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    Year 2016 accidents

    List of helicopter accidents

    Aerospatiale Alouette II 2
    Aerospatiale AS350 Ecureuil 5
    Aerospatiale AS355 ecureuil 2 1
    Aerospatiale Gazelle 1
    Aerospatiale SA330 Puma 1
    Agusta A109 Hirundo 1
    Agusta AB206 1
    Agusta AB212 1
    AgustaWestland AW109 3
    AgustaWestland AW139 1
    AgustaWestland EH101 1
    Airbus Helicopters as350 3
    Airbus Helicopters ec135 1
    Airbus Helicopters EC145 1
    Bell 204 1
    Bell 205 4
    Bell 206 20
    Bell 212 1
    Bell 230 1
    Bell 407 4
    Bell 412 3
    Bell 429 2
    Bell 430 1
    Bell 47 2
    Bell 525 Relentless 1
    Bell V-22 Osprey 1
    Boeing AH-64D Apache 1
    Brantly B-2 1
    Enstrom 280 2
    Enstrom 480 1
    Enstrom f-28 1
    Eurocopter AS350 Ecureuil 20
    Eurocopter AS355 Ecureuil 2 3
    Eurocopter AS365 Dauphin 2 1
    Eurocopter EC120 1
    Eurocopter EC135 2
    Eurocopter EC145 2
    Eurocopter Super Puma/Cougar 2
    Fairchild-Hiller FH-1100 1
    Guimbal Cabri G2 4
    Hiller 360 1
    Hughes 369 / 500 / H-6 4
    IAR 330 1
    Kawasaki Heavy Industries bk117 1
    MBB Bo105 1
    McDonnell Douglas md500 1
    McDonnell Douglas MD600N 1
    MD Helicopters MD500 1
    Mil Mi-14 Haze 1
    Mil Mi-24 Hind 1
    Mil Mi-8 Hip (1st Gen) 3
    Mil Mi-8/17 Hip (2nd Gen) 2
    Mil Mi-8/17 Hip (3rd Gen) 2
    PZL W-3 Sokol 1
    Robinson R22 8
    Robinson R44 19
    Robinson R66 6
    Rotorway exec 1
    Schweizer 269C / 300 3
    Sikorsky S-61 H-3 2
    Sikorsky S-70 H-60 1
    Sikorsky S-80 H-53E 3

    2016 205A-1 30259 ID HA-5073 : w/o 08jul16 at Tamanmartani village, Sleman, Yogyakarta. 3 fatalities
    2016 206b 714 VH-CHO : ac deleted from reg Feb17 as destroyed
    2016 206b-2 1472 VH-WHU : Heli-Central Pty Ltd at Emerald, QLD from Oct15; w/o 25mar16 at Cane field off Carmila West Road, Carmila West, QLD. 1 fatality
    2016 206b-2 1935 N326AC : Clear View Aviation Llc at Dover, PA from Jul07; Sky River Helicopters; w/o near Baltimore Intl Airport, MD
    2016 206b-3 2662 HK-4764 : Helifly Aerotaxi, Colombia; w/o 22mar16 at Santa Rosa de Osos, Antioquia. 3 fatalities
    2016 206b-3 2687 N80918 : Genesis Aviation tour helicopter; w/o near Ford Island, Pearl Harbor, Honolulu, HI. 1 fatality
    2016 206b-3 3247 CA C-GOPK : w/o 04may16 crashed 40nm N Fort St James, BC
    2016 206b-3 4124 ZS-RFC : Big Game Heli Services; w/o 28sep16 at Kgapane Village, near Tzaneen, South Africa. 1 fatality
    2016 206b-3 4421 N206R : Helidon Inc at Staten Island, NY from 05feb16; w/o during practising landings at Linden Airport
    2016 206b-3 MM 6125 : Army ?; w/o 26apr16 Montaing Reservor (South of Meikhtila) in central Myanmar
    2016 206l 45031 CA C-GTLB : Canadian Helicopters from Dec00; w/o 13dec16 into frozen river Beauharnois Canal, NW of Saint-Louis-de-Gonzague, QC
    2016 206l 45081 N16760 : Smoky Mountain Helicopters, Sight seeing helicopter ; w/o 04apr16 at Sevier County between Sevierville and Pigeon Forge, TN. 5 fatalities
    2016 206l-1 45771 HK-5049 : Helifly, Colombia; w/o 30mar16 40m S Carepa, Antioquia. 3 fatalities
    2016 206l-3 51142 YV250T : Transcomander, Venezuela; w/o near Bejucal, San Casimiro Aragua state en route Hato Altamira to San Juan de los Morros. 1 fatality
    2016 206l-3 51152 DO HI770 : Helidosa; w/o 27nov16 off La Vacama Beach, Bavaro, Punta Cana. 2 fatalities
