Helicopter Accidents


Year 2015 accidents

List of helicopter accidents

Aerospatiale Alouette II 2
Aerospatiale AS332 Super Puma 1
Aerospatiale AS350 Ecureuil 5
Aerospatiale Gazelle 3
Aerospatiale SA330 Puma 2
Aerospatiale SA365 Dauphin 2 1
Agusta A109 Hirundo 1
Agusta A109E Power 1
Agusta AB205 3
Agusta AB412 1
AgustaWestland AW109 2
AgustaWestland AW119 Koala 1
AgustaWestland AW139 1
AgustaWestland AW609 1
Airbus Helicopters as350 1
Bell 204 1
Bell 205 9
Bell 206 20
Bell 212 1
Bell 222 1
Bell 407 6
Bell 412 2
Bell 429 1
Bell 430 1
Bell UH-1Y Venom 2
Bell V-22 Osprey 1
Boeing AH-64D Apache 2
Enstrom 280 2
Enstrom 480 1
Enstrom f-28 1
Eurocopter AS350 Ecureuil 29
Eurocopter AS365 Dauphin 2 5
Eurocopter EC135 2
Eurocopter Super Puma/Cougar 3
Guimbal Cabri G2 1
HAL cheetah 1
HAL Dhruv 2
Hughes 269 1
Hughes 369 / 500 / H-6 4
Kawasaki Heavy Industries OH-1 1
McDonnell Douglas md500 2
McDonnell Douglas MD600N 1
MD Helicopters MD500 2
Mil Mi-2 Hoplite 1
Mil Mi-28 Havoc 1
Mil Mi-8 Hip (1st Gen) 6
Mil Mi-8/17 Hip (2nd Gen) 2
Mil Mi-8/17 Hip (3rd Gen) 3
PZL W-3 Sokol 1
Robinson R22 19
Robinson R44 26
Robinson R66 2
Rotorway exec 2
Schiebel Camcopter S-100 1
Schweizer 269C / 300 8
Sikorsky S-70 H-60 6
Sikorsky S-76 1
Sikorsky S-80 H-53E 1
Westland Scout 1

2015 205A 30009 C-FTGK : Airspan Helicopters at Sechelt, BC Feb/Apr 2012
2015 205A-1 30266 ID HA-5066 : Indonesian Army (TNI-AD); w/o 21apr15 at Ahmad Yani Army airbase, Semarang
2015 206b-2 1155 ZA ZS-HDW : Henley Air, South Africa; w/o 05oct15 struck a pole while installing antennas at Bochum, Limpopo. 2 fatalities
2015 206b-2 1303 VE GN-7429 : Guardia Nacional; 31aug83 dam, repaired; Apr98 reser to GNBV-7429; 2015 as GNB-7429; w/o 28dec15 at Paraguachon
2015 206b-2 1401 G-RAMY : w/o 06jun15 at 33rd Milestone, Baldwin Valley, Mountain Road, Isle of Man. 1 fatality
2015 206b-2 1884 C-GYBK : Société de Gestion Pragy Inc at Sept-îles, QC from Jun09, op by Heli-North; w/o 02sep15 near Sept Iles. 2 fatalities
2015 206b-2 1958 N206ED : Hawkeye Helicopter Llc at Wellsville, KS from Jan13; w/o 29may15 Michigan
2015 206b-2 2025 N43CM : DC Helicopters at Wilmington, DE from Jun13; w/o 24mar15 near James Island, Maryland
2015 206b-3 3624 N22743 : Applebee Aviation; w/o 02nov15 Agricultural tasks at Sheridan, Polk County, OR
2015 206b-3 3626 N648CA : Chem-air Inc at Shreveport, LA from Jul09; w/o 24sep15 at Tyler County, W of Woodville, TX
2015 206b-3 3745 5Y-MWK : Keys Aviation Company, Kenya; w/o 07jul15 Leguruki section of Meru
2015 206b-3 4229 LV-VFD : 21dec15 pictured (pic2) after salvage from the Potrerillos dam by divers of the Argentine Navy rescue service ( Servicio de Salvamento de la Armada, SISA )
2015 206b-3 4405 YV2349 : Compañía SS Ferrominera Orinoco, Venezuela; w/o 09sep15 ditch in Orinoco river near Curiapo, Municipalidad de Antonio Diaz
2015 206b-3 4477 PT-YDY : Lotear Empreendimento Imobiliária Ltda; w/o 16jun15 Mata dos Palmitos, Santa Rita de Ouro Preto , Minas Gerais. 3 fatalities
2015 206b-3 4542 TW B-31127 : Emerald Pacific Airlines; w/o 22nov15 New Taipei City, Banqiao, Taiwan. 2 fatalities
2015 206l-1 45227 TG-MIX : Guatemala from 1998; w/o 07aug15 at Petén Itzá lake
2015 206l-1 45560 US N50KH : w/o 30mar15 Harrison County, ENE of Saucier, Mississippi. 2 fatalities. Contracted by USFS
2015 206l-3 51536 BR PP-ELA : Polícia Militar de Alagoas (PMAL) w/o 23sep15 at Maceió, Alagoas. 4 fatalities
