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FlightSafety International
Frasca International
Rockwell Collins

Helicopter pilot school equipment and training


R44 Simulator for Chinese Sichuan Fan-Mei Aviation, 26-Jan-18 : Sichuan Fan-Mei Aviation Industry Co Ltd from China ordered a Robinson R44 CAAC Level 5 simulator from Frasca International

Air Evac Lifeteam New FRASCA HTD Simulator, 25-Jan-18 : Air Evac Lifeteam is the launch customer for new mobile (housed in trailer) simulator focused on Inadvertent Instrument Meteorological Conditions (IIMC) recovery training

Aviation Program for High School Students, 24-Jan-18 : Windells Academy and Hillsboro Aero Academy partnered to create U.S. first high school program to earn pilot certification simultaneously with the high school diploma

ADAC H145 Level D Simulator Ready, 10-Jan-18 : ADAC’ HEMS Academy new "Made in Germany" H145 / EC145T2 Level D simulator is ready for training. ADAC currently operates 14 H145 and will also be available for international operators

Wiking Helikopter H145 Approved Training Organisation, 12-Dec-17 : Wiking from Germany completed in-house ATO (Approved Training Organisation) rating for its new type EC145T2/H145. They operates 2 aircraft in offshore missions

14-Nov-17 - EDIC’ Horizon International Flight Academy Dubai Airshow 2017
30-Oct-17 - Coptersafety H145 Level D Full Flight Simulator
13-Oct-17 - FAA Certification for New Bell 206/407 Simulator
12-Oct-17 - HUET Helicopter Training
05-Oct-17 - Helikorea Acquires Entrol ’ AW109 Simulator Helitech 2017
04-Oct-17 - Palm Beach Helicopters Receives Simulator
03-Oct-17 - Coptersafety and Østnes Partner for H125 Training Helitech 2017
28-Sep-17 - South Africa’ AGA EC145 Training in Louisiana
24-Sep-17 - Frasca new Bell 206 Simulator at AMTC 2017
21-Sep-17 - Entrol Certified its First EC135T2+ Level 2 Simulator
14-Sep-17 - First H145 Full Flight Simulator Certified
14-Aug-17 - FlightSafety Academy at Vero Beach, Florida
18-Jul-17 - Thales Delivered First EC135 Simulator in China
22-Jun-17 - AW139 Maintenance Training in Australia
06-Jun-17 - New Zealand is Metro Aviation Training Partner
26-May-17 - Seminole County Sheriff New Simulator
12-May-17 - North Dakota University New Simulator
28-Apr-17 - New Aviation Maintenance Management Program
20-Apr-17 - New H125 Simulator for Aero Asahi Corp
30-Mar-17 - Hoist Rescue Training fo CBP Black Hawk
29-Mar-17 - Cobham and Helisota Partnership Heli-Expo 2017
27-Mar-17 - Entrol Simulator to Helang Academy in Malaysia
15-Mar-17 - New Training Facility in Denver, Colorado
08-Mar-17 - Líder Aviação AW139 Training Centre for South America Heli-Expo 2017
07-Mar-17 - Sikorsky Pilot Training with Bristow Group Heli-Expo 2017
07-Mar-17 - S-92 and S-76D Flight Crew Operating Manuals Heli-Expo 2017
06-Mar-17 - Cobham Helicopter Academy Takes Off
03-Mar-17 - Precision Flight Controls Bell 206 Simulator Heli-Expo 2017
03-Mar-17 - FlightSafety NVG Training for Bell 212/412 and H135 Heli-Expo 2017
03-Mar-17 - Operations Specialist Course for Air Ambulance Operators Heli-Expo 2017
03-Mar-17 - Sikorsky S-76D Graphical Flight-Deck Simulator Heli-Expo 2017
02-Mar-17 - Air Evac Lifeteam Adds 7 Bell 206/407 Simulators
01-Mar-17 - Helicentre New Flight Instructor Course
28-Feb-17 - AW139 Maintenance Training at Aviation Australia
18-Jan-17 - University of North Dakota Adds R44 Cadet Trainer
09-Jan-17 - Bell Training Academy in Valencia Complete
27-Dec-16 - New Simulation Software Improves Helicopter Pilot Training
08-Dec-16 - Guidance Approved for Training International Students
