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    3D Printing for Aviation in Russia, 13-Oct-21 : #3Dprint Russian holding Rostec is now licensed by government for 3D Printing-Based mass production for the aircraft industry

    Engine Inlet Barrier Filter for S-70M, 15-Sep-21 : #BlackHawk Aerometals in California granted Federal Aviation Administration (FAA) Supplemental Type Certificate (STC) for the Sikorsky S-70M Black Hawk Engine Inlet Barrier Filter (EIBF) based on its S-92 model

    New Tailboom for Pinal County UH-1H, 27-Jul-21 : #tailboom Arizona Pinal County Sheriff’s Bell UH-1H Helicopter received from StandardAero the first tailboom modified to be the lightest with the most heavy-lift strength. Modification provides capabilities for flying in the hottest, highest altitudes of the world

    Composite Material Components for MDHI, 21-Jul-21 : #CompositeMaterials Unitech Composites and ACT Aerospace to provide MD Helicopters new composite material components an improved spare parts availability for MD902, MD520N and MD600N NOTAR models

    Modular Center Pedestal Riser for Bell 205/212/412, 17-Jul-21 : #PedestalRiser Alpine Aerotech, a Certified Bell Customer Service Facility in Canada, received Canadian TCCA approval for modular center pedestal riser for Bell models 205, 212 and 412 helicopters

    12-May-21 - Engine Inlet Barrier Filter for H-60 Black Hawk #BlackHawk
    05-May-21 - EASA Certification for Bell 505 Cargo Hook #EASA
    14-Apr-21 - FAA Approval for Bell 212/412 Dual HEC #HumanCargo
    08-Apr-21 - KAflex Drive Shaft for Bell 212/412 #driveshaft
    24-Mar-21 - LED Pos/Nav/Strobe Lights for AW139 #lighting
    10-Feb-21 - USB Charger Replacement for H145 #USB
    25-Jan-21 - Enhanced Main Rotor Bearing for AS350 / H125 #bearing
    12-Jan-21 - Spare Parts Inventory for Bristow Fleet #parts
    05-Jan-21 - Dismantling A109 for Spare Parts #SpareParts
    10-Nov-20 - AS350 for Parts or Sale #AS350
    13-Oct-20 - SPAES is EASA Part 21G Production Organisation #Part21G
    27-Sep-20 - 3D Printed Gear for Seahawks Communications Upgrade
    13-Sep-20 - Global AirParts First AW139 Part Out Project #parts
    03-Sep-20 - Cargo Hook for Commercial Black Hawk #BlackHawk
    12-Aug-20 - Bell Replacement Crew Door Rod Assembly #door
    04-Jun-20 - Triumph Subsystems for Future Navy Trainer #suppliers
    17-Feb-20 - Able Aerospace New MRO Machining Capacity #parts
    29-Jan-20 - New Parts Distributor for S-61 Heli-Expo 2020
    28-Jan-20 - Aerometals EIBF for Commercial Black Hawk Heli-Expo 2020
    27-Jan-20 - Boost HEC Systems at Heli-Expo 2020 Heli-Expo 2020
    24-Jan-20 - AEM Loudspeaker System for S-70i Firehawk #Loudspeaker
    09-Jan-20 - Metal 3D Parts Printing in India #Metal3DPrinting
    11-Dec-19 - PZL Świdnik Completed First Parts for Polish AW101 #AW101
    10-Oct-19 - New Ultra-Fast, 60-Watt, USB-PD Charging Ports #UltraFastUSB
    24-Sep-19 - Faraday Cages for MQ-8C Fire Scout #FireScout
    27-Aug-19 - Boost Human Cargo Systems New Vendor #HEC