2015 206l-4 52106 P2-HFZ : Helifix PNG; w/o 15feb15 Bobcat-1, Wabo area NW Kerema, Gulf Province, Papua New Guinea
2015 206l-4 52182 CC-APP : Inversiones Santa Francisca, Chile; w/o 31mar15 near Copiapó. 4 fatalities including relative of Chilean President Michelle Bachelet
2015 206l-4 52214 YN-ISA : Helinica / Nicaragua SA; w/o 17nov15 Near Santa-Fe bridge, San Juan river, Southern Nicaragua. 4 fatalities including ex-minister Antonio Lacayo Oyanguren
2015 212 31286 MX 1474 : w/o 26aug15 pictured rolled over during forced landing near San Francisco Zacacalco
2015 222ut 47522 9G-AEM : w/o Jun15 crashed in Ghana. Scrapped
2015 269B 21-0459 N9567F : w/o East Eustis, Lake County, FL after taking off from Umatilla Municipal Airport
2015 280c 1187 VH-YHD : w/o 28feb15 at Deception Bay, QLD, Australia
2015 280fx 2002 N86235 : New Course Aviation Co at Golden, CO from Aug14; Mountain One Helicopters; w/o during training. 2 fatalities
2015 300c S1263 I-GASF : Elicuneo, Italy; w/o 29jul15 during agricultural spraying at Gratosoglio
2015 300c S1494 G-STEP : Sôr Air Sociedade de Aeronáutica, Portugal from Sep13; w/o during training at Ponte de Sor
2015 300c S1516 D-HHLB : Schönhagen Airfield, 2012; w/o 12sep15 at Delitzsch
2015 300c S1537 N290R : Oregon Roses Inc at Forest Grove, OR from Jun91; w/o 18sep15 spraying crops N of Forest Grove, OR
2015 300c S1619 N17YS : w/o North Las Vegas airport
2015 300c S1804 C-GNET : 535584 Yukon Inc at Dawson City, YK from Jul15; w/o 22sep15 badly damaged during landing 53m S Dawson City
2015 300cbi 0015 JA7926 : Japan; w/o 07jun15 Greenpia Miki, Miki city, Hyogo prefecture
2015 300cbi 0053 N20059 : Fly North Inc from Jul11; w/o 01feb15 at Black River NW Carthage, New York
2015 369d 1170220D ES EC-LXF : Helitrans Pyrinees; w/o 19may15 ditched into the sea 5m SE Pinedo, Valencia. No fatalities
2015 369d 18-0256D US N555JC : Haverfield International Inc at Gettysburg, PA from May12; w/o 06apr15 impacted Tennessee River Lauderdale County, Natchez Trace Parkway bridge, Alabama
2015 369d 41-0942D C-FOHE : Oceanview Helicopters at Powell River, BC from Jan 98; w/o 22oct15 wirestrike during work on power lines at North Saskatchewan River near Paynton, Saskatchewan. 2 fatalities
2015 369hs 21-0293S N9068F : Whirlwide Helicopters at Port Vila, Vanuatu from May08; w/o 02sep15 crash in water 200m Pago Pago, American Samoa. 1 fatality
2015 407 53069 US N311RL : GM Leasing at Broussard, LA from Mar15; w/o 28jun15 blown off the side of the platform 127 near Baton Rouge, LA, Gulf of Mexico
2015 407 53141 PG P2-HCB : Hevilift; w/o 22jul15, N of Ok-Tedi mine site
2015 407 53450 N408FC : SkyLife ambulance; w/o 10dec15 at Bakersfield, CA. 4 fatalities
2015 407 53794 ZS-RRJ : w/o crash landing flying from Johannesburg (FAGM) to Vereeniging. Went down over R59
2015 407 54030 IQ YI-125 : Iraqui Army Aviation, BuNo 09-00125; w/o 28sep15 shot down in the southern province of Salah al-Din, near Tikrit
2015 407gx 54478 CN B-7702 : Chongqing General Aviation, test serial C-GZEU; w/o 13sep15 at Hucao village, Liangping County during TV filming. 4 fatalities
2015 412 33061 US N412LA : LACoFD; w/o 16aug15 hard landing in a cemetery near the Rio Hondo River in Montebello, CA
2015 412sp 33131 HN FAH-977 : FAH; w/o 24oct15 crashed into trees on takeoff from a sports field at La Labor, Ocotepeque during Corn Festival / Festival del Maiz celebration
