Helicopter Accidents


Year 2014 accidents

List of helicopter accidents

Aerospatiale Alouette II 3
Aerospatiale AS332 Super Puma 1
Aerospatiale AS350 Ecureuil 5
Aerospatiale Gazelle 2
Aerospatiale SA365 Dauphin 2 1
Agusta A109e Power 1
Agusta A119 Koala 1
Agusta ab206 2
Agusta ab212 1
Agusta ab412 1
AgustaWestland AW139 1
Bell 205 2
Bell 206 18
Bell 212 2
Bell 407 2
Bell 412 1
Bell 47 3
Boeing AH-64E Apache 1
Enstrom 280 2
Enstrom f-28 1
Eurocopter AS350 Ecureuil 15
Eurocopter AS355 Ecureuil 2 2
Eurocopter AS365 Dauphin 2 1
Eurocopter bk117 1
Eurocopter ec120 1
Eurocopter ec135 3
Eurocopter Super Puma/Cougar 1
Guimbal Cabri G2 1
HAL Dhruv 1
Harbin Z-9 1
Hiller 360 1
Hughes 269 3
Hughes 369 / 500 / H-6 2
Kamov ka-32 1
MBB bo105 1
McDonnell Douglas md500 2
McDonnell Douglas MD520N 3
MD Helicopters MD500 1
Mil Mi-2 Hoplite 3
Mil Mi-24 Hind 2
Mil Mi-26 Halo 1
Mil Mi-8 Hip (1st Gen) 4
Mil Mi-8/17 Hip (2nd Gen) 2
Mil Mi-8/17 Hip (3rd Gen) 1
PZL w-3 sokol 1
Robinson R22 13
Robinson R44 22
Robinson R66 1
Rotorway exec 2
Schweizer 269C / 300 7
Sikorsky S-70 H-60 5
Sikorsky S-76 1
Sikorsky S-80 H-53E 3
Westland Lynx 1

2014 206a 580 Angkatan Tentara Udara Diraja Brunei AMDB-104, : Royal Brunei Air Force, test serial N7049J, to PK-EBL
PK-EBL : Indonesia, conv to Bell 206B type; to PK-OCO
Airfast PK-OCO : Airfast, to VH-BNG
VH-BNG : Australia from Feb05; Shadforth Civil Engineering Contractors from Feb10; Coral Coast Helicopters from Sep12; w/o 20feb14 during agricultural operations at banana farm Near Mission Beach, Queensland
2014 206a 87 N384RF : to N394F
N394F : to N949FM
US Helicopters Inc N949FM : US Helicopter from Aug06; w/o 23jul14 during agricultural operation at Wenatchee, WA. Pilot killed
2014 206b-2 1283 VIH Helicopters Ltd C-FANC : Vancouver Island Helcopters 1982
C-FANC : Dam Helicopters at Nelson, BC Sep09, lsd
VIH Helicopters Ltd C-FANC : VIH Helicopters Nov09-Feb11
C-FANC : Valhalla Helicopters at Kelowna, BC from Feb11; w/o 12aug14 12m W Whitecourt airbase
2014 206b-2 1481 N460AS : to N218AL
Air Logistics N218AL : Offshore Logistics Oct83-Aug91
YV-455C : Venezuela, to YV2537
YV2537 : Aerocopter Venezuela; w/o 23sep14 Aircraft missing 24km Tumeremo. 3 on board
2014 206b-3 3349 N2035N : 1981-Aug88
VH-HPO : Australia from Aug88
VH-CLR : Great Barrier Reef Helicopter Tours, noted May02; 2007 still
VH-CLR : GBR Helicopters Pty from Dec11
VH-CLR : Great Barrier Reef Helicopter Tours; w/o 07oct14 9km SE Cooktown Airport, Mount Cook, Queensland
2014 206b-3 3757 HI-411 : Dominican Republic, to HI-419CT
HI-419 : SAP Group; w/o 01nov14 impacted terrain near San Pedro de Macorís. 1 fatality
2014 206b-3 3797 Keisatsu-chō JA9388 : Hyogo Prefectural Police Dec96-May06
osterman helikopter SE-JKP : Osterman Helicopter from 2007; 03jun12 pictured at Linkoping-Malmen Flygdag air show. Alouette 2 LN-OCK on background
SE-JKP : Heliair Sweden; w/o 09jan14 during power lines control
2014 206b-3 4156 N43MA : Minuteman Aviation at Missoula, MT from Apr91; w/o 04apr14 during take off at Missoula Intl airport, Missoula
2014 206l 45115 ERA Helicopters N405EH : ERA Aviation Jun89-Jan03
Great Slave Helicopters C-FGSG : Great Slave Helicopters from Feb03
Great Slave Helicopters C-FGSG : w/o 27jul14 crashed into a lake 28m E Ekati Diamond Mines, NT due to flat light conditions
2014 206l-1 45659 Bell Helicopter N39118 : Bell Helicopter 1981
5N-PAA : Nigeria, to N850SS
N850SS : Heliworks Leasing at Wilmington, DE Dec06-Aug10
Air Evac Lifeteam N335AE : Air Evac EMS from Dec10
Air Evac Lifeteam N335AE : w/o 04oct14 Wichita Falls, Texas. 1 fatality
2014 206l-1 45738 Fuerza Aerea Guatemalteca 132 : FAG, ex TG-WOF; w/o 20aug14
2014 206l-3 51197 Bell Helicopter N3203W : Bell Helicopter Dec00
PT-HTQ : w/o 03may14 crashed into the sea at Beach of Presidio, Aquiraz, região metropolitana de Fortaleza, Ceará
2014 206l-3 51538 N66LR : first reg Dec91, test serial C-GLZY
N66LR : Intersouth Inc at Dover, DE Dec97-Dec01; to Dominican Rep as unk
HK-4462 : Sociedad Aeronautica Santander (SASA), Colombia; w/o 09jan14 at mountainous terrain north of Anorí. 5 fatalities
2014 206l-3 51546 Bell Helicopter Canada C-FMEE : Bell Canada Dec91-Feb92
D-HTAB : Germany, to N46EA
N207DS : Delta Bravo Sierra Inc (DBS Helicopters) at Rifle, CO from Nov97; w/o 27jan14 crahed near Silt, CO during powerline survey work for Holy Cross Energy. 3 fatalities including DBS owner Doug Sheffer
2014 206l-4 52004 Bell Helicopter N6057N : Bell Helicopter 1992, test serial C-GFNK
TG-NOV : Guatemala, to TG-NOW
TG-NOW : to N57AW
N57AW : N57aw Llc at Glendale, AZ from Aug04
Airwest Helicopters N57AW : Airwest; 17feb13 pictured parked at Grand Canyon Valle airport
