Helicopter Accidents


Year 2017 accidents

List of helicopter accidents

Aerospatiale Alouette II 2
Aerospatiale AS332 Super Puma 1
Aerospatiale AS350 Ecureuil 4
Aerospatiale AS355 ecureuil 2 2
Aerospatiale Gazelle 2
Agusta AB206 2
Agusta AB412 1
AgustaWestland AW109 2
AgustaWestland AW119 Koala 2
AgustaWestland AW139 3
Airbus Helicopters as350 4
Atlas Aircraft Oryx 1
Bell 204 3
Bell 205 4
Bell 206 13
Bell 209 AH-1 Cobra 1
Bell 212 1
Bell 222 1
Bell 407 7
Bell 412 3
Bell 429 2
Bell 430 1
Bell 47 1
Bell V-22 Osprey 1
Enstrom 480 1
Enstrom f-28 1
Eurocopter AS350 Ecureuil 16
Eurocopter AS365 Dauphin 2 1
Eurocopter EC120 1
Eurocopter EC135 3
Eurocopter EC145 2
Eurocopter Tiger / Tigre 1
F+W Emmen SA316B Alouette III 1
Guimbal Cabri G2 2
Hughes 369 / 500 / H-6 5
Kawasaki Heavy Industries MCH-101 1
MBB Bk117 2
McDonnell Douglas md500 5
McDonnell Douglas MD600N 1
McDonnell Douglas MD900 Explorer 1
MD Helicopters MD500 1
Mil Mi-8 Hip (1st Gen) 1
Mil Mi-8/17 Hip (2nd Gen) 4
Mil Mi-8/17 Hip (3rd Gen) 1
Mitsubishi S-70 1
NH Industries NH90 1
PZL W-3 Sokol 1
Robinson R22 2
Robinson R44 8
Robinson R66 2
Schweizer 269C / 300 1
Sikorsky S-70 H-60 1
Sikorsky S-76 3
Sikorsky S-80 H-53E 2
Sikorsky S-92 1
Westland Sioux 1

2017 204b 2020 VH-EQF : South West Helicopters Pty Ltd at Cootamundra, NSW from Oct14; w/o 21jun17 at Pureora Forest Park 18km W Lake Taupo: pictured (pic2)
2017 204b 2199 OE-XRK : Kitz Air; w/o 22jun17 hard landing at Alpbach, Tyrol
2017 206a 222 RA-01625 : Aviation Training Center Boomerang, Russia; w/o 05jul17 during training. 1 fatality
2017 206b-2 1285 C-GCDM : Essentials Helicopters; w/o at North Bay Airport, ON
2017 206b-3 3661 F-GPPH : Eurl Mike Helico from Nov05; w/o 15mar17 approching to private helipad at Lissac-et-Mouret, Lot. 1 fatality
2017 206b-3 4013 Z-HOT : ZimParks, Zimbabwe; w/o 23aug17 at Hwange National Park, Matabeleland North Province
2017 206b-3 4468 PT-YHH : Icaraí Turismo e Táxi Aéreo from Dec06; w/o 17mar17 at Araucária , Paraná
2017 206b-3 4526 VT-DDA : Dhillon Aviation, India; w/o 26apr17 Chintagupha Camp, Sukma District
2017 206b-3 4552 TW B-31118 : Emerald Pacific Airlines; w/o 10jun17 at Fengbin Township, Hualien County, Taiwan. 3 fatalities
2017 206l-1 45429 N519EH : w/o at Carson City Airport, NV
2017 206l-1 XB-NHR : Mexico private; w/o 21jan17 near Monterrey. Found on 23. 2 fatalities
2017 206l-3 51186 US N275AE : w/o 08nov17 hard force landing in Obion County, Union City, TN
2017 206l-3 51264 DZ 7T-WUF : w/o 10:45 Hs crashed west of Algiers
2017 212 30745 MX XC-BEI : Procuraduría General de la República (PGR); w/o 22sep17 at San Pedro Leapi, San Carlo Yautepec during eartquake relief efforts
2017 222ut 47554 ET ET-AMR : w/o Apr17 crashed Addis-Ababa. Scrapped
2017 300c S1785 N521AR : Canyon State Aero; w/o 27apr17 at Pinal County, San Tan Valley, AZ
2017 369d 116-0029D HL9188 : Palm Copter; w/o 23jul13 Hwasan-gun, South Korea; canc 08aug17
2017 369d 300678D SE-JVI : Visimind AB / First European Aviation Company Spz; w/o near Högheden airport, Älvsbyn, 1 fatality
2017 369e 0095E US N5189K : Gwinnett Police (GCPD); w/o at Gwinnett County Airport; pictured (pic2)
