Oceania Aviation Partners Air Methods for Bk117 Parts, 19-Dec-18 : #Bk117 New Zealand’ Oceania Aviation named Air Methods as their preferred marketer in bringing their extensive BK117 parts inventory to market

FLIR Systems Cooled Neutrino Thermal Camera Cores, 16-Dec-18 : Next Generation Neutrino Cores to Enable Measurement, Sensing, Surveillance, Security, and Drone Applications

R66 Agricultural Spray System from Simplex, 08-Dec-18 : #spray Simplex received Federal Aviation Adminsitration (FAA) Supplemental Type Certificate (STC) for their agricultural spray system for the Robinson R66

Thommen AVLight X Multipurpose Aviation Flashlight, 18-Nov-18 : #Flashlight Thommen’ new AVLight X is the world’s first aviation qualified flashlight being DO-160G compliant, featuring 4 high-intensity light beam colors and providing 3 output levels. A strobe function is also available.

Donaldson IBF for AW189 Certified by EASA, 15-Oct-18 : Helitech 2018 Donaldson’ Inlet Barrier Filter (IBF) for the AW189 is now certified by the European Aviation Safety Agency (EASA) as a factory option on new helicopters

18-Sep-18 - AS350 Stainless Steel Heater Line Kits #AS350
15-Sep-18 - Certification for Super Puma Weighing System #Weighing
22-Aug-18 - Bell 412HP/EP Enhanced Main Driveshaft Transmission #Bell412
21-Aug-18 - FAA Approves Robinson R66 Cargo Hook #ExternalLoad
16-Aug-18 - New Cable Cutter System for H130 / EC130 #safety
06-Aug-18 - Aerometals H130/EC130T2 IBF System #parts
06-Aug-18 - Pulselite Bird Strike Prevention System for Bell 407 #accessories
13-Jul-18 - Bell 505 Accessory Offerings #accessories
11-Jul-18 - GVH Hoist Light for Australian EC135 Trainer #accessories
18-Jun-18 - Inlet Barrier Filters for AW169 #accessories
18-Jun-18 - Ballistic Protection System Panel Sets for V-22 Osprey #aircraft
07-Jun-18 - Sikorsky Forward Stocking Location in Brazil #parts
22-May-18 - FAA Certification for Bell 505 Cargo Hook
02-May-18 - Embedded Inertial Sensors by LORD Corp
23-Apr-18 - Donaldson Inlet Barrier Filters for H125 in China
04-Apr-18 - Wireless Shock and Vibration Sensor
04-Apr-18 - AMETEK Aftermarket Distributor
03-Apr-18 - LORD Distribution Agreement in Australia
03-Apr-18 - H125 / AS350 Spray System By Oceania Aviation #accessories
29-Mar-18 - Camera Single and Dual Pole Mount
26-Feb-18 - Hong Kong Approved Donaldson IBF for MD900 Heli-Expo 2018
26-Feb-18 - Donaldson 9,000th Inlet Barrier Filter for Robinson Heli-Expo 2018
26-Feb-18 - Torque Enstrom Mast Nut in Less than 5 Minutes Heli-Expo 2018
23-Feb-18 - Bell 407 Exhaust Duct Repair Heli-Expo 2018
16-Feb-18 - R66 Cargo Hook Heli-Expo 2018
13-Feb-18 - Wire Strike Protection for R66
13-Feb-18 - Human External Cargo For Bell 407 and AS350
09-Feb-18 - Liebherr-Aerospace Heating Valves for the H160
31-Jan-18 - Torquing the EC145 Mast Nut
27-Jan-18 - East/West Industries Seats for the Bell 505 Heli-Expo 2018
05-Oct-17 - EASA Certification for A800 Searchlight on Bell 212/412 Helitech 2017