State of Arizona N57AW : Cochise County Sheriff Dept, op by Airwest; w/o 31dec14 near Benson, Cochise County, AZ. 2 fatalities
2014 206l-4 52258 N207AW : test serial N91283
N207MY : Coy Leasing Llc at Broussard, LA from Apr10
Westwind Helicopters N207MY : Westwind Helicopters; w/o 11jun14 ditched in Gulf of Mexico. 2 fatalities
2014 212 35012 Bell Helicopter Canada C-FGXD : Bell Canada Nov/Dec 1989
Fuerza Aerea Mexicana EHBR-1117 : FAM from 1990, reser 1417
Fuerza Aerea Mexicana 1417 : FAM; w/o 31jan14 crashed during takeoff inside the 8th Military Zone Base in Reynosa. 1 fatality
2014 212 35093 Royal Thai Army 35093 : Thai Army, test serial C-GAJH; w/o 17nov14 Ban Dok Bua in Tambon Tha Wang Thong, Phayao province. 9 fatalities
2014 269B 123-0011 N9309F : Metco Helicopters at Springdale, AR Nov99-Oct10
ZK-ING : w/o 11apr14 Fish River near Haast Pass, New Zealand. 2 fatalities
2014 269C / 300 93-0241 G-BCHI : Autair International Ltd Jun74-Apr76
F-GALG : France, to D-HNAH
D-HNAH : Germany, to PH-OKE
PH-OKE : Ryfas Helicopters, Netherlands; w/o 13mar14 at Hilversum airport
2014 280fx 2014 N214NG : to N704G
N704G : to N409LH
N409LH : Family Tree Corp at Lakewood, CO, noted 2006
N409LH : New Course Aviation Co at Golden, CO from Jun09; w/o 08dec14 near Platte Valley Medical Center, Weld County, CO
2014 280fx 2086 G-DDOD : Sunseeker Sales UK Nov99-Jun01
G-OJMF : JMF Ltd Jun01-Feb09
G-OJMF : Manchester Helicopter Centre Ltd Feb09-Mar13
G-OJMF : Reidinger Helicopter Gmbh, Austria from Mar13; w/o 05apr14 crash in night flight at Kirchham, near Gmunden, Austria. 1 fatality
2014 300c S1204 OY-HDW : Denmark 1985-1987, Schweizer serial N41S
LN-OTS : Norway, to SE-JAY
SE-JAY : Sweden, to G-BWAV
G-BWAV : Leisure and Retail Consultants Ltd Feb95-Mar96
G-BWAV : Oxford Aviation Services Mar96-Feb99
G-BWAV : HeliHire from Feb99; 12jun14 crash at Dunsfold aerodrome
2014 300c S1426 ZK-HDP : Motor Holdings Aviation Ltd at Ardmore, New Zealand from Jan90. Schweizer test serial N41S
ZK-HON : Airmec at West Melton from Nov04
ZK-HON : w/o 06jul14 7km N of Ward
ZK-HON : Forced to crash in Ward On hunting expedition
2014 300c S1749 SX-HMA : Greece, Schweizer serial N41S
D-HPIF : Germany Mar/May 2003
OO-JCS : Ramimmo, Belgium; w/o 13jun14 during training flight at Cerfontaine airport. 1 fatality
2014 300c S1897 Armada de Mexico AMHE-425 : Armada, w/o 28abr14 at La Paz
2014 300cbi 0058 Fuchs Helikopter HB-XJU : Fuchs Jun97-Dec99
I-EAHS : Millenium Helicopters
CS-HFD : Nortavia Portugal, noted 2004-2006
CS-HFD : G Air, Portugal; w/o 04dec14 at Ponte de Sor during training. 2 fatalities
2014 300cbi 0144 N152CC : Acepilot Training; w/o 17jun14 near Hangar 7, Lehigh Valley International Airport, Allentown, PA
2014 300cbi 0368 N86G : Schweizer, to VH-FTY
VH-FTY : Flight Training Adelaide Pty from May09; w/o 24dec14 at Parafield airport during training
2014 369d 1098D N51338 : to JA9419
JA9419 : Japan, to C-FGHS
Great Slave Helicopters C-FGHS : Great Slave Helicopters Apr03-Sep09
N89ZC : Extreme Helicopters Inc at Baxley, GA from Sep09
N89ZC : DAH Aircraft Llc at Lewes, DE from May12
N89ZC : Rotor Blade; w/o 29jul14 during trimming trees with an underslung saw at Logan County, Ohio
2014 369d 1188D N5200U : to N444NW
N444NW : to N4NZ
N4NZ : to N166PJ
PJ Helicopters N166PJ : Pj Helicopters at Red Bluff, CA from Dec07 reser N516PJ
PJ Helicopters N516PJ : PJ Helicopters from Dec07; w/o 02sep14 West of Willows-Glenn County airport, Willows, CA
2014 407 53123 N142MA : Minuteman Aviation at Missoula, MT from Mar97
N142MA : Minuteman Aviation, op by Greenriver Energy; w/o 11sep14 9m from Moab, UT
2014 407 53373 N6051G : to N969SB
N969SB : to N977MY
N977MY : American Helicopters Llc at Kirkland, WA, Jun06; Silver State Helicopters Llc at North Las Vegas, NV, Dec06
RLC N373RL : Rotorcraft Leasing Co at Broussard, LA from Jul08; w/o 11nov14 ditched Gulf of Mexico, off Louisiana
2014 412ep 36569 Bell Helicopter N4360H : Bell Helicopter Mar11-Jul12, test serial C-FOFE
Servicio Nacional Aeronaval AN-137 : Panama d/d 2012; w/o 06feb14 while operating with a US Navy MH-60R /HQ-466 during night anti-drug mission at Guna Yala, Mansukum. 1 fatality
2014 47g-1 1706 N7895B : Bell 47G; w/o 03may14 at Whittier Narrows, Rosemead, CA
2014 47g-5 25032 N7089J : Reynolds Aerial Service at Mansfield, IL from Jul11; w/o 12aug14 hit powerlines at Mansfield, IL. Pilot killed
2014 a109e 11067 Elitaliana / Free Air I-RMPW : Freeair, HEMS/Police
D-HBPM : from Feb10
TriState CareFlight N507CF : TriState Care Flight from Sep12; w/o 17jul14 near Newkirk, New Mexico. 3 fatalities
2014 a119 14050 AgustaWestland Philadelphia N31HH : Agusta Aerospace Corp Feb05, First A119 produced in USA.