05-Dec-16 - Wr Bar Helicopters Receives AS350 Trainer
30-Nov-16 - Finland’s Coptersafety Five New Simulators
14-Nov-16 - Ecocopter Received Frasca EC135 Simulator
14-Nov-16 - Airbus Helicopters Canada Recognized HNZ Topflight HAC 2016
04-Nov-16 - HNZ AS350 Simulator Approved by Transport Canada HAC 2016
31-Oct-16 - DEA General Aviation to Distribute Cicaré Trainer
24-Oct-16 - AW139 Authorised Training Centre in Australasia
18-Oct-16 - Toll’s AW139 Level D Full Flight Simulator
13-Oct-16 - FlightSafety Academy 50th anniversary
12-Oct-16 - Bell Helicopter Valencia Facility Near Completion Helitech 2016
25-Aug-16 - Argentina Certifies HFTC Simulators
23-Aug-16 - FAA Certifies HFTC Bell 407GX Simulator
26-Jul-16 - Coptersafety Selects Rockwell Collins
25-Jul-16 - Eagle Copters First HTS900 Course in Australia
19-Jul-16 - Bell Announce Official Name of Valencia Facility
13-Jul-16 - North America First H145 Full Simulator at HFTC
11-Jul-16 - First AW169 Full Flight Simulator Certified FIA 2016
07-Jul-16 - Night Vision Goggle Training in Dallas
28-Jun-16 - New Helicopter Training Centre in NL, Canada
20-Jun-16 - Helicentre Aviation Academy 2017 Scholarships
10-Jun-16 - FlightSafety FlightBag Courseware Application
23-May-16 - FlightSafety is Honeywell Exclusive Training Provider
14-Apr-16 - FAA Issues New Flight Simulator Regulations
13-Apr-16 - Frasca EC135 Simulator for TKK Tokyo
08-Apr-16 - R44/S300 Simulators for China Flying Dragon Aviation
29-Mar-16 - FlightSafety International 65th Anniversary
14-Mar-16 - United Kingdom 17th Guimbal G2 Cabri
02-Mar-16 - Helicopter Underwater Egress Survival Training Heli-Expo 2016
01-Mar-16 - Airbus Helicopters USA Offers Bo105 Maintenance Training Heli-Expo 2016
01-Mar-16 - Airbus Helicopters USA Highly Realistic Simulator Heli-Expo 2016
16-Feb-16 - FlightSafety Training for S-76C+ and C++ in Singapore Singapore Airshow 2016
10-Feb-16 - First H160 Simulator to be Installed at Helisim
02-Feb-16 - Frasca Delivers R44 Simulator to Sky Safari in China
18-Jan-16 - Metro Aviation EC145 Level D Full Motion Simulator
11-Dec-15 - First H175 Orientation Course in Southeast Asia
07-Dec-15 - Starspeed Course on Automation
24-Nov-15 - Bell 407 Simulator Receives Level 7 Qualification
20-Nov-15 - Bell 206 Frasca Flight Training Device with TruCue
16-Nov-15 - LAPD Selects FlightSafety for AS350B3 Training NBAA 2015
16-Nov-15 - Bell 212/412EP New Level D Simulator in Dallas NBAA 2015
16-Nov-15 - New Sikorsky S-92 Search and Rescue Course NBAA 2015
16-Nov-15 - Flightsafety S-76D Simulator Receives Level D Qualification NBAA 2015
09-Nov-15 - UAE Horizon Academy Signs LOI with Bell Dubai Airshow 2015
27-Oct-15 - Entrol Celebrates 10th Anniversary
21-Oct-15 - Massachusetts State Police Training with HFTC
20-Oct-15 - Líder Aviação Purchase AW139 Full-Flight Simulator
20-Oct-15 - EASA Virtual Academy Takes Off
13-Oct-15 - CAE Brunei Training Centre certified by EASA
08-Oct-15 - Helibras H225 Simulator receives ANAC Certification
07-Oct-15 - Central Oregon CC Orders R44 Frasca Simulator
05-Oct-15 - CAE Launches H225 Training in Oslo, Norway Helitech 2015
09-Sep-15 - Frasca 407GX Simulator for the Bell Training Academy
03-Sep-15 - Boston MedFlight trains at Metro Aviation CommLab
21-Aug-15 - Helibras H225 Simulator Inaugurated in Rio
14-Aug-15 - Helicentre Cabri G2 Flight Instructor Program
13-Aug-15 - Aeroglobo to Provide P&WC Training in Brazil LABACE 2015
13-Aug-15 - CommLab for Communication Specialists
10-Aug-15 - NEMSPA to Host Wire Strike Avoidance Seminar
31-Jul-15 - LAPD Pilots Trained by EuroSafety International
