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  • united kingdom AAC Middle Wallop

    Middle Wallop, Hampshire, England

    United Kingdom

    List of aircraft and events at AAC Middle Wallop

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    By Date | By Serial

    1953-apr-10 AccidentRAF Sycamore 3 WT926
    1954 1906 Flt UH-12B XB515
    1957-jul-10 AccidentJEHU Sycamore 4 XG548
    1963-dec-06 AAC AH.1 XP910
    1964-sep-17 G I AirframeAAC Skeeter 7 XM565
    1966-oct-12 AAC Sioux XT498
    1968 AB206A G-AVZG
    1968-jun-14 AAC Sioux XT498
    1968-aug G I AirframeAAC Skeeter 7 XN344
    1973-jul-28 HAS.2 XX510
    1975-jul-06 662 Squadron Sioux XT847
    1975-jul-26 AAC AB47G-3B XT108
    1975-jul-26 AAC AB47G-3B XT131
    1975-jul-26 AAC Sioux XT151
    1975-jul-26 3 CBAS Sioux XT197
    1975-jul-26 AAC Sioux XT207
    1975-jul-26 AAC Sioux XT211
    1975-jul-26 AAC Sioux XT220
    1975-jul-26 AAC Sioux XT228
    1975-jul-26 AAC Sioux XT243
    1975-jul-26 AAC Sioux XT801
    1975-jul-26 AAC Sioux XT803
    1976-feb AAC AB47G-3B XT108
    1976-feb AAC AB47G-3B XT131
    1976-mar G I AirframeRN HAS7 XL843
    1976-mar AAC Saro P.531 XR493
    1976-apr AAC AB47G-3B XT102
    1976-apr G I AirframeAAC AB47G-3B XT141
    1977-jun AccidentAAC AH1 XZ172
    1977-aug AETWAETW AH.1 XP856
    1977-aug-04 ARWS /G AH.1 XX452
    1977-aug-04 ARWS /O AH.1 XZ314
    1977-aug-04 ARWS /T AH.1 XZ320
    1977-aug-04 ARWS /A AH.1 XW284
    1977-aug-06 AAC AH.1 XX393
    1977-aug-06 AAC AH.1 XX393
    1977-sep-14 AAC AH.1 XZ302
    1978 HAFAAC Skeeter 7 XL813
    1978-mar AETWAETW AH.1 XT625
    1978-mar AETW652 Squadron AH1 XZ177
    1978-mar AETWAETW Skeeter 7 XM527
    1979 HAFAAC AB47G-3B XT131
    1979-may AETWAETW AH.1 XW865
    1979-jul Gate GuardianAAC AB47G-3B XT108
    1979-jul AETW653 Squadron AH.1 XR635
    1979-jul AETWAETW AH.1 XP888
    1979-jul-26 ARWS /J AH.1 XZ290
    1979-jul-26 ARWS /P AH.1 XZ315
    1979-jul-28 Army Air DayArmy AH-1G 70-15941
    1979-jul-28 Army Air DayArmy AH-1G 70-16031
    1979-jul-28 Army Air DayHeeresflieger CH-53G 84+84
    1979-jul-28 Army Air DayHeeresflieger CH-53G 84+98
    1979-jul-28 Army Air DayArmy OH-58A 69-16245
    1979-jul-28 Gate GuardianAAC Sycamore 4 XG502
    1979-jul-28 Army Air DayHeeresflieger UH-1D 72+16
    1979-jul-28 Army Air Day wa.116 autogyro G-ARZB
    1979-jul-28 Army Air DayWestland WG.30 G-GBHF
    1979-sep G I AirframeAETW Saro P.531 XR493
    1980-mar G I AIrframeAETW AB47G-3B XT140
    1980-mar G I AirframeAETW AH.1 XW900
    1980-mar G I AirframeAETW AH.1 XP847
    1980-mar G I AIrframeAETW AH.1 XP854
    1980-mar G I AirframeAETW AH.1 XP909
    1980-mar G I AirframeAETW AH.1 XT636
    1980-mar G I AirframeRN HAS7 XN382
    1980-mar G I AirframeMinistry of Defence (MoD) Lynx XW838
    1980-mar G I AIrframeAETW Sioux XT550
    1982-apr AAC AH.1 XP893
    1982-apr-03 664 SqARWS /W AH.1 XZ326