ERA Helicopters N119MW : ERA Jun/Aug 2005, reserial N119MJ
ERA Helicopters N119MJ : ERA Aug05-May08
FAASA EC-KSD : w/o 13sep14 during firefighting at Alpera, Albacete. Pilot killed
2014 ab206 9130 Aviazione dell'Esercito MM80888 : E. I. 620; w/o 23jan14. Two fatalities
2014 ab206b-3 8567 G-BTWW : T.W.Walker Ltd from 26Jul78
EI-BJV : Ireland, from 16Oct80
PDG Helicopters G-BTWW : Dollar AS from 25Apr85, restored; PLM Dollar Group from 09Nov95
G-BYBC : RCR Aviation from 31Mar98; Mainstreet Aviation from 18Sep00;Sky Charter from 29Jun04
Aerospeed Ltd G-SUEX : Aerospeed from Sep09
Aerospeed Ltd G-SUEX : 30jan13 pictured at Norwich
Aerospeed Ltd G-SUEX : w/o 16sep14 crashed into the sea near the Flamborough Head lighthouse, Scotland 2 fatalities
2014 ab212asw 5543 hava darya 6-2414 : Islamic Republic of Iran Naval Aviation 414 Written off on August 13, 2014
2014 ab412 Jeshi La Wananchi La Tanzania JW9505 : Tanzania People Defence Force
Jeshi La Wananchi La Tanzania JW9505 : 13apr14 crashed at JNIA Dar es Salaam Tanzania. Few injured
Jeshi La Wananchi La Tanzania JW9505 : w/o 13apr14 upon takeoff at Julius Nyerere Intl airport. Vicepresident Mohamed Gharib Bilal injured
2014 ah-64e TW008 Taiwan Army 808 : Taiwan Army 10008 d/d Dec13, BuNo 11-00008; w/o 25apr14 crashed onto the roof of a residential building in Taoyuan county
2014 as332b 2076 Ejercito del Aire HD.21-10 : EdA 802-04
Ejercito del Aire HD.21-10 : w/o 19mar14 Esc802 during night training 31m SE Morro Jable, Gran Canaria. 4 fatalities
2014 as350b 2422 N6044B : to N543DC
N543DC : to C-FXGP
C-FXGP : AS350BA type; Memento Mori Investments Ltd at Toronto, ON Jan11-Jan14
C-FXGP : Horizon Helicopters at Whitehorse, YK Aug12-May13, lsd
N425U : Tumbleweed Leasing at Salt Lake City, UT from Jun14; w/o 13nov14 at Panguitch Municipal Airport, UT
2014 as350b2 2328 JA9889 : Japan, to N350CR
N350CR : Reeder Flying Service Inc at Twin Falls, ID from Jun97; w/o 29jun14 at Dietrich, ID
2014 as350b2 2798 State of Utah N352SL : Salt Lake County Sheriffs Dept, noted 1997
State of Utah N352SL : State of Utah from Jun01, DPS; w/o 16dec14 Wayne County near Bicknell, Utah
2014 as350b2 3129 F-GPRP : France, to D-HEHC
Helicopter Travel Munich D-HEHC : HTM 2002-2005
OE-XTM : HTM Austria 2006
nordurflug TF-HDW : Nordurflug Iceland from 2007
nordurflug TF-HDW : w/o 01may14 at Eyjafjallajökull Glacier, South Iceland
2014 as350b2 3669 N1293A : to N250FB
Helicopters Inc N250FB : Helicopters Inc from Oct07
N250FB : KOMO-TV / KING 5 newscopter; w/o 18mar14 crash after taking off from Komo Tv Heliport, Seattle, WA. 2 fatalities
2014 as350b2 3885 American Eurocopter N194AE : American Eurocopter, to N353P
PHI Inc N353P : PHI Apr05-Mar14
The Helicopter Line Ltd ZK-HYO : Helicopter Line Ltd, New Zealand from Apr14, op by Harris Mountain Heli-Ski; w/o 16aug14 crash on Mount Alta near Wanaka. 1 fatality
2014 as350b3 3325 State of California N991SD : Riverside County Sheriffs Department (RCSD) from Mar01
State of California N991SD : w/o 28aug14 RCSD during training flight at Hemet-Ryan Airport
2014 as350b3 3803 EliOssola I-LUPU : Eli Ossola, test serial F-WQDK; w/o 27jul14 hit cable during Firefighting near Varco Sabino. 2 fatalities
2014 as350b3 3805 Sky Helicopteros EC-IYT : Sky Helicopteros, test serial F-WQDJ
RA-04032 : NanoStroyInvest; w/o 20nov14 at Kstovsky district, Nizhny Novgorod. 5 fatalities
2014 as350b3 4568 Botswana Police BPS-02 : Police
Botswana Police BPS-02 : w/o 20apr14 crashed in the Okavango area Sunday night killing 2 pilots and 1 passenger
2014 as350b3 4653 Eurocopter Canada C-GWHL : Eurocopter Canada Feb/Aug 2009
Lakeshore Helicopters C-GLHZ : Lakeshore Helicopters from Aug09; w/o 22may14 crash during sling operation N of Lac La Biche, Alberta
2014 as350b3 4806 US Department of Homeland Security N3939A : CBP from May10; w/o 10jan14 near Falfurrias, Texas
2014 as350b3 7698 American Eurocopter N577AE : American Eurocopter
PHI Inc N395P : PHI Air Medical from Dec13
State of New Mexico N395P : University of New Mexico Health Sciences Center (UNM HSC), op by PHI; w/o 09apr14 pictured crashed on roof of University of New Mexico Hospital, Albuquerque, NM. No fatalities; Video on PHi Air MEdical Facebook
2014 as350b3 7718 American Eurocopter N748AE : American Eurocopter, to N840PA