2017 369hs 92-0414S MX XC-TIJ : Tijuana; Secretaria de Seguridad Pública Municipal (SSPM) /Pegasso; w/o 22nov17 at La Morita, Tijuana, Baja California. 2 fatalities
2017 407 53063 CL CC-AQH : Helicopteros del Pacifico, Ltda; w/o 12jan17 during firefighting under Conaf contract at Alhué
2017 407 53182 US N1371 : Westwind Helicopters; w/o 27feb17 at Terrebonne Parish, Bayou Barre, LA. 1 fatality
2017 407 53257 PG P2-HSE : Niugini Helicopters 2010; w/o at Kiunga Airport, North Fly District, Western Province.
2017 407 53465 US N31VA : VSP; w/o near Charlottesville, VI
2017 407 53889 RA-01927 : Basma; w/o 06nov17 near Innopolis, Verkhneuslon district, Tatarstan. 1 fatality
2017 407gxp 54573 MX 1302 : FAM /02 d/d Jun15, test serial N534NB; w/o 28nov17 conducting aerial spraying to eradicate poppy fields 29km NW of Chilpancingo, Guerrero
2017 407gxp 54610 US N620PA : Pafford EMS, op by Air Methods; w/o 19nov17 near DeWitt, AR. 3 fatalities
2017 412ep 36135 JP JA97NA : w/o 06mar17 in Japan Central Mountains. 9 fatalities
2017 412ep 36540 MX 1211 : Escuadron Aereo 101; w/o 06oct17 at 4km NE Santa Isabel, Pueblo Nuevo, Durango. 7 fatalities
2017 412sp 33209 ES EC-MMC : Generalitat Valenciana /A-2, op by Babcock España; w/o pictured (pic3) after collided with ultralight during landing at Mutxamel airport, Alicante returning from firefighting at Castellon. 1 fatality
2017 429 57202 SK OM-BYM : w/o at Presov Airport. 2 fatalities; pictured (pic3)
2017 429 57249 N598PB : private at Center, TX from Dec16; w/o 15feb17 impacted Wallace Lake, DeSoto Parrish, LA. 2 fatalities
2017 430 49024 ZS-VDM : w/o M/R blades struck Tailboom on landing at a PVT Helipad West of OR Tambo Intl Airport causing structural damage to the airframe
2017 47g-2 1459 TI-BGH : Heli Green of Costa Rica; w/o 18sep17 during spraying at Llano Bonito, Cariari district, Pococí de Limón. 1 fatality
2017 480B 5110 N480W : w/o 10may17 in mountainous area near Fundres, Bolzano, Italy. 1 fatality
2017 a109luh NG NAF 573 : Nigeria 2010; w/o 06jul17 pictured (pic2) ditched into a pool of water after technical failure during counterinsurgency operation in the North East
2017 ab206a 8130 VH-DPU : private from Jun12; w/o 17mar17 approaching Keppel Creek, Curtis Island, SE of Rockhampton, QLD
2017 ab206b 8514 IT I-VFEA : w/o 13aug17 landing at Fonte Vetica, Mount Gran Sasso
2017 ab412ep 25920 IT I-VFOV : w/o 09feb17 in fog during mountain rescue exercise at Monasterolo di Cafasse, TO
2017 ah-1f AT N11FX : w/o main rotor stuck a building at Reutte-Höfen Airfield
2017 as332L 2173 JP JA9672 : w/o 07nov17 pictured (pic2) crashed on a road bridge at Ueno village in Gunma Prefecture. 4 fatalities
2017 as350b 1713 VH-KCE : Aviation Specialists Toowoomba Pty Ltd from Jan12; w/o 30mar17 at Wellcamp, Toowoomba, QLD
2017 as350b 2015 VH-BAA : Skyplan Australia Pty Ltd at Rosny Park, TAS from Jun10, AS350BA type; w/o landing at Hobart airport. 1 fatality
2017 as350b 2364 F-HLBT : Héliberté; w/o at Guerande, Loire-Atlantique
2017 as350b2 2773 KR HL9170 : Aero Peace, South Korea; w/o 16nov17 at Boseong-gun
