsundays Pty Ltd at Mackay South, QLD from Feb17; Aviator Group / Mackay Helicopters; w/o 30km NW Port Hedland, WA approaching the bulk carrier MV Squireship 3am to pick pilot. 1 fatality
    2018 ec135p2+ 0808 DE D-HDRV : w/o during training flight near Speyer after mid-air collision with a Piper PA-28. 2 fatalities
    2018 ec135t1 0105 CH HB-ZIR : Air Glaciers SA from Jan14; /Obelix w/o 24mar18 on route to l’hospice du Grand-Saint-Bernard
    2018 f-28c 479 N5691Y : J&J Shop Heliair LLC; w/o 07oct18 Bridgeville, Sussex County, DE
    2018 h125 8471 N907PL : Chinilna Equipment Llc at Anchorage, AK from 21sep 18; w/o impacted shallow water on a beach in Glacier Bay National Park about 60 m NW Gustavus, Alaska. 3 fatalities; The newly acquired helicopter was on a long distance trip from Airbus Factory at Grand Prairie, Texas on ferry route from JNU to YAK airports.
    2018 hb350b2 3114 NP 9N-ALR : Simrik Air; w/o 30jan18 landing at Grande International Hospital, Nepal
    2018 hb350b2 4501 BR PP-MES : /Harpia 05; w/o 10aug18 crashed during landing on football field of a farm in Domingo Martins when hit a soccer crossbar. Was carrying State governor Paulo Hartung. No injuries; pictured
    2018 hh-60g 70-1891 US 92-26466 : Callsign Jolly51 w/o after crash in western Iraq (7 casualties)
    2018 ka-32t 9605 KR HL9419 : w/o 01dec18 at Han river near Gangdong Bridge. 1 fatality
    2018 369f 0005F N530FU : Air 1 Sandpoint Helicopters Inc at Las Vegas, NV from Jul11; w/o hit powerlines in n Williamson County, Texas. 2 fatalities
    2018 md600n RN025 N602BP : FTAV Llc at Mesa, AZ from Feb18; High Line Helicopters; w/o during maintenance of power lines near Smethport, PA. 2 fatalities
    2018 mi-17 103M18 BG 417 : BVVS; w/o Krumovo airbase. 2 fatalities
    2018 mi-17-1v 170M06 CO EJC-3380 : Ejercito d/d Apr 97 as EJC-180; w/o 16jan18 near Segovia. 10 fatalities
    2018 Mi-171A2 171A02643140101U RU 514 grey : w/o 03aug18 hard landing at mount Elbrus
    2018 mi-171sh BD 648 : BAF 2012; w/o 03jan18
    2018 mi-17v-5 556M01 NG 558 : 12jan18 aircraft involved in accident was NAF558 a Mil Mi-17V-5 c/n 556M01
    2018 mi-17v-5 KE 5Y-DCI : w/o 16aug18 crash landed Boni Forest
    2018 mi-26 34001212405 RU RA-06029 : w/o 28nov18 on take off at Pijma airfield, Nenets Autonomos Region. 1 fatality
    2018 mi-35 203361 CZ 3361 : w/o at 22nd base Helicopter Air Force Sedlec-Vícenice near Náměsti nad Oslavou
    2018 mi-8mtv-1 95893 CO HK-3864X : ISA Intercolombia op by Vertical de Aviación; w/o 22jun18 set on fire while parked at El Valle, Toledo.
    2018 mi-8mtv-1 95952 ER-MHR : W/o with 12 fatalities at 209th Shaheen Corps headquarters
    2018 mi-8mtv-1 UP-MI861 : w/o on the outskirts of Kabul, Afghanistan
    2018 mi-8t 8548 RA-22330 : Eltsovka; ambulance; w/o 12feb18 42km Alexandrovka , Tomsk region
    2018 mi-8t Ulan 9 82 06730 RA-25350 : Polar Airlines / Polyarnyye Avialinii; w/o 01jun18 Petrovka, Omsk District
    2018 nh300c 30 GR ES114 : w/o near Alexandreia Airport
    2018 tth 1332 FR 1332 : w/o 17oct18 asg 1er RHC crashed landing aboard Dixmude assault carrier, 130 km off Dunkirk ; to be repaired ?
