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    Year 2010 accidents

    List of helicopter accidents

    Aerospatiale Alouette II 1
    Aerospatiale AS332 Super Puma 1
    Aerospatiale AS350 Ecureuil 3
    Aerospatiale Gazelle 1
    Agusta A109 1
    Agusta A109E Power 1
    Agusta AB212 2
    Agusta AB412 1
    AgustaWestland AW109 3
    AgustaWestland AW139 2
    AgustaWestland EH101 1
    Bell 204 1
    Bell 205 3
    Bell 206 7
    Bell 212 1
    Bell 214 1
    Bell 222 3
    Bell 407 1
    Bell 412 4
    Bell 427 1
    Bell V-22 Osprey 1
    Boeing 414 - H-47D Chinook 1
    Boeing AH-64D Apache 2
    Boeing CH-47F Chinook 1
    Breda Nardi NH500 1
    Eurocopter AS350 Ecureuil 9
    Eurocopter AS355 Ecureuil 2 1
    Eurocopter AS365 Dauphin 2 1
    Eurocopter EC120 1
    Eurocopter EC135 1
    Eurocopter EC145 1
    Guimbal Cabri G2 1
    MBB Bk117 1
    MBB Bo105 1
    McDonnell Douglas md500 2
    McDonnell Douglas MD520N 1
    McDonnell Douglas MD900 Explorer 1
    MD Helicopters MD600N 1
    Mil Mi-26 Halo 1
    Mil Mi-8/17 Hip (2nd Gen) 1
    Robinson R22 1
    Robinson R44 2
    Schweizer 269C / 300 1
    Sikorsky S-61 H-3 1
    Sikorsky S-70 H-60 7
    Turkish Aerospace Industries T129 1
    Westland Lynx 1

    2010 204b 2053 AT OE-XBT : Heli Austria GmbH; w/o 23jul10 crashed transporting concrete for building work in mountainous region near Dienten am Hochkönig, Salzburg, Austria. 1 fatality
    2010 206a 487 PR-HQB : xfer Brazil as PR- HQB, unk; w/o ivo Federal University of Sergipe, at Aracaju, BZ 21Dec10.
    2010 206b-2 1226 C-GCHB : xfer Essential Helicopters as C-GCHB, unk; The helicopter hit a communications tower before it crashed to the ground near Elk Lake in Ontario. The aircraft was destroyed and the two occupants were fatally injured. w/o 23Jul10
    2010 206b-2 1468 SX-HEV : w/o 05aug10 hit power lines at Kastellakia, Rethumnon, Crete, Greece
    2010 206b-2 1613 YV2191 : ex N297CP Helibase 99 inc; 19feb10 in flight from Base Miranda to Yaracal crash near Carayaca, Caracas Venezuela 4 fatalities
    2010 206b-3 2956 US N302MG : Helicopter Applicators from Apr07; w/o 19jul10 during agricultural survey hit powerlines at Roseville, PA. Autorotate and impacted on river. pilot uninjured
    2010 206b-3 4198 N527TK Patoair Inc: w/o 29jul10 crash on Rio de la Plata on route from Montevideo,ROU-San Fernando,ARG. The passenger, an adviser to the Uruguayan president, died.
    2010 212 30938 MX XA-IUR : Heliservicio; w/o 15oct10 crash at Las Choapas, Veracruz. 8 fatalities
    2010 214B 28048 CA C-GTWV : Transwest Helicopters from May03; w/o 29jul10 at Yalokom Valley, near Lillooet, BC
    2010 222ut 47515 US N515MK : ex JA9959, N911MK; w/o 02jun10 at Midlothian, Texas. 2 fatalities
    2010 222ut 47536 YV2223 : xfer Venezuela as YV2223, unk; w/o near La Cava Colonia Tovar, Bolivia, 06May10.