N840PA : American Helicopters Llc at Kirkland, WA from Jan14
Papillon Grand Canyon N840PA : Papillon / Grand Canyon Helicopters; w/o 18may14 at Grand Canyon West Airport, Peach Springs. 1 fatality
2014 as350b3e 7593 - : noted with russian flag on tail. unknown
Pegasus Helicopter LN-OSY : Pegasus Helicopter from May14; w/o 24jun14 on take off at Hjerkinn
2014 as350d 1126 N3597T : Aris Helicopters; 12mar96 pictured at San Jose, CA
HeliFlite N3597T : conv to AS.350B; Heli-flite Inc at Riverside, CA from Apr07; w/o 01aug14 at Buck Island lake, WNW of Lake Tahoe Airport, South Lake Tahoe, CA
2014 as350d 1218 N3610D : to ZK-HZL
ZK-HZL : reg Oct92; conv to AS.350B; conv to AS.350BA;
ZK-HZL : Search And Rescue Services from Oct09, Ambulance; w/o 19apr14 landed heavily in a field beside Taupo Hospital, Taupo, New Zealand
2014 as355n 5550 Direccion General de Trafico EC-FTX : DGT, test serial F-WYMU, to F-WQED
CoyotAir EC-FTX : CoyotAir; w/o 24feb14 during training flight at Casarrubios del Monte aerodrome, Toledo
2014 as355n 5616 Polis Diraja Malaysia 9M-PHD : Royal Malaysian Police
Polis Diraja Malaysia 9M-PHD : w/o 31dec14 18:42pm crashed into trees at Kpg Rambai, Tanah Merah, Kelantan during ferrying food relief supply
2014 as365n3 6598 21702 : test serial F-WWOO; South Korean Emergency Service 119, to HL9461
South Korea Fire Fighting Departments HL9461 : Gangwon Fire Headquarters Dec07; w/o 17jul14 crashed at Gwangju. 5 fatalities
2014 as532ac 2487 Fuerza Aerea de Venezuela 0562 : FAV. d/d 2000 Grupo 10
Fuerza Aerea de Venezuela 0562 : w/o 20jun14 after a controlled crash land in Elorza
2014 aw139 31421 G-LBAL : Haughey Air Ltd from Sep12; 18jun13 pictured at Ascot heliport
G-LBAL : 14jan14 at Battersea Heliport
G-LBAL : w/o 13mar14 crash at Gillingham near Beccles, Suffolk en route to Northern Ireland due to fog. 4 fatalities including owner.
2014 bk117c-1 7540 Helitalia SpA D-HKAV : Helitalia 2002-2004, reser I-HKAV
Helitalia SpA I-HKAV : Helitalia 2005-2010
DRF Luftrettung D-HDRJ : DRF Luftrettung from 2011
Air Rescue Austria D-HDRJ : Air Rescue Austria 2011-2013, lsd DRF
DRF Luftrettung D-HDRJ : w/o 28feb14 crashed Baltic Sea 2m W of Darß during training DGzRS (Deutschen Gesellschaft zur Rettung Schiffbrüchiger, German Martime Search and Rescue Service). 3 fatalities
2014 105c S-186 N90762 : 1974-1990, test serial D-HDFX
N2951W : 1991 conv to 105CB type
State of New York N505TJ : Mercy Flight WNY from 1991
State of New York N585TJ : Mercy Flight WNY from 2011 and wfu; sold to Australia; w/o 03jan14 fell off from a trailer on Interstate 90 at Pembroke, between Rochester and Buffalo, New York
2014 Cabri G2 1041 Heli Aviation GmbH D-HAVG : Heli Aviation GmbH; w/o 18oct14 loose transmission belt 1.5m E Egelsbach airport
2014 ch-136 44070 Canadian Armed Forces 136270 : BuNo 71-20935, to N6346E
N6346E : Southeastern Equipment Co Services at Augusta, GA Oct97-Mar04
VH-OSQ : reg Dec03
VH-OSQ : private Australia from Nov08; w/o 17apr14 at Coffs Harbour airport, New South Wales
2014 ch-53e 65-497 US Marine Corps 162485 : USMC; HMM-165 /YM-25, NAS Oceana, Mar06; HMH-264, EH-23, unk; noted MCAS New River, NC, May09
US Marine Corps 162485 : Apr12 HMH-464 /EN-51
US Marine Corps 162485 : w/o 01sep14 VMM-263 on approach to USS Mesa Verde (LPD-19), crashed into ocean. No fatalities, all 25 rescued
2014 ch-53e 65-553 US Marine Corps 163063 : USMC; 1994 HMH-461 /CJ-21 ; 2000 still
US Marine Corps 163063 : w/o 01jun14 asg HMH-466, crashed on runway due to fuel starvation
2014 dhruv DS86 Fuerza Aerea Ecuatoriana FAE-601 : FAE-601 VIP Presidential aircraft d/d Feb09
Fuerza Aerea Ecuatoriana FAE-601 : w/o 20feb14 crashed at San Roque, Huigra, Chimborazo when going to pickup president Rafael Correa. 3 fatalities
2014 EC120B 1315 EC-IHQ : Spain, test serial F-WQDE
RA-07232 : w/o 18may14 at Lepsari, Leningrad Oblast, Russia. 2 fatalites
2014 ec130b4 4073 D-HSTS : Johan Lafer Heli Gourmet May06-Nov07, test serial F-WQDE; 16-20may06 at Berlin air show ILA 2006
Skymedia AG HB-ZJC : Skymedia Nov07-Jun10
HB-ZJC : Heli Partner AG Jun10-Jan14
HB-ZJC : Héli-Lausanne from Jan14; w/o 02oct14 at Bart, near Montbéliard (Doubs), France. 5 fatalities
2014 ec135p2+ 0580 Norsk Luftambulanse LN-OOI : norsk luftambulanse