    2016 206l-3 51515 CL CC-ADR : Platinum Helicopters SA; w/o 08dec16 while installing a mobile phone antenna at Alto Bio-Bio, Chile
    2016 206l-4 52314 ID PK-UAF : PT Amur; w/o 03jun16 at Paniai in route to KM99 mine site on the Degeuwo River, Papua, Indonesia. 4 fatalities
    2016 206l-4 52367 KE 5Y-COP : Kenya Police 2008; w/o training flight at Nairobi / Wilson airport
    2016 206l-4 ID PK-UAG : PT Unindo Air Charter; w/o 03fab16 crashed into house on take off from a mining helipad at Deotadi, Bogobaida District, Paniai, Papua
    2016 212 31308 TH 2223 : Police, test serial N32131; w/o 25aug16 at Balahala Forest, Than To District
    2016 230 23002 US N903SH : w/o 29aug16 hard landing at Fargo, ND
    2016 280c 1019 N133AB : w/o Near Phoenix Sky Harbor Intl Airport Phoenix, AZ
    2016 300c S1405 VH-NTZ : Southern Heliwork Pty Ltd at Bridport, Tasmania from Nov15; w/o 20jul16 hit powerlines during spray at Deloraine, TAS
    2016 300c S1801 D-HRIM : w/o at Sendelbach airfield
    2016 300cbi 0085 RP-C337 : Philippines; w/o 10jun16 at Binalonan, Pangasinan
    2016 330 5599 KE 415 : KAF; w/o 30sep16 at Eldas police post, Wajir County, Kenya
    2016 369d 10-0634D N81GG : private at Honolulu, Hawaii; w/o 16nov16 at Puko`o Gulch, Molokai, Maui County, HI. 2 fatalities
    2016 369d 11-0887D VH-PLY : Aeropower Pty Ltd; w/o 17jul16 engine failure during powerline inspection flight 39km NW Hawker, South Australia
    2016 369d 21-0898D N1107T : Aviation Advantage Llc at Tabor City, NC from Oct14; w/o 15feb16 during agricultural flight at Boone County, SSW of Danville, WV
    2016 369d 79-0543D OH-HNO : Heliwest Oy, Finland; w/o 19apr16 at Corte, Haute-Corse, Corsica, France
    2016 407 53335 BR PT-YZK : w/o crashed on landing at Palacio Guanabara Helipoint, Rio de Janeiro (SDPG)
    2016 407 53490 US N361SF : Air ER Llc at Corinth, TX from Jun16; Survival Flight; w/o pictured crashed on Gore Boulevard outside the the Comanche County Memorial Hospital, Lawton, OK during a night flight. Still of reg as N34FW
    2016 407 53926 PR-CBB : Ale Costa Negocios e Participacoes Ltda, Brazil; w/o 26jun16 crashed and caught fire near Jundiaí, SP. 5 fatalities
    2016 407 54106 US N427TV : Tennessee Valley Authority from Dec12; w/o 11jul16 during landing at the TVA Customer Service Center in Folsomdale, Kentucky. 1 fatality
    2016 412ep 36164 UK ZJ241 : Unexplained vibration on landing led to mechanical failure and fire
    2016 412ep ID HA-5166 : TNI-AD; w/o 24nov16 at Long Hard. 3 fatalities
    2016 412ep ID HA-5171 : TNI-AD Mar13; w/o 20mar16 at Poso, Central Sulawesi. 13 fatalities
    2016 429 57143 SK OM-ATR : w/o 07sep16 at Strelniky after pickep up a patient and in route to hospital in Banska Bystrica. 4 fatalities
    2016 429 57197 RA-01617 : Flash Energy LLC; w/o 01jan16 Fisherman Farm, Aksaisky district, Rostov oblast
    2016 430 49102 AO D2-EYI : w/o 26sep16, aircraft was destroyed after crashing off the coast of Cabinda
    2016 47g-2 2706 N64702 : Hendrickson Flying Service Inc; w/o 21apr16 hit powerline during Agricultural tasks at Cameron County, NW of Los Fresnos, TX
    2016 480 5022 LZ-VID : Fortuna Air, Bulgaria; w/o 09sep16 Cherna skala, near Kardzhali, Kardzhali province
    2016 525 62001 US N525TA : 16jan18 NTSB accident report
    2016 A109a-II 7301 N109W : One Zero Nine-FTO Inc Trustee at Wilmington, DE from Jul15; w/o 19nov16 near Induno Olona, Varese. 1 fatality