    2010 222ut 47556 HK-3262 : Bell 1222UT, cn47556, ff:?; del Vertical de Aviación, Colombia as HK-3262, unk; w/o collided with a MDH/Hughes 500/530 of the Colombian Air Force and crashed while performing maneuvers on a military garrison located very near the town of Chaparral, Tolima, 20Apr10.
    2010 300c S1778 AR PA-92 : PNA. d/d 1999. ex N2049S. w/o 19jan2010 near San Fernando. Two fatalities
    2010 407 53074 HR-BKH : private Honduras; w/o 23apr10 hit power cables near Francisco Morazan (El Cajon) dam. 2 onboard minor injuries
    2010 412ep 36121 JP JA6796 : Japan Coast Guard /MH796 from Feb97, Bell serial N92155; w/o 18aug10 off Kagawa, Shikoku. 5 fatalities
    2010 412ep 36240 MX XA-UNI : ASESA, w/o 13nov10 crashed in mountainous terrain near Trujillo, Colombia. 3 fatalities
    2010 412ep 36337 CA : Rotor Link in Canada has the fusalage. The flight controls and some other parts were refurbishied and used in a simulator
    2010 412ep 36510 MX 1208 : Shot down near Culiacan, Sinaloa
    2010 427 56002 CZ OK-AHB : Alfa Helicopter Ambulance, Czech Republic; w/o crash in dense fog
    2010 A109a-II 7285 HB-ZIP : ex I-GATE; w/o 01mar10 at Bernina Pass, Graubünden Switzerland
    2010 a109e 11089 N962MS : Middlegate at New York 2002, rtn XA-LSA
    2010 a109luh 13672 ZA 4022 : SAAF 17 sqd; w/o 12may09 crashed into the Woodstock Dam while enroute to a mountain flying exercise. 3 killed
    2010 ab212asw 5210 VE ARV-0308 : Armada d/d 1980; w/o 14sep10 at sea off Playa Valdez
    2010 ab212asw 5564 ES HA.18-8 : Marina 01-312. ex Z.18-8; w/o 16apr10 in Haiti, 4 fatalities
    2010 ab412ep 25916 IT I-VFOT : VF-64; w/o 17mar10 lago Bracciano, Lazio
    2010 ah-64d HA010 GR ES1030 : AH-64DHA. BuNo 03-01030. ex N5018K; 2TEEP; May 2010 pictured at Megara airbase; 23jun10 pictured again at Megara about one month before crash with same pilot; w/o 30jul10 during a daylight training flight killing the crew; helo without Longbow Radar
    2010 ah-64d SN020 SG 069 : 30sep10 3.30pm tail broken into two parts after emergency landing at open field next to Woodlands Avenue 12. No injuries. Recovered and brought back to Sembawang AB about 8pm
    2010 as332L 2097 JP JA9635 : Asahi; w/o 26sep10 at Yaku-shima Island, Kagoshima Prefecture, Japan
    2010 as350b1 1996 MC 3A-MTP : conv as350b2; ex I-LOLO; 22apr10 pictured at Monaco; w/o 07dec10 crashed in mountainous area during survey mission at Mercantour France, 3 onboard killed
    2010 as350b2 2418 N157BC : Ge Business Financial Services from Nov07; w/o 05feb10 El Paso Texas 3 fatalities
    2010 as350b2 3497 US N91DK : DeKalb County Police Dept at Tucker, GA from Nov02; w/o at Covington Municipal airport
    2010 as350b3 4364 DE OE-XOH : HTM Helicopter Travel Munich; w/o 06oct10 Gotzenalm, Berchtesgaden, Germany
    2010 as350b3 4524 EC-KUJ : HeliTecnics; w/o 17aug10 at Bakhta Corso, 6km S Boumerdes, Algeria. 2 fatalities
    2010 as350b3 4624 US N855HW : Hospital Wing, Memphis Medical Center Air Ambulance Service, ex N4624R; w/o 25mar10 impacted terrain near Brownsville, Tennessee
    2010 as350b3 4698 US N509AM : Air Methods Corp /LifeNet 12; w/o 28jul10 Tucson, Arizona. 3 fatalities
    2010 as350b3 4700 ES EC-LBF : Sky Helicopteros, test serial F-WEVO; w/o 23may10 at Becerril de la Sierra, Madrid