    19-Aug-19 - Trakkabeam A800 Searchlight for UH-60M #BlackHawk
    15-Aug-19 - Remote Keeperless Cargo Hook Upgrade Kit #hook
    09-Aug-19 - Weighing System Cockpit Indicator for H125 #SlingLoad
    08-Aug-19 - UH-60 Beam Modification Kit Certification #Beam
    07-Aug-19 - Surefire Cargo Hook Kits Certified for Bell Models #CargoHook
    01-Aug-19 - Medium Bell Replacement Crew Door Rod Assembly #parts
    12-Jul-19 - Heli-Parts Nevada Acquired by Salus Aviation #parts
    17-Jun-19 - Donaldson at Paris Air Show 2019 Paris Air Show 2019
    02-Apr-19 - Emergency Locator Transmitter #Locator
    01-Apr-19 - Astronics Power Conversion Products #PowerConversion
    07-Mar-19 - Adapter Plates for Medical AS365 #medical
    05-Mar-19 - Filtration System for Bell 525 Heli-Expo 2019
    05-Mar-19 - Engine Inlet Barrier Filter for the H225 Heli-Expo 2019
    03-Mar-19 - Dual Cargo Hook Kit for MD500 Get Certification #CargoHook
    03-Mar-19 - New AS350 Tail Rotor Bearing by Lord Corp #Bearing
    01-Mar-19 - PAG to Support LORD Elastomeric Components #elastomeric
    19-Dec-18 - Oceania Aviation Partners Air Methods for Bk117 Parts #Bk117
    08-Dec-18 - R66 Agricultural Spray System from Simplex #spray
    18-Nov-18 - Thommen AVLight X Multipurpose Aviation Flashlight #Flashlight
    15-Oct-18 - Donaldson IBF for AW189 Certified by EASA Helitech 2018
    18-Sep-18 - AS350 Stainless Steel Heater Line Kits #AS350
    15-Sep-18 - Certification for Super Puma Weighing System #Weighing
    22-Aug-18 - Bell 412HP/EP Enhanced Main Driveshaft Transmission #Bell412
    21-Aug-18 - FAA Approves Robinson R66 Cargo Hook #ExternalLoad
    16-Aug-18 - New Cable Cutter System for H130 / EC130 #safety
    06-Aug-18 - Aerometals H130/EC130T2 IBF System #parts
    06-Aug-18 - Pulselite Bird Strike Prevention System for Bell 407 #accessories
    13-Jul-18 - Bell 505 Accessory Offerings #accessories
    11-Jul-18 - GVH Hoist Light for Australian EC135 Trainer #accessories
    18-Jun-18 - Inlet Barrier Filters for AW169 #accessories
    18-Jun-18 - Ballistic Protection System Panel Sets for V-22 Osprey #aircraft
    07-Jun-18 - Sikorsky Forward Stocking Location in Brazil #parts
    22-May-18 - FAA Certification for Bell 505 Cargo Hook
    02-May-18 - Embedded Inertial Sensors by LORD Corp
    23-Apr-18 - Donaldson Inlet Barrier Filters for H125 in China
    04-Apr-18 - Wireless Shock and Vibration Sensor
    04-Apr-18 - AMETEK Aftermarket Distributor
    03-Apr-18 - LORD Distribution Agreement in Australia
    03-Apr-18 - H125 / AS350 Spray System By Oceania Aviation #accessories
    29-Mar-18 - Camera Single and Dual Pole Mount
    26-Feb-18 - Hong Kong Approved Donaldson IBF for MD900 Heli-Expo 2018
    26-Feb-18 - Donaldson 9,000th Inlet Barrier Filter for Robinson Heli-Expo 2018
    26-Feb-18 - Torque Enstrom Mast Nut in Less than 5 Minutes Heli-Expo 2018
    23-Feb-18 - Bell 407 Exhaust Duct Repair Heli-Expo 2018
    16-Feb-18 - R66 Cargo Hook Heli-Expo 2018
    13-Feb-18 - Wire Strike Protection for R66
    13-Feb-18 - Human External Cargo For Bell 407 and AS350