    2016 a109luh 13663 ZA 4013 : w/o 07nov16
    2016 ab206b 8722 RA-01630 : Russia from Jun16; w/o 24sep16 at Yeniseysky district, Krasnoyarsk region. 2 fatalities
    2016 ab212asw 5174 GR PN28 : w/o 00:45 hrs GMT crashed on the island of Kinaros in the Aegean, between Kalymnos, Leros and Amorgos during a scheduled (night) exercise. 3 fatalities
    2016 ah-64d HA012 GR ES1032 : w/o 20sep16 ditch near beach. Video
    2016 as350b 1477 I-ELTE : Ariane Srl; w/o 21dec16 during training at Sondrio Caiolo Airport , Lombardy
    2016 as350b 1928 HI850 : w/o 22jan16 La Leonor de Toma, Dominican Rep
    2016 as350b 2262 LA RDPL-34162 : Lao Skyway; w/o 26apr16 during mining survey flight near Long Tieng , Laos
    2016 as350b 2499 PP-MBN : Transportes Fox e Comercio de Madeiras May14; w/o 21mar16 hit powerlines at Nazaré, Jaguaripe, Bahia
    2016 as350b 2548 US N94TH : w/o 06may16 on Denver Glacier east of Skagway, Alaska. 1 fatality
    2016 as350b2 2608 US N194EH : w/o 05may16 at Dog sled camp, Norris Glacier, near Juneau, AK
    2016 as350b2 2766 NP 9N-AKA : ambulance; w/o 08aug16 at Betani jungle of Madanpur, Nuwakot district. 7 fatalities
    2016 as350b2 3119 US N911GF : Haynes Ambulance Life Flight at Wetumpka, AL from May14; w/o 26mar16 at Coffee County, NNE Goodman, AL. 4 fatalities; pictured
    2016 as350b2 3886 NZ ZK-HYY : crashed -hit terrain- 2016 New Zealand - BER
    2016 as350b2 4381 US N561AM : Bank of Utah trustee from Aug17
    2016 as350b3 3326 CC-AAL : Helifire Limitada; w/o 29feb16 during firefighting at embalse Cerro San Cristobal (dam) , Santiago, Chile
    2016 as350b3 4563 PK-INA : PT Indo Star Aviation from May16; w/o 30oct16 at Warem in Nduga regency, Papua, Indonesia
    2016 as350b3 4902 IT I-CMSZ : Elitellina srl; w/o 21may16 at Castelrotto Bolzano
    2016 as350b3 4940 AR LQ-CFI : video w/o 21feb16 crashed during rescue of crashed paraglider in the Uritorco
    2016 as350b3 7133 NO LN-OSG : w/o 30apr16 during test flight after annual check at airstrip in Høyland, Hå
    2016 as350b3e 7314 CC-AFW : Suma Air; w/o 11apr16 crash in Andes mountains near Los Bronces mine, Santiago Metropolitan Region
    2016 as350b3e 7525 RA-07275 : CJSC Yeltsovka from 2013; w/o 01nov16 near Vesyoloye, Sochi. 2 fatalities
    2016 as350b3e 7597 MX XC-PTZ : Secretaría de Seguridad Pública de Michoacán; w/o 06sep16 allegedly shot down at La Huacana, Michoacán, 4 fatalities
    2016 as350b3e 7602 RP-C6828 : Skyline Aviation; w/o 05may16 at Batang Lupar River, near Sebuyau, Sarawak, Borneo, Malaysia. 6 fatalities including gov minister
    2016 as350ba 2858 RP-C2688 : Macroasia Corporation, Philippines; w/o 22aug16 at Quezon Province. 2 fatalities
    2016 as355f2 5456 HI861 : AviaJet SA, Dominican Republic; w/o at Santo Domingo / La Isabela
    2016 as355n 5701 RU RF-29011 : Ministry of Internal Affairs (Police); w/o 04mar16 near Krasnoe, Yuryev-Polsky District, Vladimir Oblast. 2 of 4 fatalities
    2016 as355np 5751 HB-ZOO : Heli-Lausanne SA from Feb15; w/o 22may16 during sightseeing near Hengill volcano, Iceland
    2016 as365n3 6556 TW NA-107 : w/o 11mar16 crashed 0.3nm off Shimen District of New Taipei during rescue mission. 2 of 5 fatalities
    2016 as532ul 2545 CH T-338 : w/o cduring takeoff from a mountain landing site. Hit power line. 2 fatalities; pictured (pic2)
    2016 as555sn 5613 CO ARC-204 : w/o 09dec16 engine failure 12nm San Andres, 1 fatality