2015 429 57046 MX XC-VVE : Gobierno de Chihuahua VIP; w/o 14aug15 hard landing at Sierra Tarahumara, Balleza with Governor Cesar Duarte aboard
2015 430 49039 MX XC-VER : w/o 06oct15 in Veracruz, 2 fatalities
2015 480 5034 G-IGHH : Raw Sports Ltd from Nov07; w/o 09sep15 at Church Farm, Station Road, Aldbury, near Tring, Hertfordshire
2015 a109e 11023 IR EP-TRK : Down in Persian Gulf when carrying two men from oil rig near khark to a hospital. tail of heli found in sae.
2015 a109k2 10009 SK OM-ATB : w/o 17jul15 hit powerline at Slovenský raj. 4 fatalities
2015 ab205a-1 4244 ZM AF770 : w/o 15sep15 near Sinazongwe. To be confirmed
2015 ab205a-1 4383 IT MM80722 : w/o 17mar15 during training at Casera Razzo, Vigo di Cadore
2015 ab205a-1 4384 IT MM80723 : w/o asg 7 Reggimento di Aviazione Vega crashed and subsequently destroyed by fire near Poggio Berni
2015 ab412sp 25615 IT I-CFAC : w/o 06sep15 pictured after hard landing at Isola Montecristo
2015 ah-64d DN015 NL Q-15 : 17 Mar 2015, w/o in Mali while supporting UN mission, near Amakouladji.
2015 ah-64d PVD562 US 08-5562 : US Army 08-05562; w/o asg 4-2 AVN 2nd CAB crashed and burnt out near Wonju, S Korea after possible power line strike
2015 as332b 2062 ES HD.21-7 : EdA 1982; 802 Esc, pictured unk; w/o 22oct15 40m SW off Dakhla, Morocco. 3 fatalities
2015 as332l1 2413 JP JA6741 : Shin Nihon Helicopter, test serial F-WQEA; w/o 06mar15 hit a power line near Kihoku, Mie Prefecture. 2 fatalities
2015 as350b 1529 VH-SFX : GBR Helicopters Pty Ltd at North Cairns, QLD from Sep11, AS350BA type; w/o 02nov15 during aerial weed survey at Whyanbeel near Port Douglas, 70km NW of Cairns
2015 as350b 1572 DQ-IBT : Island Hoppers, Fiji; w/o 23dec15 at Treasure Island
2015 as350b1 1903 DQ-IHI : Island Hoppers Fiji; w/o 08jun15 crashed on Beqa Island during inspection works
2015 as350b2 2699 US N6095U : US Customs Service (CBP) from Oct93; w/o 29jul15 during autorotation demo in Tucson, AZ
2015 as350b2 4113 US N919EM : Eagle Med Llc at Wichita, KS from Dec11; w/o 12mar15 West of Lake Eufaula, Oklahoma. 1 fatality
2015 as350b2 4738 C-GJPW : Airspan Helicopters at Sechelt, BC from Nov09; w/o 21jan15 18km SE Key Lake
2015 as350b3 3689 I-GBVD : Star Work Sky; w/o 21aug15 impacted a hillside at Arzana, Sardinia
2015 as350b3 3699 PT CS-HIA : Autoridade Nacional de Protecção Civil op by Everjets /26 ; w/o 08aug15 as during fire fighting at Lapa, Refoios de Cima, Arcos de Valdevez, Minho
2015 as350b3 3737 N146AE : w/o 02sep15 total lost during emergency landing at Santo Domingo, Dominican Republic
2015 as350b3 4210 I-CMCM : Elitellina, test serial F-WWXN; w/o 31jul15 near Valtellina, Sondrio. Found 2 days later at Alpe Zocca. 3 fatalities
2015 as350b3 4302 XA-DSO : Telmex; w/o 27mar15 San Martin de Porres, Oaxaca. 4 fatalities
2015 as350b3 4308 NC F-OIAO : Hélicocéan from Jan14; w/o 04oct15 at Near Voh, New Caledonia
2015 as350b3 4317 US N74317 : w/o 15dec15 crashed in mountains near Sawtooth Ridge, Superstition Mountains, 20mi E of Apache Junction, AZ. 2 fatalities
2015 as350b3 4358 CH HB-ZIG : Swiss Helicopter AG from Jul12; w/o 11feb15 at Grubenbachfassung
2015 as350b3 4359 ES EC-KSL : CoyotAir, noted 2010; w/o 23dec15 firefighting near La Roza, Parres, NW Asturies
2015 as350b3 4368 ZS-HTS : Geotech Aviation South Africa (GASA); w/o 09apr15 at Mazabuka, Ekushiya Farm. 1 fatality