2017 as350b2 3240 CA C-GOHS : w/o 14dec17 crashed in a field at Tweed, eastern Ontario. 4 fatalities
2017 as350b2 3425 US N515ET : Chaparral Air Group at Grapevine, TX from Oct 11; w/o at Fullerton Municipal Airport, CA during training
2017 as350b2 3816 HB-ZTM : Mountain Flyers 80 Ltd from Sep11; w/o rolled over during landing at Gebirgslandeplatz Petersgrat, 1 fatality
2017 as350b3 3608 US N357PJ : Pacific Gas and Electric Company , op by PJ Helicopters; w/o 11jul17 hit tree during routine survey of PG&E’s hydroelectric facilities at Donner Summit, near Kidd Lake, Kingvale, CA
2017 as350b3 3677 CL CC-ARK : Helicoptero Calquin; w/o 09feb17 during inspection of power lines at Los Toros, Maule
2017 as350b3 4136 PT OE-XPP : Everjets; Aug17 as /34, op for Portuguese Gov fire fighting season (DECIF2017) based at Vila Real district; w/o in Alijó
2017 as350b3 4289 YR-DEX : Dunca Expeditii; w/o 29nov17 at Muntele Mic, near Caransebes
2017 as350b3 4514 RA-07277 : CHP Holding from 2013; w/o 07dec17 reported missing near Chistiy, Bratsk district
2017 as350b3 4699 HN FAH-905 : impounded 02may11; FAH Jun12; w/o 16dec17 in bad weather at Yerbabuena Mountain, Rincon de Dolores, Lepaterique. 6 fatalities including President Juan Orlando Hernandez sister
2017 as350b3 4751 NO LN-OTR : Helitrans, test serial F-WMXU; w/o 12sep17 at Laksefjordvidda, Finnmark County
2017 as350b3 7148 PT OE-XTM : Everjets; Aug17 op for Portuguese Gov during fire fighting season (DECIF2017) based at Armamar in Viseu district; w/o 20aug17
2017 as350b3e 7488 JP JA500H : w/o during training at Kobe Airport
2017 as350ba 3060 N122HC : Nielsen Support Systems at Boise, DE Nov14-Nov15
2017 as350d 1360 ZK-HKW : Way To Go Heli Services, AS350BA type; w/o 14feb17 at Christchurch, Port Hills. 1 fatality
2017 as355f 5249 G-OHCP : V21 t/a Helicopter Services; w/o 30mar17 crashed in Rhinog Mountains, Snowdonia, North Wales. All five onboard died including Kevin and Ruth Burke
2017 as355f1 5292 MY 9M-SSZ : Layang Layang Aerospace, AS355F2 type; w/o at Kota Kinabalu International Airport
2017 as365n3+ ID HR-3602 : w/o 02jul17 hit a cliff in Temanggung, Central Java during operation to Dieng on a rescue mission following a volcanic eruption. 8 fatalities
2017 aw109e 11510 XA-SJC : Helivan & Hawk; w/o initial climb 1km Poza Rica airport
2017 aw119 14520 CL CC-ABY : FAASA Chile; w/o 15jan17 during firefighting between Quirihue and Cauquenes
2017 aw119kx 14840 VT-NRK : Krestal Aviation; w/o 10jun17 on take off at Badrinath, Uttarakhand. 1 fatality
2017 aw139 31104 IT EC-KJT : video being recovered by Italian Army Chinook
2017 aw139 31369 IT I-TNCC : w/o rolled over at Nambino mount , Madonna di Campiglio, Trento at 2650 mts. 2 injured
2017 aw139 41213 AE A6-AWN : w/o 29apr17 ditched on Arabian Gulf . Capsized before salvage
2017 bk117a1 7059 NZ ZK-IED : Damage was substantial, but helicopter was NOT written-off; Nov19 update: would have to undergo SERIOUS repairs in order to fly again

2017 bk117b1 7238 US N238BK : St. Louis Childrens Hospital (SLCH) at St. Louis, MO, op by Air Methods; /Kids Flight 1; w/o hard landing in farmland NE of Perryville, Perry County, MO