22-Sep-17 - Norwegian Police New AW169 with Trakka Searchlight Helitech 2017
17-Aug-17 - Cable Cutter System Saves Lives
03-Aug-17 - Innovative Bell 206L Exhaust Duct Repair
02-Aug-17 - Crashworthy Fuel System for MD369FF
02-Aug-17 - Inlet Barrier Filters for Bell 505
25-Jul-17 - Canada Approves IBF for AS350 and EC130
24-Jul-17 - Flight Testing for AS350 Crash-Resistant Fuel Tank
06-Jun-17 - Portable Oil Lab Q5800 at HeliOffshore Conference
17-May-17 - BK117 B2 Cargo Hook and Mirror Kit
04-May-17 - Bell 407 Cargo Hook Surefire Certified by FAA
19-Apr-17 - MD500 Cargo Hook Kits Receive FAA Certification
11-Apr-17 - Onboard Systems Hook Kits for AW169 and AW101
08-Mar-17 - NLR Designs Large Composite Aircraft Part Heli-Expo 2017
05-Mar-17 - Illuminated Bumper for Breeze-Eastern Rescue Hooks Heli-Expo 2017
05-Mar-17 - East/West Industries Opens New Facility Heli-Expo 2017
28-Feb-17 - Jenoptik SkyHoist 800 Rescue Hoist Heli-Expo 2017
23-Feb-17 - DART Aerospace at Heli-Expo 2017 Heli-Expo 2017
01-Feb-17 - Pulselite Bird Strike Prevention System
24-Jan-17 - EASA Approves Aero Design Cyclic Friction for Bell 206/407
17-Jan-17 - CPI Aero Award Contract for AH-1Z Components
09-Jan-17 - EASA Approves BLR FastFin for AB412
28-Nov-16 - Tester for Aircraft Survivability Systems
16-Nov-16 - AAR Launches Online Parts Store Worldwide
12-Oct-16 - Tail Skid Weight for Bell 206
11-Oct-16 - Donaldson Aerospace & Defense at Helitech 2016 Helitech 2016
29-Sep-16 - iPad Application for Swedish Police Bell 429
28-Sep-16 - Pall PUREair Dry Barrier Filter for Army Black Hawk
06-Sep-16 - New Vibration Control System for CH-47 Chinook
30-Aug-16 - Brazil Certifies Spray System for R22 LABACE 2016
25-Aug-16 - Oceania Aviation Upgrades Bo105 hoist
17-Aug-16 - Kawak New Fire Bucket Pump Models
26-Jul-16 - Pre-Certification Orders for H125 FastFin System
21-Jul-16 - 407HP Receives FAA Approval for IBF ALEA 2016
15-Jun-16 - LORD AVSC Selected for Korean LCH Helicopter
13-Jun-16 - Bell 212/412 Air Management System Components
28-May-16 - Drallim Cargo Hook Selected For Bell 525
25-May-16 - Heli Support NZ Praises PA100 PUREair System
25-May-16 - Patria Helicopters AB Selects Ramco Software
24-May-16 - India Chinooks with Internal Public Address System
24-May-16 - HeliOffshore Selects Jive Cloud Software Solution
06-Apr-16 - Russian Helicopter Defence System for Export
04-Apr-16 - Preserving Out of Service Helicopters
01-Apr-16 - Fire Attack System for the CH-47D Chinook
16-Mar-16 - Simplex Aerospace Celebrates 70 Anniversary
10-Mar-16 - Precision Aviation Group New Facility in Brazil
03-Mar-16 - Aircraft Tracking Spidertracks Selected by 3 Companies
02-Mar-16 - Detection Kit Finds All Aircraft Fluid Leaks Heli-Expo 2016
02-Mar-16 - FAA Certifies Universal Filter Module for S-61 Heli-Expo 2016
01-Mar-16 - Garmin Unveils Aera 660 Next Generation Navigator Heli-Expo 2016
29-Feb-16 - VIH Aerospace Auxiliary Fuel Tanks for Bristow S-92 Heli-Expo 2016
29-Feb-16 - Trakka A800 Searchlight Gets EASA Certification for AW139 Heli-Expo 2016