    1982-jul-23 A109A MM81012 / EI-853
    1982-jul-23 Army Air DayArmy AH-1G 71-21018
    1982-jul-23 Force AĆ©rienne Belge MK48 RS02
    1982-jul-23 Army Air DayRAF SA330E XW226
    1982-jul-23 AAC SE3130 XN132
    1982-jul-23 SE3130 F-BYAM
    1982-jul-24 A109A AE-331 / CC
    1983-may ExhibitAAC Sycamore 4 XG502
    1983-jul AAC Historic FlightHistoric Aircraft Flight AB47G-3B XT131
    1984 AAC AH.1 XT616
    1984-jul-01 hkp4b 04063
    1984-jul-06 A109A MM81010 / EI-851
    1984-jul-06 AB204B 03313 / 53
    1984-jul-06 AH.1 ZA737 / V
    1984-jul-06 ARWS /V AH.1 ZA737
    1984-jul-06 HSS-1 B4 / OT-ZKD
    1984-jul-06 S-61L XV370
    1984-jul-06 SA319B 262
    1984-jul-06 SA321G 122
    1984-jul-07 AH1 XZ215
    1984-jul-07 HC.2 XT604
    1984-jul-07 HT.3 XZ936
    1984-jul-07 Lynx ZE477
    1984-jul-07 MK25 265
    1984-jul-07 MK48 RS04
    1984-jul-07 SE3160 A-499
    1986-jun-01 AB212 MM81128 / EI-412
    1986-jun-01 hkp4b 04063
    1986-jun-01 SA321G 122
    1986-jun-11 armen AB204B 03313
    1986-jul-01 MK48 RS03
    1986-jul-01 S-61A-1 U-240
    1986-jul-12 AVES AB212 MM81128
    1987 Westland Lynx G-BEAD
    1988-jul-16 AB204B 03313 / 53
    1988-jul-16 AVES AB212 MM81117
    1988-jul-16 kv-107ii-16 hkp4c 04068 / 68
    1989 AAC AB47G-3B XT150
    1989 AAC Sioux XT190
    1989 AAC Sioux XT548
    1990-jul 671 Squadron AH.1 ZB688
    1990-jul-22 AH.1 XW903 / E
    1992-may-10 HAR.3 ZE370 / T
    1993-sep-05 AH.1 XW911 / I
    1993-sep-05 AH.1 ZB688 / H
    1993-sep-05 HT.2 ZB649 / CU-43
    1993-sep-05 MD520N VR-CDD
    1993-sep-05 SA341G G-MANN
    1994-may-01 HT.2 ZB647
    1994-may-01 TIGER F-ZWWW
    1994-may-13 RAF HC.2 XV725
    1994-may-13 HT.2 XZ941 / B
    1994-may-14 HT.2 ZB649 / CU-43
    1994-may-14 HT.3 ZB629
    1994-may-15 UH-1D NZ3802 / 02
    1994-jun Eurocopter France TIGER F-ZWWW
    1996-jun-15 AH.1 XX378 / Q
    1996-jun-15 HT.2 ZB646 / CU-59
    1997-mar WreckAAC AH1 XZ668
    1998-jun-12 107-ii 04064
    1998-jun-12 72 Squadron /F HC.2 XR497
    1998-jun-13 AH.1 XX403 / U
    1998-jun-13 HC.2 XR497 / F
    1998-jun-14 AB412HP 11332
    1998-jun-14 AS350BB ZJ260
    1998-jun-14 MK48 RS01
    2000-sep-02 HC.4 ZG820 / A
    2000-sep-02 SA321G 160
    2000-sep-08 AMI AB212ICO MM81156
    2000-sep-10 604 SC AB212ICO MM81149
    2000-sep-10 OH-58B 3C-OB
    2004-sep-18 AH1 XX153
    2004-nov-18 Lynx ZD559
    2004-nov-29 AH1 XZ184 / Z
    2005-jan-08 WAH-64 ZJ200
    2005-feb-08 WAH-64 ZJ215
    2005-feb-08 WAH-64 ZJ233
    2005-mar-07 AH.1 XX403 / U
    2005-mar-11 AH.1 XZ338
    2005-mar-18 AH1 XZ652 / T
    2005-apr-18 AH7 ZE380
    2005-apr-19 AH.1 XT626 / Q
    2006-jan-26 HC.3 ZJ130 / O
    2006-apr-04 S-92 N908W
    2006-jul-29 AS350BB ZJ253
    2006-nov 671 Squadron AH.1 XX403
    2006-nov 671 Squadron AH.1 XW848
    2006-nov 671 Squadron AH.1 ZB673
    2006-nov AAC AH.1 XZ320
    2006-nov AAC AH1 XZ606