2017 Cabri G2 1178 ZK-IMZ : Kapiti Aero Club Inc, New Zealand; w/o near Waikawa Beach, S of Levin, Horowhenua.
2017 Cabri G2 1185 UK G-JAMM : A Woodward Aviation Ltd from Feb 17; Helicopter Services; w/o 17nov17 mid-air collision with Cessna 152 (G-WACG) at Waddesdon near Aylesbury, Buckinghamshire. 2 fatalities
2017 CH-101 KHI11 JP 8193 : w/o while hovering over the Seaplane Ramp at Iwakuni Airbase during training for underslung load operations with a 500 kg load of oil drums.
2017 ch-53e 65-571 US 163078 : w/o as HMH-462 /YF-21 emergency landing near North Training Area, Takae, Higashi village, Okinawa. Destroyed by fire
2017 ch-53e 65-582 US 164358 : w/o 13:00hs asg HMH-361 MAWTS-1, hard landing and rolled at Yuma, AZ. No fatalities
2017 EC120B 1530 RA-07226 : Stal-M; w/o 27nov17 near Shinovka, Kirsanovsky district, Tambov Region. 2 fatalities
2017 ec130b4 4402 US N151GC : hard landing at Boulder City, NV
2017 ec135p2 0475 US N62UP : PennSTAR from Dec06; w/o crash in Delaware industrial park on airport approach 1m SE New Castle Airport, New Castle County, DE. 1 fatality
2017 ec135p2+ 0731 US N135LG : w/o 02feb17 rolled over on side on landing to pickup victim at St Helens, E of Beattyville, Lee County, KY
2017 ec135t2+ 1141 LS LDF-13 : w/o 13apr17 hit power lines at Thaba Putsoa. 4 fatalities
2017 ec145 9192 PA AN-136 : w/o 22may17 hit by birds during rescue mission
2017 ec145 9474 US N146DU : Duke Life Flight HEMS; w/o near the Amazon US Wind Farm East wind turbine complex in Perquimans County, NC. 4 fatalities.
2017 f-28c 505 N5697B : F-28C-2 c/n 505-2; Du Bous Aviation; w/o crashed in Chino cow pasture during training
2017 h125 8219 UK G-HKCN : HQ Aviation Ltd from Jul16; w/o 10may17 landing on the yacht Bacarella at Sandviken Bay, Bergen Harbour, Norway. video
2017 h125 8231 5Y-NMJ : Flex Air Charters, Kenya; w/o 21oct17 crashed into Lake Nakuru shortly after takeoff from hotel
2017 h125 8274 G-MATH : Confidentia Aviation Ltd, Isle of Man from Jan17; w/o pictured at Wycombe Air Park, Buckinghamshire
2017 h125 8410 CH HB-ZOI : Heli-TV SA from Jul 17; 06dec17 crashed at Valle del Carcale near Gordola, Locarno, Ticino
2017 hb350b2 2831 PT-YZM : Heli-Rio Taxi Aereo, noted Jan09; w/o 12apr17 crashed into the sea 200m off Itacoatiara beach, Niteroi. 1 fatality
2017 md500e 0427E SX-HBB : private Greece; w/o 23jun17 hit power lines during spraying. 2 fatalities
2017 md500e 0473E G-MRRR : Helos Aviation from Jan15; w/o 24mar17 crashed next to the River Thames near The Warren, Caversham, Reading, Berkshire.