    2018 oh-58a 40186 US N942SC : Spalding County Sheriffs Office from Sep05; w/o 29jan18 at Zebulon, Pike County, GA
    2018 oh-58a 40935 US N303HP : North Carolina State Highway Patrol; w/o 19jun18 on takeoff from training facility in Raleigh, NC
    2018 oh-6a 58-0468 N369GK : 19 May 2018, crashed c 6nm NW of Bowie, TX while with La Mansion Aviation
    2018 beta 0566 G-JKAT : damaged during heavy landing at Shobdon
    2018 beta 3601 G-CTRL : badly damaged during take-off at Nottingham heliport
    2018 beta II 3388 ZS-RNW : 43 Air School (Pty) Ltd, South Africa; w/o 13mar18 at Brackendowns, Alberton
    2018 beta II 3584 US N7526S : Hillsboro Aero Academy; w/o
    2018 beta II 3627 N787SH : 29 Jun 2018 crashed on approach to landing. Destroyed
    2018 mariner 1923M N923SM : Boatpix; w/o 02may18 Gulf of Mexico off Panama City Beach, FL
    2018 II 11530 N878BC : w/o crashed at Loveland, collision with Beech light aircraft.
    2018 II 12125 PR-VIA : Alter Aviation SAE Ltda, ex N215JD; w/o 05may18 during wedding ceremony
    2018 II 12180 ZS-MZS : w/o 02jun18 at Lumary farm near Zebula lodge, Limpopo. 2 fatalities
    2018 II 12991 PP-WVR : w/o 01apr18 in a farm at Rosário, Maranhão. 4 fatalities
    2018 news 10026 PP-HLI : Helisae Helicópteros do Nordeste for Rede Globo de Television from Feb11; Globocop Pernambuco; w/o at Praia de Pina, Recife, PE. 2 fatalities
    2018 raven 0762 AU VH-HGX : PHS from Aug14; w/o 17jan18 near Yulara, close to Uluru, NT
    2018 raven 1295 N7530R : 30 Jan 2018, crashed near Newport Beach, CA, shortly after departure from John Wayne-Orange County Airport, while with Spitzer Helicopter, operated by Revolution Aviation. Destroyed.
    2018 raven 1504 G-CHKW : private; w/o rolled over at Perth Airport, Perthshire
    2018 raven 1633 OM-TTM : struck power lines shortly after take-off from Kanaš, Slovak Republic and destroyed.
    2018 raven II 10449 N616HS : 8 Jul 2018 crashed into building shortly after take off from Williamsburg-Jamestown, on an afternoon flight to Stafford Regional Airport
    2018 S-61N 61-269 UK G-ATBJ : CHC Scotia Sep00-May02
    2018 s-70a-41 CO EJC-2166 : w/o 20oct18 asg BAAV 2 during anti-narcotics mission at Argelia, Cauca. 4 fatalities
    2018 sa316b 2099 AT 3E-KT : w/o 29jun18 at Plöckenpass-Wolayersee
    2018 sa341g 1022 N505HA : w/o crashed during take-off at Kortrijk-Wevelgem Airport, Belgium. 4 POB, No casualties
    2018 se3130 1003 F-AZYQ : Les Anciennes Pales from Sep13; w/o hijacked at Lognes airport to be use in escape of convict Redoine Faïd in the prison of Réau (Seine-et-Marne). Later near Gonesse they fired the cockpit; pictured taken away by police
    2018 se3130 1489 CI TU-HAI : Ivoire Helicoptere; w/o 02feb18 spraying pesticides at Motobé, Ivory Coast
    2018 se3130 1841 9A-HAT : Croatia private; w/o 03jul18 at Zlarin Island
    2018 th-55a 0500 N9020M : Skypro Industries Inc; w/o impacted terrain adjacent to the St. John’s River NW Jacksonville Executive Airport at Craig
    2018 th-67a 5270 US N54331 : w/o 16aug18 11am during maintenance check. One retired officer/ senior pilot is seriously injured; pictured (pic2) (pic3) and video
    2018 uh-1d 4406 US N111DR : "restricted cat" ; w/o during take off at Olympia Regional Airport
    2018 uh-1d 4807 VH-HUE : w/o 17apr18 during firefighting near Snowy Hydro Project at Kosciuszko National Park
    2018 uh-1h 10484 ZA ZS-HLP : Working on Fire (WOF); w/o 23oct18 firefighting at Vermaaklikheid, Southern Cape. 1 fatality
    2018 uh-1h 9488 US N107CH : CAL FIRE contracted Airlift Helicopters Services; w/o 24jul18 asg Stanislaus Consolidated Fire Protection District made forced landing
    2018 uh-1h 9856 N658H : Sapphire Aviation at Houston, TX from Feb17; w/o E Raton Municipal Airport, Raton, NM. 5 fatalities
    2018 uh-1h 9970 KE 1503 : KAF, UH-1H-II type; w/o 27jun18
    2018 uh-60m 70-4591 NA-706 : c/n 70-4591
    2018 uh-60m 70-4652 MX 1071 : w/o 16feb18 during VIP inspection flight of earthquake damage in Santiago Jamiltepec, Oaxaca . 4 fatalities plus 14 on the ground
        145 C/N found.

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