    2006-nov 671 Squadron AH1 XZ655
    2006-nov 670 Squadron AS350BB ZJ249
    2006-nov 670 Squadron AS350BB ZJ246
    2006-nov 670 Squadron AS350BB ZJ245
    2006-nov 670 Squadron AS350BB ZJ244
    2006-nov 670 Squadron AS350BB ZJ252
    2008 AAC AH.1 XZ347
    2008-mar-26 AH1 ZD281 / K
    2009-mar-24 AS365N3 ZJ780
    2009-apr-29 AH.1 XZ349 / G
    2009-apr-29 AH.1 XZ327
    2009-apr-29 AH.1 XZ320
    2009-apr-29 SE3130 XR379
    2009-aug-04 AH1 XZ220
    2009-oct 671 Squadron AH.1 XX399
    2009-oct-12 WAH-64 ZJ194
    2010-feb-17 SE3130 XR379
    2010-apr-12 WAH-64 ZJ168
    2010-apr-12 WAH-64 ZJ211
    2010-jun-15 212 ZK206
    2010-jul-15 AH-1G 70-15990
    2010-jul-15 AH.1 XZ345 / M
    2010-jul-15 AS350BB ZJ253 / 53
    2010-oct-07 AH.1 XT626 / Q
    2011-sep-23 212 ZJ964 / A
    2011-sep-23 212 ZJ966 / C
    2011-sep-24 212 ZJ969 / K
    2012-feb AAC AH.1 XX392
    2012-feb-13 AAC 212 ZK067
    2012-mar Spares recoveryAAC AH1 ZD281
    2012-jul-12 212 ZJ964 / A
    2012-jul-12 AH.1 XT626 / Q
    2013-apr-23 HAS.2 XZ245
    2013-oct AH.1 G-CIBW
    2014 AAC AH1 XZ654
    2014-mar AAC AH.1 XZ346
    2014-jul-25 AAC 212 ZK067
    2014-aug G I AirframeAAC A109A ZE412
    2015 Wasp G-KAXT
    2015-mar Ministry of Defence (MoD) SE3130 G-CICS
    2015-jul-31 Retirement flypastAAC AH1 ZD280
    2015-jul-31 Retirement flypastAAC AH1 XZ616
    2015-jul-31 Retirement flypastAAC AH1 XZ184
    2015-jul-31 Retirement flypastAAC AH1 XZ651
    2015-jul-31 Retirement flypastAAC AH1 XZ670
    2015-jul-31 Retirement flypastAAC AH7 ZE378
    2016-jan-11 AAC 212 ZJ964
    2016-aug-10 AAC AH1 XZ184
    2017-apr-08 Gazelle 50th Anniversary AB206B G-KETH
    2017-apr-08 Gazelle 50th Anniversary AH.1 G-CDNO
    2017-apr-08 Gazelle 50th AnniversaryAAC AH.1 XZ320
    2017-apr-08 Gazelle 50th Anniversary H130 G-PERT
    2017-apr-08 Gazelle 50th Anniversary HT.2 G-CTFS
    2017-apr-08 Gazelle 50th Anniversary HT.2 G-ZZLE
    2017-apr-08 Gazelle 50th Anniversary HT.3 G-CBSK
    2017-apr-08 Gazelle 50th Anniversary MD500E G-HUEZ
    2017-apr-08 Gazelle 50th Anniversary SA341G N341AS
    2017-apr-08 Gazelle 50th Anniversary SA341G G-GAZA
    2017-apr-08 Gazelle 50th Anniversary SA341G N901B
    2017-apr-08 Gazelle 50th Anniversary SA341G YU-HEY
    2017-apr-08 Gazelle 50th Anniversary SA342J YU-HPZ
    2017-apr-08 Gazelle 50th AnniversaryALAT SA342M 4072
    2017-apr-08 Gazelle 50th AnniversaryALAT SA342M1 4207
    2017-aug HAS.2 XZ233
    2018-jan-27 AAC AH9 ZG885
    2018-jan-27 AAC AH9 ZG917
    2018-jan-28 HAS.3 ZD262
    2018-oct 671 Sq671 Squadron AH.1 XW846
    2018-oct 671 Sq671 Squadron AH.1 ZA766
    2018-oct 671 Sq671 Squadron AH.1 XX405
    2018-oct 667 SqAAC AH.1 XZ326
    2018-oct 667 SqAAC AH.1 ZB674
    2018-oct 671 Sq671 Squadron AH.1 ZB691
    2018-oct-25 Visiting847NAS AH.1 ZZ389
    2019-nov-06 AAC WAH-64 ZJ207

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