28-Feb-16 - 1,000th FastFin Goes to a FAASA Bell 212 Heli-Expo 2016
26-Feb-16 - Sikorsky Collaborates to Improve Safety Heli-Expo 2016
25-Feb-16 - DART Aerospace Two New AW139 Accessories Heli-Expo 2016
24-Feb-16 - FAA Certifies Auxiliary Fuel Tank for R66 Turbine Heli-Expo 2016
24-Feb-16 - EASA Approves HELIFAB S-76 Auxiliary Fuel Tank Heli-Expo 2016
16-Feb-16 - Honeywell Provides Clearer Picture For Helicopter Pilots
03-Feb-16 - Tradewind Accepts Two Large Inventories of Bell Parts
09-Dec-15 - Design Software Used in the Bell V-280 Fuselage
08-Dec-15 - Air Methods Upgrades Its Ramco Software
03-Dec-15 - Cargo Hook Kits for the Bell 204, 205, 212 and 412
24-Nov-15 - Laser and Sound System to Repel Birds from Oil Rigs
19-Nov-15 - AOG Heliservices Partners with LORD Corporation
12-Nov-15 - Donaldson Engine Protection System for AW189
28-Oct-15 - Breeze-Eastern Hoist for USCG MH-65
05-Oct-15 - BLR FastFin System for the AH-1 Cobra Helitech 2015
05-Oct-15 - AB412 FastFin Certified. Agrarflug European Distributor Helitech 2015
17-Sep-15 - Gas Detection System ALMA Certified in Canada
14-Sep-15 - LORD Corp in Partner Alliance with Aero Products
12-Aug-15 - Able Solutions For Bell 412 Pivot Bearing
28-Jul-15 - Onboard Systems R66 Cargo Hook Certified by FAA
12-Jul-15 - Donaldson Barrier Filters for Airborne Law Units ALEA 2015
26-Jun-15 - KRET Has Developed a Laser Guidance System
17-Jun-15 - Russian Defense System President-S Into Production Paris Air Show 2015
17-Jun-15 - Simplex Fire Attack Systems for Chinese AC313
15-Jun-15 - PA100 PUREair System for AS350/H125/EC130
15-Jun-15 - Donaldson S-61 Universal Filter Module
11-Jun-15 - Elbit Systems Introduces BrightNite Paris Air Show 2015
11-Jun-15 - Brazil ANAC Approves R44 Agricultural Spray System
12-May-15 - UH-1 Tailboom Motion Detection System
27-Apr-15 - New Pitch Adjustment Tool tested in USCG Jawhawk
03-Apr-15 - Trakka Searchlight chosen for CHP AS350 Fleet
30-Mar-15 - Breeze-Eastern Delivers 1,000 Rescue Hoist
27-Mar-15 - FAA and EASA Approved Dart R66 Cargo Hook
04-Mar-15 - Donaldson AW139 Inlet Barrier Filter Installation Heli-Expo 2015
03-Mar-15 - BLR Aerospace: 850th FastFin System Heli-Expo 2015
01-Mar-15 - VIH Aerospace Bell 212 Master Caution Panel Heli-Expo 2015
27-Feb-15 - New Accessories for the Bell 429 and Bell 407
26-Feb-15 - Airbus Missile Approach Warning system Upgrade Avalon 2015
25-Feb-15 - Vector Aerospace AS350 Primary Fuel Tank
24-Feb-15 - Helicopter Protection Against RPG grenades
19-Feb-15 - Revue Thommen Searchlight on AS350
18-Feb-15 - Heli-Tech HT400 Compressor Inspection Panel Kit
18-Jan-15 - EC130T2 gets FAA Approval for Donaldson Filter
07-Jan-15 - External Load Weighing System for the Bell 429
12-Oct-14 - First Ten BLR FastFin Systems Arrive in Europe Helitech 2014
28-May-14 - FLIR Star SAFIRE 380-HDc for Norway AW101
20-Feb-14 - PA100 PUREair First Flight on AS350
07-Apr-08 - Rilpa Enterprises Distributor of Onboard Systems
03-Apr-07 - S-92 Proves Capability to Deploy Missile Defense Measure