Norsk Luftambulanse LN-OOI : w/o 14jan14 hit powerlines near Sollihøgda, Buskerud. 2 fatalities
2014 ec135p2+ 0768 Carabineros de Chile C-26 : Carabineros d/d Apr09, test serial ex D-HCBI; 28may10 picture over Santiago
Carabineros de Chile C-26 : 27mar14 pictured at Santiago during FIDAE 2014
Carabineros de Chile C-26 : w/o 30nov14 parked in Gran Avenida avenue, San Miguel, Santiago when a fire truck drove into the turning rotor blades of the helicopter. 5 injured
2014 ec135t2+ 1115 SMURD 348 : SMURD / Ministry of Health YR-CJC, test serial D-HECQ; w/o 15dec14 crashed into the Siutghiol lake near the Black Sea. 4 fatalities
2014 162f 6109 N78291 : private at Merced, CA from Apr13; w/o 03jun14
2014 162f 6615 N43691 : private at Columbus, OH from Mar06; w/o 24apr14 NE Magnetic Springs, OH

2014 f-28f 803 N213BL : w/o 07aug14 crashed during spraying cornfield, Tunnel City, Wisconsin
2014 hb350b 2067 Helibras PT-HNC : Helibras c/n HB1116
PT-HNC : private, noted Dec08
PT-HNC : Helimarte; 16jul14 pictured (pic1) at Aeroporto Campo de Marte
PT-HNC : Helimarte; w/o 27dec14 pictured (pic2) crashed in Bertioga, São Paulo. 5 fatalities
2014 hb350ba 3096 Helibras PT-YJJ : Helibras
PT-YJJ : Planalto Ind Mecanica Ltda from Jul09
PT-YJJ : w/o 07jun14 near Araguaia river, Goias, 5 fatalities including Fernandão, a soccer player who won the FIFA interclub championship in Japan 2006 beating Barcelona
2014 hh-60g 70-1306 US Air Force 88-26109 : USAF; 1994 210th RQS; 1996 66th RQS /WA
US Air Force 88-26109 : 23jul03 pictured (pic1) in original livery asg 56th ERQS (Keflavik) in Lungi, Sierra Leona as part of 398th ARG after deployed a Marine security team to the US embassy in Liberia
US Air Force 88-26109 : unk date asg 56th RQS pictured (pic2) on HMS Illustrious
US Air Force 88-26109 : Sep05 still in woodland camo
US Air Force 88-26109 : asg 56th RQS at NAS Keflavik, Iceland; 2006 moved to RAF Lakenheath, England
US Air Force 88-26109 : 2007 56th RQS pictured (pic3) at the Paris Air Show
US Air Force 88-26109 : 09sep09 pictured (pic4) asg 56th ERQS expeditionary Rescue Squadron on C-17 at Bagram, Afghanistan
US Air Force 88-26109 : w/o 07jan14 asg 56th RQS crash on North Norfolk coast England during training flight. 4 fatalities. pictured (pic5)
US Air Force 88-26109 : The official report found evidence that multiple bird strikes caused the mishap
2014 hh-60h 70-2290 US Navy 165257 : USN; 2011 HS-15
US Navy 165257 : Jul/Aug 2013 HSC-85 /NW-311 tdy Rockhampton
US Navy 165257 : w/o 16apr14, asg HSC-85, Main rotor blades impacted canyon wall
2014 ka-32t 8805 RA-31598 : to RA-31098
RA-31098 : to RF-31098
МЧС России RF-32839 : conv Ka-32A c/n 8805/08; Russian Ministry of Emergency Situations; w/o 11nov14 near Village Dry Padina, Mineralovodsky District. 3 fatalities
2014 ah7 332 Army Air Corps ZF540 : AAC; 1995 type:AH.9 659Sqn.
Army Air Corps ZF540 : 653 Sq, 3 REGT during Jul 1999
Army Air Corps ZF540 : Jan06 1 Regt
Army Air Corps ZF540 : Iraq until 2009;to 9 REGT
Army Air Corps ZF540 : written off in fatal crash, c 10.5 nm S of Kandahar air base, during air to ground gunnery practice. Investigation released on 16 Jul 2015 concluded that this first of type crash was Controlled Flight into Terrain. 5 souls lost.
2014 md500e 0142E TI-SPY : Costa Rica, to MSP018
Fuerza Publica de Costa Rica MSP018 : Costa Rica Police 2006-2012, reser MSP013
Fuerza Publica de Costa Rica MSP013 : Costa Rica Police from 2013 w/o 03feb14 at Cerro Chirripó, Cartago
2014 md500e 0219E N1601U : to N21BN
N21BN : to JA9482
JA9482 : Japan, to N127M
N127M : Mike Green Assoc at Austin, TX Feb/Jun 2000
VH-PCQ : Australia, to ZK-ITJ
ZK-ITJ : Hill Country Helicopters from Mar12; w/o 28oct14 hit wires during spraying. 1 fatality
2014 md520n LN014 MD Helicopters N16113 : MD Helicopters, to N317PC
N317PC : to XA-TQB
XA-TQB : Mexico, to N18GH
N18GH : Kabrit Llc at Salt Lake City, UT from Apr11; w/o 11aug14 crashed in pilot house, 5m S Idaho Falls, ID
2014 MD530F 0174FF State of Nevada N530KK : LVMPD d/d June 2010
State of Nevada N530KK : w/o 31dec14, crashed today NE of downtown Las Vegas, no serious injuries. I can only speculate right now but it looked like a power loss autorotation with a run on landing
State of Nevada N530KK : 31dec14 crashed in Las Vegas. Appears to be total loss.