2015 as350b3 4493 CH HB-ZIS : Air Glaciers from Jun13; w/o 14ju1l5 at Guggigletscher, Lauterbrunnen. 1 fatality
2015 as350b3 4681 NP 9N-AJP : w/o 02jun15 crashed in Sindhupalchowk district during Eartqueake relief operations. 4 fatalities
2015 as350b3 4842 OB-1941-P : Heliflight Peru for Gasoducto Sur Peruano SA; w/o 23sep15 at Padre Chayocm near Machu Picchu, Cusco. 5 fatalities
2015 as350b3 4917 FR F-HCSC : SAF Helicopteres; w/o 16sep15 hard landing at Marais rock, Boisses, Haute Savoie
2015 as350b3 4969 RU RA-04037 : SKOL, Russia; w/o 29nov15 near Kedrovyy, Khanty-Mansi Autonomous Okrug. 4 fatalities
2015 as350b3 7027 5Y-DKK : General Aviation, Tanzania; w/o 15oct15 crashed at Selous Game Park reserve. 4 fatalities. Chartered by the CCM party
2015 as350b3 7041 AR LQ-CGK : w/o 09mar15 mid air collision with LQ-FJQ in Villa Castelli, La Rioja. 10 fatalities
2015 as350b3 7048 VT-JKB : Himalyan Heli Services Pvt Ltd, India from Mar11; w/o 23nov15 near Katra ferrying pilgrims to the Vaishno Devi temple. 7 fatalities
2015 as350b3e 7370 F-HOLD : Mafate Helicopteres; w/o 31dec15 at Rempart du Maïdo, La Réunion Island. 1 fatality
2015 as350b3e 7411 NP 9N-AKF : Simrik Air; w/o 22jun15 bird hit at Sanagaun, Gorkha, Nepal
2015 as350b3e 7574 AR LQ-FJQ : w/o 09mar15 pictured (pic3) mid air collision with LQ-CGK in Villa Castelli, La Rioja. 10 fatalities
2015 as350b3e 7595 US N390LG : Jan19 US Congress Safe Helicopters Now Act
2015 as350d 1132 ZK-HKU : private from Oct14; Alpine Adventures; w/o 21nov15 crash Fox Glacier NE of Karangarua, Westland, South Island. 7 fatalities
2015 as350d 1277 CA C-GBPS : Canadian Helicopters from Jan01, AS350BA type; w/o during work at hydro site near Rigolet. 1 fatality
2015 as365n3 6631 IN VT-PHK : w/o 04aug15 crashed in Arunachal Pradesh, India. 3 fatalities
2015 as365n3 6747 AO D2-EWA : SonAir, test serial F-WWOR; w/o 02jul15 near Conda, Kuanza-Sul. Was on Sumbe-Wako Kungo route and was providing support service to road accidents operation. 6 fatalities
2015 as365n3 6946 IN VT-PWF : Pawan Hans from Mar12; w/o 82nm W of Mumbai
2015 as532al 2738 ES HU.27-02 : Unidad Militar de Emergencias (UME) at Bétera; w/o 10sep15 pictured (pic2) (pic3) rolled over during training mission at Requena (LERE), Regio Valenciana
2015 as550 7242 EC E-380 : Ejercito as550c3e; w/o crashed into Rio Negro
2015 as565mb 6651 KR B511 : Coast Guard, ex 969; w/o 13mar15 ambulance flight, trying to land near a seawall on Gageodo Island when it crashed into the sea. 4 fatalities
2015 aw109e 11138 RP-C2726 : w/o 05jul15 crashed in mountainous area at Barangay Pinagkaisahan near Mount Maculot in Cuenca, Batangas. 2 fatalities
2015 aw109sp 22208 CH HB-ZRV : w/o as REGA 8, hard landing in field near Erstfeld base; Dec15 canc
2015 aw119 14513 IT I-AWCD : Pellissier Helicopter; w/o 08feb15 during heliski operations at Valgriesenche
2015 aw139 41347 BJ TY-ABC : pictured after crash possible caused by “brownout” due inadequate landing site
2015 aw609 60002 IT N609AG : w/o near Santhià, Vercelli. 2 fatalities
2015 Cabri G2 1073 SP-NHE : w/o training at Sochaczew-Bielice airport
2015 Camcopter S-100 : Libya rebel group; w/o 15jan15 shot down by gov forces near Al-Watiyah AFB (Uqba Ibn Nafa Air Base)
2015 ch-53e 65-631 US 164788 : Was at 50 ft hover and lost tail rotor authority due to tail rotor disconnect retracting. 1 Fatality.