    2016 AW101 641 50252 NG 281 : Nigeria VIP; w/o 24nov16 pictured (pic2); crashed on landing at Makurdi ending lying on her side
    2016 aw109s 22014 US N91NM : North Memorial Healthcare at Brooklyn Center, MN from Jan15; North Memorial Air Care; w/o 17sep16 crashed at night, Lake Winona, near Alexandria, MN
    2016 aw109sp 22320 MX 1908 : w/o 01jul16 near Ozumba de Alzate. 3 fatalities
    2016 aw139 31717 KE 5Y-NPS : w/o 08sep16 crashed in Mathare North, Nairobi, Kenya; pictured and video
    2016 B-2 428 N2266U : Skyview AG Imaging LLC; w/o 25mar16 at Stone County, Missouri
    2016 bk117c-2 4006 JP JA6917 : Tokai University Hospital ambulance, op by Aero Asahi Corp; w/o 08aug16 at Hirasawa, Hadano city, Kanagawa prefecture
    2016 105cbs-4 S-874 KR HL9617 : South Korea from Dec15; w/o 30jan16 firefighting near Geumsan Temple in Gimje. 1 fatality
    2016 Cabri G2 1009 ZK-IIH : w/o 15apr16 emergency landing and destroyed by fire in Rotorua
    2016 Cabri G2 1099 N503DS : 503 Delta Sierra LLC at Channel View, TX from Dec15; w/o at Beaumont Municipal Airport, TX
    2016 Cabri G2 1104 ZA ZS-HIX : Starlite International Aviation Training Academy, South Africa; w/o 10aug16 during training at Mossel Bay, Western Cape
    2016 Cabri G2 1120 PR-EFC : Efai Escola De Pilotagem at Chácara Boa Vista, Contagem, MG, Brazil from 06nov15; First Latin American Cabri G2; w/o crashed on take off at Contagem, MG

    2016 ch-53e 65-427 US 161255 : w/o 14jan16 asg HMH-463 crashed 2NM offshore Waialua, HI during training flight collision with 163061. 12 fatalities
    2016 ch-53e 65-551 US 163061 : w/o 14jan16 asg HMH-463 crashed 2NM offshore Waialua, HI during training flight collision with 161255. 12 fatalities
    2016 ch-53e 65-624 US 164781 : w/o 21oct16 asg HMH-465 damaged after main rotor contacted building at MOUT facility
    2016 EC120B 1267 C-GIWD : private at Toronto, ON from May06; w/o impacted trees near Brampton Airport, Caledon, ON
    2016 ec130b4 3784 TG-MCN : w/o 01sep16 ditched into Petén Itzá lake, Petén,San Andrés, Guatemala. No fatalities
    2016 ec130b4 4004 ZS-RZL : Beltimar (Pty) Ltd, South Africa; w/o 02jan16 between Parys and Vredefort, Free State
    2016 ec130b4 4351 D2-EPJ : Sociedade Agropecuária de Angola EAPA; w/o 19oct16 at Palanca, Kilamba Kilamba district, Luanda. 2 fatalities
    2016 ec135t1 0146 DE D-HVBB : w/o 25feb16 crashed on a farm near Bimöhlen on a night training mission with Spezialeinsatzkommando (SEK). 2 fatalities
    2016 EC135T2+ 1172 RO 347 : SMURD / Ministry of Health YR-MAI, test serial D-HCBB; w/o 02jun16 near Haragâş, Moldova. 4 fatalities
    2016 ec145 9037 FR F-MJBH : w/o 20may16 crashed in Cauterets, High Pyrénées. Rotor clipped a cliff and helicopter decended on glacier 600 feet to resting point. 4 fatalities
    2016 ec145 9718 AL FA-637 : wreck pictured at abandoned Gjadër Air Base Video
    2016 ec225lp 2721 NO LN-OJF : 23sep16 Statoil’s Report published
    2016 ec635t2+ 0516 JO P-05 : w/o 2016 unk
    2016 90 5226 C-FMAP : w/o near Langley Regional Airport, Vancouver, BC
    2016 f-28f 756 N756H : BRD Equipment Llc at Adams, OR from Mar13; w/o 12jan16, fuel starvation, near Ritter Butte Lookout, Grant County, OR
    2016 FH-1100 502 N4035G : I saw it happen and the back(rear) rotor shaped in half and blow up the engine causing the heicoper to spin to its death in the field where the jet fuel started the fire.