2014 md600n RN018 Eastern Atlantic Helicopters N958SD : Eastern Atlantic Helicopters at Wilmington, DE Jun03-Oct05
G-NELY : Ottoman Empire Ltd Oct05-Jun07
Eastern Atlantic Helicopters G-NELY : Eastern Atlantic Helicopters Ltd Jun07-Mar09
SE-JKJ : HeliAir Sweden; w/o 14jul14 at Lennartsnäs, Norrkoping, UpplandsBro
2014 md600n RN035 US Department of Homeland Security N606BP : CBP
N606BP : Classic Rotors Museum from Sep11; w/o 27apr14 at Adelanto, CA
2014 mh-53e 65-570 US Navy 163070 : US Navy MH-53E
US Navy 163070 : 2001 HM-14 /BJ-543
US Navy 163070 : w/o 08jan14 HM-14 /Snyder-39 crashed off Virginia Beach while conducting routine mine countermeasure training. 3 fatalities
US Navy 163070 : Feb15 NAVAIR review
2014 mh-60m US Army Aviation 05-20005 : US Army, 3/160 SOAR; w/o 15jan14
2014 mh-60s US Navy 167879 : USN; Jan13 HSC-6 /NH-1
US Navy 167879 : w/o 02sep14 HSC-6, impacted ground during buttonhook maneuver at Dixie Valley Shore
2014 mi-17-1v 520M01 Ejercito del Peru EP-604 : Ejercito 1990; w/o 16feb14
2014 mi-17v-5 Policija na Republika Makedonija MAP-7712 : Policija 2011 /712; w/o 10jul14 hit 140m high antenna at Strumica. 4 fatalities
2014 mi-2 526506010 PZL Swidnik 65 05 : PZL Swidnik c/n 52 6505 010 / 526505010
SP-SFC : 526506010 f/f Jan80; w/o 01may14 at Czysta near Smoldzino, Poland
2014 mi-2 5410642078 PZL Swidnik 106 42 : PZL Swidnik c/n 54 10642 078 / 5410642089
RA-14279 : c/n 5410642078; w/o 13nov14 at Shosha River, near Novozavidovsky, Moscow Oblast
2014 mi-2 549304065 PZL Swidnik 93 04 : PZL Swidnik c/n 54 9304 065 / 549304065
RA-23721 : c/n 549304065; w/o 10jul14 hit wires at Varyeganskiy oil field, 1 fatality
2014 mi-26 34001212604 Военно-воздушные cилы России 110 yel : RF-31110
МЧС России RF-31351 : Russian Ministry of Emergency Situations; w/o 04jul14 at Khabarovsk
2014 mi-35m Al Quwwa al Jawwiya al Iraqiya YI-352 : Iraqi Army Aviation; w/o 26jun14
2014 mi-35m Al Quwwa al Jawwiya al Iraqiya ? : Iraq; w/o 03oct14 Beiji. 2 killed
2014 mi-8amt 8AMT00643083905U UTair Aviation RA-22430 : UTair
RA-22430 : UN UNMISS op by UTair; w/o 26aug14 shot down Near Bentiu, South Sudan. 3 fatalities
2014 mi-8t 8241 Аэрофлот CCCP-24614 : to RA-24614
RA-24614 : Tuva Airlines; w/o 10oct14 declared missing 220km E Kyzyl, Siberia in route to Kyzyl Airport,
2014 mi-8t 9 87 34093 Аэрофлот CCCP-24255 : Aeroflot, to RA-24255
PANH Helicopters RA-24255 : PANH; w/o 04sep14 at Gelendzhik airport, Krasnodar Krai. 2 fatalities
2014 mi-8t Ulan 9 85 22735 Аэрофлот CCCP-24541 : to RA-24541
RA-24541 : AeroVir; w/o 30jun14 during fire-fighting at Berezovoy
2014 mi-8t Ulan 9 86 28891 CCCP-06138 : to RA-06138
RA-06138 : w/o 07dec14 Naryan-Mar offshore, 25km of Varandy, Russia. 2 fatalities
2014 oh-13h 2383 US Army Aviation 58-5370 : US Army
N4690 : conv ot 47G-2 type; w/o 10aug14 Jeanerette, Louisiana. Pilot killed
2014 oh-58a 40683 US Army Aviation 70-15132 : US Army, to N454MC
Coastal Helicopters N454MC : Coastal Helicopters Jul03-Nov04
Ejercito Nacional de la Republica Dominicana EN-1905 : Ejercito from 2003
Ejercito Nacional de la Republica Dominicana EN-1905 : w/o 10oct14 near Pedernales
2014 alpha 0494 State of Florida N22431 : Palm Beach Helicopters at N Palm Beach, FL Aug89-Jun13
N22431 : 09jul94 damaged, scrap ?
none : Poland; fitted with old tail boom of R22 Beta G-OLRT and tail rotor blades of another R22 Mariner and had no valid airworhness certificate
none : w/o 19may14 crashed nearby Kruszyn village, Boleslawiec, south-west Poland. Pilot and passenger were injured.