2017 369f 0044FF US N530KD : Rogers Helicopters at Fresno, CA from Oct 11; w/o 14mar17 slinging power cables at White County, SE of Chalmers, IN. 1 fatality
2017 369f 0079FF MX XC-PEP : Policía Estatal Preventiva (PEP); w/o 13mar17 , struck wires at Mexicali, Baja California. 4 fatalities
2017 369f 0092FF MX 1137 : w/o 06apr17 San Bartolo, Huehuetoca
2017 MD530F 0261FF AF 261 : Afghanistan from Jul16, test serial N61006; w/o 23feb17 Dasht-e-Archi district
2017 md600n RN021 TG-MDD : Guatemala, rtn to N245SE
2017 md900 900/00017 AT OE-XWF : Ambulance /Martin 4, based at Matrei / Tyrolia; w/o 01aug17 at Mount Großglockner, video. No fatalities;; Called in to airlift a 54 year old tourist with heart problems from "Erzherzog-Johann-Huette" logde at the "Adlersruhe" ridge at an altitude of 3454 metres / 11630 feet near Austria's highest peak mount "Großglockner". During take off the pilot states was hit by a gust of wind. The helicopter started spinning, hit the ground on the skids and rollover onto it's right side. The wreckage luckily came to rest just a few feet from a steep cliff which down-slopes several hundred meters.
2017 mh-60r US 166549 : HSM-78 /NE-706; w/o 26apr17 on initial takeoff 24m E Guam USS Dewey (DDG 105).
2017 mi-17-1v 419M24 PE FAP-614 : w/o 18nov17 in the VRAEM ( Valle de los Ríos Apurímac, Ene y Mantaro )
2017 mi-171c 171C00643116106U RA-22312 : Konvers Avia; w/o 26oct17 North of Cap Heer, Barentsburg, Spitsbergen, Norway; pictured after being recovered from 209 meters depth. 8 fatalities
2017 mi-17v-5 862M10 VE EBV-0796 : Ejercito; w/o 30dec16 Cerro Duida mountain, Amazonas
2017 mi-8mtv-1 95522 RA-25183 : w/o 26oct17 crashed at Barentsburg, Svalbard, Norway
2017 mi-8mtv-1 96150 PE EP-659 : Ejercito; w/o 27apr17
2017 mi-8t 9 82 06975 RA-25377 : Vityaz-Aero; w/o 19apr17 at Kamchatka, near the Mutnovsky Volcano
2017 mv-22b D0289 US 168634 : USMC; VMM-265 /EP-13; w/o 05aug17
2017 NH90 TTH 1222 OM 635 : w/o destroyed after impacted the ground during a training mission at Musannah Air Base
2017 oh-58a 41228 N993YC : Klinkborg Aerial Spraying & Seeding Inc at Parkersburg, IA from Jul12; w/o 07may17 hit powerlines during agricultural work at Foster Pond, Bluff Precinct, Monroe County, IL
2017 oh-6a 118-0860 N50MP : w/o 02sep17, reportedly destroyed in accident at Burnet, Texas
2017 oryx 36 ZA 1236 : 22 Sqn at AFB Ysterplaat; w/o 10 hit wires put up recently and not marked near Cape Town
2017 beta II 4013 EC-JSC : European Flyers school; w/o at Cuatro Vientos, Madrid
2017 beta II 4335 VH-HGU : Cloncurry Mustering Company Pty Ltd; w/o 02aug17 mustering cattle 7km NW of Cloncurry, QLD. 1 fatality
2017 astro 0467 PP-MAM : WSFly; w/o 22jan17 during scenic tours at Rio Turvo, Minas Gerais
2017 astro 0662 OK-EIN : Czech Rep private; w/o near Brno-Turany airport
2017 clipper II 12330 G-DORM : w/o 12mar17 at Top Hill near Carlingford, Cooley Mountains, Co Louth, Ireland