2015 cheetah IN Z3155 : Indian Army; w/o 02feb15 during takeoff at Rangapahar helipad, Dimapur District, Nagaland
2015 dhruv DS90 EC FAE-605 : FAE; w/o 27jan15 Tena
2015 dhruv DS91 EC FAE-603 : w/o 13jan15 to be confirmed

2015 ec130b4 3882 FR F-GOLH : Mont Blanc Helicopteres from Jun 13 w/o at Megève Airfield
2015 ec130b4 4813 PK-BKA : Penerbangan Angkasa Semesta, Indonesia; w/o 11oct15 chartered helicopter missing in Northern Sumatra
2015 ec130b4 7006 US N356AM : ARCH Air Medical Services, Missouri op by Air Methods; w/o 06mar15 parking lot Saint Louis University Hospital, St Louis, MO. 1 fatality
2015 ec135t1 0103 VH-GKK : private at Terrey Hills, NSW, Australia from jul99; w/o 07nov15 Watagans National Park, south of Cessnock, NSW. 3 fatalities
2015 ec135t1 0135 PZ-HJE : Hi-Jet Helicopter Services from Sep11; w/o from Sipaliwini Airstrip (SMSI) to its base at Zorg en Hoop Airport (SMZO)
2015 ec155b1 6909 PP-LLS : w/o 02apr15 17:20 in Carapicuíba, São Paulo. 5 fatalities including the son of São Paulo state Governor Geraldo Alckmin
2015 ec725 MX 1009 : FAM Mar13; w/o 01may15 shot down in Jalisco. 3 fatalities
2015 162f 6873 N162RB : private at Port Lavaca, TX from Sep06; w/o 31jan15 at Calhoun County, near Seadrift, TX. Reg as Experimental Butler built, said to crashed due to a technical (engine) failure.
2015 162hdf 6509 F-PPCO : France, test serial F-WPCO; w/o 28jun15 between Montséret and Thézan, D613, Aude
2015 f-28f 732 N8011Q : Longhorn Helicopters; w/o near Argyle, S of Denton Municipal airport, Denton, TX
2015 h125 7806 B-7445 : Hubei Tongcheng General Aviation Company; w/o 21sep15 near Baiyun Mountain. 2 fatalities
2015 md500e 0353E US N16056 : w/o 03sep15 west of New Smyrna Beach, FL
2015 md500e 0486E SP-SOO : SG Equipment Leasing Polska; w/o 27sep15 struck power lines at Burkatów while surveying infrastructre for electrical company
2015 MD500E 0565E JP 8781 : w/o Ebino, Miyazaki Prefecture. 3 fatalities
2015 MD530F 0137FF US N5842Z : Puerto Rico Electric Power Authority (AEE) from Nov99; w/o 24jul15 Cerro Gordo, Vega Alta
2015 md600n RN036 N607BP : Military Museum of Texas from Oct11; w/o 07dec15 at Brazoria County Military Museum near Angleton, TX
2015 mh-60m US 10-20274 : US Army, 4-160 SOAR; w/o 12aug15
2015 mi-17 341M15 YU 12551 : Serbia 2006 as BP-2; 2010 reser 12551; w/o 13mar15 Ambulance flight at Belgrade. 7 fatalities including baby patient
2015 mi-17-1v 96621 ER-MGM : Valan International Cargo Charter, Moldova; w/o 24nov15 Faryab province, Afghanistan. 3 fatalities
2015 Mi-171 EG 3288 : Egypt 533 Brigade 2009; w/o 28nov15 near Cairo
2015 mi-171e IQ 415 : Iraq 2011; w/o 03feb15 Samarra during fighting with Islamic State
2015 mi-171sh 59489619774 CZ 9774 : w/o 05nov15 15km SE of Zaragoza during Trident Juncture 2015
2015 mi-2 548541024 RA-23786 : Purga AON; w/o 30nov15 at Yelizovo, Kamchatka Krai, Russia. 1 fatality
2015 mi-28 RU RF-95316 : Russian Air Force /15, Mi-28N type; w/o 02aug15 during airshow at Dubrovichi, Ryazan Oblast. 1 fatality
2015 mi-8t 7254 RU RA-22375 : Komiaviatrans; w/o 14jul15 near Vorkut, Russia