    2016 h125 7821 RA-07259 : Heliport Moscow; w/o 14may16 hit power lines and crashed in Sukhodolskoye Lake, Leningrad region. 2 fatalities
    2016 h125 8199 SE-JVP : Roator AB, Sweden from 11may16, test serial F-WWXL; w/o landing accident at Åre-Östersund Airport
    2016 h130 8002 VN VN-8632 : w/o 18oct16 crashed Bao Quan Mountain, Ba Ria, Vung Tau Province. 3 fatalities
    2016 hb350b2 4898 PR-YCB : Corpo de Bombeiros SAMU Santa Catarina Mar16; w/o 25apr16 during takeoff in Piraquara, PR
    2016 hb350b3 4844 BR PR-IDR : w/o 19nov16 at Cidade de Deus, RJ. 4 fatalities; shot down ?
    2016 369f 0087FF MX 1134 : FAM as BRE-1134, test serial N52166; w/o 10oct16 at Tamualipas state, Ciudad Victoria. 2 fatalities
    2016 MD500E 0542E N629JK : Rotor Blade LLC; w/o 04may16 during power line installation in Manitowoc County, NW Maple Grove, Wisconsin. 1 fatality
    2016 md600n RN012 KZ UP-MD004 : Аk Aspan, Kazakhstan; HEMS helicopter; w/o 27jan16 3km from Almaty-Ust-Kamenogorsk highway. 5 fatalities
    2016 mh-60s US 165750 : w/o 14jun16 asg HSC-2 crashed into James River, Chesapeake Bay during SAR training
    2016 mi-14ps LY LC1417 : Libyan Air Force; w/o 22apr16 exploded upon landing at Labraq. 3 fatalities
    2016 mi-17 586M49 AP-BGX : Government of Punjab, Pakistan; w/o 04aug16 on its way to Uzbekistan for maintenance crashed at Azra district, Logar province, Afghanistan. 7 crew captured by Taliban
    2016 Mi-171 59489617141 IR 15-1221 : Iranian Revolutionary Guard; w/o 25mar16 30km S Shiraz, Fars Province. 9 fatalities
    2016 mi-17v-5 170M19 CO EJC-3393 : w/o 26jun16 crashed in adverse weather conditions at Pensilvania, Caldas. 17 fatalities
    2016 mi-24 UN-887 : United Nations, MONUSCO (Ukraine? ); w/o at Mavivi Airport, Beni, Congo DR
    2016 mi-8amtsh AMTS00643137383U RU RF-95585 : Russian Air Force; 212 Yellow; w/o 01aug16 after delivering aids supplies to Aleppo was shot down by ground fire at Idlib province, Syria. 5 fatalities
    2016 mi-8t 7590 RA-22821 : Sibir Avia; w/o 16jun16 20km village Kedrovy, Tomsk oblast, Russia
    2016 mi-8t 9 84 15622 RU RA-22869 : Skol; w/o 21oct16 80km Novy Urengoy, Yamal. 19 fatalities, Flight number CD 9375
    2016 mi-8t Ulan 9 83 11615 RA-22771 : Delta-K; w/o 10oct16 at Zeysky District, Amur Oblast
    2016 mv-22b D0157 US 168027 : w/o offshore, 6 km E of Camp Schwab, Nago city, Okinawa, Japan
    2016 OH-23B 534 N5776 : Tynan Flyers; w/o 10dec16 at Tynan, Texas
    2016 oh-58a 41257 US N139RD : Helicopter Applicators Inc at Gettysburg, PA from Mar14; w/o 01nov16 during agricultural ops at Moore County, NC
    2016 oh-58a 42098 N588MP : Tri Rotor Spray & Chemical Inc at Ulysses, KS from Jun03; w/o 10jul16 impacted farm field terrain during an agricultural aerial application flight in Maricopa County, AZ
    2016 beta II 2663 ZK-HCB : Aurum Helicopters, New Zealand; w/o 30apr16 at Lindis Pass, Central Otago, South Island. 1 fatality; to be confirmed