2014 beta 1368 N4014G : to SE-HVX
SE-HVX : Sweden, to G-BXLA
Bristow G-BXLA : Bristow Aug97-Aug99
G-BXLA : Fast Helicopters Ltd Aug99-Mar03
G-JBII : private Mar03-Jan07
G-JBII : Fast Helicopters Ltd Jan07-Feb11
G-JBII : Alan Mann Aviation Group Feb11-Jul13
G-JBII : Swift Helicopters Services Ltd Jul/Aug 2013
G-JBII : Startrade Heli GmbH Aug13-Mar14
D-HSTH : Germany from Apr14; w/o 20jul14 at Melle-Grönegau airfield
2014 beta 1378 Robinson Helicopter N4014R : Robinson May90
G-OLRT : Reg 21May90, many owners until 2005
G-OLRT : Rotormotive Ltd Aug05-Aug06
G-OLRT : Henderson Group Aug06-Sep13
G-OLRT : Swift Helicopter Services from Sep13
G-OLRT : An old tail boom was used by a rebuilt aircraft in Poland
2014 beta 1927 N4081H : w/o 23may14 near Santa Paula airport, CA. 1 fatality
2014 beta II 2644 N771MM : Illinois Helicopter Co at Metamora, IL , canc Dec10
N771MM : private at Princeton, IL Dec10-Sep12
N771MM : SMTM Holdings Llc at Houston, TX Sep12-Feb13
N771MM : LLB Enterprises Group Inc at Fort White, FL from Feb13; w/o 29dec14 N of Palm Beach County Park/Lantana airport, Lantana, FL
2014 beta II 3255 VH-HEP : Blue Dog Helicopters from Oct06; w/o 13may14 during aerial mustering operations clipped a tree and destroyed by fire 40km NE of Hughenden, Queensland
2014 beta II 3499 VH-ZZM : Australia from Nov03
VH-ZZM : Stock Air Heliworks from Mar12; w/o 12jul14 collided terrain 115km W Rockhampton
2014 beta II 3950 N970SH : Parker Helicopter at Capitola, CA Sep09-Jun11
PP-ABW : Sky Clear Aviação; w/o 12jan14 crashed trees at Santa Maria Madalena, Rio de Janeiro during instruction flight
2014 beta II 3988 VH-HPH : A.A. Company Pty Ltd Australia from Nov13; w/o 18nov14 at Lavelle Station, NT
2014 beta II 4271 N240SH : Net Aviation at Nantucket, MA Jul09-Jun10
PT-LNA : Brazil private; w/o 17oct14 at Juatuba, MG
2014 beta II 4399 N4187W : Oho Cattle Co Inc at Klamath Falls, OR from Oct08; w/o 27aug14 Pine Nut Mountains, near Gardnerville, NV
2014 beta II 4412 VH-HAY : Gogo Station Pty from Apr12; w/o 18may14 during aerial mustering operations collided with terrain near Fitzroy Crossing, Western Australia
2014 beta II 4613 PP-SSP : Serpas Transportes e Locação Ltd Sep13; Aces High Escola de Aviação Civil; w/o 23mar14 crashed at Ribeirão Preto, São Paulo. 2 fatalities
2014 r44 TG-AAA : w/o 03mar14 at El Pajal, Guatemala. 3 fatalities
2014 astro 0400 PT-YPW : w/o 13dec14 around 22hs rural area of Buritama, São Paulo State
2014 astro 0510 LV-ZHW : 11jul11 pictured at Buenos Aires, Argentina
LV-ZHW : Cielo Patagonico del Sur SRL; w/o 14dec14 El Chalten during an attempt rescue of a mountain climber. Pilot killed
2014 astro 0523 PT-YHP : w/o 07dec14 Parque de Exposição de Terra Boa, Paraná . serial expired 05sep12
2014 clipper II 11709 OY-HRG : Denmark from 2007
OY-HRG : w/o 05sep14 at Sea between Sjælland and Samsø. 4 fatalities
2014 II 10281 N7518Q : Iced Air at Effingham, IL Jun06
N7518Q : private at Shuylkill, PA from Jul07
N7518Q : Fly for Fun Llc at Rockville, MD from Sep14
N7518Q : w/o 23oct14 midair collision with a Cirrus SR22 during training near Frederick Municipal airport. 3 fatalities
2014 II 10602 N571AC : Translift Inc at Holly, MI from Jul08
N571AC : Capital Helicopters at Tallahassee, FL from Sep12; Tallahassee Helicopters; w/o 08feb14 hit trees close to Wakulla County airport, Panacea, FL. 2 fatalities
2014 II 11654 N3234U : Civic Helicopters at Carlsbad, CA Apr/Jun 2007
N3234U : Inexco at Carson, NV Aug07-Apr12
N3234U : Native Range Capture Services at Henderson, NV from Feb14; w/o 02dec14 North Salt Lake City, UT. 2 fatalities
2014 II 13226 PR-CIG : Siderúrgica Gage, Brazil; w/o 20sep14 crashed in lake near Fama, MG. 2 fatalities
2014 II 13304 N174CD : Over & Out Inc at Clovis, NM from Jul12; w/o 29dec14 landing on a portable helipad at Horseshoe Bay Resort airport, Horeshoe Bay, TX
2014 raven 0941 N7194H : Sevier County Choppers Llc at Sevierville, TN from Aug11
N7194H : Shenandoah Agricultural Spray Service Inc from Mar14; w/o 31jul14 hit power lines during crop spraying NE of Concord, Nebraska
2014 raven 1294 EI-TOY : Ireland, to N60JD
N60JD : Southern Aircraft Consultancy Inc Trustee at Cornwall, UK from Jul09
N60JD : w/o 05sep14 car rally Omloop van Vlaanderen, Roeselare, Belgium. 2 fatalities
2014 raven 1381 G-OAJC : private May04-Nov06
Sloane Helicopters G-OAJC : Sloane Nov06-Mar07
G-OAJC : Adare Intl Transport Ltd from Mar07; w/o 01aug14 crashed at Kinnitty, County Offaly, Ireland
2014 raven 1801 VH-SMF : Australia, to VH-YYS
VH-YYS : Aqua Holdings (QLD) Pty Ltd from Jan12; w/o 23nov14 NNW Coen, Cape York, Queensland
2014 raven 1974 RA-04288 : Ak Bars Aero; w/o 05jul14 at Novosheshminskij rajon
2014 raven II 10029 N824AM : Island Helicopters at Atlanta, GA Nov04-Apr08
I-TMVM : Italy, to OK-SPW
OK-SPW : w/o 01may14 at Solice, Czech Republic