2015 mi-8t 78 02 RA-22559 : JSC Vostok; w/o 15aug15 crashed into the sea and sank at Onhonchan Bay, Khabarovsk Krai, Russia. 5 of 16 fatalities
2015 mi-8t 78 81 RU RA-22589 : UTAir; w/o 03jul15 Khanty-Mansi Autonomous Area, West Siberia. 5 fatalities
2015 mi-8t Ulan 9 82 06821 RA-25361 : Turuhan Avia; w/o 26nov15 10km Igarka, Krasnoyarsk Krai. 13 fatalities
2015 mi-8t Ulan 9 85 20315 RA-22919 : Vitjaz-Aero; w/o 23apr15 Esso, Bystrinskij rajon, Kamchatskij kraj
2015 mi-8t Ulan 9 86 25131 RA-24402 : Vityaz Aero; w/o 16dec15 77km from Sobolev, Sobolevsky District, Kamchatka Krai, Russia, 1 fatality
2015 mv-22b D0150 US 168020 : w/o 17may15 VMM-161 /YR-01 Bellows Air Force Station, Hawaii. 2 fatalities of 22 souls on board. Experienced a compressor stall resulting in hard landing and fire.
2015 OH-1 1034 JP 32634 : w/o ditched offshore S Nanki-Shirahama Airport
2015 beta 0585 N86EH : Atlantic Coast Helicopters; w/o during training at Long Island MacArthur airport, NY
2015 beta 0901 VH-HRW : Australia; w/o 28may15 100km N of Mitchell, QLD
2015 beta 1070 VH-APP : Rossy Rotor Aviation Pty Ltd from May06; w/o 11feb15 54km NNW Kalbarri aerodrome, WA
2015 beta 1409 N4003S : California Aviation Services Inc; w/o at San Bernardino Intl airport
2015 beta 1813 F-GLSF : Heliclub du bassin dArcachon; w/o during training
2015 beta 1980 VH-RBT : Australia from 2008; w/o 23jun15 10km SW Boyup Brook, WA
2015 beta 2258 N348VH : Vertical Solutions Helicopter Company Llc at Dover, DE from Nov09; w/o 10jan15 at Cataño Bay, near the ferry terminal, Puerto Rico. 1 fatality
2015 beta II 2701 N475AT : LLB Enterprises Group Inc at Fort White, FL from May12; w/o midair collision with Piper PA-28 N54380 at Palm Beach County Park/Lantana Airport, West Palm Beach, FL
2015 beta II 3057 N441MM : Corestone Managment at Newark, DE from Feb14; w/o 12jul15 Garfield County, W of Escalante, UT
2015 beta II 3204 JA7963 : Japan; w/o 22nov15 Matsuidamachihara, Gumma. 2 fatalities
2015 beta II 3462 G-THLA : Thurston Helicopters; w/o 13feb15 Snargate Lane, in Brookland, near Brenzett
2015 beta II 3609 D-HDIM : Helicopter Solo Around the World; w/o 25jul15 crash into the water at Davis Strait between Baffin Island and Greenland. Helicopter sank in 30 seconds. Pilot Sergey Ananov rescued by Canadian Coast Guard
2015 beta II 3671 G-ECMC : Phoenix Helicopters from Sep14; w/o Chichester/Goodwood airfield, Westhampnett, West Sussex
2015 beta II 3860 VH-YLP : w/o during training at Orange airport, Orange, NSW
2015 beta II 4223 VH-CMK : Jetpoint Pty Ltd; w/o at Archerfield airport, Brisbane, Australia
2015 beta II 4430 VH-NCL : private at Meekatharra, WA, Australia from Jan09; w/o Newman Airport
2015 beta II 4520 VH-ZBH : QNT Contracting Pty Ltd from Aug11; w/o 23jan15 during agricultural task at Herbertvale Cattleyard
2015 beta II 4541 NO LN-OZP : European Helicopter Center; w/o Sandefjord Torp airfield
2015 beta II 4636 VH-SSD : Spreadborough Aerial Services Pty Ltd from Jun14; w/o 16jan15 during aerial mustering 23km NE Roma, QLD
2015 astro 0595 C-GZFX : Apex Helicopters at Wingham, ON from Apr14; w/o 09sep15 near Foleyet, ON