2017 II 11489 N744WT : New Orleans Helicopters LLC; w/o at Lakefront Airport, New Orleans, LA
2017 raven 1878 OO-PMI : w/o 15jul17 during training at Nancy-Tomblaine airport, France
2017 raven II 10495 CC-PNJ : Chile; w/o 22mar17 blade struck a flagpost during takeoff from a parking lot at a fruit packing plant at Parque Lantaño, near Chillán
2017 raven II 12899 N728CB : Chesapeake Bay Helicopters; w/o 27apr17 at Catawba County, Newton, NC
2017 raven II 13016 VH-KWT : w/o 10aug17 ~1500 hs landed heavily at Daly Waters Pub NT and chopped its own tail assy off. No injuries sustained by 3 on board at the time
2017 r66 0174 RA-06375 : Altai-Avia, Russia; w/o 12feb17 after take off at 20.20 LT, night, near lake Teletsk, (Republic Altai in RF) immediately impact in waters of lake, 5 fatalities
2017 r66 0412 S2-AGT : Square Air Limited; w/o 01oct17 Pabna, Bangladesh
2017 s-76c 760717 TC-HEZ : Swan Aviation, Turkey; w/o 10mar17 Büyükçekmece district, Istanbul. 7 fatalities
2017 s-76c 760766 : Jun/Jul 2015 for sale Sikorsky S76C++ 2009 - Located Brazil offshore equipped, OGP compliant helicopter. Engine And Gearbox PBH Programs. 5468 Hours Total Time hours
2017 s-76c 760815 IN VT-CMM : Maharashtra Gov; w/o 25may17 after take off at Nilanga, Latur district, Maharashtra
2017 s-92a 92-0051 IE EI-ICR : Apr17 report states that Rescue 116 struck island that wasn’t in terrain warning database, , pictured(pic3)
2017 sa315b 2478 AT OE-EXU : w/o 04jul17 crashed in Dalaas/Austria
2017 sa316b 1574 IN Z1006 : IAF; w/o 15mar17 during training near Allahabad
2017 sa341g 1087 UP-LA246 : to be confirmed; w/o 25feb17 in Kazakhstan
2017 sa342m 2019 FR 4019 : w/o hard landing at Bar-le-Duc-les-Hauts
2017 se3130 1554 CI TU-HAH : IAS from 2015; w/o 14dec17 at Port Bouët, near Abidjan, Cote dIvoire
2017 Sioux wa426 D-HAFB : w/o 10may17 10may17 at Gramaialm, Pertisau, Achensee, Austria. 2 fatalities
2017 th-67a 5271 US N911GE : Marion County Sheriff at Ocala, FL from Dec15; w/o 02may17 pictured during firefighting near Fort McCoy, Marion Cty, FL
2017 uht 1029 DE 74+29 : w/o c 40nm NE of Gao asg MINUSMA detachment in Mali
2017 UH-1B 514 N6180A : Jones Aviation Inc at Williams, CA from Oct00; w/o 21jun17 hit power lines during spraying at Colusa County, west of Colusa, CA
2017 uh-1d 5272 ZA ZS-HLI : Working on Fire; w/o 21dec17 during training at Bredasdorp, Western Cape
2017 uh-1h 10586 CO EJC-5412 : Ejercito, conv Huey II; w/o 18oct17 at Copacabana, Antioquia, pictured
2017 uh-1h 12232 GR ES625 : w/o 19apr17 at Sarantaporo, Elassona, Thessaly. 4 fatalities
2017 uh-1h TN L81-921 : Tunisia from 2011; w/o 02jan17 N Sidi Mansour
2017 UH-60J 2046 JP 58-4596 : JASDF; 2015 Koku Kyunandan; w/o 18m S Hamamatsu Air Base. 4 fatalities
2017 W-3W 360606 PL 0606 : w/o 22jun17 at Massanzago, Italy
    139 C/N found.

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