2014 raven II 10516 ZK-HBQ : Helicopter Charter Karamea; w/o 07oct14 declared missing. Kahurangi National Park, west of Motueka, New Zealand
2014 raven II 10619 ZS-RUU : EScape Airtours Charters, South Africa; w/o 22sep14 Underberg area. 2 fatalities
2014 raven II 11147 Henley Air ZS-OFJ : Henley Air; w/o 25sep14 near Rand Airport, Germiston. 2 fatalities
2014 raven II 11220 Alpine Air Alaska N74713 : Alpine Air Alaska; 2006 Ace Flyers at Anchorage, AK
N74713 : Quicksilver Air at Fairbanks, AK from Jul12; w/o 18jun14 crashed landing at Coldfoot, Alaska
2014 raven II 11238 N392GP : Global Positioning Services Inc at Anchorage, AK from May06; w/o 28may14 at Birchwood Airport, Chugiak, Alaska. 1 fatality
2014 raven II 5H-TWA : Tanzanian Ministry of Tourism and Natural Resources; w/o 29nov14 on approach at Dar-es-Salaam airport. 4 fatalities
2014 r66 0040 RA-1588G : OOO Tehnodrom; w/o 28jun14 at Apsheronsky. 4 fatalities
2014 s-70a-41 Aviacion del Ejercito de Colombia EJC-160 : Ejercito d/d 2001. BuNo 01-26909, reser to EJC2160
Aviacion del Ejercito de Colombia EJC-2160 : BAAV 2 from Dec00; w/o 23feb14 apparently touched a tree at vereda Hondas Cofre, municipio de Mesetas, serranía de La Macarena, Departamento del Meta. 4 fatalities
2014 s-76c 76-0821 N821A : Wells Fargo Bank Nov11-Apr12
PK-PUX : Matak Indonesia CFIT; w/o 12may14 ditch into water. Crew allowed aircraft to settle into water while attempting to locate destination in low visibility. No injuries, aircraft substantially damaged
2014 sa315b 2461 TG-WAT : Guatemala, to N461E
N461E : Eckhart Helicopters Sales at Libertyville, IL Aug89-Sep90
F-GKSA : France, to CS-HBR
CS-HBR : Portugal, to F-GIIB
F-GIIB : France, to I-PITO
I-PITO : Star Work Sky, noted Dec03
Airstar Elicotteri I-PITO : Airstar Elicotteri, noted 2008
Airstar Elicotteri I-PITO : w/o 21sep14 at Roccapietra
2014 sa318c 2006 F-BPFP : Electricite de France (EDC) 1968-1974, SA.318C Alouette II type
Aerospatiale F-WQPE : Aerospatile 1974, conv to SA.315B Lama c/n 2006/15, 15th a/c converted to Lama
F-BPFP : Electricite de France (EDC) 1974-2005
F-BPFP : Triponney Helicoptere 2005-2006
F-BPFP : private 2006
Helinka OB-1884-P : Helinka from 2007; w/o 04sep14 near Andamarca, Peru. 3 fatalities
2014 sa318c 2058 Aviation Légère de l'Armée de Terre 2058 : ALAT
I-PAAD : Conv to Costruzione Amatoriale PD.318C c/n 001
I-PAAD : w/o 08aug14 crashed into mountain at Gaby, Aosta Valley. 2 fatalities
2014 ht.3 1743 Royal Air Force XZ936 : Gazelle HT.3 built by Westland; to MoD Empire Test Pilots School (ETPS) at RAF Boscombe Down
Ministry of Defence (MoD) XZ936 : 22Nov88 pictured at RNAS Portland
Ministry of Defence (MoD) XZ936 : 1990 ETPS (Empire Test Pilots School); jul91 still ETPS
Ministry of Defence (MoD) XZ936 : 13+14jun92 ETPS
Ministry of Defence (MoD) XZ936 : 13jul04 ETPS./6 homebase
Ministry of Defence (MoD) XZ936 : 15jul10 ETPS at Boscombe Down
Ministry of Defence (MoD) XZ936 : Jun11 still with ETPS at MoD Boscombe Down
QinetiQ XZ936 : w/o 02jun14 after tail was cut off by main rotors, during engine off landing drill at Boscombe Down (callsign Tester 73).
2014 sa341g 1020 YU-HBB : Soko Yugoslavia
Ministarstvo Unutrašnjih Poslova YU-HBB : Serbia Police, note Apr96
RA-1233G : w/o 19sep14 crashed in Gulf of Finland, Vasilievski Island, Saint Petersburg. 1 killed
2014 sa365n 6220 JA9913 : Naka Nihon Koku Japan, 1999
Heli-Union F-GNOF : Heli Union, 2002
EP-HDU : Iran, rtn to France
Helicopteros Marinos F-GSYA : HM; 2004 pictured at Don Torcuato, Buenos Aires
Helicopteros Marinos LV-BMY : Helicopteros Marinos, ex F-GSYA
International Aircraft Services TU-HAA : IAS Cote d Ivoire, ex Afrique Helicoptere; Op by IAS Accra/Volta River Aviation for Lukoil; w/o 08may14 20m off Takoradi, Ghana. 5 fatalities
2014 th-55a 47-0696 US Army Aviation 67-18384 : US Army; Jul92 to N9061R
N9061R : conv to 269A; Rotors And Wings Aviation at Bourbonnais, IL from Jun07
N9061R : American Aircraft Sales at Lincolnshire, IL; w/o 12jul14 at Howe, TX
2014 uh-12e 5195 State of New Jersey N4035A : Rogerson UH-12E type; Cape May County Mosquito, New Jersey from Jul83; w/o 25aug14 during spray for mosquitoes
2014 uh-1h 12360 US Army Aviation 70-15750 : US Army
N92349 : to N260TA
N260TA : Archer Aviation Inc at Waitsburg, WA from Jun00; w/o 23may14 crash on taking off 15m NE Prescott, WA.
2014 uh-1h 13883 Força Aérea Brasileira 8673 : FAB 1993, BuNo 76-22665; w/o 28may14
2014 w-3a 310921 Philippine Air Force 310921 : PHH
Philippine Air Force 310921 : w/o 07aug14 crashed at Marawi City shortly after takeoff due to alleged engine failure
2014 Z-9 Kangtrop Akas Khemarak Phumin MH-904 : Z-9-H425 type; Royal Cambodian Air Force; w/o 14jul14 crash 6m S Phnom Penh. 6 fatalities including RCAF deputy commander, Brigadier General Ieng Vanarith
    161 C/N found.

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