    2016 beta II 2837 N7020U : Binner Enterprises at Henderson, NV from Nov15; w/o NW of North Las Vegas Airport , Las Vegas, NV
    2016 beta II 3176 PR-RCA : AGD Aviation Escola de Aviação Civil, test serial N7195K; w/o at Cubatão, Sao Paulo. 2 fatalities
    2016 beta II 3326 VH-WGB : Grenleigh Pty Ltd at Port Wedland, WA from Jun02; w/o 12may16 during agricultural tasks at Wallal Downs Station, WA
    2016 beta II 4040 N404LE : November Alpha Llc at Los Angeles, CA from Aug11; w/o 27jan16 at Copiague, Suffolk County, Long Island, NY
    2016 beta II 4482 VH-LYW : Spreadborough Aerial Services Pty Ltd at Roma, QLD, Australia from Aug15; w/o 20feb16 hit powerlines during aerial mustering operations at Waikola Station, 88km NE of Roma, Queensland
    2016 beta II 4491 VH-YLY : private at Mareeba, QLD, Australia from Jun15; w/o 07apr16 crashed into the sea off Noah Beach, Cape Tribulation, Shire of Douglas, QLD
    2016 mariner 1585M XB-LBN : Aero Anáhuac, Mexico; w/o 23mar16 during aerial spraying at Santa Rosalía, Baja California Sur
    2016 r44 V5-HFW : Etosha Helicopters Company; w/o 09apr16 17m SW Hosea Kutako International Airport
    2016 astro 0055 VT-PHB : Aman Aviation, India; w/o at Aarey Colony, Mumbai. 2 fatalities
    2016 astro 0350 VH-HXY : private at Hughenden, QLD, Australia from Feb10; w/o 14feb16 mustering cattle hit powerlines near Boonacarbaroo Station, Hughendon, QLD
    2016 clipper 0869 HP-1428HV : Panama, ex HP-1428HC; w/o 22jul16 at Chepo
    2016 II 10561 N789MR : Floyd Vuncannon Aviation Inc; w/o at Jonesboro Municipal Airport. 1 fatality
    2016 II 13413 5H-FCG : Friedkin Conservation Fund, Tanzania; w/o 29jan16 at Maswa game reserve, Serengeti National Park shot down by elephant poachers
    2016 II 13529 ZK-HTH : Helinorth, NZ; w/o 31oct16 at Glenbervie Forest, NE of Whangarei. 2 fatalities
    2016 II 13676 B-7549 : Guilin General Aviation Company; w/o 26apr16 at Guilins Yongfu County, Guangxi, China. 2 fatalities
    2016 raven 1216 N141TM : Ryan Rotors Inc; w/o 17jun16 at Crows Pond, North Chatham, Barnstable County, Cape Cod, MA
    2016 raven 1239 G-RFUN : Southport Golf Complex Ltd at Sheffield from Dec14; w/o 05aug16 near Glossop, Derbyshire
    2016 raven 1258 F-GVSB : Héliclub du Beaujolais; w/o at Frontenas airfield
    2016 raven 1601 RA-04195 : Heli Crimea; w/o 27nov16 Vinogradnoye, south of Alushta, Crimea. 3 fatalities
    2016 raven 1701 OK-GES : GES AIR, Czech Republic; w/o 16aug16 at Kaznějov. 2 fatalities
    2016 raven 1738 N776JM : Sea Air Inc at Wilmington, DE from Aug07; w/o 27mar16 at Greene Township near Hawley, Pennsylvania. 1 fatality
    2016 raven II 10881 ZS-RXW : South Africa; w/o 03aug16 at Msikaba River near Lusikisiki, Ingquza Hill. 4 fatalities
    2016 raven II 12305 G-OTJS : Kuki Helicopters Sales Ltd from Aug12; w/o Blown over by sudden storm whilst parked outdoor at Retford (Gamston) Airport, Retford, Nottinghamshire