    09-Feb-18 - Liebherr-Aerospace Heating Valves for the H160
    31-Jan-18 - Torquing the EC145 Mast Nut
    05-Oct-17 - EASA Certification for A800 Searchlight on Bell 212/412 Helitech 2017
    17-Aug-17 - Cable Cutter System Saves Lives
    03-Aug-17 - Innovative Bell 206L Exhaust Duct Repair
    02-Aug-17 - Crashworthy Fuel System for MD369FF
    02-Aug-17 - Inlet Barrier Filters for Bell 505
    25-Jul-17 - Canada Approves IBF for AS350 and EC130
    06-Jun-17 - Portable Oil Lab Q5800 at HeliOffshore Conference
    17-May-17 - BK117 B2 Cargo Hook and Mirror Kit
    04-May-17 - Bell 407 Cargo Hook Surefire Certified by FAA
    19-Apr-17 - MD500 Cargo Hook Kits Receive FAA Certification
    11-Apr-17 - Onboard Systems Hook Kits for AW169 and AW101
    08-Mar-17 - NLR Designs Large Composite Aircraft Part Heli-Expo 2017
    05-Mar-17 - Illuminated Bumper for Breeze-Eastern Rescue Hooks Heli-Expo 2017
    05-Mar-17 - East/West Industries Opens New Facility Heli-Expo 2017
    28-Feb-17 - Jenoptik SkyHoist 800 Rescue Hoist Heli-Expo 2017
    23-Feb-17 - DART Aerospace at Heli-Expo 2017 Heli-Expo 2017
    01-Feb-17 - Pulselite Bird Strike Prevention System
    24-Jan-17 - EASA Approves Aero Design Cyclic Friction for Bell 206/407
    17-Jan-17 - CPI Aero Award Contract for AH-1Z Components
    09-Jan-17 - EASA Approves BLR FastFin for AB412
    28-Nov-16 - Tester for Aircraft Survivability Systems
    16-Nov-16 - AAR Launches Online Parts Store Worldwide
    12-Oct-16 - Tail Skid Weight for Bell 206
    11-Oct-16 - Donaldson Aerospace & Defense at Helitech 2016 Helitech 2016
    29-Sep-16 - iPad Application for Swedish Police Bell 429
    28-Sep-16 - Pall PUREair Dry Barrier Filter for Army Black Hawk
    06-Sep-16 - New Vibration Control System for CH-47 Chinook
    30-Aug-16 - Brazil Certifies Spray System for R22 LABACE 2016
    25-Aug-16 - Oceania Aviation Upgrades Bo105 hoist
    17-Aug-16 - Kawak New Fire Bucket Pump Models
    26-Jul-16 - Pre-Certification Orders for H125 FastFin System
    21-Jul-16 - 407HP Receives FAA Approval for IBF ALEA 2016
    15-Jun-16 - LORD AVSC Selected for Korean LCH Helicopter
    13-Jun-16 - Bell 212/412 Air Management System Components
    28-May-16 - Drallim Cargo Hook Selected For Bell 525
    25-May-16 - Heli Support NZ Praises PA100 PUREair System
    25-May-16 - Patria Helicopters AB Selects Ramco Software
    24-May-16 - India Chinooks with Internal Public Address System
    24-May-16 - HeliOffshore Selects Jive Cloud Software Solution
    06-Apr-16 - Russian Helicopter Defence System for Export
    04-Apr-16 - Preserving Out of Service Helicopters
    01-Apr-16 - Fire Attack System for the CH-47D Chinook
    16-Mar-16 - Simplex Aerospace Celebrates 70 Anniversary
    10-Mar-16 - Precision Aviation Group New Facility in Brazil
    02-Mar-16 - Detection Kit Finds All Aircraft Fluid Leaks Heli-Expo 2016
    02-Mar-16 - FAA Certifies Universal Filter Module for S-61 Heli-Expo 2016
    01-Mar-16 - Garmin Unveils Aera 660 Next Generation Navigator Heli-Expo 2016