    2010 as350b3 4828 NP 9N-AIX : Fishtail Air; ex F-OKFC; w/o 07nov10 crashed near the base camp at Mount Ama Dablam, Solukhumbu, Nepal. 2 fatalities
    2010 as355f2 5480 UK G-SEWP : Gryphon Aviation Llp from Jul08; Police Service of Northern Ireland (PSNI); w/o 28oct10 at Shanlieve Hill, Mourne Mountains, Northern Ireland; canc Jul11
    2010 as365n3 6729 JP JA31TM : Saitama Prefecture Disaster Prevention Air Corps from Jan06, test serial F-WWOD; w/o 25jul10 near Takigawa. 5 fatalities
    2010 aw109e 11211 MY 9M-BOA : Bomba d/d 2004; w/o 16sep10 10am during thick mist in a Bukit Lada rubber plantation in Felcra Kuala Kaung, near Lanchang, Pahang. based in Subang, was doing aerial monitoring of traffic flow on the East Coast Expressway. 3 injuries
    2010 aw109e 11511 NG 06 : Nigerian Navy, w/o 26jan10, 4 fatalities

    2010 aw139 31222 HK B-MHJ : After turning upside down in Hong Kong harbour, B-MHJ was written off and scrapped
    2010 aw139 31228 ES EC-KYR : SASEMAR 207, test serial I-RAIR; w/o ditch into sea near Almeria. 3 fatalities
    2010 bk117a1 7033 ZA ZS-HMY : two helicopters were dispatched and one of them, ZS-HMY police helicopter crashed on a field and burned when en route to a robbery. The other chopper continued the mission.
    2010 105c S-86 AR LV-WJX : w/o 18jun10 crash near Villa Martelli Buenos Aires. 2 fatalities
    2010 Cabri G2 1007 DE D-HETA : Operated by Motorflug Baden-Baden on behalf of Eurocopter
    2010 ch-47d M.3085 CA 147202 : ex BuNo 84-24181. CAF d/d 2009 in Afghanistan; w/o 05aug10 brought down by enemy small arms fire and immediately burst into flames upon landing 20 km SW of Kandahar city
    2010 ch-47f M.8048 US 08-08048 : US Army; 6-101st Avn B co; 08dec09 pictured at Fort Campbell Army Airfield Kentucky on a ceremony marking the completion of the delivery of 12 CH-47F to the unit; w/o 26jul10 hit a wall during landing in Kabul, Afghanistan
    2010 cv-22b D1012 US 06-0031 : 8th SOS visit Lajes
    2010 EC120B 1379 D-HHLF Heli Flight: crash 02apr10 at Rotterdam, Netherlands, 2 injured
    2010 ec130b4 4471 UR-IVAN : w/o 08may10 Yalta, Ukraine
    2010 ec135t1 0094 N127TS Services Group Of America Inc: w/o 14feb10 Cave Creek Arizona 5 fatalities
    2010 hb350b 2210 BR EB-1011 : Exercito HA-1 type; w/o 10feb10
    2010 hb350ba 2762 BR EB-1029 : Exercito HA-1 type; w/o 10mar10
    2010 hh-60g 70-1424 US 89-26201 : w/o crashed in southeastern Afghanistan. 5 killed, 2 wounded
    2010 hh-60j 70-1699 US 6017 : w/o 07jul10 en route from Astoria, Oregon to Coast Guard station Sitka, Alaska went down in the water at about 945 am near James Island after clipping marked power lines that extends from the island to LaPush, Washington. 3 fatalities
    2010 hh-60j 70-1787 US 6028 : w/o 03mar10 crashed in a remote snowy ridge of Silver Meadows, Utah. Two crew serious injured, one minor and two unhurt. Was traveling with another one to its home base CGAS Elizabeth City, NC after providing security for the Olympic Winter Games in Vancouver, Canada. Aircraft Stricken from Inventory
    2010 md500e 0365E G-VICE : 24 May 2010, seriously damaged during a wire-strike while landing at Poundsgate, Devon.
