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Rotary Wing Aircraft UnitCreatedDisband
    1st Helicopter Squadron1st HS1969 --
    6th Special Operations Squadron6th SOS1944 --
    7th Special Operations Squadron7th SOS1964 --
    8th Special Operations Squadron8th SOS1969 --
    20th Special Operations Squadron20th SOS1942 --
    21st Special Operations Squadron21st SOS1939 2007
    23d Flying Training Squadron23 FTS1941 --
    26th Expeditionary Rescue Squadron26th ERQS2009 2013
    31st Rescue Squadron31st RQS1952 --
    33d Rescue Squadron33 RQS1952 --
    34th Weapons Squadron34th WPS1952 --
    36th Rescue Squadron36 RQS1952 --
    37th Aerospace Rescue and Recovery Squadron37th ARRS? --
    37th Helicopter Squadron37th HS1998 --
    38th Rescue Squadron38 RQS1952 --
    39th Aerospace Rescue and Recovery Wing39th ARRW1970 1988
    40th Aerospace Rescue and Recovery Squadron40th ARRS? --
    40th Flight Test Squadron40 FTS1940 --
    40th Helicopter Squadron40th HS1998 --
    41st Rescue Squadron41st RQS1952 --
    48th Rescue Squadron48th RQS1952 --
    54th Aerospace Rescue and Recovery Squadron54 ARRS1952 1974
    54th Helicopter Squadron54th HS? --
    55th Rescue Squadron55 RQS1952 --
    56th Rescue Squadron56th RQS1952 --
    57th Aerospace Rescue and Recovery Squadron57th ARRS1952 --
    58th Military Airlift Squadron58th MAS1942 --
    66th Rescue Squadron66th RQS1952 --
    67th Aerospace Rescue and Recovery Squadron67 ARRS1952 1988
    67th Special Operations Squadron67 SOS1988 --
    71st Special Operations Squadron71st SOS1943 --
    76th Helicopter Squadron76th HS1952 2007
    79th Rescue Flight79th RQF-1 1998
    101st Rescue Squadron101 RQS2004 --
    102nd Rescue Squadron102nd RQS1908 --
    129th Rescue Squadron129th RQS1956 --
    210th Rescue Squadron210th RQS1990 --
    301st Rescue Squadron301st RQS1956 --
    302d Special Operations Squadron302nd SOS1956 1987
    304th Rescue Squadron304 RQS1957 2008
    305th Rescue Squadron305 RQS1958 --
    309th Aerospace Maintenance and Regeneration GroupAMARG1946 --
    318th Training Squadron318th TRS? --
    412th Flight Test Squadron412 FLTS1994 --
    413th Flight Test Squadron413 FLTS1942 --
    422nd Test and Evaluation Squadron422nd TES1981 --
    432d Tactical Drone Group432 TDG1976 1979
    459th Airlift Squadron459th AS1942 --
    512th Rescue Squadron512th RQS1942 --
    551st Special Operations Squadron551 SOS1971 2007
    601st Tactical Air Support Squadron601st TASS1974 1988
    1370th photomapping wing1370 PMW1959 1973
    1550th Aircrew Training and Test Wing1550 ATTW1971 1991
    6514th Test Squadron6514 TS1970 1992
    6515th Organizational Maintenance Squadron6515 OMS1962 1992