    29-Feb-16 - Trakka A800 Searchlight Gets EASA Certification for AW139 Heli-Expo 2016
    28-Feb-16 - 1,000th FastFin Goes to a FAASA Bell 212 Heli-Expo 2016
    26-Feb-16 - Sikorsky Collaborates to Improve Safety Heli-Expo 2016
    25-Feb-16 - DART Aerospace Two New AW139 Accessories Heli-Expo 2016
    16-Feb-16 - Honeywell Provides Clearer Picture For Helicopter Pilots
    03-Feb-16 - Tradewind Accepts Two Large Inventories of Bell Parts
    09-Dec-15 - Design Software Used in the Bell V-280 Fuselage
    08-Dec-15 - Air Methods Upgrades Its Ramco Software
    03-Dec-15 - Cargo Hook Kits for the Bell 204, 205, 212 and 412
    24-Nov-15 - Laser and Sound System to Repel Birds from Oil Rigs
    19-Nov-15 - AOG Heliservices Partners with LORD Corporation
    12-Nov-15 - Donaldson Engine Protection System for AW189
    28-Oct-15 - Breeze-Eastern Hoist for USCG MH-65
    05-Oct-15 - BLR FastFin System for the AH-1 Cobra Helitech 2015
    05-Oct-15 - AB412 FastFin Certified. Agrarflug European Distributor Helitech 2015
    17-Sep-15 - Gas Detection System ALMA Certified in Canada
    14-Sep-15 - LORD Corp in Partner Alliance with Aero Products
    12-Aug-15 - Able Solutions For Bell 412 Pivot Bearing
    28-Jul-15 - Onboard Systems R66 Cargo Hook Certified by FAA
    12-Jul-15 - Donaldson Barrier Filters for Airborne Law Units ALEA 2015
    26-Jun-15 - KRET Has Developed a Laser Guidance System
    17-Jun-15 - Russian Defense System President-S Into Production Paris Air Show 2015
    17-Jun-15 - Simplex Fire Attack Systems for Chinese AC313
    15-Jun-15 - PA100 PUREair System for AS350/H125/EC130
    15-Jun-15 - Donaldson S-61 Universal Filter Module
    11-Jun-15 - Elbit Systems Introduces BrightNite Paris Air Show 2015
    11-Jun-15 - Brazil ANAC Approves R44 Agricultural Spray System
    12-May-15 - UH-1 Tailboom Motion Detection System
    27-Apr-15 - New Pitch Adjustment Tool tested in USCG Jawhawk
    03-Apr-15 - Trakka Searchlight chosen for CHP AS350 Fleet
    30-Mar-15 - Breeze-Eastern Delivers 1,000 Rescue Hoist
    27-Mar-15 - FAA and EASA Approved Dart R66 Cargo Hook
    04-Mar-15 - Donaldson AW139 Inlet Barrier Filter Installation Heli-Expo 2015
    03-Mar-15 - BLR Aerospace: 850th FastFin System Heli-Expo 2015
    01-Mar-15 - VIH Aerospace Bell 212 Master Caution Panel Heli-Expo 2015
    27-Feb-15 - New Accessories for the Bell 429 and Bell 407
    26-Feb-15 - Airbus Missile Approach Warning system Upgrade Avalon 2015
    24-Feb-15 - Helicopter Protection Against RPG grenades
    19-Feb-15 - Revue Thommen Searchlight on AS350
    18-Feb-15 - Heli-Tech HT400 Compressor Inspection Panel Kit
    18-Jan-15 - EC130T2 gets FAA Approval for Donaldson Filter
    07-Jan-15 - External Load Weighing System for the Bell 429
    12-Oct-14 - First Ten BLR FastFin Systems Arrive in Europe Helitech 2014
    20-Feb-14 - PA100 PUREair First Flight on AS350
    07-Apr-08 - Rilpa Enterprises Distributor of Onboard Systems
    03-Apr-07 - S-92 Proves Capability to Deploy Missile Defense Measure