    2010 369f 0125FF CL H133 : Ejercito, ex N9208Z; w/o 26mar10, 2 injured
    2010 md520n LN107 NZ ZK-HYY : w/o 27sep10 Mount Ajax, New Zealand
    2010 md600n RN055 D-HHWR : Sky Heli GbR; w/o 28dec10 near Jena
    2010 md902 900/00087 DE D-HPND : w/o 12jan10 near Elze in der Wedemark
    2010 hc.3 50199 UK ZJ138 : RAF HC.3 d/d 22nov02; w/o heavy landing at Camp Bastion, Afghanistan; 2011 str UK
    2010 mh-60s US 167850 : received aircraft in fall of 2009. During log run in training mission in West Virginia, impacted mountain due to weather & possible overload of passengers. No fatalities. 2 Minor injuries. Aircraft recovered.
    2010 mi-17-1v 95663 MX PF-203 : Policia Federal; w/o 03may10; to be confirmed
    2010 mi-26 34001212171 IN Z3076 : IAF /D; w/o 14dec10
    2010 NH500E 234 IT MM81296 : AMI 72-33; w/o 12may10
    2010 oh-58a 40419 N9286U : 1997 new private; 02feb10 w/o
    2010 beta 1400 FR F-GJBD : Ixair?; w/o Choisel, training flight from Toussus-le-Noble
    2010 astro 0024 NO LN-OCV : w/o 27jan10 fatal crash near Horten, Norway
    2010 raven II 12138 D-HMMB : Heli-Life International GmbH; w/o 24oct10 tail rotor hit trees at Altenbeken near Paderborn, Germany
    2010 S-61N 61-714 KR HL9287 : South Korea, Tongil Air; w/o 27feb10, burnt out after emergency landing
    2010 s-70a-28 70-1966 TR J-1966 : Jandarma; w/o 10jun10
    2010 sa315b 2624 CH HB-XND : Air Zermatt; w/o 05jun10 at Monte Rosa Hutte, Gde Zermatt, VS
    2010 ht.2 1757 UR-MANN : ex XZ940; ex G-CBBV; w/o 26dec10
    2010 mk99a 399 KR 99-0726 : w/o 15apr10 while recon flight. Pilot entered spatial disorientation and crashed into the sea south west of Mokpo. 4 crew KIA
    2010 t129 P1 IT CSX81723 : AgustaWestland, w/o 19mar10
    2010 uh-1h 11705 NZ NZ3806 : w/o 25apr10 en route from Ohakea to Wellington to take part in an Anzac Day flypast crashed near Pukera Bay, aircraft destroyed. 3 Fatal, 1 Injured
    2010 uh-1h 13558 BR 8689 : FAB. w/o 05feb10 during take off crash over two vehicles at Hospital Regional de Mato Grosso do Sul Rosa Pedrossian. no fatalities
    2010 uh-1h PY H-0437 : Paraguay d/d Apr07, ex Taiwan; w/o 03oct10
    2010 uh-60a 70-1149 US 87-24621 : w/o 03feb10 5-158th AVN, Viernheim, Germany
    2010 uh-60l US 93-26517 : US Army; w/o 21sep10 5-101stAVN Zabul province, Afghanistan
    2010 uh-72a 9237 US 08-72069 : US Army; ex 07-2069; Puerto Rico Army National Guard w/o 20dec10 crash in the water off the coast of Rio Grande on route from San Juan to Vieques. 6 fatalities. First major mishap of a UH-72A
        83 C/N found.

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