2015 II 10166 N444KD : Marcotte Veterinary Clinic PC at Vinita, OK from Dec14; w/o lost tail rotor assembly E of South Grand Lake Regional airport, Afton, OK
2015 II 10524 PY ZP-HAL : to be confirmed!; Paraguay Police A-02; w/o 14aug15 at Limpio. 1 fatality
2015 II 11550 N3183T : Isla Grande Flying School; w/o 02jan15 at San Juan
2015 II 11784 N30242 : HQ Aviation LLC; w/o 2m WNW Orlando Executive airport, FL
2015 II 13030 PP-BAO : Brazil private from Mar14; w/o 25oct15 crashed into a lake at Guarani, Minas Gerais. 1 fatality
2015 II 13312 N445HS : Perfect Filler LLC at Magnolia, TX from Nov12; w/o 22aug15 shooting footage for a reality show near County Rd 157, N Gibbons Creek Lake, Grimes County, TX
2015 II 13685 N255VS : Vertical Solutions Llc at Valdez, AK from Mar14; w/o at Valdez, Alaska
2015 raven 1277 N442RP : Woodley Aerial Leasing LLC at Walnut, IL from May15; w/o 05oct15 near Parkston, South Dakota
2015 raven 1558 VH-KJJ : Australia from Jan12; Helistock Pty Ltd at Katherine, NT from Mar13; w/o 14jun15 150km SW Timber Creek, Northern Territory
2015 raven 1639 G-CEDG : w/o 25feb15 crashed in field in Aspley Guise
2015 raven 1702 G-LHXL : Phoenix Helicopter Academy Ltd at Goodwood airfield from jun13; w/o whilst parked struck by taxying Boeing 75 Stearman N56200
2015 raven 1916 RA-04383 : w/o 08aug15 collided in mid-air with a Cessna U206F floatplane at Istra Reservoir, Moscow Oblast, 4+5 fatalities
2015 raven 2090 VH-YYF : Blue Dog Helicopters Pty Ltd from Nov10; w/o near Hughenden aerodrome, Hughenden, QLD
2015 raven 2150 ZS-HIG : South Africa; w/o 06oct15 near Lephalale, Limpopo
2015 raven II 10187 F-GOLT : Societé Hélitravaux, Macon; w/o 05mar15 at Beaune
2015 raven II 10202 ZK-IWL : Simcox Construction Ltd, NZ; w/o 13mar15 hit power lines between the South Island mainland and D Urville Island and crashed in the sea. 1 fatality
2015 raven II 10380 CC-PTR : Chile; w/o El Rosario airport, Cartagena
2015 raven II 10624 UK G-CDXX : Helicentre Aviation from Apr15; w/o Leicester airport, Stoughton, Leicestershire
2015 raven II 10791 CC-PHY : Forestal Comaco; w/o 13feb15 hacienda San Lorenzo, comuna de Santa Bárbara
2015 raven II 11540 ZS-HFO : Reaction Unit South Africa (RUSA); w/o 10apr15 Verulam
2015 raven II 11752 VH-ZWA : Greenlip Enterprises Pty Ltd from Apr14; w/o rolled during takeoff at Darwin Intl airport
2015 raven II 12073 ZS-SDJ : Central Africa Transport Pty Ltd; w/o 02dec15 at Musina, Limpopo, South Africa. 2 fatalities
2015 raven II 12464 OK-RRJ : w/o 29mar15 umava mountains near Modrava, west Bohemia. 1 fatality
2015 raven II 13098 TH HS-PLL : Heliluck; w/o 22apr15 Wat Paramaiyikawas, Koh Kret, Nonthaburi
2015 raven II 13110 RA-04339 : LLC Kogalym Express, test serial N4602Y; w/o 14aug15 at Yakutia, Neryungri railway station
2015 r66 0181 RA-06354 : LLC Sfera; w/o 21aug15 near Khlyupino, Odintsovsky District, Moscow Oblast, Russia
2015 r66 0459 RA-06205 : Kustard; w/o 20jan15 Tashanta Kosh-Agach district, Altai Republic
2015 s-76c 760540 NG 5N-BGD : w/o crashed into Lagos Lagoon, approaching Murtala Muhammed International airport. 6 recovered, 4 fatalities and 2 not yet accounted for.
