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  • united kingdom Newquay Cornwall Airport

    Newquay, Cornwall, Cornwall

    United Kingdom

    Newquay Cornwall

    List of aircraft and events at Newquay / St Mawgan

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    By Date | By Serial

    1979-may-30 Armée de l'Air SA330B 1582
    1981-jun-16 RNLAF SE3160 A-292
    1981-jun-16 RNLAF SE3160 A-226
    1981-jun-16 RNLAF SE3160 A-324
    1982-sep-07 USN UH-1N 160829
    1982-sep-07 USMC UH-1N 160827
    1983-aug-10 SE3160 A-499
    1986-aug-05 MK81 283
    1986-aug-06 HU.5 XT766 / CU-822
    1987-aug-04 HAS.1 XV673 / 588
    1987-aug-04 HU.5 XT461 / CU-825
    1989-sep RNoAF MK43A 189
    1990-aug-07 SA330E XW225 / FE
    1993-aug-04 HC.2 XR518
    1994-aug-02 Force Aérienne Belge MK48 RS05
    1995-apr G I AirframeRN S-61D-1 XV372
    1996-mar-27 deliveredRAF HAR.3A ZH542
    1999-aug-18 203(R) Squadron HAR.3 ZE368
    1999-aug-18 RAF HAR.3 XZ597
    1999-aug-18 203(R) Squadron HAR.3 XZ593
    1999-aug-18 RAF HAR.3 XZ585
    1999-aug-18 RAF HAR.3 XZ596
    1999-aug-18 RAF HAR.3 ZE369
    1999-aug-18 RAF HAR.3A ZH543
    2001-jul Cornwall Amb EC135T1 G-KRNW
    2004-sep RAF HAR.3 XZ586
    2004-sep 203(R) Squadron HAR.3 XZ599
    2004-sep-04 RAF CH-47D ZA673
    2005-may-07 UK Air Ambulances EC135T1 G-KRNW
    2005-aug-31 RAF HAR.3 XZ593
    2005-aug-31 RAF HAR.3 XZ596
    2006-aug-31 RAF CH-47D ZH892
    2007-aug-30 203(R) Squadron HAR.3 XZ589
    2011-may-31 AgustaWestland UK AW101.610 ZR331
    2012-oct-30 AgustaWestland UK AW101 641 ZR342
    2013-jun-04 AgustaWestland UK AW101 641 ZR339
    2013-jun-04 AgustaWestland UK AW101 641 ZR343
    2014-aug-26 RAF SA330E XW237
    2014-aug-26 RAF SA330E XW219
    2014-aug-26 RAF SA330H ZJ955
    2014-sep-30 Nigerian Air Force AW101 641 280
    2014-oct-03 AgustaWestland UK AW101 641 ZR339
    2014-dec-17 7th SOS CV-22B 11-0058
    2015-feb-16 AgustaWestland UK AW101 641 ZR345
    2015-apr-27 Al Quwwat Al Bahria Al Djaza eria MK140 LC-33
    2015-may-15 RAF MK512 ZK001
    2015-aug-04 AgustaWestland UK MK140 ZK192
    2015-aug-04 Westland 11AgustaWestland UK MK140 ZK192
    2015-sep-10 ROKN AW159 210 15-0603
    2015-oct G I AirframeRN HAS.1 XV700
    2015-oct-20 ROKN AW159 210 15-0604
    2015-nov Newquay sector S-92A G-MCGZ
    2015-nov-23 HM Coastguard S-92A G-MCGY
    2016-jan-01 HM Coastguard S-92A G-MCGZ
    2016-jan-20 RAF HAR.3 XZ587
    2016-jan-28 AAC AH7 ZE380
    2016-feb-10 BIH AW189 G-SAAR
    2016-feb-24 WPD EC135P1 G-WPDA
    2016-jun-08 RN SA365N2 ZJ165
    2016-oct-17 UK Air Ambulances AW169 G-KSST
    2016-nov-17 HM Coastguard AW189 G-MCGP
    2016-dec-11 RAF HC.2 XR498
    2017-may BIH S61N.MK2 G-ATFM
    2017-sep-08 Ministry of Defence (MoD) AW139 ZR283
    2017-oct-12 RNoAF AW101 612 0268
    2018-jan Helimed 01Cornwall Amb MD902 G-CIOS
    2018-mar-02 HM Coastguard S-92A G-MCGZ
    2018-mar-20 RAF 412EP ZJ240
    2018-mar-20 RAF 412EP ZJ242
    2018-apr RAF A109E ZR325
    2018-apr FB Heliservices A109E G-EMHB
    2018-nov-11 HM Coastguard S-92A G-MCGY
    2018-nov-19 HM Coastguard S-92A G-MCGZ
    2019-mar-04 FB Heliservices 412EP G-CBVP
    2020-mar-11 Cornwall Amb MD902 G-CIOS
    2020-apr Cornwall Amb AW169 G-CRWL
    2020-apr-15 Helicopter Services Ltd H130 G-XAML
    2020-jun-15 Cornwall Amb AW169 G-CRWL
    2020-jul RAF 412EP ZJ704
    2021-jan-31 HM Coastguard S-92A G-MCGY
    2021-mar-19 HM Coastguard S-92A G-MCGZ
    2021-jun-04 MARINE G-HKHK
    2021-aug-12 RAF HAR.3 XZ587

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