28-Jul-15 - Fox Training System in Use at PHI
15-Jul-15 - LAPD selects FlightSafety for Bell 412 training ALEA 2015
12-Jul-15 - FlightSafety at ALEA Expo 2015 ALEA 2015
23-Jun-15 - New Airbus Training Academy in Donauwörth
08-Jun-15 - Bell Training Academy Officially Opened at Ft Worth
27-May-15 - BARS for Offshore Helicopter Operations Standard
21-May-15 - Airbus Helicopters Extends UTair Training Center Certification HeliRussia 2015
18-May-15 - FlightSafety Receive FAA Gold Seal Certification
29-Apr-15 - UK CAA Announced Offshore New Proposals
20-Apr-15 - HFTC First International Customers
06-Apr-15 - Frasca Simulator for Horizon Flight Academy
31-Mar-15 - AW169 Simulator Ready for Training
18-Mar-15 - PWNE to Evaluate AW169 / AW189 Simulators LIMA 2015
06-Mar-15 - AS350 Lands at Metro Aviation HFTC Heli-Expo 2015
03-Mar-15 - HNZ Acquired AS350 B2/B3e Level 7 Training Device Heli-Expo 2015
02-Mar-15 - FlightSafety Increase its Simulators Fleet by Over 40% Heli-Expo 2015
02-Mar-15 - FlightSafety and Air Methods Level D Simulators Heli-Expo 2015
02-Mar-15 - FRASCA to Provide Bell 206L FTD to Air Evac Lifeteam Heli-Expo 2015
27-Feb-15 - Frasca Introduces New Simulator Technology Heli-Expo 2015
26-Jan-15 - Bell 407 and Bell 429 Training Academy in Valencia
21-Jan-15 - Airbus Helicopters Singapore AS365 Dauphin Simulator
22-Dec-14 - First US Helicopter Simulator for Flight Nurse Training
22-Dec-14 - FlightSafety EC145 FS1000 Level D Simulator
18-Dec-14 - Bell Academy Expands Capabilities in Singapore
28-Nov-14 - First Russian R44 Simulator Developed by Transas
31-Oct-14 - First Australian AW139 Simulator
09-Oct-14 - CAE Bell 412EP simulator for Abu Dhabi Aviation
15-Jul-14 - TRU to Build Bell 525 Full Flight Simulator
09-Jul-14 - S-92 simulator at CAE Brunei Training Centre
08-Jul-14 - EC175 full-flight simulator is ready for service
24-Jun-14 - Rotorsim 100,000 hours of simulator training
11-Apr-14 - Bell Training Academy 130,000 Student Milestone
19-Mar-14 - First AW189 full-flight simulator ready in Italy
07-Mar-14 - AgustaWestland HeliSmart Virtual Maintenance Trainer
27-Feb-14 - First EC175 simulator at Marignane this year Heli-Expo 2014
26-Feb-14 - Rotorsim AW169 and AW189 simulators in UK Heli-Expo 2014
25-Feb-14 - AW189 Flight Simulator for Gulf Helicopters Heli-Expo 2014
25-Feb-14 - EC175 full-flight simulator in the U.S. from 2016 Heli-Expo 2014
23-Feb-14 - FlightSafety S-92 simulator in Sao Paulo, Brazil Heli-Expo 2014
15-Jan-14 - Thales to join SAF at shared training facility
22-Oct-13 - Simulators arrive at Metro Aviation
24-Sep-13 - New AW189 simulator in Italy
24-Sep-13 - New GrandNew simulator in Switzerland
18-Jun-13 - AgustaWestland GrandNew simulator to Rega
18-Jun-13 - AWTA Malaysia Introduces AW139 Simulator
10-Jun-13 - New CAE Brunei multipurpose training centre
06-Jun-13 - Azal get S-92 and AW139 simulators
16-Apr-13 - AS350 flight and mission simulator
20-Mar-13 - AW139 Simulator ENAC certified Level D
05-Mar-13 - Bell Unveils Relentless 525 Simulator
27-Feb-13 - FlightSafety EC135 simulator is NVG qualified
19-Jun-12 - Heli Union inaugurates AS365 N3 / N3+ Simulator
31-May-12 - EC135 simulator with Level B certification in Germany
25-Apr-12 - Heliservicio Campeche Bell 412 and S76 training center
13-Feb-12 - Rotorsim AW189 Full Flight Simulator for 2013
29-Sep-11 - EC225 Flight Simulator at Aberdeen logged 1000 hs on Sept.2011
21-Jan-11 - Rega Signs Contract for a GrandNew Helicopter Simulator
16-Aug-10 - First Dauphin AS365 N3 Full Flight Simulator in Singapore

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