2015 sa315b 2553 CC-CLD : Discovery Air; w/o 12mar15 Termas del Flaco, 1 fatality.
2015 sa315b 329 AR H-67 : w/o 11feb15 Uspallata, Mendoza
2015 sa330e 1185 UK XW229 : w/o at NATO Resolute Support mission HQ in Kabul, Afghanistan. 5 fatalities
2015 sa330j 1545 IE EI-SAI : EULEX security mission in Kosovo, op by Starlite; w/o Priština airport, Kosovo
2015 ht.3 1120 G-BXTH : w/o 16jul15 crashed Abbeyshrule, Ireland
2015 sa342j 1204 YU-HET : w/o at Stapleford aerodrome, Essex, UK
2015 sa342l 1787 ZU-RHH : w/o 24jan15 at Midrand
2015 sa365n2 6374 9M-IGB : w/o 04apr15 crashed in Semenyih, Selangor, Malaysia. 3 fatalities and 3 missing
2015 ah.1 f.9640 G-BYRX : w/o 29dec15
2015 th-57b 3897 US 163327 : w/o 25jun15 asg HT-28, impacted ground during hover taxi
2015 UH-1B 770 N46969 : R & R Conner Aviation at Darby, MT from Aug05; w/o 07may15 crashed on a wooded hillside during logging operations near Pierre Lake, Orient, WA
2015 uh-1d 4418 N121PT : w/o 20jul15 during firefighting 9m E Walla Walla, Washington
2015 uh-1d 5718 ZS-HBV : w/o 08mar15 Cape Point, South Africa
2015 uh-1h 13729 ZU-UHI : Working on fire (WOF) FFA Assets Pty Ltd; w/o 22apr15 Bainskloof near Wellington
2015 uh-1h CO : Policía Nacional de Colombia, Huey II type; w/o 05oct15 in Meta
2015 uh-1h RP 494 : Philippine Air Force; w/o 15jun15 Barangay L. Empon, Las Navas town, Northern Samar apparently downed by by rebels.
2015 uh-1h RP 518 : Philippine Air Force; w/o 04feb15 Camp Evangelista in Barangay Patag
2015 uh-1h VN 7912 : Vietnam, ex US; w/o 28jan15 near Ho Chi Minh City. 4 fatalities
2015 uh-1y 55139 US 168402 : w/o executed an emergency landing short of the runway at Twentynine Palms, CA. Two fatalities: HMLA-169 Maj Elizabeth R Kealy andd Capt Adam C Satterfield
2015 uh-1y 55189 US 168792 : 06nov15 US Embassy in Nepal Heritage Room named Vengeance Hall after them
2015 uh-60a 70-1193 US 87-24651 : US Army; w/o asg 2-291 AVN (flown by 7-158 AVN) crashed at Fort Hood
2015 uh-60a 70-281 US 81-23560 : US Army; w/o asg 1-140 Avn Co, force landed and rolled over at Ramona airport, CA
2015 uh-60l 70-3887 CO PNC-0608 : PNC d/d 2013, FMS 11-27242; w/o 04aug15 near Carepa, Antioquia. 16 fatalities, 2 heavy injured
2015 uh-60l CO EJC-2185 : Ejercito ex ECJ-185; BAAV 2; w/o 22jun15 landed in mine at El Bejuco. 4 fatalities. Asg Brigada 30 Fuerza Tarea Vulcano at Santander
2015 uh-60l CO EJC-2148 : Ejercito d/d as EC- unk?; w/o 10may15 21km N municipio de La Uribe, Departamento del Meta. 4 fatalities
2015 W-3 Sokol 310319 EC-KIR : scr 04apr15 found dumped and abandoned near graveyard Níjar, Almería
    212 C/N found.

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