    2016 raven II 12418 TG-BBO : w/o 09jul16 at Lake Atitlán, Sololá, Guatemala
    2016 raven II 12560 PR-TUN : Helicopter Charter Service do Brasil Taxi Aereo; w/o 04dec16 at São Lourenço da Serra. 4 fatalities: Rosemere Nascimento Silva, 32, who was on her way to her wedding, her brother, a pregnant photographer and the pilot of the aircraft
    2016 raven II YN-CIN : Fly VIP, Nicaragua; w/o 11nov16 near Managua
    2016 r66 0015 ZK-HAG : Heliops Southland Ltd; w/o 14nov16 during spraying run near Winton, Mandeville
    2016 r66 0032 RA-1981G : w/o 09apr16 near Sidorenky, Serpukhov district, Moscow oblast
    2016 r66 0042 N117TW : Zions Credit Corp; w/o 23jun16 impacted terrain in Maricooa County, Wikieup, Arizona. 2 fatalities
    2016 r66 0212 RA-06347 : Helicopter Club Solnechny, Russia; w/o 07aug16 hit power lines at Borki, Ramonsky area, Voronezh Oblast
    2016 r66 0484 RA-06233 : w/o 18apr16 at Island Belyi, Yamalo-Nenets Autonomous Okrug, Russia. 3 fatalities
    2016 r66 0634 OE-XHA : Austria private; w/o 08sep16 near Heiligenblut, Großglockner. 1 fatality
    2016 s-61a-4 61-800 MY M23-33 : w/o 04oct16 crashed on to the roof of a school at SMK Balung Tawau, Sabah. No fatalities
    2016 S-61N 61-717 US N805AR : AAR Corp ( EP Aviation ); w/o 06sep16 crashed at Palm Bay, FL. 3 fatalities
    2016 sa315b 2321 CH HB-XEO : Air Glaciers from Mar75; Feb13 reached 16,000 flight hours; w/o 30aug16 pictured blade hit and crashed at Salvan Gorge, near Tretien
    2016 sa330l 1527 UN-135 : MINUSTAH Haiti
    2016 ah.1 1560 RA-2501G : w/o 25jul16 at Ust-Uda, Podvolochnoe District, Angara region
    2016 se3130 1500 HA-PPC : private Hungary from Mar07; w/o at Breighton Airfield, Selby, North Yorkshire, UK
    2016 th-13t 3628 N48316 : Hammock Flying Service Inc at Walnut Ridge, AR from Jun13; w/o 10may16 at Lawrence County, Portia, Arkansas
    2016 th180 10001 US N180TH : Enstrom TH-180; w/o significant damage during emergency hard landing during a flight test in Menominee, MI. No injuries
    2016 UH-1B 643 N486SA : private at Arbuckle, CA from Nov94; w/o 06may16 during agricultural tasks at Colusa County, W of Maxwell, CA
    2016 uh-1h 10361 CO PNC-0743 : Policia Oct09, Huey II type; w/o 13mar16 at Convención, 4 fatalities
    2016 uh-1h 18018 PY H-0431 : w/o 15mar16 hard landing in Luque during check flight after maintenance
    2016 uh-1h 9494 UY 055 : w/o at Carrasco airport. 2 fatalities. The accident occurred only 4 days after the tragic loss of a AT-37B Dragonfly jet aicraft
    2016 uh-72a 9656 TH 9656 : Thai Army, test serial N910AE; w/o 14aug16 at Chiang Mai. 5 fatalities including Maj-Gen Nopporn Ruanchan, commander of the 4th infantry division
    2016 W-3 Sokol 300201 ES SP-SUC : Hispánica de Aviación, S.A.; w/o 10aug16 hit a tree during firefighting at Mazo, La Palma
        170 C/N found.

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